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    Hey guys! I have something cool to share with you that I have just finished working on the past hour and a half! If you're like me and you hate reading, then going through the lore can seem a bit daunting. Well, I have decided to put together a storytelling audio for you completed with thematic music to help set the scene! Hopefully, this will help out some of you, and I will be aiming to do this for all the other newly written nation lore. However, bear in mind! I am only an amateur at this audio editing stuff, it is not perfect, but I thought it was good enough for you guys! I'll have to chase up some of the talented members of our community who are brilliant at audio editing and music like AUREK!!!! Anyhow enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/henry-blacketer/gennaia-lore
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    Hello Atherys! Man, after weeks and weeks of just working on what we already told you i thought its time to give you a small update. Coding is still underway, further along than we ever where. We got the combat system sorted out and its now put into code. Got more artists on board for lore and items. We now use the main server as our development server where head, dannie, dev members etc are working as much as they can to finish all. Now the most important thing for this diary, sadly, through some time issues with the map and no work for our builders we lost a lot of them. But now we are at a point where we actually need builders to work on national buildings. So if you can build please apply and we can put you to work immediately! Build Team Application: https://atherys.typeform.com/to/kVygUS What you would work on: And a sneak peak at what follows: So yeah, work is going full on!
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    I decided that id like to show you some ships that ive made here. There is not many to show now since planning and building even small one takes hours. I build mainly 17th century inspired ships, such as galleons, fluyts, pinnaces and ketches. But i build one ship today, which i liked alot. Small full-rigged pinnace, light merchantship which i armed with 6 cannons. Mainly intented for shorter distance voyages but it can make longer trips if it doesnt have to transport large quanity of goods, since its hold is quite limited. Hold is used to house both cargo and sailors. Captain has luxury of his own room bellow quarterdeck. In the pictures i attached, light blue wool means waterline and it helps to give image what that ship would look like while its in water. I didnt use actual water since adding it in creative is too slow. In survival i build ship straight into water. My next project is either race built galleon, larger pinnace or 70+ gun regal galleon. Feel free to give feedback.
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    Hey guys! So as some people have seen, I've been tinkering with a few fun additions for the Wiki. For those who haven't seen, please note the Test Character here. A few questions I'd like to ask regarding it : A) How does the sidebar interact on mobile? If it's working correctly it should center at the bottom of the Screen, and not cause any trouble. If any platforms are having trouble in this regard let me know and I'll try to flag it for backend to look at B) I've altered the link code in the Namelink to open its link in a New Tab, rather than redirecting you. My logic is it'll cause less trouble wiht people losing their reading place. If I were to implement this in the entire Wiki's namelinks, would you like it? C) Less a question; more an FYI - due to suggestions, website development is looking into adding a Search Bar into the Wiki to help find lore easier. So thanks to the community for always engaging in reading and giving constructive suggestions and comments our way
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    Happy Wiki Entry Wednesday! Each Wednesday, we'll be releasing new entries to the Wiki in preparation for A'therys: Horizons. So let's start this off with a little history. This week, and the next four weeks, will each be dedicated to a Nation's History article! First up, we have the Isles Added History of the Gennaian Isles to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Gennaian Isles icon from the lorelanding
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    Hello. As requested @raxiam on Discord yesterday I've gone and made a downloads page for the previous A'therys Ascended maps. https://atherys.com/downloads/ Also available here: Evo is currently not available and won't be until the release of Horizons. That is all.
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    I mean, the "I don't understand why X" extends to both sides. I don't understand what is "fun" about attacking towns that are not prepared for it or don't WANT to particiapte in it. Personally, I have too many other things I enjoy in life, and only a limited amount of time to enjoy them. Forcing me to spend hours and hours to collect resources for a wall, design the wall, build the wall and THEN build the town, is not fun for me. I'm happy just mining for resources, growing trees and harvesting that, getting sheep/chickens/cows for food etc., and just have no desire whatsoever to PvP. Why should I be denied that if it is what I enjoy doing? Why MUST I submit to people wanting to kill me? If I want that I can play other games. Minecraft for me has always been about mining, and crafting (in this case building and crafting). It was never about killing other people, if anything I enjoy working WITH other people to create things rather than destroy things. I don't understand how THAT can be fun, you don't understand how the name of the game can be fun. If there were such a thing as points for you to conquer, points that gave you something meaningful to do while fighting people, would that not be much more satisfying than killing someone who has absolutely no interest in fighting anyone?
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    HAPPY WIKI-ENTRY WEDNESDAY!!! Added History of Kilnholdt to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Kilnholdt icon from the lorelanding. - History of Kilnholdt conceptualization by @Foe ; converted from bullet points to first draft by @Xathas - Edited by @Foe, @Razrivon, and @RuddyF
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    Hey folks, Kmartinator here. Figured I'd drop a post in here because why not. I was invited to the community by Biopulse37, and it seems like a pretty good group so far! I've played Minecraft for awhile, though I mostly play modded. I recently took up streaming on Twitch, which has been fun for me so far, and people seem to enjoy what I'm doing! I try to be pretty laid back and whatnot, and hopefully not get on folks' nerves I'm an engineer by education, and a father by profession. Hoping to have a fun time and not cause anyone else to not have a fun time! I'm pretty new to Minecraft RP, but I do have a decent amount of experience with text-based RP; as to whether it was good or not... well, you'll have to ask the other folks! Looking forward to what this community has to offer!
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    Heyo, welcome to the A'therys community! We're currently in downtime as staff is developing a new iteration of A'therys. Theres some info here: In the meantime we've got a buildserver you can play on at: Build.Atherys.com. You're going to need to have the conquest launcher tough: https://conquestreforged.com/launcher/
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    A) does exactly what you describe it will do on my phone, however I'd like to see it between the cursive and the lorem ipsum texts instead. The sidebars (or infoboxes) are a place for quick info and as such should be placed higher on the page. B) love it! C) even if we get a search bar, a separate site listing all entries might be good too. Thanks for making the lore pages more easily accessible.
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    11/1/2017 Added History of Daidama to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Daidama icon from the lorelanding. - History of Daidama conceptualization by @GodOfGales, original draft written by @Xathas, assisted with edits from @Dani, @Razrivon, and @RuddyF
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    This build is called "Mages In Hiding"
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    So basically back in the day, people liked to make class concept pages just for the heck of it. I was one of those odd little people. SO, I'm back with this, despite no class information or anything of the sort being released, so for most of the information for skills I stayed relatively vague. This is pretty much only for Entertainment. Toothwizards are big scary necromancers that can serve a wide variety of purposes. This class is supposed to be a variety of roles, from a squishy backline mage, a team-player CC-monster, or a melee juggernaut, bashing down foes alongside your own minions. Skill tree: (Basically, you start off with "Ruination" as your base skill. Then as you level up, you can pick one of the red skills connected to Ruination and one of the Blue skills connected to it. After that, you can pick another skill connected to the secondary skill, so you ultimately end up with 5 total skills. An example would be Ruination, GravelyTether, Damnation, StrengthInDeath, and Spoil.) Ruination: Shoot forward a medium range blast, dealing medium damage and marks the enemy with “Rot” for 8 seconds. “Rot”s duration is refreshed if “Rot” is reapplied. CD: Probably 4-5 seconds. (Purpose: Primary source of Ranged Damage.) GravelyTether: After a slight delay, Undead arms protrude from the ground, rooting the targeted enemy marked with “Rot” in place for 2.5 seconds, and refreshes Ruination’s CD. If the enemy is not marked with “Rot”, the root is 2 seconds and does not refresh Ruinations CD. (Purpose : CC) Resurrect: After a slight delay, summon a Zombie with 150% of your current health on a target marked with “Rot”. If not cast on an enemy with “Rot”, the zombie will spawn near you. This zombie can leap, and its attacks deal slight damage and will slow an enemy for 10% for each melee hit, stacking up to a 30% slow. Every attack after 30% will heal you for 1% of your maximum health. This zombie lasts for 10 seconds. (Purpose: You wouldnt have a necromancer without a zombie.) StrengthInDeath: Damage all enemies marked with “Rot”, slowing them and dealing ___ damage. Caster heals for 50% of total damage dealt. (Purpose: AoE Damage and Self-Sustain.) CorruptedRage: The Caster is overtaken with Shol’s power,passively gains lifesteal on targets marked with “Rot”. Activate for the Casters next three attacks to deal scaling bonus damage at the cost of the Caster's own health. The caster receives reduced healing from all sources during the duration, but gains amplified lifesteal for 2.5 seconds after activation. (Purpose: close-quarters damage and sustain) Damnation: Fire a long-range beam of putrid filth, poisoning and blinding all enemies hit by the beam. (Purpose: long range damage and debuffs) Bulwark: Summon a wall of zombies, preventing all players except the caster to walk through them. (Purpose: CC) Dissever: Your zombie explodes after a slight delay, summoning four skeletons for 8 seconds. Each skeleton has 25% of your maximum health and deal slight damage. (Purpose: Damage and kinda-Peel) Consume: You manifest yourself into your zombie, gaining two absorption hearts and teleporting to its location. This skill instantly kills your zombie and puts Resurrect on CD. Passive: If you die and your zombie is above 50% of its health, you will respawn at its location with 15% of your total health. You will not revive if you do not have a zombie summoned. Cooldown: 6000 seconds. (Purpose: Mobility/Escape Ability, Revive.) GhastlyBind: The Caster's Zombie jumps towards the caster to protect them. If an enemy is nearby, the zombie will tether itself to the enemy, pulling the enemy away from the caster slowly for several seconds. (Purpose: Self-Peel) Spoil: Damnation and Ruination now both degrade their targets, reducing their peripheral vision and healing received by 20%, and gain slight additional damage. (Purpose: Damage and Debuffing) UnholyWrath: Activate this skill to slam the ground in rage, slightly knocking up all nearby enemies. Activate this skill again for your next attack to split the soul of your opponent, knocking back all enemies in the cone and slowing them. Passive: Casting this skill on Rooted or Stunned opponents will break their status effect, inflicting “Rot” upon them instead, and slightly healing yourself. Grant nearby allies absorption hearts equal to half of the Casters total heal. (Purpose: Peel and Sustain) FetidChalice: You pour a goblet of foul fluid onto an opponent, slowing them slightly and reducing the damage you take from them by 15%. The caster gains a slight movement buff when moving towards the opponent, and takes reduced knockback. Passive: Any enemy that dies near the caster will lower the CD of FetidChalice by several seconds. (Purpose: Enemy Debuffing, Self-Buffing.) @MisChiv daddy do you remember these feedback is nice
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    I remember you clearly. The nation of Ithero, the town Clearwater. You once decided to design interiors for the houses of Clearwater in a build server, and I'd do the building in the actual server. You own me 20k yora too.
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    11/18/2017 Added History of Dalkun-Tir to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Dalkun-Tir icon from the lorelanding. - History of Dalkun-Tir original conceptualization by @Rynelf ; concept re-imagined and drafted by @Dani First draft by @Dani - Edited by @Xathas and @Razrivon - lore team destressing provided by occasional jokes and trollery from @Aerun Thank you to @Sanders efforts and @Dannie's WYSIWYG backups for restoring the missing People pages!
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    Welcome! There's also a Discord server that folks chat on, if you want to join and hang out with the community ahead of the server launch! https://discord.gg/aa2EVsg
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    HAPPY WIKI-ENTRY WEDNESDAY!!! Added History of Daidama to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Daidama icon from the lorelanding. - History of Daidama conceptualization by @GodOfGales, original draft written by @Xathas, assisted with edits from @Dani, @Razrivon, and @RuddyF
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    Welcome to the A'therys community, if you don't care that much about your sanity you'll fit right in!
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    Welcome! The forums are a bit dead while the server's down, but they'll be lively again once it's back up. Hope to see you in-game once Horizons launches!
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    10/25/2017 Added History of the Gennaian Isles to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Gennaian Isles icon from the lorelanding - History of the Gennaian Isles conceptualization and original draft written by @Dani
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    I bet Atherys Horizons will be out sometime early 2018
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    You can't beat a doctor to death with a liquid, so... no. If there's no solid threat to them they'll come regardless. I advise a wrench.
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    nah to much sugar n spice its not very nice
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    That funny, cuz if i remember right that was actually my first town back in v1 way early on
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    I know you but, I thought you were in Shadowrealm lmao. Everyone else is saying Clearwater so either way you probably remember Outcast Cove.
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    Hmm... Yes, Ithero? ...And Clearwater?
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    HAPPY WIKI-ENTRY WEDNESDAY!!! Added History of Dalkun-Tir to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Dalkun-Tir icon from the lorelanding. - History of Dalkun-Tir original conceptualization by @Rynelf ; concept re-imagined and drafted by @Dani First draft by @Dani - Edited by @Xathas and @Razrivon - lore team destressing provided by occasional jokes and trollery from @Aerun
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    TBH if you're starving of builders - I know you guys wanted a polished map and all good and all, but, if it turns out to be the only thing you're waiting after in the end, just release the server and have the Admin's slowly just paste stuff onto the capitals and stuff. Rather have things going than waiting after capital cities. OFC you will want some kind of base in terms of building at the capitals in order for people to model their towns off of and check out the build style, but it doesn't have to be amazing or huge, just improve and improve over time.
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    Hi all, This is just a heads up that I will be wiping the Player Lore Library on December 1st (about 3 weeks from now). This update will also bring in categories for the new playable nations This update follows the release of the last three updates; Atvoria's and Dalkun-Tir's histories; and a magical mystery update!!!
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    They might still be doing this: I think the PvP team switched their ideas for PvP and wanted to move away from that and onto just individual classes like before, but I think the PvP team told me that they are still coding it like this even though the PvP team doesn't really like that system anymore. Not being on staff OR the PvP team, I have no real idea though - I'm just going off rumor.
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    A) Works as described for me on my Android device. I do agree with raxiam's remark regarding it's placement at the top rather than the bottom. B) The ideal scenario, in my mind, would be that the character link would open in the same tab, and when you navigate back in the browser, it brings you back to where you were scrolled (similar to how Wikipedia works). From my understanding, though, this might not always be possible, in which case your solution works! C) The implementation of a search bar would be grand, but I suspect it'd take a decent amount of work. One relevant factor to keep in mind with that addition: it might be useful to have tags on each page as well, so someone could search, say, Daidama, and the results would include all the pages for Daidama itself, as well as other important things that have direct links to it, like Events or Gods As a side note, I think the appearance of the panel is top notch! I also agree with raxiam, thanks for the hard work!
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    thanks this is for me really helpfull. Now i don,t need to spent 3 hours of trying to read the lore. I hope this wil be used in de futere.
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    If the idea takes off, I'd be willing to attempt contributing as another reader. Not much for audio editing, but I know how to read (usually)!
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    Where the hell did you come from @redninja685 you seeing this?!
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    Sweet, new lore! I've already read through everything else in anticipation of horizons! Thanks for helping to give the server such a rich history!
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    Hi all. The Discord now has the new nations! Feel free to join the nation you want with: !nation Atvoria !nation Gennaian Isles !nation Daidama !nation Dalkun Tir !nation Kilnholdt
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    People who purchased towns won't be able to reclaim towns in the new era. In regards to re compensation we are still quite a ways off of being ready for the new server, so we have not planned that out just yet. As soon as we have, you will be told via an announcement post.
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    We want to create a modded PvP RPG server and make it the first one done well. By adding the valkyrine mod that creates a feature on the server that helps fulfil the end product. Until we can do accurate testing on the servers we'll be using we can't justify if it will lag or not, if it does we are going to optimise it as best we can. Obviously if it's super bad, may have to give it a miss. Your opinion is that it's dumb to add things like this but actually it isn't, it's just something new that A'therys has never had. A'therys might be housed to one audience more than another, but with Horizons we plan on creating a stable and future proof experience that will draw in a more rounded audience than previous eras. At the moment we have good plans for both the PvPer and RPer which work really well together and we will use this is our product to gain attention. Fullheal food: That wasn't something we wanted ever but the Heroes plugin ended up being made to have this which is impossible to avoid. Everything you will see in the upcoming weeks has been in the works for a good 9 months. Everything from the map terrain, the nation locations, everything has been created with both the PvP and RP audience in mind, of which we can market as a rounded product to all audiences. If I'm being honest with you, there's not been an era of A'therys that's had PvPers needs in mind as much as Horizons. Nice to see you. Welcome back.
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    Ah, the ancient "PvP" discussion. The endless tug o' war of A'therys. It's funny how we're talking about past experiences, and that's a logical thing to do if only A'therys was continuing in the same steps as before. But this is a completely new server. New mechanics, plugins and map. We'll have airships, conquest points, new classes and skills and a vast pvp/pve wasteland that is as big as the other nations. This all means that pvp won't be the same as before. Want to get over a wall? Just get in your airship. Want to get currency for some sweet loot? Take over a conquest point or go kill in the wasteland. People will of course still rogue raid, go to pvp towns or arrange fights with other pvpers, just as people will continue to RP, do amazing builds or sell all their wheat for some sweet, sweet yora. It's nice of you all to learn people how to use their skills and give builders back their mats (I know I've appreciated it), but perhaps not everyone is interested in pvping. The server offers so much more that if everyone pvped, who'd build those amazing chinese towns, do massive bulk orders, or just goof around? If everyone PvP, we'd just run around trying to get the best kills and pwn the most noobs, that we'd forget to do other things and just chill. A'therys is not just a PvP server (although they are clearly in the majority) or an RP server. It's a multifaceted experience that makes it unique. Forcing anyone to commit to either side is ridiculous and counter-intuitive. If people don't want to PvP, why should we force them? As we've established, PvPers are the biggest faction. By that logic, there should be a bunch of other players that are more than happy to fight you. Why not go after them instead and leave the rest of us out of it.
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    ~ | Rʜʏᴋᴋᴇʀ's Jᴏᴜʀɴᴀʟ | ~ Tᴏᴘɪᴄ Oɴᴇ - A'ᴛʜᴇʀʏs Asᴄᴇɴᴅᴇᴅ Strange, isn't it? After... ALL this time... I still return to the place of my youth. This server? This place? It's a part of me, just as much so as any arm or leg on my body. Yet... if that's the case, where have I been all this time? Does anyone even remember me? Does it matter? These are all questions floating around in my mind, and in old rumor long grown stale. Yet, here I am... but, why now? Many probably remembered me. Nation head of this place, moderator of that, mayor of this and yada yada yada. Useless titles that meant nothing to me. This server? This place I grew up in. I was still just a little useless kid in, hell, middle school of all places when I joined up. This server, was my family, was my friends, was my go to place to forget the world and enjoy myself with others from other backgrounds entirely. My connection away from life. My well, sanctuary for lack of a better word. As time rolled on, I soon learned this place was just like any other. A'therys could be a haven of joy and entertainment, or a place of needless abuse and sorrow. We'd lose friends, and make new ones in the same week, and those of us who couldn't have enough, kept holding on through thick and thin, through every server event, through every forum post. We kept playing. There were players, numerous in number, who's whole entire goal was to ruin this thing we cherished so much. I learned quickly, that to keep together this server, I had to step up, for you, for my friends, and for me. A'therys isn't a unique scenario. Every gaming community is like this, though in all truth, this was the first that seemed to directly link and connect with the player-base in such a way. Everyone felt like they could become anything, and that every one was special in their own little ways, not so much like most modern communities, where you are lost in a sea of overachievers, or simply unimportant, masked in a cloud of disinterest by the very creators of their vast communities. There came a day, where the fun did end for me, not for the worst, but for the better, in my personal opinion. The day I was granted moderator status, and nation leader, was the official start to my time here in A'therys. My one true test of mettle and self worth. Arguably, I could say I did an astounding job, under the circumstances. Though truly, I believed I could do more, always improve, keep pushing myself further and further until I broke. I was a kid then, the day I left A'therys behind. A teen in high-school. I've learned a lot since then. It seems so long ago, that old version of me. Though honestly it wasn't that far in the past. I regret it, every day. To pursue my life goals, I had to give up the one thing that kept me sane all those years ago. I had to give up A'therys Ascended. I put another in charge for my position, to help keep things moving forward as I was incapable of doing so myself, but no offense to that replacement, no one could fill such big boots so easily. It was a momentous task, and that burden I had created, I couldn't simply pass to another and expect it so easily taken. When I think back on it now, I wonder if it was all worth it. I managed to achieve a good fourth of my college goals, but the consequences of my actions meant that Aloreh would fall to it's knees, and crumble into dust, scattered by the wind. I wished I could have been there, to keep the motivation going, being that pillar that supported the community, but I couldn't, and many other life related issues arose that would further hinder a strong return. I returned, a few years later, as an assistant for the nation head of The Daggerlands. Long after my college work was done, I was met with barely a speck of what once was Aloreh, and I had no where else to turn but the next most active nation. After a few months of assisting him, the nation fell to me to run, but almost as soon as I had received it, the real world came back to bite my in the bum all over again. Needless to say, another scenario of pass and throw, ending in a failed catch, and I felt I was to blame. Hmm... perhaps the very reason why I write this entry is just so I can read the very thoughts running on the top of my mind, or maybe its to assure others I'm still here. But I can tell you, it isn't for pity, or boasting. It's an apology. To those I could not be there for, for those positions I was once charged to uphold and could not. For those who needed me, and I wasn't there. I truly am sorry. I have every right to not be, to say it wasn't my fault. That I did everything in my power to prevent the downfalls and keep the server running at full efficiency, at least in places I had control of to improve. But I don't feel like that's right, and that I must, at least, before I do anything further, ask for some form of forgiveness before things feel right again. However, whether you know me or not, or simply are a forum browser, and never played the game... whether you are a moderator or a common casual PC gamer. I return to A'therys, now... for one reason alone. I want to rebuild the community. I don't mean to say it's dead, not in the least. It's still here, full force, just waiting patiently for the release of A'therys Horizons, which I must admit, seems rather impressive. What I am saying is, for others to join us in our next adventure in a whole new chapter of our community, we need to be here, online. We need to be chatting again, playing together, fighting in arenas, selling goods, growing farms, or being the political scum a few of us know we are and run some nations. If we want the launch of Horizons to be the best success it can be, we need A'therys Ascended's end, to be strong, and a reminder of all that we did. I want to remember these last few months of this server, before it's gone for good. I want to run around, highlighting the grand builds of our great builders. I want to encourage friendly events and fun gatherings. Make memorable moments, share jokes. And ultimately, I want this community at it's peak, ready to take on that next challenge. I want to get the backbone of this server built up and ready, so when launch of Horizons is upon us, everything is ready to go. I know, I know... I'm saying "I want" a lot, like some spoiled child. But above all else, I want this community back and at it, like the good old days. Whether you are new or old, I want to meet you, I want to enjoy a fraction of my time with you, and I want to get to know as many of you as I can, before something happens one day, and I can't. Whether you are with me or not, doesn't matter, though I'd be ecstatic for you to join me for one last run of this server before it's all just a memory. The only reason I return now, of all times, of all places, is to get this community ready for what is to come. What say you?
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    RP PVP already exists. This is simply a method to improve or make it a usable feature for RPers. Also, please get this ridiculous idea out of your head that this RP-PVP feature somehow replaces or is equal to minecraft PVP. Many RPers don't PVP and wouldn't do so anyways so how does adding this make the community smaller?
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    See this. . .this right here shows the extent of your elitist attitude. You assume that a "less experienced" PvPer such as myself needed more help with strategy and fort building than the rest of my team. You assume I wanted to be in that tiny box with the other team coming in. I was just about the only one taking what few shots I could at the enemy before they got below field of view from our battlements (which is why I wanted a higher vantage point to begin with), then we were surrounded because they were against our walls with no way to hit them. The chain-lightning forced us inside (I was one of the last few up top since I had actually been taking shots) and when I came down, there was a single entrance. . .not exactly my fault our party was so inept as to only leave one escape (throwing myself from the roof and taking more damage didn't seem like a great idea in the heat of battle). I tried to go for the exit and was webbed and slaughtered in just a few seconds, so it wasn't really by choice that I got trapped in that kill-box. As I said, the fight didn't exactly last very long, there's a video of it still somewhere. 1v1 maybe you can climb the ranks, but when it comes to team play, the more experienced players have rarely taken heed of a newer player's strategy/style. Finding a way into a group and actually having a voice is a rarity unless you personally know the group or have been around long enough to prove yourself to them. If it's for fun, why not let the noobs strategize occasionally just to see what they come up with? To say RP is the same in this matter is ridiculous, having personally been apart of one of the most inclusive RP groups, the Daggerlands Government. If a player was ever scared to take up a leadership role because of stiff-competition, we made sure they were aware of the other options. No one forced decisions on the newer players because we took votes and occasionally the ideas of a newer player greatly added to decisions and were worked into the finished product. Again, this is a community mindset that needs to change. Nothing about this is flame, this is stating my experiences as they happened; no need to start with ad-hominems as well now.

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