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A'therys Leveling Guide

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How to level on A’therys!

We use a plugin called Mythic Mobs; which helps us create custom mobs for you to level with, this guide will show you to use it to the best of your ability so that you and your friends will have knowledge on how to level up your character in a fast and informative way.


Commands to Use:

Use this to be able to level in the Pve world



What locations to visit?



There are five different areas on the map, each one will be swarmed with either a lot of medium leveled or difficult leveled mobs, you'll find that you will earn a lot more exp in these places but it's also a much higher risk.


Settlers Landing - This is where you start your travels into the past which pigmen have over taken.

Greycliff Quarry - A mining community plagued by medium level zombies.

Leton - Fishing village overrun by Pigmen.

Valley Creek - A farming village filled with medium level spiders.

Ruins of Stonemere - Ruined village haunted by skeletons and ghosts.




What mobs to defeat?



There's all sorts of mobs spawning mainly based on the biomes they spawn in, you'll see that pig zombies like beaches and lava, spiders like forests and zombies just prefer grassy areas. A new mechanic we have is that each mob has a difficulty, which you can see by the color of their name when you look at them:


Dark Green - Easy

Yellow - Medium

Light Red - Difficult

Purple – Mini-boss

Dark Red - Boss 



Thanks for reading the leveling guide, hope this helps you on A’therys!


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