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    Just over 1/6th (almost 5 years) of my existence has been dedicated to A’therys. Crazy to think that one decision way back in 2011 would last for so long. Yet the time has come for me to move on but ensure A’therys is taken care of, as I promised I would in such an event. As of today, I will be freely handing the server/website and all the bits over to Sellt, who because of his situation has the means to support it, ensuring that A’therys continues. The staff will remain and Jess who every day is becoming more experienced in coding, will continue to provide A’therys with what it needs. It’s a time for new ideas, a new drive, understanding and enjoyment of what A’therys is but striving to make it better. I have full confidence the loyal A’therians can make that happen. Thank you to staff and players, past/present, it has been one hell of an experience, one that I have learned so much from. I will still be around somewhat, have to transition the server over fully and make sure everything is setup. After that, new adventure awaits. I appreciate you all and how much A’therys has impacted my life, -Edd
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    Ok so here we go, a map of our new world with markers for capitals and guilds on it. Couple of Notes: While we know the area the stuff should go, it wont be absolutely spot on but as close as possible. The map you are seeing is the export form world painter so colouring of landmass with biomes is how it is in MC. Spawn is not in this world, it will be its own little instance. Assassin’s guild has not been marked for obvious reasons. The locations of stuff is not up for debate. While you are free to plan where you will be, fights over land is not acceptable, it will be first come first serve with re-placing towns, you are not entitled to the exact bit of land you want and trust me there is so much to see around the map, so many amazing features that you will change you mind a million times anyway.
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    Hello Atherys! I guess a lot of you are waiting for me to tell you what now happens that i took over as Owner. The most important part is that Atherys is here to stay! Now to what is to come. First the bad stuff: Soon we will have a website downtime of approx. 2 days to move the Website, Forum and TS to a new server (so it switches over into my ownership). Around the same time the server itself will go down for approx. 3 days to also switch over to an Account I own. Unfortunately both is unavoidable and i hope you understand. The good stuff: - After Anvil stepped down from his position we needed a new Loremaster and behold we found one: Xathas ! Congratulations! - Now that i'm the owner i can't be in the Daggerlands Government and with the absence of Sirlars we needed someone new. This new person is GodofGales! Congratulations too! He will be the last player nationhead for a while. - NPC Towns will come back. Each nation will get two and we will talk with the nationheads to figure out the best spots for them. They will be there to improve travel. Additionally we will connect the nationroads with fake ferries,smugglers or what lore fits. They will be warps too. To offset the extremely easy warp travel we will increase the amount it costs. The idea is that we want more foot travel, so people explore more and to provide Conduits with a job again. - The Helper Team will be changed into the Event Team. This will move the focus of the group more to make content for the players. The goal isn't these big huge event chains (they are allowed to do that too) but more smaller /medium ones. - We are working on an Amusement Park (perhaps some players already heard of this, I actually started it while i still was a mod). This park will have rides, minigames and hang out spots. Basically a place you can go if you are bored but want to be on the server on do something. It will grow over time with all Staff being able to add stuff (we also take player ideas). - Roreg Capital! The poor nation of Roreg doesn't really have a capital and we want to change that. We decided to allow all players to send us designs for the future Roreg capital (you can check out where it would need to go on the Map). The deadline to send us something would be Christmas which will make this our Christmas present to Roreg. - This will make the asian town south of Roreg a bit superficial. We are working on an alternative use for it (i hope we will also get lore for it). Possibly a Newbie Town for new joiners. - Caches will be changed to a more fluid system. More on that later. - PvE world will be made more RP friendly. Meaning we work on something to make it more interesting to go there besides to just level. - We are working on adding new custom mobs in the sense that their looks will be different (if you know the new pet plugin we have you know what is possible). This is still in very early stage. - Jess is working hard on the backpack situation (its being moved from denizen to a real plugin). - We have some other irons in the fire but it is to early to talk about them (we don't want to get your hopes up and then something happens that makes it impossible to implement them). More on these at a later time too. - We will make it possible to switch between PVP and Non-PVP every day. We don't want to force certain groups (pvp and rp) to just play on certain days and we think that the people who want to PVP will still find enough towns to fight. It will have a cooldown so you won't be able to toggle it every second. - Advertisement: Sanders will take over PR in the form of a moderated Facebook Page and a Twitter Account and possibly more. We will start small and slow and see where it goes. - And finally for all the people that asked. I will have a "Sellt Chat" on TS on next friday at 20:00 GTZ. I know that not all these chances are liked by everyone and just ask to trust us a bit and join the atherys train and travel with us into the future. I see many glorious days still ahead. Many good times and stories we will have the opportunity to experience and many friendships to be made. Thank you! -Sellt
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    This rule addition is one that has been requested several times over since A’therys began. Looking back, the amount of real problems that have been created due to the issue this rule will prevent are insane. Before I go on I do wish to acknowledge that there will be some in the community, probably in each nation that will not like this rule at all but it is about the future of A’therys and more people quit or have quit because of the problem than they will because of the rule. The rule: From this day forward, it is prohibited to raid your own nation unless two towns mutually agree that one another can raid each other. My hope is, not only does this put a stop to future arguments, quitting’s and or misery within a nation but also helps band together a nation a bit more and maybe allow for a better spread of PvP orientated towns through all of the six nations. Of course you don’t have to integrate with your nation you just can’t attack them. The normal protocol will apply to this rule, doing so once will result in warnings for all members participating in a raid, bans will be issued for repeat offenders. We will even goes as far as removing towns if that’s what it takes to enforce the rule. Hopefully though, everyone understands this, understands why and does not push it. Thank you for reading.
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    Hey there everyone! OccidentalAnvil here, maybe a fresh face for some of you newcomers, welcome by the way! Been awhile since I've shown up in the News section; last time was probably over a year ago with the Summer Rime. Well, I figured that's been long enough, particularly with the whole "check back soon" emblem spinning on in the Official Lore part of our lovely new site. I wanted to come tell you guys what's been going on in my neck of the woods in brief, then get to the actual news so I'm not off-topic. So let's have a chat, shall we? A little over a week ago, I managed to trick one of the world's top engineering schools into giving me a bachelor's degree. It was a long con, some five years, but it was worth it I'd say. Regardless, as you might imagine, with the server launching on the eve of my final exams (how we manage to do that every damn time, 3 for 3, I will never know) and my subsequent graduation, I've had significantly less time to write than I really planned. And boy, do I have plans, but we'll get to those in a minute. Anyway, I know it's a pain to play on a server that advertises heavy RP, and to try to write your own works in line with that, without having any of the official material! Trust me, it's painful and embarrassing from my perspective, especially when I had it all up on the old site. But a few months before EVO launched, I started a new project, which I've been referring to as Project Triple-A internally. You don't need to worry about that so much, other than what it means for the near term: I did not want to just release the same-old drivel from the wiki. Most of it was hopelessly ancient, just not the quality or the content I wanted you to have, and some of it was flat out wrong. It was written forever ago, and updated little by little, but with Project Triple-A I needed to tear the band-aid off. To rewrite everything, to bring the content in line with what A'therys really is now. And so that's where I am. I'm not going to put anything on this awesome new site that isn't A'therys, the real A'therys. Obviously I will continue to tweak and adjust, but when I tell you that an awful lot has been changed and solidified, I mean it. I want to make sure that what gets posted in the Official section now will see minimal changes in the future. So I can't lie to you anymore, or keep things from you. And I damn well can't sugar-coat it so it fits all pretty with Minecraft; that's up to you guys as RPers, to take what you want and do with it as you will. A'therys has guns and swords, electricity and magic, men and gods. This may all seem scary, just writing that kinda freaked me out a little, but bear with me. Take a look when it comes down the line. I think you'll recognize A'therys immediately, just with a much more cohesive theme. Anyway, the news. I don't want to drop all that heavy stuff on you with a wave of my hand and just disappear. First, dates: do not expect anything before the New Year, to be sure, but I'm gonna be booking it thereafter to get you your content ASAP. I am pushing for 36 pages, 6 for each nation; those needed the biggest expansion and rewrite, and I figure that content is the most important stuff to you guys right now. A lot of the content after that can actually be just updated from before, so after the first set of a paltry 36 drops the old-new stuff will hit the site reasonably fast. Way faster than my slow ass is going now. I want to say the end of January, but I also don't want to say something I'll miss; I ALSO don't want to take that long, it'd be crazy. So just pretend I said nothing and wait for more words, sound good? Good. Now, I want to show you what all this means in actual terms. It's one thing to say "lots of new, new content!" and go silent for a month. So, here. So that above is the old wiki content for the "Aloreh" page. It had a super sparing history, basic geography, some societal musings, and that was about it. I took out the headings to make it easier to see, there wasn't really much. Now, look below. Now, each nation is a category. The category will hold a page on History (which is longer than the old page was as a whole, you can see it there in the top right four images), Geography, Culture, Theology, Technology, and Government. Every page you see above was expanded to fit my current perception of Aloreh, the exact same coverage as the old page, just up to date. I hope now you'll see what I'm going for, and why it's taking so long. That doesn't excuse it, but it should give you an idea of where we're headed. I hope you'll join me in being excited for the coming content. Anvil out. -OA
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    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, because this is laughable to me. Realistically, I'm not sure how many of us have embraced the idea of 24/7 PvP--it's simply something that's been forced on us and that we have to work around, whether we like it or not. Anyway, if the few of us who remain on the server truly have begun to value it, then you should have nothing to fear by Sellt/staff making it toggleable, because (by that logic) we will be just as likely to have it on as we are to have it off. You also have to consider what the server is going through right now. This is a period of reinvention and rebirth. If we are looking to acquire and retain new consumers, then there should be some amount of lenience. New players (and those of us who are constructing towns) deserve the option to build and play in peace, until we are ready to be beleaguered by testy PvPers. PvP will never disappear from the server. It will still exist constantly in wilderness, on designated PvP days, and in those towns that are prepared to face that challenge. PvPers have always cried the loudest about their real and perceived injustices, so they've often been the first in line for recompense. If they wish to cry over this too, they have that right. But just because they cry doesn't mean they should get their way. They are not the most special, or the most important. What matters now is recovery. If you or anyone else wants to be a thorn in Sellt's side over this decision, then maybe you need to reconsider whose ends you're serving--the server's or your own. And I'm sorry, but as owner, Sellt CAN just undo work like that. Suck it up.
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    There is apparently a rumour going around that I am shutting down the server. I am well aware things are tougher than they used to be but that’s for me to endlessly worry about, shutting the server down, if that were to happen I would be extremely forthcoming about that. Anyway, its crap from someone who probably just wants to harm the server for whatever twisted reason. Sorry for a negative post, hope all are having / have had a nice day.
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    It's the 1st of the month and to kick it off, I'd like to announce that our first winner of Town of the Month in the Overall category is.. Valzanttar! I'd like to give a great big shout out to @Chronus Blazebringer and all the lovely people of Valzanttar for their great work within the community and town! Valzanttar has not only been lending out a helping hand for their new players and been a driving force in keeping RP well and alive in their nation, but showcases their beautiful build style as well! ~ Here's what some fans had to say: "A member of Valzanttar helped me learn how pvp as an Exemplar, their town is very pretty and makes me jeaous. Their members are diverse in all aspects of the server and are open to helping their nation develop. I wish I could live there but sadly a witch who lives in the temple chains me to the capital " - Selukkite Fan Boy "They are so kind so friendly and they are the capital of the most politically involved city state with regards to other nations. Chronus is a real credit and asset to the nation as well as Tim!" - Crazed Heretic "Chronus is a very well respected player within Ar-Selukk and has helped me numerous times! Valzanttar is always recruiting new players to become the future of A'therys, and stays very active with the politics of Ar-Selukk." - Friendly Neighbour Valzanttar's beautiful temple! ~ We got the chance to ask Chronus and a couple other folk at Valzanttar some questions and this what they had to say: 1. What are your town's aspirations and major goals for the future? My main goal for the town is to turn it into a sprawling role-play metropolis that provides a wide range of events, activities, and opportunity for all types of role players to come and make the town feel truly alive and vibrant. We hope to accomplish this by designing a fully fleshed out role-play system that will allow members and visitors to role-play every aspect of life in the city. This system will include guides on how to create role-play characters, the culture of Valzanttar, and rules to give a sense of order to the role-play. We also would like to promote role-play through the use of institutions such as the archives, Museum, religious system and university. Using the basis of religion, we hope to establish holidays that we can use to host events. We also hope to establish spots in town that members or even outsiders can build their own role-play hotspots such as taverns, specialty shops, and whatever else the role-players come up with (they are creative bunch you know). This main goal is also intertwined with my other two top goals for the town. My secondary goal would be to turn Valzanttar into a burgeoning hub of trade. My hope would be to turn Valzanttar’s future marketplace into an international space where merchants from all over the map income to not only trade their goods but their stories cultures and ideas through the use of the role-play system. My third goal which would be assisted by Valzanttar’s role-play system and international market would also be to turn Valzanttar into a political diplomatic hub. I honestly found diplomacy during the last map boring, unfulfilling, and ineffective. I hope to change this by injecting more role-play into diplomatic talks between Nandar, the city state that Valzanttar resides in, to create a more fulfilling and lasting effect. Recently I have been speaking to the head of foreign affairs of the dagger lands and below is a short list of how I thought establishing diplomatic relations should proceed and is a system I hope to refine and use for all future diplomacy talks. • Establish an embassy in Monas- So that I have a presence and location in The Daggerlands from which I can voice my opinions/concerns to The Daggerlands Gov't. I am still building up my town but as soon as I can I will make a spot available for The Daggerlands to have establish an Embassy in Valzanttar. • Cultural Exchange Events- As a way of injecting RP into diplomacy and so that both sides can understand the way of life, customs, and traditions. This is a good way to learn about the viewpoints of each other and understand what influences our stances. • RP-Meetings- a bit drier but needed so that both sides can exchange their views and stances on issues in A'therys. I.E- Trading, wars, tensions, etc. • Treaties- When both sides are comfortable with each other and feel that relations have properly developed then we would be able to make true treaties that both sides are actually committed to. 2. What things do you find yourself and your residents participating in the most? We seem to build, trade, and role-play the most within Valzanttar. Also lately a growing number of town members have also been participating in PVP raids and having a good amount of fun doing so. 3. What would you like to say or establish about Valzanttar that you may not have had the chance to do so before? I would like to say that everyone is welcomed within Valzanttar, and that I will try my hardest to give you a town and community that you can enjoy and create bonds and memories. 4. What's it like to be a part of Valzanttar? "Valzanttar has a great community, we many people who make it a great time. We all work together to help the town. We all donate materials or yora or time to help build the town. Back in V2 it was a great town, so I think we are definitely leaving a legacy. The town is very organized, with everything in a specific location. Even the farms are specifically made. There is also great communication through the town skype chat. There has been a lot of town progress, and I hope to RP more with my town mates soon." - @Timbobuhler 5. What are your favourite thing(s) about your town's community? "Our community works together in order to succeed. No matter what they are willing to help with anything they are asked. As a town leader it is important to help your community succeed and stick together no matter what." - @Benattack For those interested here are some quick links to their recruitment and town information pages: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/171-the-city-of-valzanttar/ Their town posts will be featured until the 1st of next month and they will also receive an in-game trophy to display in their town, once that is completed by the build team! (slightly unrelated, but organized by the same great people!) http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1118-the-nandar-emirate/ ~ Make sure you congratulate everyone from this lovely town on their hard work and dedication! A very well deserved win! Can't wait to see what's next from you all!
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    Hi Atherys! Today i present you another goody at no additional costs in the store! For this month, for every 50.- USD you spend on the store you will get one entry into the Lore Lottery (if you spend 100.- USD you get two and if you spend another 50.- USD on something you get a third etc etc. i think you get the picture?). At the end of the month we will run the lottery and the winner will get a one on one with Xathas to create your own character, town or landmark for the official lore! You will become an eternal part of Atherys official story! Money spend counts to the person who paid it and not for the account (if you bought stuff for 50.- USD for one account and 50.- USD for another account you still get the two tickets). All money spend from the 1st of the month till the last day count for this. We will take about 2-3 days to count how many tickets all people get and then run the lottery on the 3rd of the next month. There are of course some terms and conditions: - It cannot be from an outside source (IE: Fendel the Great is from the Misenchanted series); the name will be run by a google test to see what pops up. - No seizing of power through a character. (Cannot write yourself into a government position or claiming yourself an independent nation) - Your lore may be edited to fit wiki standards - Your character may be utilized for server events, posts, and media. - @Xathas has the final word. If this works well we will repeat this in the following months. -Sellt
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    Hello Atherys, When you checkout the store you will find a new tip jar under extras called "Development Tip Jar". As before this will be used firstly to pay for the testserver where the heroes team is working on the new classes. But recent information shows that right now the heroes team would take forever to implement all that is needed to finish these classes, to remedy this the heroes team approached me with the option to get an external developer who has experience with heroes to help finish it a lot faster. To support this developer we decided to donate money, after the testserver is payed for, that goes into the "Development Tip Jar" to this Developer. If you wish to support his work please use the "Development Tip Jar" for your donations. Link to it: http://store.atherys.com/checkout/packages/add/2093182/single This is a on/off thing to get heroes running so we all can enjoy it soon rather than late. -Sellt
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    I really am sorry but I cant see reason in these statements when: So are these people keeping this server alive? Or just trying to stall progress?... And heres the proof of those who dedicate their time right now to playing A'therys. I cant count too well but i think thats more than 5. Then again I am the dumb staff member maybe my opinion dont count.
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    It's the beginning of the month again, which means its time to announce our March winners! Congratulations to @Velkas and everyone from.. Harvikir .. for winning Town of the Month in the overall category! Harvikir is a known to be one of the biggest driving forces of PvP across A'therys, striving to uphold honour and respect in the community, as well as have some of the most gorgeous builds you can find in game! ~ Here's a few quotes grabbed from people within the community: "I always see players from Harvikir around doing things together and out in the community! They seem to be an integral part of their nation and the server!" - El Jefe "The Harvikir community is awesome! They represent their nation in every event I come across and I can see the trust their government and the Pyre Warden has in them, which is very promising! They also help look after me and my 'significant other' here in a'Ravhar! Which is quite fortunate cause we are very incompetent... Their town looks spectacular and truly breath taking, and though it was a horrific incident, I enjoyed being dragged into their cave, being tortured and fed to their yeti. c:" - Selukkite Fan Boy "Since my "significant other," as he forces me to call him, is diagnosed with severe incompetence, I ALWAYS depend on Harvikir. Velkas and the rest of Harvikir delivers discipline when PvPing to ensure a positive experience, are tremendous help to all new players, and are outstanding builders. I've known Velkas for almost 3 years, and if any town deserved the spotlight, it's definitely his. But Mike, you're still bad." - Cactus Queen "Best looking Vrovonic town I've seen in EVO!" - Some Guy Just one of the features found in Harvikir! Look at those statues! ~ Here's what Velkas and a few other players from Harvikir have to say about their town: 1. What are your town's aspirations and major goals for the future? Harvikir as it stands has become a powerful town due to the experienced players within it, and the communication and teamwork we bring to the battlefield. However, Harvikir does not recruit new players regularly, which is something we look to change in the near future. Once we are able to house the new players and have adequate supplies and people to train them, we will begin recruitment. Another major goal of Harvikir's is to continue to uphold the Vrovonic standard, and stay true to our nations beliefs. The last goal for Harvikir would be to encourage players in my town to try out other aspects of the server, you never know how much you might like writing some RP, starting a business in A'therys, or helping build up your town. Overall, we are all looking to see our town and nation grow and become better in every way possible. 2. What things do you find yourself and your residents participating in the most? Almost every single citizen of Harvikir actively participates in PvP, however many of us enjoy other aspects of the server as well. We have merchants in the town, RPers, and a few builders. Everyone in Harvikir pitches in somehow, be it through combat, building, making money, or helping out new players. 3. What would you like to say or establish about Harvikir that you may not have had the chance to do so before? If you message some of us, especially myself, I'll talk to you for a bit (Just gonna reiterate I said some of us). I have actually made a few friends by killing them. Most of us over here are pretty chill, and will talk to you about almost anything over /msg or teamspeak. 4. What's it like to be a part of Harvikir? "Being in Harvikir is like having having another family. Everyone in this town has fun with each other, even when we are yelling at each other, whether we are trying to break in Velkas' house or getting ready to defend in a raid. It is always fun to be on with everyone in the town with it being a nice environment that makes it fun to play on the server." [email protected] "Harvikir is a close knit group of friends, we have a lot of fun together, and then there's @Ish988" [email protected]_Bread 5. What are your favourite thing(s) about your town's community? "One of my favourite things about Harvikir's community is that everyone has each other's back. Whether is be getting revenge on someone who had just came up behind you and blasted you down with arrows or giving out some money to buy a new dank pig mount. We all have our roles in the town and we all try to do our best at fulfilling those roles. I also like that we are all looking to grow the town and build on what we have, like improving our PvP skills and getting some sick builds actually built in game." [email protected] For those interested here are some quick links to their recruitment and town information pages: None at the moment, but this will be updated as posts are made! ~ Once again, congrats to all the people of Harvikir for your hard work and involvement within the A'therys community! I hope to see continued great work from you all!
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    So, after working for the past week, Loot Caches are upon us. Easy to use for you guys. Right click one of these puppys Once right clicked, youll be given this menu Then, choose what you want. Armor, Blocks or Tools. That's it. Oh, and you may want to know how you get these wonderful stars? Well, small chance of them dropping from Medium and Hard mobs or alternatively for those that are lazy or wish to support the server, 5 for $2.99 on the store. Have fun, Barnie (Josh)
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    Ok so we have players as Helpers, that’s a good start on the road to recovery, now for the whole player nation head thing. Given this a lot of thought, had a lot of input. Here is ultimately what needs to be achieved with the process: A process that doesn’t take to long or a lot of manual effort. A process and outcome that makes the most people happy. A process that ensures the wrong people do not get it, or at least limits that as much as possible. Really the solution is a simple one. It may not be the most involved or roleplay one, may not be one that works but it is one that archives what I stated above. A post will be put up for the nation that needs a new head. Only players form that nation may run. Each of those players who are wishing to run will have 3 days in which to reply to that thread with their application. There will be no format for said application, you will be judged on what you write, what your ideas are. Any leader of people should be able to do this without issue. After the three days, three people will be selected. The best of the best so to speak. These people will be selected by staff. Call that part a vetting process. Once selected, there will be a poll on who gets the position. This poll will be open to the entire server community. The reason for this is because while we have six nations, we are one community and as someone quite rightly pointed out to me, a nation head and his / her leadership can easily effect the entire community, so it is only right that everyone gets their say. Really when it comes down to it. The person with the most votes will take the position, just like any real election. Yes, it is a popularity contest for some part, you have to be liked to be electable. A person who isn’t liked will never ever be able to lead efficiently. That’s just the world, that is just human nature. Now again, this may not be the most exciting or in depth way of doing it but it is the most efficient and something that will not consume a load of unessecery time. I think everyone however can understand this and understand why. Now one final part, players who have been previously banned or have a history of negativity in the community (aka smart to not get caught half the time) will not be chosen to run. Bans for minor offences like once upon a time you were a bit of a dick but now you’re a decent person who has constituted positively to the community, you will be fine. This of course will be up to staff judgement and the judgement. This I know people will understand. Ok good, that’s that. This is all pretty straight forward, so I don’t think there will be many question but if you want to ask ask. Oh one final thing, nation heads will be reviewed every month to make sure all is well and they stay in that position. Mainly things like activity and what they have accomplished. Obviously bad people will just be removed.
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    To kick off the new year, our first winners of Community of the Month goes to.. Hearthcrest! Congratulations to @Chojenoe and the rest of the folk in Hearthcrest! This town, nestled in the heart of Aloreh, has shown us their community is very open and welcoming to new players and visitors alike! Being a strong force of positivity within the community, they actively seek to set good examples! Here's a few things some of our staff have to say: "Hearthcrest has a wonderful, friendly and buzzing community that not only welcomes members but also travellers with their warm and enthusiastic attitudes. They also have an amazing pool!" "One of the most active and positive towns around! They always strive to better themselves within our community by increasing their involvement in PvP and helping new players on an individual level with learning their classes and leveling!" "They're a town that is active in every aspect of the server, including PvP, Rp and Building. They're helpful to nation members, and friendly to outsiders, assuming outsiders are friendly to them. They often accept new players into their town, whether they be new Alor or from other nations searching for a home, and they teach those new players what they need, and treat them well. Most of all though, they're just nice people to talk to and be around." Hearthcrest getting festive for the holidays! We asked Cho and a few other Hearthcrest members questions about their town and here's what they had to say: 1. What are your town's aspirations and major goals for the future? We want to become a town that can offer new and old players the opportunity to taste the wondrous variety of activities that atherys has to offer and more. Whether these residents choose us as a stepping stone to learn the ropes or their final home to perfect their skills, our community offers plenty of support! As we build more structures, fight our hearts out, and even mix in some rp, we hope our list of projects never stops. 2. What things do you find yourself and your residents participating in the most? Hearthcrest has always founded itself primarily as a build town with our residents contributing to all sorts of builds on our creative server. There's a special feeling hard to come by when you play and live out of structures that everyone has contributed towards. It's a cozy sense of family-building. The true satisfaction comes when our hard work and ambition gets built in game so we can share our ingenuity with others. 3. What would you like to say or establish about Hearthcrest that you may not have had the chance to do so before? If you're a player seeking to get your ideas or connections across, we'll be happy to give you the tools and support to help you achieve you're goals. It's just more fun to do it together than alone. aronbear wants you to join 4. What is it like to be a part of Hearthcrest? "It is a great place to learn and try different things. I have been able to do so many different things, and been supported during it all. Building, roleplay, and even PVP, though that isn't my favorite thing to do. And that is ok, too! We accept each other how we are, and what we are interested in." - Morakai13 5. What are your favourite thing(s) about your town's community? "My favorite thing about Hearthcrest is that there's a large variety of things to do. We love to build, PvP and we even have designated parts of town for Roleplay and meetings. We're a very active town which has been supplying new players with starter tools, shelter and fun! Hearthcrest is unique from the rest of towns, we communicate together, and we're constantly growing as a town, and as individuals." - JellyDrops "My favorite thing about Hearthcrest is not home to just one major focus, rather we're a melting pot of ambitious pvpers, inspired builders, and creative role players. Not only that, but each individuals style, identity, and background are welcomed into a tightly knit group that I not only consider town-mates, but family." - Lynxious For those interested here are some quick links to their recruitment and town information pages: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/236-noble-house-paramount/ http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/989-aloreh-hearthcrest/#comment-9554 These posts will remain featured until the 2nd of next month! They will also receive an in-game throphy to display in their town once that is completed by the build team. Once again, we'd like to congratulate Hearthcrest for their hard work and positivity! Keep it up guys and gals!
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    Hello Atherys! As i have talked about it in the Sellt chat. We are working on the Dungeon. The only thing we now need for it are level designs and that's where everyone comes into play! The Dungeon will be a "Tower" with different random levels, meaning if you go through one level and come to the warp to the next it will randomly select one where the current group setup (or you alone) wasn't before. Now you can see that this means we need different levels and preferably not only 5 or 6 (because then the randomness doesn't make much sense, does it?). So we will open this up to the whole community. Everyone can send us a level design, and if it fulfills the rules below we will be able to add it. The rules: A level shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to get through. Keep in mind there will be mobs and fighting them will cost time too (so don't build too big). It needs to be an enclosed space. Walls and roof where you can look through. (you can build fake windows, with like fake outside if you so wish, but the whole thing needs to be enclosed). It can be in any form you wish. You can have more than one floor, you also can build it as a completely vertical level (10x10 tower to get from bottom up or from the top down to the floor) Your imagination is the limit there. All server rules apply to this (PG-13 content etc). Most levels should be straight up mob levels. But we also accept fun levels and trap levels. If you add a parkour make sure its either easy or add an additional easy way for the people who can't/won't do parkour. Keep in mind people shouldn't get stuck on one level. Optional: a short description of the level and/or the idea behind it If you do this you would truly help this server but we know people don't often do stuff for free so we will throw in some goodies: Special Dungeon Builder Title Name on the Builder list outside the Tower Name on the Builder sign on the level If we get mpets running again a special pet 10 of the new caches Regards, Sellt
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    The transfer to the new servers was completed, woo! The server will be down for a little bit today to do some patches for Heroes, Mobs and some other things, and then we shall be back. Thanks for your patience!
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    Good afternoon A'therians. As of today; I will be instigating the first of several changes I plan to bring over the course of the next week. The Scribes of Order are to be disbanded. This is nothing personal against them – and a simply a chance to wipe the board and start on a clean slate. The Scribes have always been OA's group; and at the end of the day, there is a bit of a reputation and stigma they've acquired over the years. If I'm going to start fresh, we're going to need to clear the board. A new group, known as the Rubious Lantern, of the Thousand Flames, is to be created. There are some who may recall it briefly mentioned in the V2 Lore Forge – and its story has changed and altered quite a bit (mostly from OA putting out new gods; partly my touching up on the details that I do know from various lore corners and a lot of information prying) since its Forge incarnation. There is a new hidden subforum for myself and the new team to use. Due to my current position at sea; and to have a more reliable written record – I will be utilizing this rather than a Skype chat (because catching up on 250+ messages and filtering between useful information and junk is rather annoying and time consuming) A quick Q&A rundown : I am currently a Scribe, what does this mean for me? All current scribes will have to re-apply. Again, this is nothing against the group – or anyone in it. And I'm more than happy to have people re-apply to join. What is this new order doing? Going off the theme of bringing hidden things to light; this is going to entail expanding the existing details of the current lore. I will also likely be utilizing members of this group to function as NPC's and characters within global story-line events. Does my writing automatically become canon in this group? No. Can I offer writing services for other players? As a trade; you are allowed to write for other players still. As with above; they cannot consider written work to automatically become canon. What is happening to the Scribes' Library? Presuming one is inquiring of Surei Mavrul av-Rejjas, it unfortunately only existed briefly in V2; and even then was never used. The library can be ancient and "lost," in fact I'd prefer it – especially on the off-chance we do get quests back, because dungeon opportunity If you mean Halion – it's a big pretty build that never really got a good purpose. My personal favorite was when it was a black market with crazy effect items for sale. If you're asking if Rubious Lanterns will be getting their own Headquarters; I will be making the request for an office space in each capital; but no. We need to be active in the community, a part of the towns and encouraging roleplay. Not holed up in our own little corner. And I honestly do believe that to be one of the largest faults of making Halion a “scribe HQ”. Is this a Q&A thread too? Yup. I'm like 99% sure I've missed some questions, and will try to answer them as best I can Oh! What is the lore for the Lanterns?! Are there other Thousand Flames orders?! Yes. Each was a sect following the path of different constellations. Rubious Lanterns are unique in that they followed the light of the spirit Morban. Yes; this was based out of the lore corner: “Sects based on constellations in Ghaskel-vel's nation.” Where do I apply!? http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/88-apply-to-become-a-rubious-lantern/
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    Welcome abord @Xathas and @HaedHutner to the Moderator Team!
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    Arenas are finally here and currently ready for player testing. Currently ready to go you have basic 1 vs 1, duel requests and duels requests with money. There are multiple different options we will be adding to this, such as automated tournaments ladder style across the weekend in different time zones, different arenas such as town player build ones and different match setups higher than 1 vs 1, teams etc. For the basics just need to be player tested so that’s what this week is about. There is also an ELO / Rating system, it’s a bit weird but pretty much the higher your rating, the better you are doing. Each player starts at 1250. Will try and get some explanation / math if possible. The ratings once player tested will be transmitted live to the website for all to see. Please keep in mind that the ELO scores will be reset this week once tested. We will also try to get an arena KDR / W/L/D for you as well. Ok enough chat on with the commands – this is playable as of now: Game Commands /arena join – puts you in the que to fight a random player. /arena leave – shouldn’t need this because of auto teleports. Request A Duel Commands /arena duel <name of player> - for single duel Challenging with options You can challenge a player specify options. Currently there is only options of money: /arena duel lady_regna money <amount>: Challenge lady_regna to a duel in arena. Each person will pay 100 at the start, winner takes all. Please note that currently when you enter an arena, you are teleported, given your class’s kit to use, you fight, match ends you get teleported back to where you were. This is like this so everyone is on an even playing field as best as possible with gear. You also don’t lose anything. I believe we have skirmishes ready / coming to where you fight with what you bring and can lose it but Jess left me no notes on that (she is away today until the end of the week). This is a very significant and major bit of content added, I hope to god people love it. I know something like this has been wanted by many over the years. Please leave feedback on this thread, report any issues. Other than that, enjoy.
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    In little over a month, I'll mark the fifth anniversary of a harebrained scheme which saw the creation of this server and its community. If you'd told me then that all of this would've come from a university classroom idea for the replacement of then laid-low Shadows of Gazamo, I would've been thoroughly amused. If you'd said I'd spend five years alongside it, I would've probably laughed at you. But here we are. A'therys has become more than just a silly idea, more than I certainly could've imagined when I was some random guy trying to convince Vorske to throw common sense out the door and fund it. And it's because of you guys, veterans and fresh faces alike. Perhaps in no other game does the community define the experience quite like Minecraft, and it is to you all that I now say goodbye. As Edd indicated in his own post, now is the time for other things. I have graduated college and successfully found a job, which will take up most of my time as it should. All the rest will be dedicated to various Gazamo adventures and other fun hobbies. Of course one of those hobbies will remain my version of A'therys, just as it always has, though now strictly as a personal project. How your stalwart crew of admins and staff steer this version of the world is now, of course, their prerogative alone. Long-winded enough, I think, to resemble a News post from me. It's been a pleasure serving as your Loremaster these years, through times both tough and fruitful, and I've little doubt that A'therys will persevere in our absence. This place has given me opportunity in realms I never could've hoped for, and I wouldn't trade my time here for anything. Who knows what a breath of fresh air will bring? I hope you're anxious to find out. As always, and finally, -OA ----------------- "I have done things in this life, Sunseeker, of which I am not proud. Abhorrent things, secret things. But in their doing, I know a million souls have been impassioned, have shaken loose the bindings of anguish and remorse. In my dreadful passing, I have given them a future, built in their image and not in mine. It weighs heavy upon me, and even in the teachings of the Twins I find no solace. I seek their balance for myself, that I might find answers, but they grant me no vision. Tell me, what must I make of this? How can I know that what I have done is right?" "Those who watch, they see what they will, and are quick to judge. A story must have its hero, its villain, that simpler minds might revel in its telling. But those who Do, who Did, to us the dust that rises from action is as gray as the winter mountain, and glints as brightly in the moonlight as it does beneath Vrovona's Eye. In the moment, the passion of an actor is his only guidance. We hope the world is ready for what we bring." "How then can we be sure?" "We cannot."
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    Rules to buying town plots with Yora (ing ame money): You must have an existing town or be buying for an existing town. If you do not have a town you must purchase one from the store after that you can purchase additional plots with your Yora. Additional plots are to be bought in batches of 10 which come at a cost of 20k Yora. The staff and I, after hearing SavenRavs (Bens) suggestion, have decided that 75% of the money paid for additional plots will go directly to the nation banks of the nation the towns is in. 25% will be removed as coins ink. Our hope for this is it encourages nations to work together more as they will now have a solid income. We hope that more nation projects will begin and this makes peoples experience better.
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    Little bit of a grouch post from me. If you see a massive hole or something amiss in the country side, Make a ticket for the love of god. This also counts if youve just done a massive harvest of materials. If its small enough, its easy to fix. Dont let them get to big. Thanks, Josh
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    Bringing our current staff into our new staff structure has made a step in the right direction! Congrats to Aston and Speedy, both who have been promoted to admin to fill two more department head positions, Economy and Events. This now puts us with positions filled for: PVP - Pumpapa PVE - Onyx Economy - Aston Events - Speedy -------------------------- Other Things -------------------------- Moderator Applications are up: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/28-apply-for-moderator/ Community Manager: There will be more information about the role after the christmas period. Current Staff Team: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/staff/ Staff Structure: http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/198-atherys-staff-st
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    There seems to be a lack of snow in Vrovona...

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