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    There are only vanilla oak trees but you have to find their saplings in villages or mineshaft chests. There are however a bunch of trees that grow small like the vanilla trees. Some of these are orange trees, dark oak, birch Even the birch technically is a CR tree, its easy to notice because you cant stand on the leaves of CR trees. Vanilla trees grow with solid leaves. But as I mentioned you can only get oak. The tree removal works on the small CR trees that have the vanilla logs. So on small tree with beech log it won't work.
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    Hey man, that's p good looking. Up to a whole lot and nothin lately. Just graduated Friday. Me and tommo been working on kalentire, which is basically ror's spiritual heir. We launched the beta for a few months back last fall and we've been working on the full release for a bit. Howve you been lately?
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    Bread is love, Bread is Life
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    So much has changed in the 2 years since I joined. . . . well almost 2 years. Im so excited to see what the future holds. I know the staff pretty well, I know a few people have come and gone but thats ok. I dont mind meeting new people. Im just so happy that soon I will be able to play this amazing server with my soon-to-be wife. So thanks Atherys. I love your style and what not. Youre awesome.
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    We most likely won't maintain both at the same time but I see no real reason not to make the world save available when the time comes (my opinion, not something we've discussed much). Horizons is the primary focus. But the survival server won't go down anytime soon, that's for sure.
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    Hello Atherys! Time for a new Sellt Diary Entry. Much has changed since the last entry and as you know (if not go and check it out right away) we now have a survival server running. Don’t worry, we are still working on Horizons and no resources have been diverted, the survival is just something we work on when we can’t work on Horizons. But this also means we are in the process of adding additional features to the survival server to give you more to do and maybe make a few things easier. A more detailed changelog will come to the forum as soon as Dannie has fixed the last issues with a new feature (which probably will make a lot of people happy!) All in all I hope you enjoy the experience and get to know the conquest reforged mod! Horizon wise we are still making progress at a steady level, more code has been written, more stuff has been build and things have been designed. Yeah its not very descriptive but that’s sadly the nature of it at the moment. All I can say that its going and we are still fully invested in this project. Maybe you will see some of the features popping up at some point when we need to stress test them 😊 We are still looking for artists to create skin packs for weapons and armor. So if you good at this and have some spare time, now you know what you can do to help! -> Further for the people inclined to RP, if you not already have check out this post: This is still under development and there maybe some changes how it works out in the end, but it should give you a basic on how you can become canon and part of the lore of Atherys! Maybe a year into the game your character is actually a big hero listed in canon, wouldn’t that be fantastic? Or maybe even a villain, guessing some of you would prefer that Because I was trout fishing yesterday I will present you my favorite recipe for trout: What you need: 2 trouts Olive Oil Lemon parsley, dill or you favorite herbs salt and pepper In my case I have 2 fresh trouts that I cleaned out. You probably can buy them this way in the store too. While preparing the trouts, heat up the oven to 400° F and get two thick aluminium foils (big enough to wrap the fish in it). Place the trouts, skin side down, on the foil and oil them lightly with olive oil. Season the fish with salt and pepper, fill the fish with parsley, dill (or what herbs you like) and lemon slices. Fold up the aluminium to make a nice package. Bake the fish for 10-15 minutes, the fish should pull apart easily with a fork. When serving pour the juice in the foil over the fishes. And enjoy!
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    Someone who doesn't know his own name everybody
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    confusion is my spirit animal
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    i originally found it in v1 because I was playing hypixels herobrine's mansion map with the texture pack, and googled "atherys ascended texture pack" and found the server

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