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    Not sure if you've tried again today, but it appears to be working now.
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    December 6, 2018 Sorry for the hiatus; combination of reorganization, loss of a few folks, and general busy season at work / school. Today brings an update we've been working on for awhile; updating what you first see when you click into a Playable Nation! The Nation Appendix, as I've nicknamed it, is an overview of the nation's key elements. In addition, these pages will track Current Events and keep a record of active Player Characters and Player Cities once the server opens! Added Overview of Atvoria Added Overview of the Gennaian Isles Added Overview of Daidama Added Overview of Dalkun-Tir Added Overview of Kilnholdt
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    Hey, so I've been working on these lately... Plan on casting them in aluminum so I can shape them and add details then casting them in pewter .. depending on how they turn out I may try to make a few sets of them and sell them... What do you guys think? Also keep in mind this is far from the finished product.
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    THANK YOU! this is literally exactly what i asked for and youre doing gods work. transparency is how to keep everyone interested!
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    Good day to everyone, My name is Atregen, actual real name is Warren. And this is more of a history story. I've started playing on A'therys since V1, closer to the end of it actually. I ended up level 8 squire by then, and V2 came out a few months later, I struggled looking for a town that'll accept me as I knew nobody at all, rejected a few towns in Ithero. Eventually, I found this rag-tag team of misfits of Clearwater, and they let me joined. That's how I became a vegan. I have been banned two/three times already. First time I was just a day old on the server, spilled lava on something and forgot to clean it up. Ruining an unclaimed tunnel starting in Aloreh, leading to Ithero, right outside CW in V2. Exploiting a glitch with chestshops and stealing thousands from @Destruct. Looking back at the past, it was a terrible thing to do, but funny now. I have traveled the entire map of V2, meeting new friends and fought new enemies. Once, I was chased across the whole ocean between Vrovana to Ithero by several people. I have experienced and enjoy the machines in the Daggerlands. Found many secrets and odd things in Roreg, enjoy the sights of Aloreh, and fished with a strange Dheran ( @MisChiv ) for enchanted bows . And once spirited away by pirates, and shortly married a gay pirate, by a transgender priest. It was an incredible adventuring experience, that I recommend to anyone to do in Horizons, to expand their "horizons". I can't wait to have a new one in Horizons. In my real life, I have two kids, engaged to a wonderful woman. I work in a diamond mine in Northern Ontario, Canada for nearly 4 years. Recently promoted to Supply Chain Planning Support (more like forced onto the job and no idea what that title suppose to mean). And I am 24 years old, I turn 25 in April. I've been playing games since I was 5, and plan to do so until my life ends. I look forward to Horizons, waiting to meet new and old friends. Until then, stay safe everyone.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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