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A'therys Starter Guide

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Spawning for the first time.
After you have made your application and have been accepted, you will be able to login to the server. You will arrive in our spawn, a dark underground area with vegetation, do not deviate from the path and follow it, then you will come to a junction. There are three roads; each road contains two of the six nations. It is advised to read the nation lore and or watch one of the cinematic videos before choosing.
Each player must choose their nation, it is a critical choice in the server, as once chosen you cannot return to spawn and pick another nation.


Arriving at your nation’s capital.
The Capital cities of the nations are your central hub for travel, meetings, events and trading (if you don’t want to use the virtual shop). 
The capital will now be your spawn point until you find a town. There will be several towns springing up as time goes on and asking around you will find someone to take you in. For the new players, before finding a town you will need to survive the wilderness. The wilderness is open to anyone who wishes to live in it, it offers no protection though, so be on your guard.
Each nation is run by one of the staff. Their job as nation leader is to role-play to further enhance the game experience, adding more depth during your gameplay, it will be unusual to see a Nation Head to be acting like themselves, but they will be in character instead. There are no guidelines set on how they do this. You could have a good leader or an evil one. All staff do, however, know that they are not to abuse this power and will be dealt with swiftly if this happens, though there is little room for abuse anyway.
Your nation leaders will have separate forum areas to request help, give help and make announcements on a monthly tax for example, or request body guards, the more administrative stuff is on the website, but the role playing is in game.

Nation Head (Admin) Titles:

-Monas Roth: Magister Elect
-Ar-Selukk: Vizier
-Ithero: Lord Admiral
-Roreg Logh: Solemnus
-Aloreh: High Orator
-Vrovona: Paragon

These people elected for the positions will play a big part in your day to day, so watch out for them.

Establishing yourself in a town.
So you have most likely become part of a town, it will be up to your mayor to guide you from this point. The towns are safe, you cannot be attacked, your property cannot be broken or stolen and you can’t be attacked by mobs.
It would be at this point you should start looking into developing your class with the Hero’s plugin. You can find a full beginner’s guide to Hero’s in the guide section of the website.
If you would like your own town then there are two ways to achieve this. The first way is simple and is done by making a donation (see donations tab). The second way is to work hard and build up an amount of in game money, with that you can talk to your nation leader and they will sell you a town. The second way takes a long time but is worth the hard work.

The website and Forums.
The website is your home, it is there to provide you with latest news, information and offer guidance. The forums are contributed to by the players and will be the best source of information for you. The staffs use the forums to communicate with everyone, you will also find the players offering in game services or requiring them. Use the forums wisely.

The staff.
Regardless of any previous negative experience you have had in other servers, you will not find that here. We have many staff who have been at Gazamo for a long time now, and have had experiences from all kinds of people. We are swift and our actions justified, we staff members are trained to help you, to offer guidance when it’s most needed. Please be aware they do have a lot of people to deal with, a lot of work to do and will not always be able to give you there full attention, but with a little patience they will be happy to help.
In the server you will not find staff with the tag [Mod] or [Admin]. There ranks are as follows; Mods are knows as [Justiciar] Admins are known as [Magistrates]. These are the people you turn to when you need them. If you do ever have a problem with a staff member, you must tell another as soon as possible and they will be dealt with appropriately. You may also message them on the forums.

Server additions.
We have multiple ideas and plans to implement more stuff to the server, from plugins to server side mods, the new mod API that’s implemented in 1.3 will allow us to do all this. We also have map expansions planned with lore to back this up. What you see from day one is more than a lot of other servers offer yet is only 1/3rd of what will happen.  All of it will be announced on the website.

Help and Support.
For the most part this comes via donations but it is also greatly appreciated when players vote for us or diamond us on http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/the-land-of-gazamo-bukkit-permissions/ We also have a YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/LandofGazamo so feel free to sub us. Your support is what keeps us running and motivated to continue to bring you the best experience possible, which we always will 24/7. Thank you very much, and get ready for an incredible experience.

Edited by Sanders

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