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  1. Sellt’s Diary 09/06/2017

    i want to be hot too
  2. Sellt’s Diary 09/06/2017

    how do you plan on balancing this for pvp?
  3. Xathas and the Lanterns' Lore Progress

    Glad to help.
  4. Xathas and the Lanterns' Lore Progress

    Just a PSA, I suggest you watch your language. You might get a warning point.
  5. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    i mean people with furry and creeper skins kinda turn people off, it ruins immersion. also you really just need a chatbox to do RP, nothing else really. RPPVP can already be simulated without a plugin. heres a very rugged example e.g. player1: player1 swings a sword at player2 player1: player1 rolls a 20/20 player2: player2 dies *player2 commits suicide to simulate he died* then initiate and start rp with someone outside of events, mby even join a rp town, rp won't just magically come to you by itself
  6. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    it's okay I forgive you
  7. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

  8. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    Stop being so elitist
  9. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    I see the word marketing thrown around a lot.. How about we consult our PR/Marketing team lead @Sanders for some insight?
  10. hi friend

    1. Destruct


      hi back friend

    2. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      look at dexter killing a redneck


    3. Destruct


      dexter is a great show. have watched all of it.

  11. How's life with the de Castros?

    1. Niraith


      not bad not bad

    2. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Your in Norland now ight? They treating you well?

  12. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    *strokes @Velkas' thighs
  13. The Past, Present and Future of Atherys PvP

    Huh. Interesting.
  14. A'therys Horizons

    Yeah, I think its a custom plugin headhunter is working on.
  15. [GAME RELEASE] The Nether Rifts Open

    Very intriguing. Good job Admins!
  16. A'therys Official Discord - NO JOKE

    stfu it's the Taiwanese flag wtf racist
  17. Returning Player

    No, not really.
  18. why am I so suspicious 

    1. Xathas


      Because there's a bunch of political nutters in DC?

  19. stop posting or I'll unfollow you

  20. * Official Announcement: A Fond Farewell*

    atherys isn't a professional organization in anyway.
  21. * Official Announcement: A Fond Farewell*

    Nope. This was just part of the process of Vrovona taking Ithero.

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