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  1. Now you've gone and done it, Vorske is gonna be riding that dictator high for literal years. I have to admit, after years of lurking here I find this post unexpectedly refreshing. As @cicetil indicates, Horizons was announced in the spring of 2017, though I understand groundwork had been laid by at least the previous fall. That's five years of effort unrewarded, following an equal duration of steady iteration. A difficult and unenviable situation for all the developers, and a regrettable one for the players. That folks remain in the Discord and on these forums, checking even sporadically
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  2. To get called a dictator...awww that is all I ever wanted. Jokes aside, this post just got linked to me and I figured why not reply with some advise. Firstly, you can still accomplish this server being live again and entertaining many people. You have the idea & people who care about it, which is exactly what I had when I started the dam thing. I am now a little older, a little greyer and a lot more experienced in life, maybe I can offer some advice that you could take on board to help with the final stretch. - You have now found out why operations like this run as a dem
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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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