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    Arenas are finally here and currently ready for player testing. Currently ready to go you have basic 1 vs 1, duel requests and duels requests with money. There are multiple different options we will be adding to this, such as automated tournaments ladder style across the weekend in different time zones, different arenas such as town player build ones and different match setups higher than 1 vs 1, teams etc. For the basics just need to be player tested so that’s what this week is about. There is also an ELO / Rating system, it’s a bit weird but pretty much the higher your rating, the better you are doing. Each player starts at 1250. Will try and get some explanation / math if possible. The ratings once player tested will be transmitted live to the website for all to see. Please keep in mind that the ELO scores will be reset this week once tested. We will also try to get an arena KDR / W/L/D for you as well. Ok enough chat on with the commands – this is playable as of now: Game Commands /arena join – puts you in the que to fight a random player. /arena leave – shouldn’t need this because of auto teleports. Request A Duel Commands /arena duel <name of player> - for single duel Challenging with options You can challenge a player specify options. Currently there is only options of money: /arena duel lady_regna money <amount>: Challenge lady_regna to a duel in arena. Each person will pay 100 at the start, winner takes all. Please note that currently when you enter an arena, you are teleported, given your class’s kit to use, you fight, match ends you get teleported back to where you were. This is like this so everyone is on an even playing field as best as possible with gear. You also don’t lose anything. I believe we have skirmishes ready / coming to where you fight with what you bring and can lose it but Jess left me no notes on that (she is away today until the end of the week). This is a very significant and major bit of content added, I hope to god people love it. I know something like this has been wanted by many over the years. Please leave feedback on this thread, report any issues. Other than that, enjoy.
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    How to use heroes on A’therys! We use a plugin on A’therys called Heroes; this guide will take you through everything that you need to know before you begin your journey with heroes, so that you and your friends will have the knowledge on how to use skills and other helpful commands you can use in A’therys pvp. Starter Info So let’s begin! Your first step is to type /hero paths [this will list all available paths]. Once you have chosen go ahead and type /hero choose [class name]. Now you have chosen your path it’s time to learn about leveling and your skills. To view your current level type /hero level There are several skills that your class will be able to use. These skills come at every 10 levels up to level 100. Each skill provides a different advantage in battle and if used correctly could mean the difference between victory and defeat. To view your skills type /hero skills In order to use your skills, you will need to bind them to a different entity. To cast the skill, you right click with the entity in your hand. Entities are things like string, feathers, and seeds, so anything you can’t place. In order to bind your skills to an entity type /bind skill Example: With a stick in my hand I would type /bind skill fireball Commands to Use /hero • /hero - Lists the available hero commands • /hero paths - Displays the list of available classes for you to choose from • /hero specs - Lists available specs for your class • /hero choose - Allows you to select a class or spec • /hero confirm - Confirms your class or spec selection • /hero level - Displays your current level and class • /hero armor - Displays your class’s armor restrictions • /hero tools - displays your class’s tool and weapon restrictions /party • /party invite - Invites a player to join your party • /party accept - Accepts a party invite • /party who - Displays everyone in your party • /party leave - Leaves your current party • /party - Chats to your party • /party mode pvp - Toggles whether pvp is allowed between your party members Other Useful Commands /skills - Displays your class’s skills /bind - Binds your current item to the specified skill /mana - Displays your current mana /hp - Displays your current health /cd - Displays your current skill cooldowns in seconds /mycoords - Sends the coordinates of party members /classeswith [skill] - Shows all classes with that specific skill. Heroes Classes Acolytes - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/63-acolyte-tree/ Initiates - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/62-initiate-tree/ Knaves - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/60-knave-tree/ Squires - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/61-squire-tree/ That’s everything you will need to know in order to start with heroes. If you wish to learn more, please view the more in-depth guide. Check out the test server to test your skills or try out a new class: Thanks for reading the heroes guide, hope this helps you on A’therys!
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    Hey guys! I am conscious about releasing more sneak peeks of the build teams progress to the public to keep people interested! In the future you can look foward to seeing more sneak peeks on current build projects. Below you can find a picture of the main feature of Falkynthos, the Gennaian capital. As stated in the lore, this is the great Temple of Sjilea comissioned by Theoros in the Goddess' honour. We knew when attempting Falkynthos and Gennaia that ancient Greek themed builds were going to feature prominently. However, we wanted to move it beyond its stereotype of pillars and great buildings and introduce a fantasy feature to the mix. In order to achieve just that, we decided to explore the idea of placing the temple of Sjilea upon a great cliff with cascading waterfalls all around. "Those travellers who often sought comfort in the thought of paradise or heaven often allured their dreams to images of the Temple of Sjilea and its gardens, an area of outstanding natural beauty." - Some lore person I just made up. We need you! I want to take this chance to thank everyone on the build team who has assisted in the project so far, though there is plenty still left to do. This moves me to my next point, we need you! Have you ever wanted to try your hand at building? Join with a team that encourages self-value and respect for one another? Amongst our current builders, we have an accolade of creative vision and an ambition to deliver for what the community expects of us. As such we recruit builders who are knowledgeable of Conquest Reforged, and though we may not be the best, we drive ourselves to deliver and not compromise quality with a bespoke building structure. Whether you're a new or existing community member, I encourage you to apply today!
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    Upon the continent of A'therys, many wish to bring Shol back to his former power. A dark fellowship has been discovered, and the return of Shol may be in their grasp. Rumours of a secret power that grants one the strength of a thousand armies spread rapidly from town to town. To combat this dark evil, you and many strangers will unite to combat Shol's twisted admirers. Held up in a tower in the nation of Aloreh, gossip tells of the followers having captured an important leader, who they are keeping hostage. Unconfirmed by any nation's government, you've decided to take matters into your own hands and discover the truth, and kick some dark magic behinds. The nations of the overworld and nomads alike will come together on the day Yavhei, 6th of Reckoning, 7c267 to fight the evil that has sprung forth. When will this PVP event take place? The first fight will take place at 12 PM ATZ time (10 AM PST) on the 27th of November. I recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before to get into the party and prepare. What is the event about? The event is based partly on the official lore characters but none of this is canon lore nor will it be. This is more of my idea of something that could have happened. Mostly its just for fun. What is going to happen at this event? For starters the entire server (those who wish to participate) will group up at the event join. Two admins will play the "Boss" class at the front of the bridge and your goal is to get rid of them anyway you can. Once you've done this, you can go forward and attempt to enter the tower where a third admin will being also playing the "Boss" class. Once you get past that boss, you enter the tower to see if there truly is someone captured and being held in the tower. There will also be chests inside with some cool loot as well as the admins dropping some loot on death. Could anything unexpected but cool happen? Totally.

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