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    So where your problem comes from is ragging with these classes every time. People who PvP as a necessity in the server in the past have litteraly picked classes that require little to no weapons and came out naked just annihilating people while looking either defenseless or worthless for a killing. So that their foes would have to use mana, potions and cooldowns to defend themselves from a naked person usually opening up a chance for their more non useless allies to kill or vanquish their foe. The way its fixed is by requiring them to wear something when doing it like a fishing rod however then it isn't a fist fighting class. Take it from a dude who played Urthkeep on here for a few different iterations of the class. And in all the different iterations i.e. (The first one had no armor) (second had iron armor) (third wore leather) it always in most cases when it shows up in smaller groups ends up naked rushing. I like the idea myself have always liked hand to hand combat being a fan of martial arts however it consistenly doesn't work unless they can scale your damage back due to missing armor pieces which I know is possible through heroes(doesn't matter anymore) it seriously as a game concept cannot happen. Note: As a side piece to this other types of classes have this problem. Historically: V1: Tempest, Magus, PostNerf Dorrod, Moon and Baphus V2/V3:Urthkeep, Haruspex, Endergaunt, Rhetoricians, Balladeers, PreBuff Pyros, Pre-nerf Sylvanite and Demilune, and Tempest. Note all the classes that got fixed that say pre or post buff or neft have one thing in common with that buff or nerf. The latter of that buff or nerf caused the class to have a higher or lower armor set making the armor almost need be or almost useless.
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    What were the sins that Von the Timekeeper committed, that caused Llyrrh to take action against him? It'd be nice to have a short tale explain what happened.
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    At present, the A'therys Wiki has 283 pages! We're coming up to the big Three Zero Zero, and I thought I'd put out the option for people to suggest what they would like to know within the world of A'therys. This can range from anything - from metaknowledge regarding an event or the world itself, to more general information like "I really want to know more about ____" While most suggestions will be considered; a few ground rules - Preferably, it should be able to fit into one article - No requests of "make ____ canon" - This won't be a poll; but I will gauge peoples' reactions/responses to suggestions placed in here!
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    Greetings, all! Seeing as how the A'therys community has very little to do while A'therys Horizons is in development, we've decided we're going to try and expand our horizons. We're all here because we're fans of multiplayer gaming. Co-op, team-based, MMOs, whatever, there's something for everyone out there and we'd very much like to incentivize our community to reach out to eachother to get together and enjoy something a bit different. We hope this may encourage you all to build stronger community bonds, and for this purpose we would like to present... A'therys Community Guilds What is it? Many online games have mechanics based around the idea of getting many different people which play the same game together, in a smaller, tighter-knit community. Examples of this are guilds in MMOS like World of Warcraft, or Star Wars: The Old Republic, Clans & Teams in more competitive games like DotA, LoL, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Age of Empires, StarCraft, or other such. An A'therys Community Guild is an officially sponsored and listed such community in another game. How do I make one? It's simple, you may fill out an application ( found here ), and will at some point be contacted by a staff member about your new community guild. The application includes within it places where you can place proof that you meet all of the below mentioned requirements. If those aren't met, your application will be rejected. However, if you get approved, your guild will be listed on the Discord in the #guilds channel at the very top, along with how people can contact you in order to join the guild in question. You will also be given the "Community Guild Manager" rank on the discord. Once approved, you will be solely responsible for your own guild. Oversight may be done at random by A'therys Staff to ensure you continue to meet the requirements. If it is found that you no longer meet them, then your guild will be unlisted. What are the requirements? Firstly, in order to create an A'therys Community Guild, it's name must contain "Atherys" somewhere within it. We won't limit your creativity, though keep it respectable. Names which degrade the A'therys name will not be accepted. Secondly, you must continue to be the person in charge of the guild, as per your application. If guild ownership is to change, you should inform staff about this, so that we may update the communication information properly. Thirdly, do your best to maintain a respectable atmosphere. We're not going to force rules down your throat, at the end of the day the guild remains yours, but if we receive complaints from community members, then we may unlist your guild.

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