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    Just over 1/6th (almost 5 years) of my existence has been dedicated to A’therys. Crazy to think that one decision way back in 2011 would last for so long. Yet the time has come for me to move on but ensure A’therys is taken care of, as I promised I would in such an event. As of today, I will be freely handing the server/website and all the bits over to Sellt, who because of his situation has the means to support it, ensuring that A’therys continues. The staff will remain and Jess who every day is becoming more experienced in coding, will continue to provide A’therys with what it needs. It’s a time for new ideas, a new drive, understanding and enjoyment of what A’therys is but striving to make it better. I have full confidence the loyal A’therians can make that happen. Thank you to staff and players, past/present, it has been one hell of an experience, one that I have learned so much from. I will still be around somewhat, have to transition the server over fully and make sure everything is setup. After that, new adventure awaits. I appreciate you all and how much A’therys has impacted my life, -Edd
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    Ok so here we go, a map of our new world with markers for capitals and guilds on it. Couple of Notes: While we know the area the stuff should go, it wont be absolutely spot on but as close as possible. The map you are seeing is the export form world painter so colouring of landmass with biomes is how it is in MC. Spawn is not in this world, it will be its own little instance. Assassin’s guild has not been marked for obvious reasons. The locations of stuff is not up for debate. While you are free to plan where you will be, fights over land is not acceptable, it will be first come first serve with re-placing towns, you are not entitled to the exact bit of land you want and trust me there is so much to see around the map, so many amazing features that you will change you mind a million times anyway.
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    Hello Atherys! I guess a lot of you are waiting for me to tell you what now happens that i took over as Owner. The most important part is that Atherys is here to stay! Now to what is to come. First the bad stuff: Soon we will have a website downtime of approx. 2 days to move the Website, Forum and TS to a new server (so it switches over into my ownership). Around the same time the server itself will go down for approx. 3 days to also switch over to an Account I own. Unfortunately both is unavoidable and i hope you understand. The good stuff: - After Anvil stepped down from his position we needed a new Loremaster and behold we found one: Xathas ! Congratulations! - Now that i'm the owner i can't be in the Daggerlands Government and with the absence of Sirlars we needed someone new. This new person is GodofGales! Congratulations too! He will be the last player nationhead for a while. - NPC Towns will come back. Each nation will get two and we will talk with the nationheads to figure out the best spots for them. They will be there to improve travel. Additionally we will connect the nationroads with fake ferries,smugglers or what lore fits. They will be warps too. To offset the extremely easy warp travel we will increase the amount it costs. The idea is that we want more foot travel, so people explore more and to provide Conduits with a job again. - The Helper Team will be changed into the Event Team. This will move the focus of the group more to make content for the players. The goal isn't these big huge event chains (they are allowed to do that too) but more smaller /medium ones. - We are working on an Amusement Park (perhaps some players already heard of this, I actually started it while i still was a mod). This park will have rides, minigames and hang out spots. Basically a place you can go if you are bored but want to be on the server on do something. It will grow over time with all Staff being able to add stuff (we also take player ideas). - Roreg Capital! The poor nation of Roreg doesn't really have a capital and we want to change that. We decided to allow all players to send us designs for the future Roreg capital (you can check out where it would need to go on the Map). The deadline to send us something would be Christmas which will make this our Christmas present to Roreg. - This will make the asian town south of Roreg a bit superficial. We are working on an alternative use for it (i hope we will also get lore for it). Possibly a Newbie Town for new joiners. - Caches will be changed to a more fluid system. More on that later. - PvE world will be made more RP friendly. Meaning we work on something to make it more interesting to go there besides to just level. - We are working on adding new custom mobs in the sense that their looks will be different (if you know the new pet plugin we have you know what is possible). This is still in very early stage. - Jess is working hard on the backpack situation (its being moved from denizen to a real plugin). - We have some other irons in the fire but it is to early to talk about them (we don't want to get your hopes up and then something happens that makes it impossible to implement them). More on these at a later time too. - We will make it possible to switch between PVP and Non-PVP every day. We don't want to force certain groups (pvp and rp) to just play on certain days and we think that the people who want to PVP will still find enough towns to fight. It will have a cooldown so you won't be able to toggle it every second. - Advertisement: Sanders will take over PR in the form of a moderated Facebook Page and a Twitter Account and possibly more. We will start small and slow and see where it goes. - And finally for all the people that asked. I will have a "Sellt Chat" on TS on next friday at 20:00 GTZ. I know that not all these chances are liked by everyone and just ask to trust us a bit and join the atherys train and travel with us into the future. I see many glorious days still ahead. Many good times and stories we will have the opportunity to experience and many friendships to be made. Thank you! -Sellt
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    Hello Atherys! First of all, Thank you for your Feedback, this will hopefully help us to get better and provide you a better experience on the server! If possible please wait with comments and question till the Sellt Chat were i will be more than pleased to answer them all. Comments and ratings for Staff stays private (they can share some of it if they want) and actions taken on them will be handled in Staff Meeting and shouldn't be a item in any discussion in this topic. Thank you. The Numbers The range you could select was 1-5 while 5 was the best. Keeping that in mind i classified all under 3 as not good, 3-4 as ok and all above 4 as good. I will add two more numbers to this You were asked if the Staff Member fulfills basic staff duty and interacts positively with the community. The Average of fulfilling basic staff duty is: 3.72 The Average of interacting positively is: 3.95 So while staff overall is good at interacting with the community, we still have a lot to catch up on communicating needed information. And while staff overall is doing its basic duties, we lack a bit in the professionalism department. We also see here that the event team clearly needs to step up its game. The biggest problem for me personally are the 5 ones under issues brought to the staff. That number should always be 0 and I apologize to these 5 people that this happened. If you wish please contact me via PM and explain to me what happened so we can prevent it in the future. Same goes for the 5 that put in a two. Overall the numbers aren't as bad as they could be but leave a lot of room for improvement. Staff Meeting on sunday will workout a plan to improve these. The Comments I saw several comments on certain staff and from the last page I want to quickly address in public. Comment: About Jess, Crash and Head not being active or not known what they do. Answer: These 3 are doing their jobs in a way you don't personally see and a post is forthcoming to explain a bit in more detail what they do and why they are admin. Comment: Asking certain people for nudes, or complaining not getting any. Answer: Whoever you are, you disappoint me. Grow up and treat human beings with respect. If i ever see this happen I will ban you (and depending on age this could also have more far reaching issues for you than you may think). Comment: Too many mods / not enough mods Answer: Funnily I saw both appearing several times. The Important part here is to keep in mind that I don't have a max. Mod rule. So nobody is blocking the addition of other people as Mods/Admins. If you think you could be a good mod then please apply. A post about this is also forthcoming (i think 1 or 2 more mods would be good anyway). Comment: About the rule that staff needs to be 18 and it is written "no exception". Answer: Yes, this is true that we DID make exceptions. Both cases (from the numbers i saw on this feedback) turned out to be very good exceptions. It is also the only thing on the application we MAY think about. If you don't deliver good answers to the other questions it will have a huge impact on if you become Mod or not. Comment: Get cheaper hosting Answer: You really think i wouldn't like to safe money? Up to this point of time, all the options i was presented by people weren't good options. Hosters, while cheaper, with abysmal reviews. I rather pay a bit more and have the server actually online. And the support we get from phoenix NAP is THE BEST i ever saw in any field of customer service. With this provider I can be 100% sure if the issue is on their side it will be handled and solved in no time. Comment: Lore, nation heads etc missing from the survey. Answer: Yes, my fault. I didn't want the survey to be too big and this is basically the first time I did something like this. I will include them in the next. Overall, the positive comments are far more numerous than the negative which makes me a bit happy and i hope to turn at least some of the negatives to positive in the near future. --- We will repeat this Feedback once a month so we can see what improves and what not. Thank you all again for your feedback. It honestly will help us a lot in planing for the future. -Sellt
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    So. You’re here, looking at this thread. Either you’re simply curious, or you want to join. Either way, I have some things to set straight. Firstly, there is a strict set of rules to adhere to- If these are broken in any way, shape, or form, you will be kicked for doing these, no questions asked. Breaking blocks- Steryon is a town that was built in creative, and may have fancy, oh-so desirable blocks here and there. There are plenty of places to mine, and our lovely island is not one of them. Exploiting actual(i.e:, Snare Shot, not Doomsayer) glitches in any way- I do not care if it’s the only way you can win a fight. If I catch you doing this, I will kick you. I know, I’m a tyrant. If you are banned at any time during your stay in Steryon, even if it’s only temporarily, consider your membership revoked. We have a reputation to uphold, after all. If you are inactive for more than thirty days without giving proper notice, I will kick you. Breaking any of those four rules will get you kicked out, just in case you didn’t get it the first time. For all but the first and last one, I’ll give you time to move your stuff out of town and even help you do it. This all may seem pretty harsh, but it’s all pretty generic stuff that you’d find in any guild, other than the third rule. That’s more for my sanity, than anything. Now, more rules. Just what you wanted to see, I’m sure! You may not like to RP. That’s fine. At the very least, I’d like you to have some respect for people when they do roleplay, or for when we do events that involve it. Listen to your higher ups. I don’t care if you don’t respect them or like them. If you think they’re abusing their authority over you, tell a captain. Treat your fellow brigands kindly. If you hate somebody, suck it up and be the bigger person. Do not raid our allies. I don’t care if they’re the only people on. If you raid them, you will be reprimanded. I’ll make you cut down a double chest of wood and burn it all right in front of your eyes. Continuing on that rule, if people ask you to leave or are very clearly not going to come out, leave. No local or global flame. I know, I’m so stifling! But I mean it. This is for your own good. The average “gg or gf” is fine, but if you’re calling people trash for not being able to track your mountebank ass down and kill it, then you are not the type of person we want in this town. Of course, this comes pretty naturally- Follow A’therys Ascended terms of service. Shouldn’t need to be said, but it never hurts to make sure. Here at the Marcolo Brigands, we are actually pretty organized and have a rank system- I’m currently looking for Captains and High Captains to help me keep everybody in line. I won’t just give out these titles to people who walk up, ask for it, and start kissing my ass so much that their nose is brown. More than anything, that’ll prove that you’re simply meant to be a lowly deckhand for the rest of your life. Needless to say, when you join you’ll start at the same rank everyone else does, Swabbie. From there, they go as follows: Cabin Boy(or girl I guess. Gender doesn’t matter, it’s the internet.) Rigger Mate Boatswain Quartermaster Captain High Captain Pirate King(This is me. Wanting this is mutiny.) Currently, no one holds any of the ranks below Pirate King. Naturally, I’m quite lonely, so if you’d like to join even after reading all of the boring, law-filled stuffy junk, the application is here. ~Click for Link~ For current members, I’m going to keep you in town until February 5th. If you haven’t reapplied by then, I’m going to kick you. This is more of an activity checker than anything, and to see whether or not you really care enough about the guild to put in the effort to stay in it. Exceptions to this are of course, zxIce, the speed 10 exemplar who we’ll never forget, and Crunch, who is an admin. On a sidenote, sorry for the terrible formatting- It looked pretty in the google doc, I swear.
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    From The Office of The Pithkeeper This will be my final statement at Pithkeeper of The Daggerlands. My time as a nation head of the best nation on A’therys has been an extremely enriching experience. I’ve met amazing people. People who I consider some of my greatest friends on a real scale I met through my time as nation head. I am stepping down because of real life reasons. Nothing bad, nothing bad. I just don’t have the time to run this nation like it deserves. I did my best when I could, but I realize to continue this, it can’t be done under me anymore. I could honestly name so many people who picked me up along the way, and make a mega post about my experiences; however, I’m just going to list a few out of the very many I could. @Helious & @Sellt @Ravyhn/@Athyna & @Jay-lee @Rhykker @Foe @HelloImWeird @Galindaan Thewisy @Everybody who served in the Daggerlands' government @Gauth Ironstaff, @lnShane, & @_JailBr3aK_ And to everybody else. Nobody has hurt my time as nation head; on the contrary, you only inspired me to continue on. It’s what was making me typing this so long, teary-eyed and clouded mind, about what this community has given me. Thank you all so, so much. I know I left people out. It’s impossible that I didn’t. I’ll be editing this post like crazy, I’m sure. I’m not leaving A’therys; let me clear that up. And to all the future applicants for who pursues the nation head of The Daggerlands, treat it right. This nation is like a baby to me. Other nations have had old timers come back and revive people. That’s not what we did. We had a new kid on the block come in, and grow a whole new group of people, sprinkled with some aged wonders. I have faith whoever takes office will respect that, and more importantly, respect our democracy. I’ll always be on speed dial if you need me; or need help with your application. I, Magister Elect Genedi Coldhaven of the Democratic Daggerlander Union of The Daggerlands, officially give an honorable discharge of duties to Pithkeeper Former Monas Iaeon. add on: As I clicked post, I forgot to add a title, so it wouldn't let me post it. A single tear did fall in that moment, typing the title: I couldn't believe I actually resigned from the best post in all of A'therys.
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    This rule addition is one that has been requested several times over since A’therys began. Looking back, the amount of real problems that have been created due to the issue this rule will prevent are insane. Before I go on I do wish to acknowledge that there will be some in the community, probably in each nation that will not like this rule at all but it is about the future of A’therys and more people quit or have quit because of the problem than they will because of the rule. The rule: From this day forward, it is prohibited to raid your own nation unless two towns mutually agree that one another can raid each other. My hope is, not only does this put a stop to future arguments, quitting’s and or misery within a nation but also helps band together a nation a bit more and maybe allow for a better spread of PvP orientated towns through all of the six nations. Of course you don’t have to integrate with your nation you just can’t attack them. The normal protocol will apply to this rule, doing so once will result in warnings for all members participating in a raid, bans will be issued for repeat offenders. We will even goes as far as removing towns if that’s what it takes to enforce the rule. Hopefully though, everyone understands this, understands why and does not push it. Thank you for reading.
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    Velkas Harvikin Greetings A’therians! After being heavily involved with the Vrovonic government throughout A’therys EVO, I have made the decision to run for the position of Pyre Warden. Experience and credentials for the position of Pyre Warden: I have spent over three years on A’therys since V1, and have been an actively participating member of the community throughout this time. H olding many ranks and roles among different governments, including leading the Pirates Guild in V1, holding military positions in Vrovona in V1, co-leading a nation branch of the Valinta Carte in V1, becoming the Minister of War for the Daggerlands in V2, most recently moving up the ranks of the Vrovonic military to the position of Imperator, and later on being elected by the Imperial Host to the position of Grand Marshal, and acting as temporary Pyre Warden in Rose's’ absence. On top of this, I have also been the mayor of two notable towns that have both been awarded with town of the month, Isteroth and Harvikir. Over my time on A’therys I have learned to respect and value the importance of every aspect of the server, and have dedicated myself to trying to promote positive player experience in Vrovona. After being involved with Military and Non-military Government, the Vrovonic Legion structure, and government structure has proven itself to be very strong. I do not believe in reforming the Vrovonic government to such an extent, as it has already done so much for the nation, pushing Vrovona to the powerhouse in A’therys. Obviously there are always improvements to be made, and some balances and tweaks to ensure every government member is actively doing their role to the intended purpose. Aspirations One of my main goals for Vrovona is to maintain a strong, connected and happy playerbase. Communication and unification is what made Vrovona so strong to begin with, and has been dwindling recently. Whether it be involvement in TS, or setting up towns and policies to help out new players. I would like to highlight the fact that I would encourage more community involvement for all ranks and roles in the Vrovonic government so that they understand the community and involve them in national matters before making vital decisions. Community involvement will also lead to more player satisfaction, and a more content and active Vrovonic playerbase. When it comes down to it, I want to strive for the best player experience not only for Vrovona, but for all players on the server. Legion The Vrovonic Legion has become arguably the strongest PvP force on the server, with a very player rewarding system and a rank system that normal players can climb with persistence, maturity, and showing strength and skill in combat. For new players looking to increase their experience and participate in battles there has been a training system. Every rank in the Legion has a role to play, but they should all be a little more defined so players promoted to those ranks will know exactly what to do when the time comes. I would also like to promote the training program that is in place for the Legion more to new players to learn, set up regular organized scrimmages on the test server, and set up leveling parties for new players. Economy The Vrovonic economy has always been enough to sustain and fund the interests of the nation, like the monthly Celebration of Vrovona tournament, and the arena build competition. However, after time we will need the money to support other interests and something will need to be done in order to bolster the economy. Vrovona should expand its markets, and begin to sell in other national markets to benefit the national economy. On top of that, the Praetor of Commerce and his/her associates should strive to make economic treaties with other groups and nations.1 These treaties can be met through the Praetor of Foreign Affairs and the Praetor of Commerce working together to approach foreign members on these treaties. Government The Vrovonic Government structure is currently working very well, there are just a few tweaks that could be added to make the government run more smoothly, and give more of a role to other players within the nation. Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal acts as the second in command, and the Pyre Warden's secretary. The Grand Marshal is a powerful position, and is more important to the nation then most can see. The Grand Marshal helps the Pyre Warden come to decisions, and is overall the main representative of the players in Vrovona. However, the role of the Grand Marshal needs to be more defined. The Grand Marshal can have the role of getting reports from Praetors and Veserjns, and checking in on government members to make sure they are doing their role to the intended purpose. Veserjns Currently the Veserjns act as the representative of their respective regions, and the leader of their stronghold. I believe the role of Veserjn is valuable to the Vrovonic government structure, however the role is often misconstrued as more of a title rather than a position of leadership. The Veserjns should take up more responsibility to represent their strongholds opinions and views to the Pyre Warden and the Grand Marshal. A way this could be done is having a Veserjn compile suggestions from players within that region regarding things and ideas stronghold specific, or on a more national level and bring those ideas to the eyes of the Pyre Warden and the Grand Marshal. Inquisition The Praetor of Inquisition mostly serves as an RP role that roots out the dishonourable in Vrovona. With the new Legion discipline system in place the inquisition has newfound responsibility, however they need to expand their horizons. As Pyre Warden I would encourage the Praetor of Inquisition and his/her chosen inquisitors to keep a watchful eye over large towns in Vrovona, and if possible every stronghold. I would also push inquisition to make more RP events, perhaps recurring ones which will hopefully bring more diversity to Vrovona. Foreign Affairs The Praetor of Foreign Affairs is a very important position for Vrovona, having heavy involvement with treaties and relations with other nations and organizations outside of Vrovona. Foreign Affairs has been a lacking ambassadors since the start of Evo, because of this prolonged absence and need for ambassadors I would encourage those who I believe fit the position to apply, and the Grand Marshal and I will help out sort applications and try to push to fill in the ambassador roles. Once this is done, I would have the Foreign Affairs and Commerce departments work together to come up with economic treaties with other nations, improve trade, and overall bolster the economy. First Intentions Government If I am chosen by the people of A’therys to be the next Pyre Warden, I would prioritize my goals to get what is most important done first and foremost. The first thing I would like to add to the government is to define the roles in the government, so every player in the government knows what he/she needs to be doing, and every government member has a clearly defined description of his/her job. Secondly, I would like to add to the government is a system so the Pyre Warden and Grand Marshal have a way of checking up on each of the departments. With the newly defined roles it will be simple to tell if this government member is fulfilling the roles duties to the intended purpose. Lastly, I would like to hold frequent government meetings so that the Praetors and Veserjns can communicate easier amongst each other, and with the Pyre Warden and Grand Marshal. Currently there very few government meetings held. The only meeting where the government is all together is at the Synod of the Blades, and it is difficult to discuss specific matters during this. Holding more frequent government meetings will make it easier for the government to define said roles, and will help the government communicate and work together. These are my prioritized goals for Vrovona’s government, once these are complete the government will run more smoothly and it will be easier to progress onto the long term goals. Playerbase My other major first intention is to have Vrovona’s community more interactive with each other, and more open to new players. Many of the larger groups in Vrovona have their own skype chats, or other communication apps that creates a lack of communication within the nation. I would encourage more members of the Vrovonic community to regularly join teamspeak, and be more interactive within their nation and with their nation members. This will strengthen the bonds between towns and groups, and create a more unified, friendly Vrovona. I would especially push government members to be present within the Vrovonic community so it is easier for players to get to know their government and communicate ideas and viewpoints to their government. If I am elected to become Pyre Warden or not, I will still push for a greater Vrovona, and be heavily involved in the Vrovonic community and government. I will continue to strive to bring glory to our great nation! Hail Vrovona!
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    Hey there everyone! OccidentalAnvil here, maybe a fresh face for some of you newcomers, welcome by the way! Been awhile since I've shown up in the News section; last time was probably over a year ago with the Summer Rime. Well, I figured that's been long enough, particularly with the whole "check back soon" emblem spinning on in the Official Lore part of our lovely new site. I wanted to come tell you guys what's been going on in my neck of the woods in brief, then get to the actual news so I'm not off-topic. So let's have a chat, shall we? A little over a week ago, I managed to trick one of the world's top engineering schools into giving me a bachelor's degree. It was a long con, some five years, but it was worth it I'd say. Regardless, as you might imagine, with the server launching on the eve of my final exams (how we manage to do that every damn time, 3 for 3, I will never know) and my subsequent graduation, I've had significantly less time to write than I really planned. And boy, do I have plans, but we'll get to those in a minute. Anyway, I know it's a pain to play on a server that advertises heavy RP, and to try to write your own works in line with that, without having any of the official material! Trust me, it's painful and embarrassing from my perspective, especially when I had it all up on the old site. But a few months before EVO launched, I started a new project, which I've been referring to as Project Triple-A internally. You don't need to worry about that so much, other than what it means for the near term: I did not want to just release the same-old drivel from the wiki. Most of it was hopelessly ancient, just not the quality or the content I wanted you to have, and some of it was flat out wrong. It was written forever ago, and updated little by little, but with Project Triple-A I needed to tear the band-aid off. To rewrite everything, to bring the content in line with what A'therys really is now. And so that's where I am. I'm not going to put anything on this awesome new site that isn't A'therys, the real A'therys. Obviously I will continue to tweak and adjust, but when I tell you that an awful lot has been changed and solidified, I mean it. I want to make sure that what gets posted in the Official section now will see minimal changes in the future. So I can't lie to you anymore, or keep things from you. And I damn well can't sugar-coat it so it fits all pretty with Minecraft; that's up to you guys as RPers, to take what you want and do with it as you will. A'therys has guns and swords, electricity and magic, men and gods. This may all seem scary, just writing that kinda freaked me out a little, but bear with me. Take a look when it comes down the line. I think you'll recognize A'therys immediately, just with a much more cohesive theme. Anyway, the news. I don't want to drop all that heavy stuff on you with a wave of my hand and just disappear. First, dates: do not expect anything before the New Year, to be sure, but I'm gonna be booking it thereafter to get you your content ASAP. I am pushing for 36 pages, 6 for each nation; those needed the biggest expansion and rewrite, and I figure that content is the most important stuff to you guys right now. A lot of the content after that can actually be just updated from before, so after the first set of a paltry 36 drops the old-new stuff will hit the site reasonably fast. Way faster than my slow ass is going now. I want to say the end of January, but I also don't want to say something I'll miss; I ALSO don't want to take that long, it'd be crazy. So just pretend I said nothing and wait for more words, sound good? Good. Now, I want to show you what all this means in actual terms. It's one thing to say "lots of new, new content!" and go silent for a month. So, here. So that above is the old wiki content for the "Aloreh" page. It had a super sparing history, basic geography, some societal musings, and that was about it. I took out the headings to make it easier to see, there wasn't really much. Now, look below. Now, each nation is a category. The category will hold a page on History (which is longer than the old page was as a whole, you can see it there in the top right four images), Geography, Culture, Theology, Technology, and Government. Every page you see above was expanded to fit my current perception of Aloreh, the exact same coverage as the old page, just up to date. I hope now you'll see what I'm going for, and why it's taking so long. That doesn't excuse it, but it should give you an idea of where we're headed. I hope you'll join me in being excited for the coming content. Anvil out. -OA
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    Hello A'therys! Yesterday we had the Sellt Chat where I introduced what will happen with A'therys and where we are going. In two words: A'therys Horizons Yes, we are working on a new A'therys, it wont just be another iteration with small changes, it will be basically a new game. First, the bad things that will happen: All player data will be wiped, everyone will start new. This means no towns, no money, no exp and nothing that was sold in the Store. Now, the good things and why we have that wipe: Atherys will go modded. For what we want to do we can't stay with just plugins, but need to expand and going modded was the logical step. This also means a switch from spigot to sponge, which means our old plugins will not work anymore (no Towny and no Heroes). But don't fear, @HaedHutner is already working on our own custom town plugin (which incidentally allows us to have a town plugin that doesn't have a tonne of stuff that we do not need and also could possibly slow down the server!). Same will happen with the pvp plugin. Classes and skills will be entirely new, as will be the way you level. Store bought items, including towns, will not be available anymore for real money. All these things you will need to play for in order to obtain them. We will have some things we will sell, however, they will be entirely cosmetic. Towns will be more restricted than it's now. You will need to fulfill some requisites to create a town (how many players join, resources etc). Titles will also not be buyable from the store. You will earn titles through playing which also gives a lot more meaning to a title than it is right now. Map One of the big mods we will have is ConquestReforged which will add over 6000 new blocks. Luckily, we got one of the best ConquestReforged map-makers to make us a custom map and from what i already saw it will be fantastic. Size wise it will be smaller, while the landmass will be about the same, (a lot of ocean has been remove). A big part of the map will be the Adventure Zone (Shattered Lands) and so the actual land where you can build your towns will be about half of what we have now. Nations Another big thing: We are turning the globe and will move to another part of A'therys! You will be able to choose between 5 new nations and explore a sixth one that fell into ruins. The last one also will be the Adventure Zone with mobs, traps, dungeons, quests and an expanded Conquest System (for all the pvpers). The 5 new nations: Gennaian Islands: The Gennaian Islands are a collective of Kingdoms under a single national banner; akin to Ancient Greece. Daidama: Daidama is a ‘paradise’ of walled cities; where crime is swept away by justice, and atonements are swiftly dealt out. Dalkun-Tir: The lands of Dalkun-Tir are lowland scrub and rocky steppes, inhabited by the spurned and exiled; hardened nomads who navigate the harsh landscape. Atvoria: Once ruled by the god Nalageos, Atvoria is a land saturated with glamour due to the dragon Zahatmos’ tampering with fate. As such, the people are involved within a constant story, where superstitions and fables come to life. Harugraun: Rugged terrain of mountains and forests; a land that pioneered gunpowder and rivaled only by the Daggerlands in ingenuity. It is a shame, therefore, that they happen to take five steps back every generation from sheer spite and strife. More Information on the Nations will be forthcoming, including their buildstyles. My (your) Story We heard you and we want to give you more influence on the story of this world. As such, each player will get a profile page on the forum connected to the A'therys server. If you achieve something, (slaying the evil endboss, becoming Nationhead etc), you will get you an entry in your personal timeline and if appropriate in the Nations Timeline (Nationheads, Wars etc). You also will be able to add your own personal entries to your own timeline (only difference will be that the official stuff will have a "official" sign). Depending on all these things and our own ideas the world will also evolve. How far and in which direction, I can't say. Release Date We don't have a deadline. We don't want to do another Evo and actually take the needed time to implement everything we actually planned. Further Information I will resume my weekly diary where I will keep you all up to date. Additionally posts will be made to go into more details of what we are doing, what mods you can expect and what we are planning but didn't mention here (several things, but we need to be a bit further with it before it will be revealed). Callout If you are a coder, builder, artist, pr specialist etc. and you want to help. Contact me or use one of the forms (builders) to join the team! I can't promise your money but i can promise you to work on a fantastic game and the pride that will go with it -Sellt Pictures
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    ~ Winter Wonderland ~ Merry Christmas A’therys! ~ Credits ~ This Christmas we will be celebrating in style with our very own Christmas Wonderland... Built, laughed over and put together by our Staff Team. On Saturday 17th, we will be opening up the Winter Wonderland Island to you and each nation will have a warp to it for FREE! At the Winter Wonderland, there is… Parkour. Collectable food & drink. The naughty and nice list. A Christmas Tree. A Snowman. A gingerbread man factory. Carol Singers. Snow. More snow. Ice. Sweets. Presents. And the Polar Express. So, on December 17th, a week before Christmas, I will be opening this place to you lot. There will be a warp at each capital’s warp rooms so you can come visit the project which has been worked on for hours! Have a wonderful Holiday you awesome lot. - The A’therys Staff Team xox
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    "To the honourable citizens of Vrovona, It comes with a heavy heart to say that I, Roslita Kharjov, can no longer fulfill my obligations as Pyre Warden due to a rapid decline in my health, leaving me bedridden. It pains me to say farewell to this wonderful nation after pouring my heart into working to make it the best for its people, but my time is drawing near and I can no longer be of help to the nation. For as long as I live, I will hold it dear to my heart, cherishing the memories and friendships I have made during my time. In my stead, Velkas Harvikin (@Velkas) will be Pyre Warden pro tempore, until the time comes when our Paragon, Solodav Ksavik, selects the next Pyre Warden. I hope only for the best for the nation of Vrovona and all its citizens. With love, Roslita Kharjov." (( I will be stepping down from both nation head of Vrovona and staff as my health has been a major concern for me as of late. I need time to focus on me and making myself better before I can properly put in the time and energy to help the server and its community. I'll still be around here and there on the forums, and I'll always be available through Skype if anyone needs me. @Edd will be making the elections post for Pyre Warden tonight or this weekend for you to vote on your new nation head, but in the meantime Mike will be Pyre Warden. I wish you all the best. <3 ))
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    Greetings, all who voted in @BlackRuins poll on how they would like to see heroes progress! As we all saw, the option "5-6 Active skills" Was by far the most picked, achieving almost 3 times as many votes as other categories. With 7-8 and 4-5 coming in behind. Given that feedback, we've come up with a new structure for all our heroes classes. All classes will have 5-6 active skills, as well as 1 or 2 passive/toggle skills. The heroes team thinks this is the best way to reach a balance between those who want simplified combat options with those who value the more complicated style of combat. Let me give an example concept. Sentinel -600HP -Diamond Helmet -Diamond Chestplate -Diamond Leggings -Diamond Boots -Dia. Sword: 20 (Numbers are subject to change in balance) Skill Level Cooldown Description Values Kick 1 20 - - Resolve 1 (Passive) Players nearby the Sentinel can’t take more than 50 damage from any single source. Radius: 3 Guard 10 15 - - Rescue 20 20 - - Innerlight 40 30 - - Battlecry 50 25 - - Ram 70 30 - - Divine Strength 100 (Passive) When the player hits 90HP, they fly 15 blocks into the air, heal, then come crashing down, knocking enemies up, dealing damage and silencing them. HP Restored: 60 Radius: 8 Silence: 3 Damage: 45 Cooldown: 120 As you can see, the sentinel has 6 active skills, only 6 buttons need to be bound. This can easily be done in binds and in macros. It also has 2 passives, one of which is a nice, small buff to allies, and the other is a high-impact, high cooldown passive. So whilst you do not have to bind "Divine Strength", you still get to utilise it with ease. (Note sections with '-' in them just mean the values are the same as the configuration right now) We hope this is a good option for all parties concerned! Thanks for reading -Chiv
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    Firstly, Lars and Sellt are two very cool, very understanding and passionate people who are just there for the server. Much respect and love for the both of you. This Daggerlands Nation head vote got very heated very quickly and became very even very quickly. What has been agreed by both Lars and Sellt is Lars will become the new Pithkeeper and Sellt will be his Vice, there to back him up. The intent is to get the best possible outcome and really get as many people active as possible. I would let the vote go on for longer but its already super clear, lets face it we don’t have an awful lot of time to waste on this, since both, without argument agree that this is the best possible outcome, its made my life very easy for once. So that is that. Lars is the new Pithkeeper and happily takes on Sellt as his vice. WOOT!
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    Hi Atherys! And welcome to my first Diary entry Please forgive me if this first one is still a bit uncut but i promise to get better at this. Announcements Heroes Team The heroes team got a bit restructured and now @MisChiv and @jonathanbak will "lead" the team. Both don't have executive power and their job is more or less organizing the team, meetings, votes etc. While the decision making will be democratic. Spencer stepped away as a Heroes-Dev and while Jess and take up some of the work we are actively looking for new coders to join the team. Content Creators In the last weeks i was approached by several individuals who wanted to help creating content for the server. To help this we created the Content Team which is overseen by @redninja685 who will distribute projects and keep Staff and the teams up to date. Now every team that wants to help us create content (Builds, dungeons, Quest etc) can contact @redninja685 and become a Content Masters. You will not be forced to do stuff (but if you never do you will be stricken from the list). We will show you all what we need and you can pick and work on it. Of course if you have your own ideas we love to hear them an most often will be approved. So if you have some friends and you guys are good builders, show us what you can do and become a team. Even if you only want to build something or do something every few weeks or month. Coders As mentioned up under Heroes Team. We are actively looking for coders to join us. Primarily to help finish the skills, but we can also use help with our plugins (guessing streamlining them never hurts! :)) Lag We still are running tests to pinpoint the issues. We have several leads and as soon as we have details i will of course share them with you. Bias One of the biggest issues we have and I read in the feedback is Bias. Now what I also see is that most often its just perspective. First and foremost, nobody is bias free when he interacts with people on a daily basis. And you know what makes it worse? Yelling at the staff, being disrespectful, or outright malevolent. There is a reason why convicts are nice in front of a judge, because even the guys trained for this can't stay 100% bias free, so why do you expect more from normal people? A problem is also that you don't see everything. While you know exactly what happened because you were there, a mod is new to the scene and needs to work of the proof he gets (because while you may tell the truth, the same may apply to the other person). And while you see the mod standing there he most likely is talking to people via msg, gathering information, looking at screenshots. So don't get mad if it takes a moment for possible punishment. Rather appreciate that the mod takes the time to get to the truth. And just because a decision was made against you doesn't mean the staff member was biased against you. If you have an actual case of bias please report it via: https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/92-report-a-staff-member/ or https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/91-report-a-player/ TL;DR: Bias has become something of a buzzword and is use way too much. Brewery Still working on the ingredients that don't work and changing most of the recipes because of the recent leak. Work got slowed down because if a illness wave in staff. Official Announcement will come when its finished. 1.11 We are also working on upgrading the server to 1.11, checking the plugins, replacing the ones that don't get updated anymore, looking for less laggy replacements. The upgrade itself probably helps with the lag too. Also trying to get the numbers of plugins down, combining what we can. Money The last few days i heard a lot about how much money we make and why we don't use it. So let me explain. Only in the last two month we made a lot more than the needed 500.-. Now these were the two month in the year were one can expect spikes (Christmas and after Christmas). So yes, right now we have some money saved, but this money is there for potential low months, possible expenses (emergency money) and the future of Atherys. At some point in the far future I think we all want a V4. But if we ever do that i want to do it right, that means a lot of time. Possible down times. Jobs that need to be done by externals (costing money) and i would like to do that with the normal income and not with a donation run like for Evo. I can guarantee you that the money is used to pay stuff and people for atherys and that i personally have not taken out 1 cent for myself (rather the opposite). Thoughts I probably forgot to add some points but I promise if that's the case I will add them next week. Between this diary and Sellt Chat you have now two points in the week to get the information you want/need. Of course we will still announce stuff outside of this diary and so probably nothing gets missed again (of course you also need to read the forum :D). Ofc, i'm always reachable via forum pm and skype if you need anything or want to tell/ask me anything. Till next time! -Sellt
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    Greetings to my esteemed countrymen and respected neighbors! It is my honor to be addressing all of you today as the newly appointed Lord Admiral of Ithero. I am so excited to have this opportunity, and I plan to get right down to business! As anyone who knows me can attest, I have many plans for helping us revitalize the nation. However, these plans represent only part of overall objectives; the other part will come from you, my fellow Itheri. Therefore, over the next few weeks, I will spend time visiting towns across the nation to meet one-on-one with players and town leaders to assess their needs, discuss potential opportunities, cultivate solid working relationships, and freely dialogue about the future of Ithero. At that time, I also hope to scout out other potential candidates for current and future leadership roles. In the meantime, I invite you to come to me with any questions, ideas, or matters you would like to discuss. If, however, you are a city who would like to schedule a townhall-style meeting with me in which to address the things mentioned above, please comment below, and I will contact you to set something up. And, for those of you who just want to hang out in Calastore and get to know me, I am more than happy to do so, and can even throw in a shoddy tour of the capital to sweeten the deal. On another note, I would like to invite you all to the Inauguration and Valediction Ceremony, set for Saturday, December 17, at 2:30 PM ATZ at the Palace of Calastore. This event is open to all who are interested, and complete details will be included in a future announcement, so keep an eye out for that in the next few days! Additionally, I am looking to schedule a Nation Meeting within the next 2 weeks, so I would like to get some input on what times would work well for everyone. The last Nation Meeting was held on a Saturday at 3 PM ATZ, and I am happy to host it at the same time this Saturday (Dec. 10th), if that is still good for everyone. Just comment below or in our Ithero Nation Chat on Skype to let me know what works. And finally, a big thanks to everyone for your interest, collaboration and support as we move forward; I am amped to begin meeting with all of you! ultravioletpixie (“Pixie”), Lord Admiral of Ithero ~May you find happiness and success in all you pursue, and may the twin gods light your way when your journey becomes shrouded in darkness.
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    The Daggerlands is a desolate and harsh volcanic landscape home to a widely diverse people who are all united by the common goals of freedom and progress. Ever since the Great Revolution, ask any A’therian where to find the most innovative and progressive people and they’ll point you toward a Daggerlander before you can so much as blink. Their technology dominates the world, their airships are a common sight from Vrovona all the way to Qhul-Rahav, and their people know that each and everyone of them has the power make a difference. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ They fought and fought and fought again, untill they reached Old Golgarai’s den. Then the Heroes struck him down, and they made us all free men! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ -Excerpt from a ballad written in celebration for the first Revolution Day celebration ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The volcanic wastelands of the Daggerlands) Life Before Revolution Before the Mortal Heroes slew Golgarai-Asthas and paved the way for the building of the nation, The Rust Tyrant had held sway for centuries. Under his rule, Daggerlander society (if it could even be called that) was divided very strictly between people who chose to submit to the Tyrant’s will and become Overseers for the enslaved workers and those who didn’t and were forced to toil endlessly for the Rust Tyrant’s will untill their death for their choice. Those who toiled worked to preserve a cultural and social foundation through the generations so that their sense of unity would not disappear. They were not allowed to speak as the Asthas-Lord feared speech as a weapon against him, so the slaves used his own mathematical equations and symbols that they needed to know to go about their tasks in his machines as a rudimentary language. This system of numbers and proofs is incredibly inventive and useful and is the foundation for nearly all modern mathematics. Several communities (mostly located on the island of Fracture) developed their own almost non-verbal language made up of unique hand gestures, body language, and rapid syllables that were almost more grunt-like than real words. While the language has since died out and is seen as a painful memory of a dismal past, it nonetheless is distinct part of the native dialect, with Fracturians typically speaking with sharp and harsh consonants and using lots of expressive body language. While the slaves were encouraged to reproduce, family bonds and connections were forbidden with workers from camps and settlements being constantly moved around according to the Tyrant’s will, and a highly intricate system was developed to recognize and catalog family and community groups. While this amazingly efficient system was created to help make sure families were not ever "broken" it did little to help ease the emotional sorrow that came from being separated. The few benefits the Rust-Tyrant offered his slave overseers included better shelter, better food, the opportunity to keep their families together, and most notably protection from being thrown into a soul furnace. One of the great amazement for Daggerlander historians is the first time they realize just how many people were willing to sacrifice their own people in order to selfishly protect themselves and their families. While the position of Overseer was not hereditary, the overseers worked hard to make sure that their the Asthas-Lord would let their children replace them. Ultimately however Golgarai-Asthas saw little difference between his overseers and his slaves and when it was necessary he was just as likely to choose an overseer as he was a slave for dark and cruel experiments. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “My concluding message for ALL Daggerlanders, whether they be old or small, Aristocrats or Junkies, is that we are a nation that dedicated itself to the destruction of tyranny and the never ending progress of society, and that for the entirety of my term will the upholding of these values be my first and primary concern!” -Oscelle Ashwalker’s inauguration speech for Magister Elect ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Land of Freedom Considering the continent had only recently been freed from Golgarai-Asthas, the Daggerlanders managed to create a basic society of law and order incredibly quickly. While it would continue to evolve and improve for over a century afterwards, the basic foundation was nonetheless quite stable. This is explained by researchers to be a result of the fact that Daggerlander society already had a very entrenched and efficient social organization system and the work camps scattered around the continent made able foundations for towns and cities. Since revolution the Daggerlander government has worked tirelessly to defend the rights of its citizens and to give each and every one of them equal and prosperous opportunities in life despite their origin. The government of 10 Magisters is elected purely by popular vote from each state and extensive protections exist to stamp out corruption and equalize each person's vote. Everyone may petition their grievances to their state’s Magister who are required to address them all. The government’s meetings are always done in public, and private dealings at all in fact are generally frowned upon by Daggerlanders. Because of the extensive liberties guaranteed to every Daggerlander citizen, the immigration rate is incredibly high from other nations. As a result the process to become a Daggerlander citizen is incredibly difficult and rarely does anyone pass through customs. In fact many Daggerlanders have adopted an almost xenophobic approach when it comes to their homeland and foreigners, with foreign industry being almost expressly forbidden and public harbours strictly regulated. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “It was just amazing. Never before had I even dreamed that we could experience flight, but since that first flight on the Providence I feel that even the birds must feel jealous! The speed! the handling! The sheer beauty of the damn thing! If this is not the greatest invention of our time, I don’t know what is!” -An Itheri’s account of sailing on a Daggerlander airship ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Center of Engineering Every single A’therian who has graduated from the Ralenair Academy of Engineering in Aloreh with top honors for the past 50 years has been of Daggerlander birth. 3 out of the last 5 major scientific achievements of the modern Age have been attributed primarily to a Daggerlander. The nation’s reputation as the industrial capital of A’therys is well-earned. Naturally the nation has a reputation for being a center for ingenuity and innovation. While the Tyrant Clause’s declaration that “no pre-Calling artifacts containing or relating to Soul Furnaces or other similar diabolical devices may ever be used in ANY fashion by the Daggerlander government” would imply that almost any form of Asthasi technology would be off-limits as nearly everything was powered by Soul Furnaces, the law has been interpreted fairly loosely since it’s inception, and a great many Daggerlander advancements in technology have been based of off reverse-engineering minor Asthasi-tech. Nearly everyone in the Daggerlands goes to some basic schooling and has a proficient understanding of engineering. In fact almost 50% of jobs in the Daggerlands are somehow related to sustaining and improving the machines that power and supply society. (A rainy day in Monas Roth) Social and Cultural Divisions At its best, the Daggerlands is a haven of social equality and civil society. At its worst, it can seem xenophobic, overly-nationalist, and incredibly quick to judge. Social class and standing is predominantly tied to wealth and geography. These are not the by all end all distinctions within Daggerlander society, they are merely the largest and most “active” socio-ethnic groups. Wealthy urban Daggerlander industrialists with extensive Alor ties... Nickname/Slur: “Daggercrats” -Entomology: “Aristocrat” is a word typically used to describe a noble of Aloreh. “Daggercrat” has come to mean the Daggerlander equivalent of this Alor social class. -Background: “Daggercrat” has entered the Daggerlander vernacular to mean an industrialist whose chief wealth is tied heavily to their relations with the Alor nobility. In the eyes of the Alor these wealthy individuals and families will never be “true” nobility and most less well off Daggerlanders mock them for their attempts to try to be a part of this foreign “club.” Middle-class Daggerlanders who work to maintain the nation’s infrastructure... Nickname/Slur: “Steam Junkies” (often shortened to just “Junkies”) -Entomology: The scrappy attitude and messy working conditions of the countless engineers and mechanics keeping the nation afloat earned them the nickname of “Steam Junkie” -Background: The vast majority of Daggerlanders live a slightly uncomfortable middle-class lifestyle working to maintain the massive lavatech infrastructure that the nation relies on. They typically lack the incomes necessary to increase their social standing, and so generation to generation, they spend all their working days on operating the Lavatech generators. Swamp-dwellers who were never subjugated thanks to their isolation... Nickname/Slur: “Gators” -Entomology: Most urban Daggerlanders are quick to judge their swamp-dwelling brothers and sisters as a sly and shifty folk, not unlike the cunning Salt Gators that infest the nation’s swamps. -Background: Because they were never subjugated, Gators have a culture that is distinctly different than that of the rest of the Daggerlands. One with different social values, cultural habits, and so on and so forth. They are often criticized as backwater resource sinks and stereotyped as rebels, criminals, and cultists. Foreigners, both rich and poor, who immigrate to the Daggerlands... Nickname/Slur: “Claim Jumpers” -Entomology: An ancient mining phrase to refer to someone who unlawfully pulled ore from someone else's land repurposed to describe foreigners who are perceived to be doing that exact thing. -Background: The phrase has been re-purposed to describe anyone not of Daggerlander descent who has come into the nation seeking economic gain. Daggerlanders are very protective of their homeland and dislike outside manipulation. This slur has also been used however by swamp-dwellers to describe urban Daggerlanders who come into the swamps seeking to industrialize them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ “Round and round the gears we dance, Little Daven’s got sumthin’ in his pants. clink clank! tick tock! the golden tooth strikes twelve, and round and round the gears we dance Untill it stops and we all... Drop!” ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ -A Gear Dance song as sung by adolescents ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marriages Marriages in the Daggerlander tradition are done following the ways they were done during the days of the Rust-Tyrant and are a strange, yet beloved, part of modern culture. They are completely and utterly silent, with the bride and groom exchanging their vows purely through expression and emotion in a process that the longest of which has taken over 30 minutes. After they embrace the whole audience will make as much noise as possible and typically party well into the night. Anyone and everyone in the community is invited as long as they bring something for the celebration. Schooling All Daggerlanders enter basic schooling at age 7 and at age 11 enter a 7 year program meant to primarily teach them engineering skills. After this, Daggerlanders may elect to enroll in a further 4 years of study at a local university to enhance and fine-tune their skills. Most Daggerlander institutions are strictly math and science based and rarely cover liberal and performance arts. Only a few cover these other topics and those that do are more research institute than actual learning center. Daggerlander students who choose to attend the 4-year university program are more likely to get jobs outside of the country than those who don’t. Most students upon graduation from any local institution will find work in the national infrastructure where directed to by the government based on necessity. The Daggerlanders who can afford it however will tend to enroll their students at age 11 in prestigous Alor boarding schools where they gain a more “rounded” education while making connections with the sons and daughters of Alor nobility. Those that graduate will then typically go to a prestigous foreign university and return home ready to run for public office or take over the family business. Government The Daggerlander government is strictly a democracy that has over time also developed into a meritocracy. Magisters and Ministers are elected to public office by direct voting by the Daggerlander population. Magisters are chosen by their specific state to represent them, and Ministers are elected by the population as a whole to do their assigned jobs effectively and responsibly. The Magister Elect, elected by the Magistrate from within their number is meant as the bridge between the two councils. Terms are typically a set number of years, and the Pithkeeper of Monas Roth has the power to shorten or lengthen those term limits as they see fit based on the achievements or lack thereof of the elected official. Typically national government positions are held by the wealthy in Daggerlander society largely because there political campaigns are well-funded and well-managed. This makes them very hard to compete with for anyone but a fellow aristocrat. However local government positions in each town or city tend to be much more diverse, with individuals getting elected regardless of social class. Military Ever since the Landau Decree in 56AU, the Daggerlander government has been very reluctant to engage itself in wars that do not pose a threat to Daggerlander soil. There exists a relatively small standing army made up strictly of volunteer engineers who, rather than fight in the common way as other nation’s soldiers do, protect the nation by maintaining the ships and shore guns that make up the Homeland Defense. There are harbour installations at nearly every major port and along most of the landable coastlines. The Homeland Defence Army is made up of two fleets of airships, whose bases are Monas Roth and Sablemarch. The Military is also starting to experiment with ironclad ships and rudimentary jet propulsion. (The Steam Knights standing in formation) The Steam Knights There does however exist a separate division of the Military that is solely dedicated to fighting the Daggerland's wars abroad. Called the Steam Knights because of how much steam their machines of war exhale, they utilize both the most advanced technology the Daggerlands has to offer as well as their own skill with a blade. Made up of some of the toughest and experienced fighters in the Daggerlands, the Steam Knights, while very small, are an order to be feared. Religion Because of their history with the Rust-Tyrant, the Daggerlands are very strictly secular and tend to view most Cults and religious orders unfavorably. This is part of the reason the local Cult of Rammat, and by extension the swamp-dwellers, are so discriminated against by the rest of the Daggerlands. The difficulties for foreigners to enter the Daggerlands in any real number has stopped the vast majority of Cults and faiths from spreading to the Daggerlands. There are rumours that an Asthasi cult exists and are seeking to repair the Soul Furnaces to working order, but these are for the most part seen as completely ridiculous by the majority of the Daggerlander population and the government does rigorously guard the Furnaces from being tampered with as they have not yet found a way to safely disassemble them. Recreation As mentioned before fads in the Daggerlands come and go quickly. As such Daggerlander hobbies are always shifting around. However a few that seem to stick permanently include “Gear Dances”, where some 24 individuals dance around a spinning gear untill it stops and they try to find a tooth to sit on, that seems to be a local adaptation of the Itheri “Spin The Bottle” and Alor “Musical Chairs”, a genre of music called “Freedom” where musicians attempt to create harmonic sounds through leftover Asthasi-tech at incredibly high volume, and the internationally popular game of “Stratagem” where two players face off on a board with each side controlling individual pieces. Clothing The fashions in clothing tend to change rapidly, with different colours and styles being all the rage for a few weeks and then all of a sudden changing. This trend is followed most closely by the middle and lower classes, who when off-work tend to engage in a very vibrant and active social life. When on-duty however, most Daggerlanders will wear very utilitarian clothing that is best suited to the environment they are working in, commonly made of inexpensive yet durable material that can wash well. Upper class Daggerlanders tend to ignore the local trends and usually follow the fashion scene as it is in Aloreh, no doubt trying to elevate themselves to a higher level of prestige by doing so. (the poison swamps of the Daggerlands) The Underground While the Daggerlander government strictly controls foreign trade and traffic into the nation, there exist miles and miles of dense and dark swamp shore where small smuggler ships can come up undetected to drop off their cargo. The most common items to be in that cargo include: foreign goods from other nations that might be heavily tariffed by the Daggerlander government to support local industry. Anything from Alor furniture to Itheri spirits ends up on the Daggerlander black market. This black market trade is dominated by numerous Rammatite river gangs, and a few, more urban-centric crime syndicates. A few names that have come up in the Gazette include the Ratcatchers, the Bridge Burners, and the Asile Cartel. Soul Furnaces A study of the Daggerlands would be wholly incomplete without mention of Golgarai’s Soul Furnaces. The enigmatic Soul Furnaces were some of the most terrifying technological marvels that Golgarai Asthas ever developed. A massive, hulking iron sphere in which slaves would be thrown in live only to be immolated and have their souls be released to be converted into energy to fuel the Rust-Tyrant’s diabolical machines in the process creating a lot of excess exhaust that needed to be flushed out. Because of the Tyrant Clause, the Daggerlander government cannot use them to provide power, and yet doesn’t know how to take them apart properly either, so the known Soul Furnaces just simply dot the landscape and are fiercely protected by the Daggerlander government lest someone try to reactivate one. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ “Red is the coast, but Crucible’s the most and Stonemere is across the bay between the Scar and Cinderweald it lay Anvil and Harrow, Fracture’s across the Narrow and Ironlight is a big swampy fright” ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ -A school song to remember the states ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Daggerlander States The Daggerlands is divided into 10 governing states. There are no restrictions barring travel between the states and the only real purpose for them, at least in theory, is to proportionally divide the nations people in order to more fairly elect 10 Magisters. The states have since their inception been typically organized as either a “Swamp State” or a “Rock State” based on their geography. The “Swamp States” typically have a much higher Rammatite population concentration and are located mostly along the mainland’s southern coast. These states are very much the breadbasket of the nation and most of their citizens are either farmers or lumberjacks. These states are Ironlight, Blackshear, the Scar, Stonemere, and Cinderweald. The “Rock States” are predominantly middle-class industrial hubs for the Daggerlands. Their smooth and deep coastlines have led to most of the Daggerlands port cities and thriving international trade being along the mainland’s northern coast (Fracture’s rough coastline makes it a difficult harbor). These states are very much the manufacturing center for the nation and most of their citizens are either merchants, factory workers, or other industrial workers. These states are Harrow, Anvil, Crucible, Fracture and Redcoast. Daggerlander Inventions and Innovations The Daggerlands had a very interesting basic infrastructure available to it upon Revolution. Throughout the nation's development, old machinery of Golgarai-Asthas was continuously used, adapted, and fixed in order to provide for the ever-growing society. The only problem was that it seemed that without the Rust-Tyrant their to work his craft-work, this technology was falling apart and becoming otherwise unusable. Since so much of Daggerlander civilization's foundation is made up of these machines a significant portion of the Daggerlander population works for their entire lives on both maintaining the current Asthasi-tech that still exists and is necessary for society, as well as trying to improve the technology so that when it eventually deteriorates completely it does not leave the Daggerlands stranded. Of course other Daggerlanders are at the same time developing other technology that is independent of national need and instead more focused on international progress. Behind the scenes of all Daggerlander civilization are immense power requirements for home lighting, factory machinery, and all the other necessities of a modern society. These power requirements are met by a complex system of extractors, turbines, and harnessers that acquire geothermal energy from lava. More commonly referred to as "Lavatech" by the engineers who operate these systems. Lavatech is perhaps one of the biggest scientific achievements for the Daggerlands because it represented the first major success in improving and modifying an Asthasi design to work indefinitely. Unfortunately no other nation in A'therys has the lava deposits necessary to make use of lavatech energy. The Daggerlands are most notably known for their complex mechanical airship designs which have phased out the older Alor skyships as the masters of the skies. While the skyships were powered by magical crystals, the Daggerlander craft use hot air balloons for lift, engines for thrust, and wings for control. They tend to be faster and more versatile as well. Airships are so common in the Daggerlands that nearly every town has some kind of docking tower and air travel is steadily beating out the trains and the national roads as the way to travel. Only recently has the Daggerlander military begun experimenting with incredibly powerful, yet difficult to manage, technologies. The first is the creation of a sailing ship whose hull is made up primarily of iron panels instead of wood. The only source of lumber readily available to the Daggerlander population is from the trees in the poison swamp, and their wood is no good for making large-scale sailing ships. While the idea for an ironclad ship was based mostly upon having to find an alternative for wood, it is also worth nothing that an ironclad is nigh on indestructible when fighting a similarly-sized Itheri Carrack, which is at left for the moment considered the undisputed king of the seas. The second is the development of a rudimentary jet propulsion to propel airships at never before heard of speeds, even negating the need of a balloon for lift entirely. Based primarily off of gunpowder research that the Itheri navy had done several hundred years earlier, Daggerlander engineers have tried to create a more longer-lasting compound with similar thrust capabilities. The latest rumor is that they have so far been unsuccessful in creating a practical version. (a typical lavatech generator beneath a Daggerlander city)
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    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, because this is laughable to me. Realistically, I'm not sure how many of us have embraced the idea of 24/7 PvP--it's simply something that's been forced on us and that we have to work around, whether we like it or not. Anyway, if the few of us who remain on the server truly have begun to value it, then you should have nothing to fear by Sellt/staff making it toggleable, because (by that logic) we will be just as likely to have it on as we are to have it off. You also have to consider what the server is going through right now. This is a period of reinvention and rebirth. If we are looking to acquire and retain new consumers, then there should be some amount of lenience. New players (and those of us who are constructing towns) deserve the option to build and play in peace, until we are ready to be beleaguered by testy PvPers. PvP will never disappear from the server. It will still exist constantly in wilderness, on designated PvP days, and in those towns that are prepared to face that challenge. PvPers have always cried the loudest about their real and perceived injustices, so they've often been the first in line for recompense. If they wish to cry over this too, they have that right. But just because they cry doesn't mean they should get their way. They are not the most special, or the most important. What matters now is recovery. If you or anyone else wants to be a thorn in Sellt's side over this decision, then maybe you need to reconsider whose ends you're serving--the server's or your own. And I'm sorry, but as owner, Sellt CAN just undo work like that. Suck it up.
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    There is apparently a rumour going around that I am shutting down the server. I am well aware things are tougher than they used to be but that’s for me to endlessly worry about, shutting the server down, if that were to happen I would be extremely forthcoming about that. Anyway, its crap from someone who probably just wants to harm the server for whatever twisted reason. Sorry for a negative post, hope all are having / have had a nice day.
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    Good afternoon Aloreh. Not overly sure how to construct this thread so if it seems a little all over the place, that is why. What I will start off with, is asking for you to read the entire thing as this one is very important to the future success of the nation. The way Aloreh works in the lore has now for the longest time, allowed individuals the ability to essentially take part in the running of their nations. Sadly for a couple of individuals over time, it has allowed them to manipulate, connive and harm the player experience, for whatever purpose was in their heads. This of course is harmful and counterproductive to what a lot of us staff and players alike, try so very hard to avoid. Anvil will tell you himself that he loves writing the story, he loves providing substance to the players that they can adopt and have a good time with but if the story gets in the way of or even harms the player experience then it is to be re thought for the reality. It can remain the story sure but when it comes to real people, real experiences on the server, lore is secondary. For the most part the lore works but due to its highly political nature, in Aloreh it has been a little dangerous and as of last night, very dangerous. Let me divulge. I do not follow the internal lore side all that much, I know it is there but I do not understand fully how it all works and was under the impression people got the fact that if it becomes a pain, things can easily change, this is not the case. Jonathanbak has been trying really hard to make solid changes in the nation, really strive for more unity and a far better experience for all yet was met with a constant wall of opposition for no other reason than people being vindictive and toxic. In reality all this meant was people were being excluded from getting involved in a more substantial experience. That is no more, as of last night I have forcefully put a stop to this stupidity and things will now change. The orator court and how Aloreh works will still remain but those who wish to get involved are not going to be excluded just because a couple of people want to see Aloreh burn and Jonathan fail. There will of course still be a process of getting involved, different targets needing to be met etc but the toxic behaviour will very much be stamped on and hopefully out. I would like to say these problems are a new thing but they are not. Sadly I have remained ignorant to them and in a way allowed this to happen, no longer though. So I am sorry to those who have been excluded or hated on because of a couple of people. Aloreh changes today. So there it is Alor, time for a reality check and I hate having to come crashing in and forcefully make changes but lets face it, player experience was being harmed, I have to. One last thing, Jonathan is a good guy, really nice and chill, he just filled me in on how it is due to my questions, it is me that is doing this and I know that privately in your skype chat, some will be cussing my name as per usual, please do not reflect that on Jon, none of this is his doing. I want the best for my server and for you Aloreh, have a great day and have fun!
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    Event The Dénouement of Vizier Khurfu ft. Raviyna av-Kulthanz IV Sunday 14th February 10pm GMT 5pm EST An unnerving argument is underway within the Temple Palace between a woman not so often seen and a man of prominent Selukkite politics. Screams are heard from the man from inside, one could only imagine the untolerable pain he was going through. Slowly over the course of an hour, a crowd of Selukkites, foreign diplomats, and tradesmen gather below the main balcony where Raviyna av-Kulthanz once so eerily made her claim to the Ivory Throne. Among the crowd are members of a unique family, fixing thier eyes upon the great entrance to the palace. Akila, Harath Khelazar, Chadimus, were worringly anticipating the outcome of the argument. There in the brighness of the setting sun behind the walls of Qhul, Regent-High Priestess, the immortal sorceress, Raviyna av-Kulthanz emerged and so blissfully walked to the steps of the balcony. She elegantly lifted her hand in force, and there flying through the air was the Vizier himself; finally falling to the ground of the balcony. One such seen amongst many, ironicly different every time. Raviyna says her piece... Stepping Down as Vizier... Alas my sundering has come. By my own conscience I have decided to step down as the Vizier of Raviyna av-Kulthanz and steward/ nation head of my most beloved nation of Ar-Selukk. This shall formally take place on Sunday 14th of February after the execution event. Stepping up to the buck back in June of 2015; I set out to help aid a nation socially and politically, and whilst I can never know the extent of what I have achieved and that of the wider mortal plane. I have enjoyed every moment of being a servant to an optimistic nation full of inspiring and endeavouring individuals that stand truely vigilant to their cause. Whilst yes, there has been the ups and downs during my time, the struggles have help not only me develop, but us together as a whole. As I step away from Qhul-Rahav I look back with no regrets and I hope that I have made my place and peace, the capital is more welcoming, and the politics is more defined. I also ask forgiveness for the times I have let you all down. Though I hope there is not many, no human could ever possibly satisfy the needs of all. Every individual in this nation, past and present, has had such great characteristics and impacts that really imitate OccidentalAnvil’s intentions to what our nation was supposed to be by canon lore. The amount of maturity I have seen among you is very encouraging and a good example to set. I also want to take this chance to thank the other nation heads I have talked to and worked alongside for welcoming me among them; the mortal plane couldn’t be left in better hands….right? Thank you to all of those who have served and taken part in Ar-Selukks government; without you this nation would not ‘function’ and I am so grateful to you guys for grabbing those opportunities. Also a separate thanks to all of you who have chosen this nation among the array others. You do not know how happy it makes many of us to see it come to life, and I hope it continues to do so. However I don’t intend to go gentle into that good night! I very much want to remain a political figure, and work alongside the current Dhahran of a’Ravhar, my home city state; to bring it into the world stage of politics. As well as helping work on the capital of state and all other manners to promote progress. It is sad for me to the back of my Vizier character and wave goodbye to him, a very unique individual as many of you know. There will be a special event for his ‘goodbye’ from A’therys. Finally I ask you to look after your new Vizier, Dani. Please show him the same maturity and respect that I have been fortunately shown by many of you across the mortal plane. The last words MisChiv said to some of you was to offer me help and I could do great things for you. I ask the very same for Dani as well. Whilst we can never know what the future will hold, it is that very sense of uncertainty that makes our nation so unique! Signing off as Vizier for the last time! Yours forever faithful to Sav-Synav and Raviyna av-Kulthanz IV, Vizier Khurfu Pius nav-Sa’arav Grand Prince of the Sa’aravine Dynasty, Primate of the Yunav’ari, and Steward of Ar-Selukk. Btw I guess this is a good chance to thank everyone who puts up with my derpness: banning my self by accident, deleting my town… yeah Idk whats wrong with me lol. #beautifuldeath
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    It's the 1st of the month and to kick it off, I'd like to announce that our first winner of Town of the Month in the Overall category is.. Valzanttar! I'd like to give a great big shout out to @Chronus Blazebringer and all the lovely people of Valzanttar for their great work within the community and town! Valzanttar has not only been lending out a helping hand for their new players and been a driving force in keeping RP well and alive in their nation, but showcases their beautiful build style as well! ~ Here's what some fans had to say: "A member of Valzanttar helped me learn how pvp as an Exemplar, their town is very pretty and makes me jeaous. Their members are diverse in all aspects of the server and are open to helping their nation develop. I wish I could live there but sadly a witch who lives in the temple chains me to the capital " - Selukkite Fan Boy "They are so kind so friendly and they are the capital of the most politically involved city state with regards to other nations. Chronus is a real credit and asset to the nation as well as Tim!" - Crazed Heretic "Chronus is a very well respected player within Ar-Selukk and has helped me numerous times! Valzanttar is always recruiting new players to become the future of A'therys, and stays very active with the politics of Ar-Selukk." - Friendly Neighbour Valzanttar's beautiful temple! ~ We got the chance to ask Chronus and a couple other folk at Valzanttar some questions and this what they had to say: 1. What are your town's aspirations and major goals for the future? My main goal for the town is to turn it into a sprawling role-play metropolis that provides a wide range of events, activities, and opportunity for all types of role players to come and make the town feel truly alive and vibrant. We hope to accomplish this by designing a fully fleshed out role-play system that will allow members and visitors to role-play every aspect of life in the city. This system will include guides on how to create role-play characters, the culture of Valzanttar, and rules to give a sense of order to the role-play. We also would like to promote role-play through the use of institutions such as the archives, Museum, religious system and university. Using the basis of religion, we hope to establish holidays that we can use to host events. We also hope to establish spots in town that members or even outsiders can build their own role-play hotspots such as taverns, specialty shops, and whatever else the role-players come up with (they are creative bunch you know). This main goal is also intertwined with my other two top goals for the town. My secondary goal would be to turn Valzanttar into a burgeoning hub of trade. My hope would be to turn Valzanttar’s future marketplace into an international space where merchants from all over the map income to not only trade their goods but their stories cultures and ideas through the use of the role-play system. My third goal which would be assisted by Valzanttar’s role-play system and international market would also be to turn Valzanttar into a political diplomatic hub. I honestly found diplomacy during the last map boring, unfulfilling, and ineffective. I hope to change this by injecting more role-play into diplomatic talks between Nandar, the city state that Valzanttar resides in, to create a more fulfilling and lasting effect. Recently I have been speaking to the head of foreign affairs of the dagger lands and below is a short list of how I thought establishing diplomatic relations should proceed and is a system I hope to refine and use for all future diplomacy talks. • Establish an embassy in Monas- So that I have a presence and location in The Daggerlands from which I can voice my opinions/concerns to The Daggerlands Gov't. I am still building up my town but as soon as I can I will make a spot available for The Daggerlands to have establish an Embassy in Valzanttar. • Cultural Exchange Events- As a way of injecting RP into diplomacy and so that both sides can understand the way of life, customs, and traditions. This is a good way to learn about the viewpoints of each other and understand what influences our stances. • RP-Meetings- a bit drier but needed so that both sides can exchange their views and stances on issues in A'therys. I.E- Trading, wars, tensions, etc. • Treaties- When both sides are comfortable with each other and feel that relations have properly developed then we would be able to make true treaties that both sides are actually committed to. 2. What things do you find yourself and your residents participating in the most? We seem to build, trade, and role-play the most within Valzanttar. Also lately a growing number of town members have also been participating in PVP raids and having a good amount of fun doing so. 3. What would you like to say or establish about Valzanttar that you may not have had the chance to do so before? I would like to say that everyone is welcomed within Valzanttar, and that I will try my hardest to give you a town and community that you can enjoy and create bonds and memories. 4. What's it like to be a part of Valzanttar? "Valzanttar has a great community, we many people who make it a great time. We all work together to help the town. We all donate materials or yora or time to help build the town. Back in V2 it was a great town, so I think we are definitely leaving a legacy. The town is very organized, with everything in a specific location. Even the farms are specifically made. There is also great communication through the town skype chat. There has been a lot of town progress, and I hope to RP more with my town mates soon." - @Timbobuhler 5. What are your favourite thing(s) about your town's community? "Our community works together in order to succeed. No matter what they are willing to help with anything they are asked. As a town leader it is important to help your community succeed and stick together no matter what." - @Benattack For those interested here are some quick links to their recruitment and town information pages: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/171-the-city-of-valzanttar/ Their town posts will be featured until the 1st of next month and they will also receive an in-game trophy to display in their town, once that is completed by the build team! (slightly unrelated, but organized by the same great people!) http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1118-the-nandar-emirate/ ~ Make sure you congratulate everyone from this lovely town on their hard work and dedication! A very well deserved win! Can't wait to see what's next from you all!
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    A labor of love, time, and blood. We present to you the first Content Team build, Dorrod Muth. After a long design and development phase, Dorrod Muth is ready to be unveiled. The plague will be fought back, and the sacred mountain where Dorrod Muth resides shall belong to Roreg Logh once more. Produced by @InsanibleLector and @mercymike Build designed by @mercymike Built by @InsanibleLector, @mercymike, @Altairas, @Scickar, and @Aller. Special thanks to @AkilaTajar, @redninja685 for access to build server and @Chrisblox for cavern terraforming.
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    Hello friends, Vrovona, to the rest of Atherys. I’m grateful and honored to announce that I have been selected as the nation head of Vrovona. The nation head of Vrovona has always seemed to be a cursed position with many leaders of the past being short lived (All the way to V1). I am aware of how heavy this duty is and I’m eager to end this curse. My legacy will be, Did Chad revive this nation, or did he fail? I’m looking forward to the challenge of reviving this nation to its former glory. I already have a few plans, but I’ll need the help of the current nation members and possibly the cooperation of other nations during my time as nation head. I’ll get straight to it to what I’ll generally look for in my first few weeks. Right now what this nation needs the most right now is a repopulation, and from history the way super populous nations are always formed is through new player towns. Taking a page out of Ithero and Roreg’s history I will be establishing a new player hub town and employing the capital to teach them the ins and outs of the server as well as figuring out what focus that they want to be a part of. From there new players will move on to different towns that they so choose, even a different nation if they wanted to. I will also be reworking the government to work with my needs as a leader. I’ll admit it, I will be weak in some points in the government and I’m going to need a cabinet of members to help me run the government so I’ll be bringing back the praetors. I will be tough in pointing out people’s inactivity/motivation in government roles. The legion will also be reworked and I may restart the monthly Vrovonic tournaments that I used to run. For now, I have no plans for a nation meeting unless people are interested in it. I’d rather talk to people more personally (I’m not that good with bigger crowds) and I encourage to do so. If you have any concerns, questions, comments, or suggestions, just poke me on ts, pm me on the forums or server, I will do my best to answer to you and concerns, ideas, whatever it may be. This goes out to anyone not just nation members but to the other nations as well, in particular, other nation heads. I’m looking forward to cooperating, feuding whatever it may be, but once again I will always be open for discussion/talks. Forgive me ahead of time for my weak rp game.
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    A’therys Ascended Daily Event The Daily Events are brought to you by the event team; they are small scale events revolving mainly around riddles or puzzles leading to a location in the world. Daily events are a form of motivation to help players have an objective every day. Using a new plugin, everyone has an equal chance of getting something everyday! That's right! It is not a first come first serve system, everyone can participate and earn something. Each chest will contain something for everyone that opens it. The puzzle or riddle will indicate an area on the server where a treasure chest will be hidden. It is your objective to decode the riddle/ puzzle and find the chest! Be aware though, sometimes it can be found in plain sight, sometimes it may be very well hidden. The riddles and puzzles will for the most part surround lore based locations, which will encourage you to read lore and explore the world! There are of course some rules accompanying the daily events; it is meant to be an individual objective and not a shared one! Information on the current Daily Event can be found on the main forums page. Daily Event Rules: Do not ask Staff for help regarding the location of the Daily Event. Do not use any in game public chat channel (Global, Nation, & Local) to ask for assistance on the daily event or reveal its location; this will be moderated. Private messaging and teamspeak conversations about the daily event are allowed, however it is discouraged and staff will remind you about that. You can help new or confused players, but we urge you to instead point them in a direction rather than revealing the location. Selling 'tours' to the location or selling information about it is also illegal. Claiming the daily reward shall be limited to one per person. Do not use alt accounts to bypass this rule. The first daily event will be released soon!
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    Welcome to A'therys Administration @Sanders, @HaedHutner & @jonathanbak. I'm very confident you will be great additions to the team. For those of you who don't know, Jon was recently handed over responsibility of the Event Team. I no longer run the team. Jon will continue to run it aswell as being an admin and hopefully we will have some new and cool events soon Much much thanks to you Jon for your hard work after being back. Haed has been working on developing several things for A'therys recently, including the new caches plugin. He completely re structured and re-coded the whole mechanic and is now what we use ingame. Many many thankyous to him for all his hard work recently and hopefully soon we will have some more things to show Sanders now handles the Public Relations sector to A'therys and the social media, youtube etc. All the links to them can be found under the Media tab above. He has worked brilliantly as a Mod and we saw no reason to not make him an Admin, so many congratulations to him and apologies for not announcing this in a post sooner. That is all from me to tonight, many thanks for all your continuous support these past couple months A'therians, we will and always do appreciate it. Goodnight.
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    So, you've joined Ar'Selukk? Congratulations. You have just become part of an incredibly beautiful nation with a very diverse and fun group of people populating it. This handy guide should help you decide where to settle once you leave the capitol. The nation is home to over 30 towns, many of which are active and fun. ~A note to town mayors~ If you want me to use a different picture or description of your town, put it here in the thread and I'll change it. Valzanttar In the East of Ar'Selukk is the capitol of the state of Nandar, run by @Chronus Blazebringer. It has beautiful builds and was recently chosen for town of the month, which should testify to the quality of life there. If you want to know more about it or want to join, click here. Manora Also in the state of Nandar is Manora, a town whose primary focus is RolePlaying and which contains a very casual community of players. PVP is greatly discouraged, but those who care little for battle anyway will find a very comfortable home here. Those interested in joining can contact me, as this is my town. Yar-Zaharan On the far west of Ar'Selukk lies another very active town with a very tight-knit community. With remarkable and complex builds, Yar-Zaharan is very easy on the eyes and will introduce you to a community of excellent people. If you wish to join this town, contact @AkilaTajar. Val-Saharis Situated upon a floating isle, the town of heretics proudly flaunts their vast divergence from the rest of Ar'Selukk. Though most of the town is currently situated below ground, their impressive above ground constructs speak of their dedication and skill. If you wish to join this town, contact @Jimmbear. Tir Zyhul In the ear of many in Ar'Selukk, Tir Zyhul is synonymous with PVP. They boast great skill and a fairly large community. They are so terrifying, in fact, that I didn't even get near their town to take that picture, instead preferring to take it from the relative safety of a nearby cliff side. Interested in joining? Check out their thread here. Blips and Chips Yes, that is its name. If sprawling and beautiful cities are your cup of tea, you'll greatly enjoy the city of Blips and Chips in northern Ar'Selukk. Both secluded and walled from all sides, this city is certainly one of the most impressive builds in Ar'Selukk and is certainly worth a visit, if not permanent residence. Too bad it doesn't have a mayor. Palmyra Close to the capitol, Palmyra is a town which welcomes new players and teaches them the ropes. Featuring an impressive coliseum, @YoshiTheDino's town is a fine start for any new player. Phoenix Though humble, the town of Phoenix in Southern Ar'Selukk is full of wonderful people. @Vermethas is the mayor, and can help you should you wish to join. Or you can go here. ARavhar Nassar Situated on the far west of Ar'Selukk, this town is completely underground and is owned by Exies. Not sure what his forum name is. Temple of Sal'Balari Another Ar'Selukk mainstay, the Temple is now owned by @Barnie New and upcoming towns Most of the towns covered so far have been in place since the new Atherys map. However, there are a few very promising new towns that have just set up shop, too (If any of you are active and want me to put more data about your town on here, let me know.): Dabii-The nomatic town that is never in the same place twice. It has a large community. Ask @the_KINGsRansom to join. WolvenStrukk- @Gabbikitty's town Sej-Ven-Sher Khan's town Sal-Vhir- Quiet's town Suhalla-Marcus Marius' town. Zaris-Pooft's town The Toilet Bowl Republic-ThirdDegreeBread's town Ember's Landing-An exciting PVP town in West Ar'Selukk. Ask Zinijata to join. So, that is it for the continental nation of Ar'Selukk. Keep reading to find out more about some of the wonderful off-shore towns you can join!
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    I was mining with my town late into the night, when we stumbled upon a strange forgotten passage deep in the bowels of Vrovona. We lit the steps, and followed it mining out the caved in entrance to find something that is very unsettling... A DRAGON? Could it be? Some reptilian like creature discovered deep underground, long forgotten. Most thought it to only be a myth, or a child's tale, but this changes everything. Here are some more pictures of this exciting discovery! It was pretty crazy/cool to find this on the server, I hope that there is more easter eggs and things like this around A'therys. Overall awesome to discover this only 700 blocks away from my town. @Nulgrum @Chadrian @NytDwellur
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    Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of Atherys. After serving as one of Vrovona's military heads for the past couple months, and an active mayor-turned-comayor who dabbles in the economics and foreign policies of the nation I've decided to run for the office of the Pyre Warden. Below is a few details on my potential qualifications: IGN: SirBaskomWelford RP Name: Jenz Visla Age: 21 IRL Leadership Experience: Managed small business, led local chapter of international youth organization and graduated with its highest award for leadership, part-time college educator, film director. Atherys Leadership Experience: Active player since V2, co-mayor/mayor in Vrovona since that time, served in army both as grunt and as general, player helper since 2 weeks ago. I have often found that placing the burden of leadership entirely on one person to be inefficient. Each of us has IRL commitments that we balance our gameplay around which makes it impossible for one leader to accomplish all his/her goals. As such, portions of the Vrovonic government should be distributed amongst the people. This will create a more active population because they have a responsible say in how their nation is run. This will make the government more sustainable for future endeavors because it will not shut down should the leader have to leave the server later on. The following is how I believe the nation's various responsibilities should be distributed: Grand Marshal: If elected I cannot always be online, like most folks in college I have classes/work that must be attended (though tbh I'm on a great deal in the evenings and most weekends). As such the Grand Marshal shall be my close assistant and shall run the nation at all times that I am not online. Unlike the current system, where the Marshal can only act in the Pyre Warden's absence, I believe that an expansion of the Grand Marshal's powers to be beneficial to the nation. The expansion is roughly equivalent to the difference between a mayor and co-mayor of a town, only on a national level. Vesjrns: Currently, there is very little authority vested in the Vesjrn's of the five Vrovonic strongholds. With the exception of the Paragon/Pyre Warden/Grand Marshal, Vesjrns are the highest ranking members of Vrovonic society and have broad discretionary powers over their strongholds. At least, this is the official theory behind the title. The current Vesjrns actually have very little authority, I believe that an expansion of the Vesjrn into a general administrative role for the Stronghold to be in the best interest of making the nation active. Vesjrns should oversee the Praetor departments in their respective regions and act as a direct liaison between these players and the heads of state. In essence, the Vesjrn role should be expanded to be the direct administrator of government activities in their provinces, and take charge when the nation heads are not online. Military: Vrovona's purpose both in its RP and in its practical application has always been a nation of warriors. As such, the Legion has been a core tenant of our society. The Legion's might has waned slightly in light of the recent population decline. New centurions will be promoted to replace those that have gone inactive and PvP training will begin in earnest to bring our newest members up to speed. The Legion generals will work with the Stronghold Vesrjns to ensure that every player in their province that wants to learn to PvP has the opportunity to do so. Additionally, the Legion will be encouraged to assist the new Helpers with facilitating large group fights on the server. Inquisition/RP: In addition to the Praetor, an inquisitor will be installed in each stronghold. This individual will be responsible for facilitating RP events and enforcing the Vrovonic Code in that region. Inquisitors have the right to appoint initiates to train under them in the Inquisition (i.e. 1 Inquisitor per stronghold, then 1-2 initiates for each active town in that region). Economy: Vrovona's current economy is hanging between the 150-200k range. This is not overly much money considering that the monthly tournaments cost around 40k yora. To boost trade the economics Praetor's office will be expanded to have an economic representative position in each active town. These players will coordinate with the Praetor trade deals (both foreign and domestic) and secure materials for nation projects. Between caches, coin sinks, and admin shops the economy is currently out of wack on the server. Some players have hundreds of thousand of yora, some have less than a thousand. This disparity of resourced is not good for facilitating lasting trade because scarcity, the principle behind most economic endeavors, is less abundant. As such Vrovona should expand its markets with new pricing, so that money that players would spend at the admin shops, instead goes into the national coffers at a more reasonable rate for the community. Foreign Affairs: If elected, or even if I'm not, I will encourage the Foreign Affairs department to finalize the appointment of Vrovona's ambassadors. For the most part, these roles have not been filled since Evo's launch. This is unfortunate considering that ambassadors are important not only for RP but for actually facilitating trade and official negotiations with foreign towns. While Vesjrns may enlist the assistance of the Foreign Affairs department in making Stronghold alliances, the department is absolutely essential for making nation-wide alliances. Vrovona as a nation is one that I have been proud to be a part of…… despite the ice. To my competitors, I wish you luck in the race. At the end, our nation is strong because it stands united, but I hope to make it even stronger by enhancing our activity through an expansion of the government's lower offices into the hands of the community. GLORY TO VROVONA!! Prosit Omnibus Et Singulis- Benefit for all and One.
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    I'll do it in 2 blocks, as past and present are just a quick update on what has happened and why. Past and Present: From roughly October, the Heroes team was working on what we now call "The MOBA" update. This was a trail run thing designed by one of our members. It got to it's late stages, however most of the heroes team, and indeed the pvp community had fallen out with this idea due to it's blandness and lack of different play styles. After some re-assessment, many polls on the forums and talks after self chats with people who were interested to listen, the heroes team decided on a rework that would reach a middle ground between those who wanted super relaxed, small skill pool pvp, and those who liked having lots of skills to play with. This was 8 skills and 1 passive/toggle. The heroes team then knuckled down and spent several months basically reshaping the entire heroes roster. Including the creation of 61 new skills for classes. At this point it was late January and the server had wained a considerable amount. PvP was a very rare occurrence and the population was at a worrying place. It was at this point that I was let in on the concept of Horizons and that, actually, the heroes update was pointless as we were no longer willing to put money into it (About $400-$600 was needed for the skills to be coded) due to the fact that the server was going kaput soon. That anecdote is why you haven't seen much activity from the Heroes Team since December. Because quite literally there has been no point in trying to make the big changes, and in fact we were instructed not too. Now, onto the fun bit where I get to explain the current CONCEPTS for Horizons. The Future: Goodbye, Heroes! I for one will certainly not miss you and your garbage code! Remember EVERYTHING I talk about here is COMPLETELY CONCEPTUAL. NONE of this this could happen. As we are going modded, there is 0 point in using a plugin for our pvp system. Instead @HaedHutner and his team of sparkly new dev have offered to code a custom work of art for us! How lovely! From this point on, anything we want is only limited by our imagination (and what Haed can be arsed to code)! Since february, me and a couple of select helpers have been dreaming up a brand new PvP system. One that will put Heroes to shame. It is formed of two major components we called "Branched Levelling" and "Attributed Armour" Branched Levelling: If any of you have played Path Of Exile or Borderlands, you'll already have an idea on what kind of system this is going to be. There is a total of 4 classes; Warrior, Mage, Priest, Rogue. Each will have a tree of skills that can only be accessed by unlocking the predecessor skill. The trees will look something like this (Presume the lines join together at the ultimate skill): As you can see, each class has 2 'major' trees, with 2 'minor' trees coming out the sides. In addition, the player gets to choose 1 of 4 passives right at the get-go, the player will progressively unlock a skill point every 5 levels (1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Max level being 25). This means a total of 6 skills and 1 passive for a fully levelled class. If you wish to change your build, there will be an in-game fee and it will have to be done in very certain locations. Just in case people are still confused, let me create an example. I am playing warrior. At level 1 I picked 'Defensive Skill 1' as my first skill. When hitting level 5, I have a choice of; 'Offensive skill 1', 'Support Skill 1' or 'Defensive Skill 2'. At level 10 the choices will change again based on what I picked at level 5. Hopefully this system will create a sense of uniqueness with every class, giving the player room to switch and change their 'build' in ways they think will improve their effectiveness and counter the meta. You can specialise down one tree, or try and spread out more in order to cover more bases. Attributed Armour: This is where the game gets VERY interesting. Within the game we will introduce a number of attributes which will add passive bonuses to the base characteristics of a player. Let me give some examples. Strength: +0.5 damage with Swords, Axes, Maces and Hammers per level. (With modded, custom weapons are a thing! No more farming tool combat!) Intellect: +1 damage per level on skills that deal magic damage. Piety: +1 total healing on all healing skills you cast per level. Endurance: +5 Max Hitpoints per level. What does 'Per Level' mean? Well, ALL armour will have these stats randomly assigned to them. No armour piece can have more than 3 different attributes on it at any time, and the total number of attributes that can be found on one piece of armour is as follows: Helmets: 5 Chestplates: 8 Leggings: 7 Boots: 5 So in total, a player can have up to 25 attribute points at any one time. What stops you from just piling on 25 Endurance and having 150 extra hit points then? Well. No player can benefit from more than 10 in one attribute at any time. That means if a player has a total of 12 points of Endurance on their armour, they will still only benefit from 10 points worth. This creates a system where players must mix and match their armour pieces in order to create the best set of bounces they can. for example, a Warrior may want 10 Strength, 10 Endurance and 5 Resolve (+0.5 health regen per level). This not only creates a fun system of armour in which players can further influence their own play style. But it creates a whole new, very large market in which players can haggle for the perfect pieces of armour to complete their sets. Got a helmet with +5 intellect? I'm sure a mage will pay a hefty price for that. Oh, he has one with +2 endurance and +3 strength? Maybe a swap can be organised. With terms of player-crafted armour, the current idea is that it will be fixed so that the armour will not spawn with maximum attributes. If you want that sweet 25 point set, you're going to have to venture into the shattered lands for it! What do you all think? Do you like this new CONCEPT? Do you think it's a step up from our current old and outdated heroes plugin? @J2BH @jrr5556 @KingNate42 (You guys all asked about it, so I'm tagging you so you get to see it) Thank to people such as @JupiterRome, @BlackRuins and @Brady for their input in this so far. But wait, there is more! The heroes team is uneeded for all intensive purposes. What I do need, however, is a team for Horizons pvp. I've already had a bunch of people offer their time to the cause, however I wanted to extend a formal invite to anyone who wishes to apply before accepting/denying those who have already asked. If you wish to join in, please fill out this form. Note, even if you are denied, you will be put on the 'playtesting' list of player who will have first access to this as it gets coded in order to play-test and trouble shoot. Name/IGN: Age: Time On Atherys: Experience with PVP across gaming (Not just atherys, but keep it relevant. I don't care if you're no2 US in Clash of Clans): What you will bring to a new pvp system: Ability to take no for an answer: Other comments: Thanks for reading! Sorry for the mega-post. -Chiv
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    So for those of you who have not noticed the shiny red name, as of last night I have been promoted to Admin status! So what do I do? In addition to my Loremaster work, which I already had backend forum access to work on the wiki with, I have gained access to MythicMob creation and Command block/Dungeon programming. I'll be working closely with the content and build teams to streamline releases and design horrific death traps for you to die in. Over the next few days I'll also be learning the general administration commands, and will be able to handle admin tickets, and will be most commonly seen around late night A'therys
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    Hello Atherys! Last week we started to ask your opinions on some ideas that were brought to me and wow what a reaction. Didn't think we would get anything near so many votes. Later today I will post the next one, which hopefully won't be THAT controversial as the modpack one (almost 50/50 split). Mob-spawn in PvE World On a good note I can tell you guys that the mob spawning rate has been improved again (jess fixed some of the issues) and I would like to ask you to give me some feedback if it's now enough, too much or still to low. 1.11 Admins are now starting to compile and fix the skills for 1.11 and should be done soonish. After that we can upgrade to 1.11 which looks like will solve a ton of lag issues. Roreg Capital Wow, didn't think we will ever see it, but it looks like the capital for Roreg is almost done (as far as I understood it's just some finishing touches and some interior works left)! Expect a huge post about it and a big celebration in-game! Buying Plots Since a few days, you now don't buy plots from us Admins for a fixed price but from your Nationhead (or the person/s he makes responsible for this) for the price he/she sets. This was done to give more power to player NH's and to give more work to the Governments. NPC Towns Are finally finished building and are now setup with animal farms and warps. We are also discussing to lower the warp prices a bit. Staff Feedback I know I am late with this month staff feedback, but that's just because I'm running out of time every day. I hope I can get it out tomorrow or the day after. Friday's Sellt Chat This week there will be no Sellt Chat because I will not be around. Sorry for that. Next week then again! Sellt's Kitchen Today I thought i show you a recipe from my own hometown! For this one, I actually have more or less accurate measurements. All that below is for 5 5 people. What you need: 25 swiss chard leaf ( in german: mangold) 500g minced pork meat 1 butter bun, soaked in milk, pressed out and minced 1onion, minced and steamed 1 tablespoon parsley 1.5 tablespoon butterfat 1/2 dl white wine 1/2 dl bouillon Salt Pepper garlic Take the chard leaves and blanch them in hot water and then lay them out. Take the minced pork, minced bun, onion, parsley, seasoning and mix them together until they are one mass. Split them up into 25 balls and then pack each ball into one leaf. Preheat the oven to 200° Celsius. Let the butterfat melt in an oven pan and then put the packed leaves on it and sprinkle salt over them and pour a bit of the white wine and bouillon over them. after 15 minutes flip them over and pour the rest of the liquid over them. This is called Laubfrösche in german which means this in English (from translation page): greenbacks (the frogs).
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    Hi Atherys, Today we have some News that not many will call good. Dannie has stepped down from being an Admin effective Today. While we knew this was coming and planned for it, it never the less will leave a huge hole in our roster and heart. I personally think I would never have been able to get as far as we had with Atherys in the last 3 month without him. In his time as an Admin he was one of the pillars of Atherys, putting in work throughout the day, never stopping to work on Atherys (probably even dreaming of it). With that i wish him well on his path and hope he finally finds time to do his school work We will always have a place for you! May he and his ducks live long and prosper! -Sellt
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    Hi Atherys! Something that for me was already a done thing came to my attention that it really wasn't. So without much further ado: @Valaen is the leader of the heroes team. A function he already had in my eyes and a function he also already filled out. He deserves this being official and I hope the Heroes team and all players will go on supporting him in this endeavor. -Sellt
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    Hi Atherys! Today i present you another goody at no additional costs in the store! For this month, for every 50.- USD you spend on the store you will get one entry into the Lore Lottery (if you spend 100.- USD you get two and if you spend another 50.- USD on something you get a third etc etc. i think you get the picture?). At the end of the month we will run the lottery and the winner will get a one on one with Xathas to create your own character, town or landmark for the official lore! You will become an eternal part of Atherys official story! Money spend counts to the person who paid it and not for the account (if you bought stuff for 50.- USD for one account and 50.- USD for another account you still get the two tickets). All money spend from the 1st of the month till the last day count for this. We will take about 2-3 days to count how many tickets all people get and then run the lottery on the 3rd of the next month. There are of course some terms and conditions: - It cannot be from an outside source (IE: Fendel the Great is from the Misenchanted series); the name will be run by a google test to see what pops up. - No seizing of power through a character. (Cannot write yourself into a government position or claiming yourself an independent nation) - Your lore may be edited to fit wiki standards - Your character may be utilized for server events, posts, and media. - @Xathas has the final word. If this works well we will repeat this in the following months. -Sellt
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    Hello everyone, Selukkites and non-Selukkites alike. Since January, I've had the pleasure of being your Vizier not once, but twice. It's been an honor, and quite the experience, but one that meant a lot to me. Ever since I joined the server at the beginning of 2014, I've been in one town, one nation, and had one goal - to lead us forward. While my time was definitely more of a behind-the-scenes reign, I do feel proud of our collective accomplishments and relative drama-free year. We've all gotten along for the most part, and done some really cool stuff. We've handed out sandstone, built cool monuments, towns, and kept our community alive. Now, before I go off on a sentimental rant, I'll keep it nice and short. I understand the nation is at a crossroads. We're getting new players logging on daily, and the time has come for me to step down and let the nation go forward in a more direct path. I think the nation needs a defined push for activity, and someone more visible to be the face of Raviyna and the nation. My preferred leadership style is to stay in the shadows and step in before things go wrong, or prevent conflict from getting out of hand - but now is not the time for that. That's all been said and done, and now that we're on the same page, we need someone to step out and draw people in, be it through PvP/RP/ts/skype/passenger pigeon. I have been presented with a really cool proposal by a group of players, and I am largely in favour of it. I hope you are too. My time as Vizier will be ending as soon as a replacement is chosen - @Sellt will soon post an open application - I invite all interested parties to apply. I'll still be around, still a staff member, still a nation member. I'll focus on mine and @Omega_Iota's town, and keep an eye on what's happening around the sands. If need be, I'm still always here to help, and to offer whoever succeeds me whatever they need. I leave you with a few new toys to play with - the sandstone mine (hooray!), and two new NPC towns, located in a'Ravhar and Zelarath (still needs to be finished, most likely today), respectively. I will post separate topics for those additions. As always, for the glory of Sav-Synav and his eternal and ethereal daughter, the splendid Regent of the Sands, Raviyna av-Kulthanz, yours truly, Dani. Ps. thank you to everyone that made my time as Vizier a very enjoyable one! That includes all of you.
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    ~ | Sᴛᴀᴛᴇ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ Nᴀᴛɪᴏɴ Aᴅᴅʀᴇss | ~ Fʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇ Oғғɪᴄᴇ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ Lᴇᴄᴛᴏʀ Gᴇɴᴇʀᴀʟ To start, I must say I’ve had such a great time helping and serving you, Aloreh, but my time has come. You may be confused on why I write this, but fear not, I do not intent to quit serving you and assisting in the overall whole of the nation, but I must resign my current position to another due to unforeseen events. We’ve come a long way since I started, many years ago. Being chosen by the High Mediator, Erassios Shroudbearer, to perform the role as his Lector General, has been an immense honor. I hope I have, in some part, improved Aloreh under my leadership and those of my fellow Orators. I have dedicated my time to improving the lives of my fellow Alor as well as holding together the strings of what makes this nation so great. Unity, without it, Aloreh would not have survived so many years. Since the fall of the empire, to the modern state of the nation, we have come a long way from our ancestors before us. We have reconnected with our past. When I took office years ago, enemies were at our front door, but with you and those who you serve, we have managed to pull back from the brink and reinstate long lost alliances with many great nations of honor. I hope we continue along this path. Since the Summer Rime took effect on the whole of the world we live in, I have since focused on re-strengthening our military might and keeping the laws within our lands enforced and rulings as just and true. Many Houses have come and gone within the Orator Court, some old, some new. Times change, and with it, new generations of strong and dedicated men and women replace the old. I’m not here, writing this letter to those of Aloreh to boast about my status or my accomplishments. For, to be totally honest, without you, none of what has occurred would have been possible. From the farmer in the countryside, to the highest noble in the tallest spire, it was you and your commitment to the nation as a whole that progressed us this far. It is you that has helped me perform the duties requested and required of me. As I write this letter, Lord Erassios will be choosing himself a new Lector General to run in my stead. And to him or her, I wish you good luck. The work is hard, but the friends you make, and the lives you change will make an immense difference in the minds of many. I gift you this beautiful Nation that I am proud to be a part of, and I hope you treat her with the honor and respect she deserves. Before I depart from Methes Avonthes, I have one last piece of news to share amongst you all. The Treaty of Methes Avonthes will be signed in the coming hours if not already. My last gift to you all is a long and prosperous alliance with two nations we turned away from not so long ago. The great nations of Ar-Selukk and The Daggerlands have agreed to work alongside us in an alliance dedicated in peace and prevention of war, but that does not allow us to let our guards down. Our men and women must train, fight, and protect our great, powerful nation, no matter the cost, and defend our lands in the name of Thesse herself. We must work together as a whole for the continuation of the Dominion of the Wind. For if we do not, our enemies, and our enemies of our allies, will take all we hold dear with little to no retaliation, and that, oh Alor, we cannot allow to pass. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving you. May Thesse Guide You Through the Coming Storms. - Rʜʏᴋᴋᴇʀ Sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡᴄʟᴏᴀᴋ - Pᴀᴛʀɪᴀʀᴄʜ ᴏғ Hᴏᴜsᴇ Sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡᴄʟᴏᴀᴋ Lᴇᴄᴛᴏʀ Gᴇɴᴇʀᴀʟ ᴏғ Aʟᴏʀᴇʜ
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    <3 Learnt so much. Met so many people. Gave my touch. Wont forget that. Live long. Be strong. Goodluck A'therys xx
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    Welcome to the updated version of the A’therys Ascended website! Will be more updates to the site in the coming weeks, but for now enjoy the new stuff! Please go ahead and look around the forums and see whats new! We added custom header options (Camera icon) and color themes (Paintbrush icon) for people to choose from on the forums! We also have classifieds as well, which is a place for merchants Buy, Sell, list jobs and advertise companies to the A’therys economy! Take a look at our new social media as well added links to Teamspeak, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for you guys to keep track of! We also have a new front page for A’therys which is an easier way to find and download the resourcepack and modpack! We also have a leaderboard which is a way you can keep track with all your forum stats and rankings. (If there are any problems about the site, just put them in this post) (Might need to hit F5 to see the new front page if you cant see it) Please Give A Big Thank You To @Dannie @Jessica @HaedHutner @Sanders For Working On The New Website/Forums
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    Hello Atherys, When you checkout the store you will find a new tip jar under extras called "Development Tip Jar". As before this will be used firstly to pay for the testserver where the heroes team is working on the new classes. But recent information shows that right now the heroes team would take forever to implement all that is needed to finish these classes, to remedy this the heroes team approached me with the option to get an external developer who has experience with heroes to help finish it a lot faster. To support this developer we decided to donate money, after the testserver is payed for, that goes into the "Development Tip Jar" to this Developer. If you wish to support his work please use the "Development Tip Jar" for your donations. Link to it: http://store.atherys.com/checkout/packages/add/2093182/single This is a on/off thing to get heroes running so we all can enjoy it soon rather than late. -Sellt
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    I really am sorry but I cant see reason in these statements when: So are these people keeping this server alive? Or just trying to stall progress?... And heres the proof of those who dedicate their time right now to playing A'therys. I cant count too well but i think thats more than 5. Then again I am the dumb staff member maybe my opinion dont count.
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    There are countless books, laws, rules and methods that go into being a great leader but it is all secondary to one thing, one mentality. “As long as I have a goal then nothing will stop me until I get it done” That right there is the difference between success and failure of a leader. This is what Sanders said to me yesterday and I know he truly means that. Sanders raised the fact that he wanted to step up and take control of the nation, I told him to go away and figure out if he was truly capable, he came back to me with and said yes, nothing makes me happier especially with someone who I find to be extremely deserving. Sanders has his weaknesses, being shy is one of them and he knows that needs to be worked on but I have no doubt he can do it. He is loyal, committed and despite hardships he is always there ready to fight. I will let him on this thread tell you all what he plans to focus on, for now, Good luck Sanders, I believe in you and you defiantly deserve this shot!
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    Dagggerlander, Atherys! I have come to a decision. As some of you may know I always said I wouldn't want to be nation head because I was never sure if I could really fulfill that position and put in the work that this great nation deserves. But in the last few hours I thought about it and came to the conclusion that the only thing in my way to fulfill this would be myself and I can now promise you that I won’t stand in my own way and that I will make The Daggerlands great again! If you vote for me I will work with the newly elected Minister and Magister to turn Daggerlands into a force to be reckoned with. People from all over the (real?) world will hear our call and flock to our colors! We had many challenges in the recent past, challenges that we have overcome as we will each and every challenge that lies before us. Together we can establish a beacon of hope, of unity and of family. Let’s stand together against the darkness, let’s throw away the petty squabbles we have and march together into a new dawn! -Selett Galewind OOC: In short terms. If I become Pithkeeper my number one priority is to get the people together (family may be a to strong word for it, but it shows you what I mean) so that no matter who you are in Daggerlands you will have legion covering your back, as you will theirs. Growing out of such a unity will an environment in which every person likes to play, which in turn automatically will increase our numbers and activity (did I hear team building events? HELL YEAH :p). a gelmir original
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    You tell me my Government is inactive, yet I can explain how each and every Minister and Magister is currently active and preforming their job. You state how the government is oppressing your people with laws and legislation, when none such exist, but when approached by a concerned Member of Government asking for specifics so they could help, you remained silent. You want re-elections of the entire government, yet when offered an open Magister seat in government, you spat in my face and demanded I removed active members of goverment and appoint you in there place, or else you would openly raid me. I know fully I am capable of leading a nation, but I believe it is you who needs to consider whether or not you are fighting for democracy, or just making an aggresive push for power. Also, I am sure it goes without saying Bandits End will be outlawed until you guys decide to listen to reason.
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    It's the beginning of the month again, which means its time to announce our March winners! Congratulations to @Velkas and everyone from.. Harvikir .. for winning Town of the Month in the overall category! Harvikir is a known to be one of the biggest driving forces of PvP across A'therys, striving to uphold honour and respect in the community, as well as have some of the most gorgeous builds you can find in game! ~ Here's a few quotes grabbed from people within the community: "I always see players from Harvikir around doing things together and out in the community! They seem to be an integral part of their nation and the server!" - El Jefe "The Harvikir community is awesome! They represent their nation in every event I come across and I can see the trust their government and the Pyre Warden has in them, which is very promising! They also help look after me and my 'significant other' here in a'Ravhar! Which is quite fortunate cause we are very incompetent... Their town looks spectacular and truly breath taking, and though it was a horrific incident, I enjoyed being dragged into their cave, being tortured and fed to their yeti. c:" - Selukkite Fan Boy "Since my "significant other," as he forces me to call him, is diagnosed with severe incompetence, I ALWAYS depend on Harvikir. Velkas and the rest of Harvikir delivers discipline when PvPing to ensure a positive experience, are tremendous help to all new players, and are outstanding builders. I've known Velkas for almost 3 years, and if any town deserved the spotlight, it's definitely his. But Mike, you're still bad." - Cactus Queen "Best looking Vrovonic town I've seen in EVO!" - Some Guy Just one of the features found in Harvikir! Look at those statues! ~ Here's what Velkas and a few other players from Harvikir have to say about their town: 1. What are your town's aspirations and major goals for the future? Harvikir as it stands has become a powerful town due to the experienced players within it, and the communication and teamwork we bring to the battlefield. However, Harvikir does not recruit new players regularly, which is something we look to change in the near future. Once we are able to house the new players and have adequate supplies and people to train them, we will begin recruitment. Another major goal of Harvikir's is to continue to uphold the Vrovonic standard, and stay true to our nations beliefs. The last goal for Harvikir would be to encourage players in my town to try out other aspects of the server, you never know how much you might like writing some RP, starting a business in A'therys, or helping build up your town. Overall, we are all looking to see our town and nation grow and become better in every way possible. 2. What things do you find yourself and your residents participating in the most? Almost every single citizen of Harvikir actively participates in PvP, however many of us enjoy other aspects of the server as well. We have merchants in the town, RPers, and a few builders. Everyone in Harvikir pitches in somehow, be it through combat, building, making money, or helping out new players. 3. What would you like to say or establish about Harvikir that you may not have had the chance to do so before? If you message some of us, especially myself, I'll talk to you for a bit (Just gonna reiterate I said some of us). I have actually made a few friends by killing them. Most of us over here are pretty chill, and will talk to you about almost anything over /msg or teamspeak. 4. What's it like to be a part of Harvikir? "Being in Harvikir is like having having another family. Everyone in this town has fun with each other, even when we are yelling at each other, whether we are trying to break in Velkas' house or getting ready to defend in a raid. It is always fun to be on with everyone in the town with it being a nice environment that makes it fun to play on the server." [email protected] "Harvikir is a close knit group of friends, we have a lot of fun together, and then there's @Ish988" [email protected]_Bread 5. What are your favourite thing(s) about your town's community? "One of my favourite things about Harvikir's community is that everyone has each other's back. Whether is be getting revenge on someone who had just came up behind you and blasted you down with arrows or giving out some money to buy a new dank pig mount. We all have our roles in the town and we all try to do our best at fulfilling those roles. I also like that we are all looking to grow the town and build on what we have, like improving our PvP skills and getting some sick builds actually built in game." [email protected] For those interested here are some quick links to their recruitment and town information pages: None at the moment, but this will be updated as posts are made! ~ Once again, congrats to all the people of Harvikir for your hard work and involvement within the A'therys community! I hope to see continued great work from you all!
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    So, after working for the past week, Loot Caches are upon us. Easy to use for you guys. Right click one of these puppys Once right clicked, youll be given this menu Then, choose what you want. Armor, Blocks or Tools. That's it. Oh, and you may want to know how you get these wonderful stars? Well, small chance of them dropping from Medium and Hard mobs or alternatively for those that are lazy or wish to support the server, 5 for $2.99 on the store. Have fun, Barnie (Josh)
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    Ok so we have players as Helpers, that’s a good start on the road to recovery, now for the whole player nation head thing. Given this a lot of thought, had a lot of input. Here is ultimately what needs to be achieved with the process: A process that doesn’t take to long or a lot of manual effort. A process and outcome that makes the most people happy. A process that ensures the wrong people do not get it, or at least limits that as much as possible. Really the solution is a simple one. It may not be the most involved or roleplay one, may not be one that works but it is one that archives what I stated above. A post will be put up for the nation that needs a new head. Only players form that nation may run. Each of those players who are wishing to run will have 3 days in which to reply to that thread with their application. There will be no format for said application, you will be judged on what you write, what your ideas are. Any leader of people should be able to do this without issue. After the three days, three people will be selected. The best of the best so to speak. These people will be selected by staff. Call that part a vetting process. Once selected, there will be a poll on who gets the position. This poll will be open to the entire server community. The reason for this is because while we have six nations, we are one community and as someone quite rightly pointed out to me, a nation head and his / her leadership can easily effect the entire community, so it is only right that everyone gets their say. Really when it comes down to it. The person with the most votes will take the position, just like any real election. Yes, it is a popularity contest for some part, you have to be liked to be electable. A person who isn’t liked will never ever be able to lead efficiently. That’s just the world, that is just human nature. Now again, this may not be the most exciting or in depth way of doing it but it is the most efficient and something that will not consume a load of unessecery time. I think everyone however can understand this and understand why. Now one final part, players who have been previously banned or have a history of negativity in the community (aka smart to not get caught half the time) will not be chosen to run. Bans for minor offences like once upon a time you were a bit of a dick but now you’re a decent person who has constituted positively to the community, you will be fine. This of course will be up to staff judgement and the judgement. This I know people will understand. Ok good, that’s that. This is all pretty straight forward, so I don’t think there will be many question but if you want to ask ask. Oh one final thing, nation heads will be reviewed every month to make sure all is well and they stay in that position. Mainly things like activity and what they have accomplished. Obviously bad people will just be removed.
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    To kick off the new year, our first winners of Community of the Month goes to.. Hearthcrest! Congratulations to @Chojenoe and the rest of the folk in Hearthcrest! This town, nestled in the heart of Aloreh, has shown us their community is very open and welcoming to new players and visitors alike! Being a strong force of positivity within the community, they actively seek to set good examples! Here's a few things some of our staff have to say: "Hearthcrest has a wonderful, friendly and buzzing community that not only welcomes members but also travellers with their warm and enthusiastic attitudes. They also have an amazing pool!" "One of the most active and positive towns around! They always strive to better themselves within our community by increasing their involvement in PvP and helping new players on an individual level with learning their classes and leveling!" "They're a town that is active in every aspect of the server, including PvP, Rp and Building. They're helpful to nation members, and friendly to outsiders, assuming outsiders are friendly to them. They often accept new players into their town, whether they be new Alor or from other nations searching for a home, and they teach those new players what they need, and treat them well. Most of all though, they're just nice people to talk to and be around." Hearthcrest getting festive for the holidays! We asked Cho and a few other Hearthcrest members questions about their town and here's what they had to say: 1. What are your town's aspirations and major goals for the future? We want to become a town that can offer new and old players the opportunity to taste the wondrous variety of activities that atherys has to offer and more. Whether these residents choose us as a stepping stone to learn the ropes or their final home to perfect their skills, our community offers plenty of support! As we build more structures, fight our hearts out, and even mix in some rp, we hope our list of projects never stops. 2. What things do you find yourself and your residents participating in the most? Hearthcrest has always founded itself primarily as a build town with our residents contributing to all sorts of builds on our creative server. There's a special feeling hard to come by when you play and live out of structures that everyone has contributed towards. It's a cozy sense of family-building. The true satisfaction comes when our hard work and ambition gets built in game so we can share our ingenuity with others. 3. What would you like to say or establish about Hearthcrest that you may not have had the chance to do so before? If you're a player seeking to get your ideas or connections across, we'll be happy to give you the tools and support to help you achieve you're goals. It's just more fun to do it together than alone. aronbear wants you to join 4. What is it like to be a part of Hearthcrest? "It is a great place to learn and try different things. I have been able to do so many different things, and been supported during it all. Building, roleplay, and even PVP, though that isn't my favorite thing to do. And that is ok, too! We accept each other how we are, and what we are interested in." - Morakai13 5. What are your favourite thing(s) about your town's community? "My favorite thing about Hearthcrest is that there's a large variety of things to do. We love to build, PvP and we even have designated parts of town for Roleplay and meetings. We're a very active town which has been supplying new players with starter tools, shelter and fun! Hearthcrest is unique from the rest of towns, we communicate together, and we're constantly growing as a town, and as individuals." - JellyDrops "My favorite thing about Hearthcrest is not home to just one major focus, rather we're a melting pot of ambitious pvpers, inspired builders, and creative role players. Not only that, but each individuals style, identity, and background are welcomed into a tightly knit group that I not only consider town-mates, but family." - Lynxious For those interested here are some quick links to their recruitment and town information pages: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/236-noble-house-paramount/ http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/989-aloreh-hearthcrest/#comment-9554 These posts will remain featured until the 2nd of next month! They will also receive an in-game throphy to display in their town once that is completed by the build team. Once again, we'd like to congratulate Hearthcrest for their hard work and positivity! Keep it up guys and gals!
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    Aloreh Internal Affairs Department: *Note: House Rivellon is not currently participating in government {Brought to you by} aronbear says hi

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