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    Horizons Discussion Thread Hey everyone! Since the original thread got quite large in terms of discussion, consider this the new discussion thread for Horizons gameplay. The old thread will remain open, but this is the (for now) up to date thread. Some basics: Horizons Announcement Thread. Main points: A'therys: Horizons is a new iteration of the server with a map wipe, plugin wipe, fresh start. - We are moving to a new continent, this means the old nations are no longer playable. - There are 5 new nations - Atvoria, Daidama, Dalkun-Tir, The Gennaian Islands, and Kilnholdt, plus one unplayable nation! - We are going modded, which means you will need a client to play Horizons, which we will provide. Speaking of modded: Haedhutner's Custom Plugins Thread. We are going open-source. Pop in and help out! Town Management Thread: Main points: - Towns will be bought with in-game money earned from playing on the server. - Towns will not carry over. - They will require minimum populations to start, and will require regular upkeep. - The upkeep system is designed to push towns to have some regular activity. While not an explicit minimum, the less players you have - the more difficulty you will have in paying the tax. We have an OFFICIAL build server for you to plan your towns out on and learn the basics of Conquest:Reforged. You will require the launcher to play. You can read the new lore here. Alternately, keep up with lore updates here.
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    Hey Everyone! So I saw Atherys Horizons and I was really surprised, and I asked a few questions. So I started this topic because I really wanted to create a large town, for the gennian Isles. Because the gennian isles are greek, I was thinking of doing a Hestian village, Those of you who don't know what Hestia is, she is the Greek goddess of the hearth. So Basically you put a fire in the middle of the town and keep it lit, make sure it never goes out. I am also planning a large apartment complex. Also a marketplace, a farm, (mobs/animals/plants) we can make walls so intruders do not intrude!! Anyone who has a great Idea for the town, can come and build it. We can keep adding on. Because you need a minimum 10 ten people to make a town. We could go and pvp, get the money we need and create the town, and build altogether. If there are any build team members who want, I would love that. I will do the work and planning with you!!! If anyone is interested and who would like to be a part of this please comment the word YES in exact capS!!!
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    How do I get a plot because /plot auto AINT WORKIN!!!! +Hey Ninja!
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    Hi Everyone, Today, as promised we talk about armor and weapons and what we want to do with them skin wise. So first an overview of the tiers and materials: Armor Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Light Hide Leather Aramid Medium Chainmail Scale Lamellar Heavy Plate Crystaline Argentate Weapons List of the Weapons: Dagger Sword Axe Mace Polarm Staff Throwing Weapons (axes, knifes etc) Crossbow Bow All Weapons have the following tiers: Tier 1: Wood Tier 1.5: Bronze Tier 2: Iron Tier 2.5: Steel Tier 3: Crystaline Tier 3.5: Argentate Requirements for making skin packs We need skin packs that include all armor but not technically all weapons. For weapons you can combine tier 1 and 1.5, 2 and 2.5, 3 and 3.5 into each one skin for the pack (of course if you want to differentiate even the half levels you are welcome to it. That means a normal skin pack has skins for the following: Each Armor type, in total 9 Each half weapon level type, in total 27 (if you want to make unique ones for the full levels too: 54) Fun / RP packs can include only skins for basic armor/Weapons. Clothing for jobs, or costumes (Halloween). Also, a sword doesn't need to look like a normal sword. It only needs to use the same damage type (example: it can look like a Katana, rapier, etc. all using slashing damage). The same goes for the other weapon types. Some packs don't even need to entirely adhere to the listed material, for example a "nature" pack can have a bone-sword with inlaid diamonds as the tier 3.5 weapon. Which packs do we absolutely need: A default one for all types of weapons included. One pack for each nation (national armor and weapons) besides these, we take all (that look somewhat good) and if fitting will be in game earn-able or via the store. You can also make, for example, an RP pack, where armor looks like the clothing of different jobs and the weapons like their jobs tools. I hope this is clear, if not please post your questions here (not pm or discord) so others will see the answers too. Thank you! - Sellt
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    I know this thread got a bit dead, but seems like a good place for my suggestion based on earlier conversation. It has to do with towns and PvP incentives. Basically the Idea involves each nation forming somewhat of a build team consisting of those who don't want PvP in addition to some PvP minded builders. They would be responsible for building each town in the nation over a few month span. Timeline would look something like this: Nation votes to decide popular new theme for a town based on player suggestions. New town is formed consisting of the build team in a non-PvP build mode. Town layout is planned and constructed over a few months, with future PvP in mind (essentially level/arena design). Town is opened up to residency with PvP turned on. RPers and such may also settle such towns at their own risk if they like the aesthetics. A new town is voted on (if population allows) and the process is repeated. Pros: PvPers frequently get a new area to do battle. Variety of player inspired towns. Builders and non-PvPers have another safe zone besides capitols. Encourages collaboration across many facets of the population. Provides a shortened timeline to building to prevent unfinished towns. Cons: Would probably have to start with 2 towns at first to provide more initial variety. Builders might not have their desired theme selected, may be discouraging to some who have their own elaborate visions. Towns are not expected to be permanent safe-havens for players who desire such places outside the capitols. No guarantees that populations will remain over time, since the builders and PvPers will likely move on to new areas as they become available. Perhaps there would be a town that becomes an RP hotspot and keeps PvP off, and maybe that could be one of the first two towns. Could be an alternate metropolis and artistic hub compared to the more commercial and noob friendly capitols. Overall, most towns would become PvP hotspots and provide fresh environments, though. Regarding the potential for town populations to vanish, perhaps the build team would visit such places occasionally to either modify or turn it into ruins. Ruins could eventually be fully removed by staff after a long enough time. Or maybe each town would be allocated a critical resource/objective to defend for national bonuses, thus promoting an active population in the region. Well that's all I've thought of so far, so let me know what you all think! I hope the PvPers appreciate the extra thought and effort. Would you be interested in map design for PvP purposes? How do my fellow builders and RPers feel about such a system? Is it too restrictive to ideas? Is this best kept to the nomadic nations? Feel free to be constructively critical! Thanks!

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