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    Hello A'therys! Yesterday we had the Sellt Chat where I introduced what will happen with A'therys and where we are going. In two words: A'therys Horizons Yes, we are working on a new A'therys, it wont just be another iteration with small changes, it will be basically a new game. First, the bad things that will happen: All player data will be wiped, everyone will start new. This means no towns, no money, no exp and nothing that was sold in the Store. Now, the good things and why we have that wipe: Atherys will go modded. For what we want to do we can't stay with just plugins, but need to expand and going modded was the logical step. This also means a switch from spigot to sponge, which means our old plugins will not work anymore (no Towny and no Heroes). But don't fear, @HaedHutner is already working on our own custom town plugin (which incidentally allows us to have a town plugin that doesn't have a tonne of stuff that we do not need and also could possibly slow down the server!). Same will happen with the pvp plugin. Classes and skills will be entirely new, as will be the way you level. Store bought items, including towns, will not be available anymore for real money. All these things you will need to play for in order to obtain them. We will have some things we will sell, however, they will be entirely cosmetic. Towns will be more restricted than it's now. You will need to fulfill some requisites to create a town (how many players join, resources etc). Titles will also not be buyable from the store. You will earn titles through playing which also gives a lot more meaning to a title than it is right now. Map One of the big mods we will have is ConquestReforged which will add over 6000 new blocks. Luckily, we got one of the best ConquestReforged map-makers to make us a custom map and from what i already saw it will be fantastic. Size wise it will be smaller, while the landmass will be about the same, (a lot of ocean has been remove). A big part of the map will be the Adventure Zone (Shattered Lands) and so the actual land where you can build your towns will be about half of what we have now. Nations Another big thing: We are turning the globe and will move to another part of A'therys! You will be able to choose between 5 new nations and explore a sixth one that fell into ruins. The last one also will be the Adventure Zone with mobs, traps, dungeons, quests and an expanded Conquest System (for all the pvpers). The 5 new nations: Gennaian Islands: The Gennaian Islands are a collective of Kingdoms under a single national banner; akin to Ancient Greece. Daidama: Daidama is a ‘paradise’ of walled cities; where crime is swept away by justice, and atonements are swiftly dealt out. Dalkun-Tir: The lands of Dalkun-Tir are lowland scrub and rocky steppes, inhabited by the spurned and exiled; hardened nomads who navigate the harsh landscape. Atvoria: Once ruled by the god Nalageos, Atvoria is a land saturated with glamour due to the dragon Zahatmos’ tampering with fate. As such, the people are involved within a constant story, where superstitions and fables come to life. Harugraun: Rugged terrain of mountains and forests; a land that pioneered gunpowder and rivaled only by the Daggerlands in ingenuity. It is a shame, therefore, that they happen to take five steps back every generation from sheer spite and strife. More Information on the Nations will be forthcoming, including their buildstyles. My (your) Story We heard you and we want to give you more influence on the story of this world. As such, each player will get a profile page on the forum connected to the A'therys server. If you achieve something, (slaying the evil endboss, becoming Nationhead etc), you will get you an entry in your personal timeline and if appropriate in the Nations Timeline (Nationheads, Wars etc). You also will be able to add your own personal entries to your own timeline (only difference will be that the official stuff will have a "official" sign). Depending on all these things and our own ideas the world will also evolve. How far and in which direction, I can't say. Release Date We don't have a deadline. We don't want to do another Evo and actually take the needed time to implement everything we actually planned. Further Information I will resume my weekly diary where I will keep you all up to date. Additionally posts will be made to go into more details of what we are doing, what mods you can expect and what we are planning but didn't mention here (several things, but we need to be a bit further with it before it will be revealed). Callout If you are a coder, builder, artist, pr specialist etc. and you want to help. Contact me or use one of the forms (builders) to join the team! I can't promise your money but i can promise you to work on a fantastic game and the pride that will go with it -Sellt Pictures
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    Good afternoon A'therians. As of today; I will be instigating the first of several changes I plan to bring over the course of the next week. The Scribes of Order are to be disbanded. This is nothing personal against them – and a simply a chance to wipe the board and start on a clean slate. The Scribes have always been OA's group; and at the end of the day, there is a bit of a reputation and stigma they've acquired over the years. If I'm going to start fresh, we're going to need to clear the board. A new group, known as the Rubious Lantern, of the Thousand Flames, is to be created. There are some who may recall it briefly mentioned in the V2 Lore Forge – and its story has changed and altered quite a bit (mostly from OA putting out new gods; partly my touching up on the details that I do know from various lore corners and a lot of information prying) since its Forge incarnation. There is a new hidden subforum for myself and the new team to use. Due to my current position at sea; and to have a more reliable written record – I will be utilizing this rather than a Skype chat (because catching up on 250+ messages and filtering between useful information and junk is rather annoying and time consuming) A quick Q&A rundown : I am currently a Scribe, what does this mean for me? All current scribes will have to re-apply. Again, this is nothing against the group – or anyone in it. And I'm more than happy to have people re-apply to join. What is this new order doing? Going off the theme of bringing hidden things to light; this is going to entail expanding the existing details of the current lore. I will also likely be utilizing members of this group to function as NPC's and characters within global story-line events. Does my writing automatically become canon in this group? No. Can I offer writing services for other players? As a trade; you are allowed to write for other players still. As with above; they cannot consider written work to automatically become canon. What is happening to the Scribes' Library? Presuming one is inquiring of Surei Mavrul av-Rejjas, it unfortunately only existed briefly in V2; and even then was never used. The library can be ancient and "lost," in fact I'd prefer it – especially on the off-chance we do get quests back, because dungeon opportunity If you mean Halion – it's a big pretty build that never really got a good purpose. My personal favorite was when it was a black market with crazy effect items for sale. If you're asking if Rubious Lanterns will be getting their own Headquarters; I will be making the request for an office space in each capital; but no. We need to be active in the community, a part of the towns and encouraging roleplay. Not holed up in our own little corner. And I honestly do believe that to be one of the largest faults of making Halion a “scribe HQ”. Is this a Q&A thread too? Yup. I'm like 99% sure I've missed some questions, and will try to answer them as best I can Oh! What is the lore for the Lanterns?! Are there other Thousand Flames orders?! Yes. Each was a sect following the path of different constellations. Rubious Lanterns are unique in that they followed the light of the spirit Morban. Yes; this was based out of the lore corner: “Sects based on constellations in Ghaskel-vel's nation.” Where do I apply!? http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/88-apply-to-become-a-rubious-lantern/
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    Arenas are finally here and currently ready for player testing. Currently ready to go you have basic 1 vs 1, duel requests and duels requests with money. There are multiple different options we will be adding to this, such as automated tournaments ladder style across the weekend in different time zones, different arenas such as town player build ones and different match setups higher than 1 vs 1, teams etc. For the basics just need to be player tested so that’s what this week is about. There is also an ELO / Rating system, it’s a bit weird but pretty much the higher your rating, the better you are doing. Each player starts at 1250. Will try and get some explanation / math if possible. The ratings once player tested will be transmitted live to the website for all to see. Please keep in mind that the ELO scores will be reset this week once tested. We will also try to get an arena KDR / W/L/D for you as well. Ok enough chat on with the commands – this is playable as of now: Game Commands /arena join – puts you in the que to fight a random player. /arena leave – shouldn’t need this because of auto teleports. Request A Duel Commands /arena duel <name of player> - for single duel Challenging with options You can challenge a player specify options. Currently there is only options of money: /arena duel lady_regna money <amount>: Challenge lady_regna to a duel in arena. Each person will pay 100 at the start, winner takes all. Please note that currently when you enter an arena, you are teleported, given your class’s kit to use, you fight, match ends you get teleported back to where you were. This is like this so everyone is on an even playing field as best as possible with gear. You also don’t lose anything. I believe we have skirmishes ready / coming to where you fight with what you bring and can lose it but Jess left me no notes on that (she is away today until the end of the week). This is a very significant and major bit of content added, I hope to god people love it. I know something like this has been wanted by many over the years. Please leave feedback on this thread, report any issues. Other than that, enjoy.
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    So for a long time players have asked for mob events, even right after having one We, teh staff, have decided what the heck, lets leave it to you guys. http://store.atherys.com/category/821550 Above is a link to some mob packages. Basically, if you buy one an Admin will come by and speak to you about getting a mob event, using the eggs/mobs you purchase for the server. A suitable time for you and the Staff dude or dudette will be decided and then you can go about letting your friends know, townies, nationies, heretics know etc. Just to make this clear: the monthly ones which Staff organise will continue so long as we always reach our donation goal. All payments on the store go towards those; whether it be a TIP, Mob Package or Booster. Everything. We also have the Weekend Purge Events still on the line and ready whenever, still massively wanting to do one of those if we can reach that mark. That is all from me tonight. Hope you all had a good weekend, wish you a great week ahead. Dannie --- P.S. There have been alot of Buycraft changes/updates/ and news about it recently. Its the thing for us which pays the bills at the end of the day so always need something new and exciting for A'therys players to try. I'm sorry if its been a bit annoying, can understand it isnt the best of news for people but like to bring something new every so often wherever to make things more worthwhile, just turns out alot of it is store based xxx
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    In little over a month, I'll mark the fifth anniversary of a harebrained scheme which saw the creation of this server and its community. If you'd told me then that all of this would've come from a university classroom idea for the replacement of then laid-low Shadows of Gazamo, I would've been thoroughly amused. If you'd said I'd spend five years alongside it, I would've probably laughed at you. But here we are. A'therys has become more than just a silly idea, more than I certainly could've imagined when I was some random guy trying to convince Vorske to throw common sense out the door and fund it. And it's because of you guys, veterans and fresh faces alike. Perhaps in no other game does the community define the experience quite like Minecraft, and it is to you all that I now say goodbye. As Edd indicated in his own post, now is the time for other things. I have graduated college and successfully found a job, which will take up most of my time as it should. All the rest will be dedicated to various Gazamo adventures and other fun hobbies. Of course one of those hobbies will remain my version of A'therys, just as it always has, though now strictly as a personal project. How your stalwart crew of admins and staff steer this version of the world is now, of course, their prerogative alone. Long-winded enough, I think, to resemble a News post from me. It's been a pleasure serving as your Loremaster these years, through times both tough and fruitful, and I've little doubt that A'therys will persevere in our absence. This place has given me opportunity in realms I never could've hoped for, and I wouldn't trade my time here for anything. Who knows what a breath of fresh air will bring? I hope you're anxious to find out. As always, and finally, -OA ----------------- "I have done things in this life, Sunseeker, of which I am not proud. Abhorrent things, secret things. But in their doing, I know a million souls have been impassioned, have shaken loose the bindings of anguish and remorse. In my dreadful passing, I have given them a future, built in their image and not in mine. It weighs heavy upon me, and even in the teachings of the Twins I find no solace. I seek their balance for myself, that I might find answers, but they grant me no vision. Tell me, what must I make of this? How can I know that what I have done is right?" "Those who watch, they see what they will, and are quick to judge. A story must have its hero, its villain, that simpler minds might revel in its telling. But those who Do, who Did, to us the dust that rises from action is as gray as the winter mountain, and glints as brightly in the moonlight as it does beneath Vrovona's Eye. In the moment, the passion of an actor is his only guidance. We hope the world is ready for what we bring." "How then can we be sure?" "We cannot."
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    How to use heroes on A’therys! We use a plugin on A’therys called Heroes; this guide will take you through everything that you need to know before you begin your journey with heroes, so that you and your friends will have the knowledge on how to use skills and other helpful commands you can use in A’therys pvp. Starter Info So let’s begin! Your first step is to type /hero paths [this will list all available paths]. Once you have chosen go ahead and type /hero choose [class name]. Now you have chosen your path it’s time to learn about leveling and your skills. To view your current level type /hero level There are several skills that your class will be able to use. These skills come at every 10 levels up to level 100. Each skill provides a different advantage in battle and if used correctly could mean the difference between victory and defeat. To view your skills type /hero skills In order to use your skills, you will need to bind them to a different entity. To cast the skill, you right click with the entity in your hand. Entities are things like string, feathers, and seeds, so anything you can’t place. In order to bind your skills to an entity type /bind skill Example: With a stick in my hand I would type /bind skill fireball Commands to Use /hero • /hero - Lists the available hero commands • /hero paths - Displays the list of available classes for you to choose from • /hero specs - Lists available specs for your class • /hero choose - Allows you to select a class or spec • /hero confirm - Confirms your class or spec selection • /hero level - Displays your current level and class • /hero armor - Displays your class’s armor restrictions • /hero tools - displays your class’s tool and weapon restrictions /party • /party invite - Invites a player to join your party • /party accept - Accepts a party invite • /party who - Displays everyone in your party • /party leave - Leaves your current party • /party - Chats to your party • /party mode pvp - Toggles whether pvp is allowed between your party members Other Useful Commands /skills - Displays your class’s skills /bind - Binds your current item to the specified skill /mana - Displays your current mana /hp - Displays your current health /cd - Displays your current skill cooldowns in seconds /mycoords - Sends the coordinates of party members /classeswith [skill] - Shows all classes with that specific skill. Heroes Classes Acolytes - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/63-acolyte-tree/ Initiates - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/62-initiate-tree/ Knaves - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/60-knave-tree/ Squires - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/61-squire-tree/ That’s everything you will need to know in order to start with heroes. If you wish to learn more, please view the more in-depth guide. Check out the test server to test your skills or try out a new class: Thanks for reading the heroes guide, hope this helps you on A’therys!
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    Hail, all! It’s been quite some time since you’ve received any substantial communication from the staff team. We’re aware that we’ve been a bit too quiet over the last year on the state of A’therys and the status of our next iteration - A’therys Horizons. Well, today comes the most significant announcement we’ve had on this subject, probably since its announcement back in May of 2017. Over the last 3 years, we’ve been working hard on producing Horizons. The one decision we took from the very start was that we would focus on quality above all else. Absolutely no shortcuts will be taken, and everything is to be done properly - just as A’therys deserves, and as you guys might expect. We’ve accrued a number of finished features over that time that we need to test. The fact of the matter is, with a scope as large as Horizons, full scale testing can be quite difficult with a small staff team. That’s where you guys come in! We want to finally get back into the habit of running an active minecraft server. Our primary goal is to introduce features one-by-one on the public test server, and have players try them out, play around with them, and find every possible issue. How Will It Work? The map that players will start on will not be the final Horizons map. We’re still keeping that one for Horizons release ( sometime in the future ). It’s a beautiful custom-designed 2kx2k map, hopefully small enough to allow for enough player interaction, but large enough to allow us to do more with it in the future. To start with, we will release the RPG system we’ve been working on, along with a feature we had in the final days of Evo - then called “Conquest”. Since then, that system has been renamed to “Battlegrounds”. Combined with this, we will have multiple zones with custom mobs spawning, along with over a hundred customly designed items to fit in with the RPG system. More on all of this in the next section. As was mentioned previously, we will be releasing extra features later on, one-by-one. We hope this will accomplish 2 things: Firstly, to allow for plenty of time for testing. The features we’ve developed are quite large in scope, and we would ideally like them to be as bug-free and balanced as possible for Horizons release. Secondly, to maintain player interest in the server over time. The map that’s attached to this post shows how it looks, along with some more points of interest. There will be 2 sides to start off with, each having their own capital. In the middle you will find the battle points. Here’s a legend of the map colors: Orange - Quest Locations Blue - Dungeon Entrances Red - Battle Points Purple - Other Points Of Interest Circle(s) - Battle Point Radius Crown - Capital What Can You Expect To See On The 17th Of April? ( Feature Preview ) Now this is the part I’m sure you’re all the most interested in. When you finally get to join the test server on the 17th of April - what will you see? The Island Of Soltair You will embark for the island of Soltair, a forgotten part of Yeor’s dream. It is a tumultuous time for A'therys. Set during the Winnowing, the public test server will explore what it’s like to exist in a world where Gods have a real effect on political events. The 2 city-states you will be able to join are called Mahkri and Lahgur. Lahgur to the north was established by refugees, running from the countless wars of the Winnowing. Their patron God, Jangur, the Spirit of Battle, holding also the portfolios of the Forge and the Mountains, led his people to build the beautiful city of Korghor. To the south, the slumbering spirit of Jangur’s rival was slept in the form of a large monument, until others who found their way to Soltair discovered it. Zafahr, spirit of Victory, the patron god of Mahkri, was awoken after people built the city of Sharra. Expect a full lore overview of Soltair island some time in the future! The Mod Pack To start with, A’therys Horizons is still planned to be a modded experience. The version we will release the public test server on is Minecraft 1.12.2. We have a modpack set and ready to go, and you can find the download link on the Forums home page, and on Twitch. (Custom Launcher coming soon) The note-worthy mods featured in this modpack are as follows: Conquest Reforged CustomNPCs Macro Mod Various other audio and visual enhancement mods The RPG System The RPG System is designed with inspiration from legendary role-playing games of past and present. Experience Earn experience by killing mobs, completing quests and participating in other server activities. With this XP, you can purchase skills and attribute upgrades. Attributes The defining stats of your character. Start off at the same point as everyone else. Give your character the attributes that fit your skill choices. Strength - Improves weapon and skill damage based on Strength. Slightly increases physical resistance. Constitution - Increases max health, health regeneration and improves skills dependent on Constitution. Dexterity - Improves weapon and skill damage based on Dexterity. Intelligence - Increases energy regeneration and improves skills dependent on Intelligence. Wisdom - Increases max energy and improves skills dependent on Wisdom. Slightly increases magical resistance. Magical Resistance - Reduces the amount of physical damage taken from attacks. Physical Resistance - Reduces the amount of magical damage taken from attacks. Some of these you can upgrade, while others are only calculated based on your equipment and buffs. Yes, that’s right, weapons and armor can also carry attributes. Your off-hand, main hand and 4 armor slots are all taken into account when calculating your final attribute total. Skills Unique abilities that are influenced by your attributes. Deal damage, heal your friends, buff your allies and curse your enemies. All of this, arranged in a graph structure which allows for maximum freedom of choice. Build your own class based on your choices, customized to fit your specific playstyle. Using skills is not free though - you use up Energy. Your total energy is determined by your attributes, as is your energy regeneration rate. There will be 18 skills in total, with 6 in tier 1, and 12 in tier 2. Tier 3 will be added in a future update. Custom Damage System Your weapon damage depends on your attributes as well. So does your total health, your passive health regeneration rate and so much more. All of this is thanks to our fully custom damage system. We completely circumvent the vanilla minecraft damage system. Battlegrounds Formerly known as “Conquest”, this is a system that we introduced in late Evo, and reinvented for Horizons. It’s an open-world PvP system based on the capturing and holding of areas out in the world. Battle Points Each battle point represents an area of the world that you can fight over, capture and hold. Awards are received from both capturing and holding. Each point has a very large radius around it, around which any PvP will be further awarded with reputation and currency. For the Public Test Server, we have chosen to go with 3 battle points, each with a radius of 250 blocks. These will be the centers of combat and player interaction in these initial stages of the server. Respawn Points Every time you die within the radius of one of these battle points, you will be given the opportunity to randomly respawn at one of 3 locations, also within the radius of the battle point. Reputation Reputation was thought up as an addition to the battlegrounds specifically for testing on the public test server. This is a concept we’ve been toying around with since late Evo, though nothing ever came of it, until now. All players are sorted in a list. When you first join the server, you will be placed at the bottom of that list. The 1st position is the most valuable, as that is what determines who is at the very top. The higher up in the list you are, the higher Tier you will achieve. You will be able to climb the list by slaying opponents which are higher ranked than you. Each PvP Tier provides you with a multiplier on currency rewards dropped from participating in PvP. Meaning, the better you are, the more rewards you’ll get. The money you earn from this can later go to purchasing better and better armor, more details on that below. Item Sets As you fight your way up the reputation tiers, you will gain access to more and more powerful items. They should allow you to progress further and faster. The approach we’ve taken for the public test server is to have several tiered armor sets. Each tier will progressively cost more than the last, so the only way to get the best equipment is to participate in PvP or grind mobs ( at least for the time being ). Items will be purchased from shops, one per capital. Mobs The public test server won’t be purely PvP, though. We’ve also created a number of different types of mobs, which we hope will add a little bit more flavor to it all. You will be able to farm these mobs for experience, which you will require to progress through your attributes and skills. And who knows, maybe every once in a while, you might get an interesting rare bit of armor or weapon. You will find these mobs scattered all around the test server. Eventually, they will play a larger role with the introduction of quests and dungeons to the test server, but more on that later. What To Expect Later? ( Future Feature Sneak Peek ) You can expect all of the below mentioned features to eventually make their way on to the Public Test Server in one form or another. We need to test everything, including how different systems interact with each other and learn how to balance them properly. Quests As shown during the Seten-Nan event, the quests plugin is essentially complete. We have planned quest lines which we will put on the public test server as soon as they are ready to be presented to you. Expect to be sent on perilous adventures, defeat unruly foes and develop deep relationships with factions through the questing system. Towns People have been able to create their own communities on the A’therys server since its very inception. The custom towns plugin we’ve been developing for Horizons is almost ready to go, but it’s just not quite there yet. Eventually you will be able to form towns, join nations and participate in international politics and conflicts, so be on the lookout for that. Dungeons Dungeons have been one of those pipe dreams we’ve had since the days of V1. We hope to finally make them come true with a comprehensive dungeoneering system for Horizons. A combination of large packs of mobs, boss fights, quests, parkour and various redstone puzzles, you and a group of your friends will be able to take part in interesting adventures to challenge your skill and your wit. Economy The server economy is of paramount importance to maintaining a rewarding gameplay experience. We’re keenly aware of this fact, after having seen the consequences of an ill-managed economy in pretty much all of our previous versions. We plan to create an economic system for Horizons which will maintain itself over a long period of time. Professions Some of you might remember the professions of V1, which were crucial to the economy back in the day. We’ve always had plans to create an in-depth profession system, and for Horizons we intend to do just that. Eventually you will be able to pick out a specific area into which you can specialize your crafting, improve your items with your newly learned skills, or create artisan goods for yourself and others. Airships We haven’t forgotten about this part. We promised this all the way back in the A’therys Horizons announcement in 2017, and we haven’t given up on integrating the Valkyrien Warfare mod (now called Valkyrien Skies) into our gameplay. Do expect to be able to create, purchase and fly around in your very own airships eventually.
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    Hey guys! I am conscious about releasing more sneak peeks of the build teams progress to the public to keep people interested! In the future you can look foward to seeing more sneak peeks on current build projects. Below you can find a picture of the main feature of Falkynthos, the Gennaian capital. As stated in the lore, this is the great Temple of Sjilea comissioned by Theoros in the Goddess' honour. We knew when attempting Falkynthos and Gennaia that ancient Greek themed builds were going to feature prominently. However, we wanted to move it beyond its stereotype of pillars and great buildings and introduce a fantasy feature to the mix. In order to achieve just that, we decided to explore the idea of placing the temple of Sjilea upon a great cliff with cascading waterfalls all around. "Those travellers who often sought comfort in the thought of paradise or heaven often allured their dreams to images of the Temple of Sjilea and its gardens, an area of outstanding natural beauty." - Some lore person I just made up. We need you! I want to take this chance to thank everyone on the build team who has assisted in the project so far, though there is plenty still left to do. This moves me to my next point, we need you! Have you ever wanted to try your hand at building? Join with a team that encourages self-value and respect for one another? Amongst our current builders, we have an accolade of creative vision and an ambition to deliver for what the community expects of us. As such we recruit builders who are knowledgeable of Conquest Reforged, and though we may not be the best, we drive ourselves to deliver and not compromise quality with a bespoke building structure. Whether you're a new or existing community member, I encourage you to apply today!
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    Upon the continent of A'therys, many wish to bring Shol back to his former power. A dark fellowship has been discovered, and the return of Shol may be in their grasp. Rumours of a secret power that grants one the strength of a thousand armies spread rapidly from town to town. To combat this dark evil, you and many strangers will unite to combat Shol's twisted admirers. Held up in a tower in the nation of Aloreh, gossip tells of the followers having captured an important leader, who they are keeping hostage. Unconfirmed by any nation's government, you've decided to take matters into your own hands and discover the truth, and kick some dark magic behinds. The nations of the overworld and nomads alike will come together on the day Yavhei, 6th of Reckoning, 7c267 to fight the evil that has sprung forth. When will this PVP event take place? The first fight will take place at 12 PM ATZ time (10 AM PST) on the 27th of November. I recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before to get into the party and prepare. What is the event about? The event is based partly on the official lore characters but none of this is canon lore nor will it be. This is more of my idea of something that could have happened. Mostly its just for fun. What is going to happen at this event? For starters the entire server (those who wish to participate) will group up at the event join. Two admins will play the "Boss" class at the front of the bridge and your goal is to get rid of them anyway you can. Once you've done this, you can go forward and attempt to enter the tower where a third admin will being also playing the "Boss" class. Once you get past that boss, you enter the tower to see if there truly is someone captured and being held in the tower. There will also be chests inside with some cool loot as well as the admins dropping some loot on death. Could anything unexpected but cool happen? Totally.

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