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  1. Throwback?

  2. As Requested - V2 Map Download

    Does it go into a not responding window or does it actually crash and show a full crash report?
  3. Hi

  4. World Downloads

    Hello. As requested @raxiam on Discord yesterday I've gone and made a downloads page for the previous A'therys Ascended maps. https://atherys.com/downloads/ Also available here: Evo is currently not available and won't be until the release of Horizons. That is all.
  5. Thanks for your submission @nicksarmor! https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/nicksarmor-s-mages-in-hiding-submission/
  6. Folks! It’s competition time. I challenge you to build something halloween themed on the build server (build.atherys.com) using conquest reforged. All you need to do is take a screenshot of your build and post it below, the best screenshot will win. There are a couple rules: It must be halloween themed It must use the conquest reforged mod The build must be yours! No stealing other people’s builds please. There will be 1 winner. To win, RETWEET, FOLLOW and LIKE the tweet and post your screenshot below. The winner will have their screenshot featured on our facebook, twitter and PMC. Competition ends 31st October! Good luck!
  7. Wait... Who am I again?

    Oh haha
  8. Wait... Who am I again?

    Feel free to pm me your issue, I'll help ya
  9. Wait... Who am I again?

    Great to meet you!
  10. Hi all. The Discord now has the new nations! Feel free to join the nation you want with: !nation Atvoria !nation Gennaian Isles !nation Daidama !nation Dalkun Tir !nation Kilnholdt
  11. Store Credit?

    People who purchased towns won't be able to reclaim towns in the new era. In regards to re compensation we are still quite a ways off of being ready for the new server, so we have not planned that out just yet. As soon as we have, you will be told via an announcement post.
  12. Back Online

    Hello. As you can see, the forums are now back online and we have wiped a good portion of it. We will be adjusting things here and there, but you are now able to use them as we progress onto the build up of the new server. A'therys Administration
  13. Buildserver

    You need conquest reforged: http://conquestreforged.com
  14. A'therys Horizons

    Yes, correct.
  15. For 2 years, A'therys Evo has existed. It's crazy how quickly that time has gone by, remembering everything that's happened over the years and the people who have come and gone. But here we are again, preparing a new vision for our server and creating a brand new adventure for this amazing community that we are so grateful to be a part of. In exactly two weeks, A'therys Ascended will come to a close and then it's work stations for our staff. From today to the 30th you can still login to the server at play.atherys.com to explore, take screenshots and take in the last moments of A'therys Evo on our servers. 24 hours before we shut down we will accidentally disable important plugins and accidentally delete the ban list for our traditional Purge of which we expect you to turn the server off for us. After that, the website will close and you will be updated via our Twitter & Discord of important information regarding when it will be up etc. Some final words before I head off: Thank you to the players who have sailed this ship with us and an even bigger thank you to the players that have supported, donated and stuck with this community for as long as you have done. You are superb. Thank you to the staff who voluntarily support the players and other staff to create a safe environment for people to enjoy a game we all love. Without people like you A'therys would have been a one-hit wonder, but we are still here standing strong for 5 years. And lastly a thank you to @Sellt for taking on such a big responsibility this time last year. We appreciate it. Thank you for reading, and have a great weekend! @mercymike @Sellt @StealthMelon @MushroomMage @Vnthy @Aller @redninja685 @Edd @Muttgamer @speedyscorpion The New Era:
  16. Creature Creation Contest Winner!

    Well done guys. Some great work in there
  17. This will need an update at some point, bit outdated
  18. A'therys Horizons

    For sure. If I don't reply at some point it will be because I'm so tired lol
  19. A'therys Horizons

    The Gennian Isles will be a part of PvP on Horizons along with the new plugin and some other bits and pieces. Right now the plugin is in development and is looking really good. Once it's done and @MisChiv goes through it with @HaedHutner then we are set for the balancers to look at it.
  20. A'therys Horizons

    Never seen so many people on a post.
  21. A'therys Horizons

    We will make a server which has features for both audiences and the experience will be just that. We arn't going to force pvp on towns half-way through or make pvp toggleable half-way through because we have features in mind to better that. You won't need that. We arn't a faction server and neither are we a fully fletched RP server. In terms of business, donators and people who ran towns are what kept A'therys afloat, not the PvPers.
  22. A'therys Horizons

    We want to create a modded PvP RPG server and make it the first one done well. By adding the valkyrine mod that creates a feature on the server that helps fulfil the end product. Until we can do accurate testing on the servers we'll be using we can't justify if it will lag or not, if it does we are going to optimise it as best we can. Obviously if it's super bad, may have to give it a miss. Your opinion is that it's dumb to add things like this but actually it isn't, it's just something new that A'therys has never had. A'therys might be housed to one audience more than another, but with Horizons we plan on creating a stable and future proof experience that will draw in a more rounded audience than previous eras. At the moment we have good plans for both the PvPer and RPer which work really well together and we will use this is our product to gain attention. Fullheal food: That wasn't something we wanted ever but the Heroes plugin ended up being made to have this which is impossible to avoid. Everything you will see in the upcoming weeks has been in the works for a good 9 months. Everything from the map terrain, the nation locations, everything has been created with both the PvP and RP audience in mind, of which we can market as a rounded product to all audiences. If I'm being honest with you, there's not been an era of A'therys that's had PvPers needs in mind as much as Horizons. Nice to see you. Welcome back.
  23. Yeah and that will be the version we release for download later.

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