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    Hi there! So, yeah meeting notes won't be publishes for the reasons head mentioned. In the end it would do more harm than help. But i get where you are coming from with updating the Community. The main problem is that for example we work on some bigger things at the moment that take a lot of time and you can't really give updates on that without sounding the same every time. Like for example building the capital. For sure i can tell you each week how many buildings were added, but in the end it would be a wholly underwhelming post. Right now we are in that part of development where, while still lots of work is done, its not really much one can talk about without sounding repetitive (more work has been done on the plugins, the capitals are getting build etc. etc.). And yes, it goes slower than we all would wish, mostly a question of manpower to be honest. All that said, i will start posting diary's again biweekly, even if sometimes they may lack substance and be a little bit repetitive (but i will try to minimize that as much as possible). Thanks for you interest and input
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    Quest systems do not vary that much from game to game. Dialog between players and NPCs does not change based on core mechanics, nor do basic quest objectives. It is easy to add support for other plugins and mechanics once there is a base down. You are always welcome to see our progress over at the GitHub repo. The actual quests have not been started on. We sometimes bounce between plugins if we tire of working on one for a long time.
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    decided to drop back in and check on yall, i hope the server will get revived someday to return. Anyways I found this picture for v1 that pretty much was my life in this server back then haha
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    We’ll have to get planning quickly, the server could get released at any moment!
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    You’ve gotta leave server making to the pros like @Skyfallin_ and @HateGonzo
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    That's not something we can control though, and never has been. If people stick around, they stick around, and if they don't then well they don't do they. If we spent our time worrying about how many people are going to stick around (over the 5/6 years this server's been around), we'd be rushing a really good idea. (That's happened in the past) Instead of rushing it, we're taking our time and doing it properly.
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    Cmon chiv we all know that pvp has never been what brought a steady playerbase and cash flow to atherys, so there's no reason to prioritize it
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    Christ I was about to DMCA you for that server lol thanks for clearing that up
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    Can confirm that I'm most definitely 55, that's why they call me Grannybrius. I still remember the good old days of playing the first iteration of A'therys Legends back in the 70s. Ah, those were the days. And no I haven't really played for around 2 years, I just check the forums here and there

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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