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    Greetings, all! Seeing as how the A'therys community has very little to do while A'therys Horizons is in development, we've decided we're going to try and expand our horizons. We're all here because we're fans of multiplayer gaming. Co-op, team-based, MMOs, whatever, there's something for everyone out there and we'd very much like to incentivize our community to reach out to eachother to get together and enjoy something a bit different. We hope this may encourage you all to build stronger community bonds, and for this purpose we would like to present... A'therys Community Guilds What is it? Many online games have mechanics based around the idea of getting many different people which play the same game together, in a smaller, tighter-knit community. Examples of this are guilds in MMOS like World of Warcraft, or Star Wars: The Old Republic, Clans & Teams in more competitive games like DotA, LoL, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Age of Empires, StarCraft, or other such. An A'therys Community Guild is an officially sponsored and listed such community in another game. How do I make one? It's simple, you may fill out an application ( found here ), and will at some point be contacted by a staff member about your new community guild. The application includes within it places where you can place proof that you meet all of the below mentioned requirements. If those aren't met, your application will be rejected. However, if you get approved, your guild will be listed on the Discord in the #guilds channel at the very top, along with how people can contact you in order to join the guild in question. You will also be given the "Community Guild Manager" rank on the discord. Once approved, you will be solely responsible for your own guild. Oversight may be done at random by A'therys Staff to ensure you continue to meet the requirements. If it is found that you no longer meet them, then your guild will be unlisted. What are the requirements? Firstly, in order to create an A'therys Community Guild, it's name must contain "Atherys" somewhere within it. We won't limit your creativity, though keep it respectable. Names which degrade the A'therys name will not be accepted. Secondly, you must continue to be the person in charge of the guild, as per your application. If guild ownership is to change, you should inform staff about this, so that we may update the communication information properly. Thirdly, do your best to maintain a respectable atmosphere. We're not going to force rules down your throat, at the end of the day the guild remains yours, but if we receive complaints from community members, then we may unlist your guild.
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    The Mortal Plane Awaits... v2/ Evo Monas Roth - Capital of the Daggerlands (Once named Monas Roth) To honor the past versions of our amazing server and its legacy, we are returning the world of A'therys Ascended to your pleasure once more! Thanks to the tireless work of our beloved admin @Dannie, he has managed to pull my old build server from the depths of Minecraft limbo. v1 Calastore - Capital of Ithero Whilst many of you use to use my build server, this will give you a chance to revisit your old builds on there. However beyond that, we have also restored the other worlds on there, including the A'therys v1 and v2 worlds. But to push the goal even further, we have also managed to bring back the A'therys Evo world. v2/ Evo Vrovona City - Capital of Vrovona Unfortunately you cannot play on the world as we did once before. All of our main resources are committed to delivering A'therys Horizons. However, in the mean time, why not take a trip down memory lane? Or even better, introduce our new and upcoming friends to the world you once knew. v2/ Evo Methes Avonthes - Capial of Aloreh As we look beyond the Horizon, to a world we all do not know and adventures that await, we can treasure the past and the legacy of A'therys Ascended. v1 Qhul-Rahav - Capital of Ar-Selukk You can connect to the server (play.atherys.com) via the Conquest Reforged client OR with vanilla Minecraft 1.12.2. You can get to this server by running the command /server old. To get permissions just ask any fellow staff member, as the server is running off my original A'therys Evo build server set up with PermissionsEX. You can easily visit all of the worlds via multiverse by using /mv list and /mvtp <world name>. Any issues please contact us via the #support channel on our discord: https://discord.gg/b7HdQVN /warp Atherysv1 - To get to A'therys v1 world /warp Atherys v2 - To get ot the A'therys v2 world (Note that the capitals are not in this map as they were taken out and transfered to the Evo map) /warp AtherysEvo - To get ot the A'therys Evo Map - WARNING YOU SPAWN ON MONAS' MONUMENTUM TOWER v1 Dorrod Muth - Capital of Roreg Logh We will continue to work on hard on putting together and delivering A'therys Horizons, but in the mean time we hope you enjoy this opportunity to revisit A'therys Ascended. ENJOY AND HAVE A HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, AND SAFE NEW YEAR! -A'therys Horizons Staff Team Atherys v1 Map Atherys v2 Map A'therys Evo Map
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    Hello Atherys! Today I shall write a bit on how the 5 Governments will work in Horizons. As you will see below they all have their unique spins and will hopefully appeal to a broad spectrum of players. What all Governments will have in common are their rights and responsibilities, one of which will be the assignment of towns and the distribution of town plots. (Unlike previous iterations of A’therys towns will be measured in Square Blocks, rather than restricted to plots of 16 x 16. More to come on that in the upcoming Town Plugin Diary.) In addition to rewarding town plots for set achievements and checkpoints, the assigning of plots may also be used as a system of rewards at the nation head’s discretion. While there is a risk of abuse, Staff will naturally step in if abuse goes too far; in addition to player-based means for removal of a nation head they feel is not properly doing their job. The Government will also have access to a currency called Argents that the Nation earns mainly through Shattered-Land Conquest. They will be able to buy special items, including necessary blocks for Airships (this is still a WIP) that they can distribute. With a few more unnamed possibilities the Government will actually have means to project their power, instead of being only a means of roleplay. Below I talk about the different Nations and how their Government works in Lore and in Mechanic. Daidama Daidama is ruled by an Emperor which has absolute power. Thanks to our RP Plugin where it allows people to use nicknames, the elected Leader of Daidama will assume the role of this Emperor. They will, when being the Leader, act as this person, and if someone else becomes NH of Daidama they take over the same role. This does not prevent you from assigning your actual RP character a high ranking government position in case you want to RP as your normal character. Mechanic wise the NH will be elected by staff after reviewing applications (as we did in the end of Ascended). With the nickname switching it makes this easy and you don’t need to login on another account or have an NPC that is actually higher in the hierarchy than the player NH. (To compare to previous iterations; it would be as if we allowed the character Raviyna to be played by the player; rather than assigning them to Vizier each time) Dalkun-Tir The NH will be the Outrider, a person selected by a God to lead the Nation. Of course no one is perfect, not even the Gods and so if the Outrider turns out bad the people can call upon their God (Mechanic: Staff) and send him prayers and he will judge the Outrider, either get him to become better or to get rid of him and elect a new one. Now the whole prayer thing will be a simple mechanic where we as staff will collect books with complaints (or compliments) in the span of a week or so and if something substantial (several people complaining about the same thing, to prevent “I heard he said”) we will talk to the NH. If it’s not correctable, we will kick him out. New Nation Head applicants will be screened, and placed under a series of trials (physical and mental). Atvoria Atvoira is led by a council of the Guild representatives. This means the government has 12 player positions and 1 Staff (the Staff is only there to break ties. Nothing else). The person with the NH permissions will be the Guild Premier of the Law Guild, and is basically the only position that must be filled. The other seats will be filled by the respective guilds. Any player can pledge his allegiance to any guild and these members can then select their representative (think of guilds as political parties). Klinholdt Welcome to the biggest Government mess, ever. Approximately every 30 - 60 days, anyone who wants to become NH can challenge the current NH, they can raise an army and all of these armies will battle it out in the Capital. The last one standing becomes NH. We expect this to be a chaotic nation, so please be aware of this before choosing to join (of course you can always stay out of politics). Gennaian Isles There are eight kingdoms in the Isles; seven of them are ruled by a King/Queen (usually the mayor of that islands town). The eighth kingdom and capital, Falkynthos; is ruled by the High King, elected by the other Seven (they may submit any name, even a peasant if they so wish). Pretty straightforward. So this is it in its basic form. Each NH can of course establish government branches to share some of the responsibilities that the NH now has. Additionally, becoming NH will add that event to your personal timeline that will be displayed on your Forum profile (if you have linked it to your in-game account). And if nothing really bad happened it will become part of canon (in case of Daidama this will instead reflect the actions of the roleplay Mask, however your own character may still be noted as an important official during the timeline). Also good to know is that when we start all these positions will be initially filled by staff to make it easier. But we plan to get players into it as soon as possible afterwards.
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    Nah not really. Today, it gives me no great pleasure to announce to you all that our fellow admin and lead developer, HaedHutner is stepping away from A'therys. He's been putting more time into A'therys than he has to offer and life has finally caught up to him in ways that he now needs to focus on himself. So join me and the rest of the staff in giving him thanks for all that he's done and coded for us. HOWEVER, this does not mean that we can stop here. Now more than ever, we need more people to write and code the plugins we've been developing for Horizons. If you want to join the team, know someone who might want to join, or something in between, then we'd be happy to have you/someone on the team. Also, Dannie needs a new friend to argue with and we suddenly have a new spot open for that. Feel free to DM anyone on the admin team if you're interested in applying. (If you were expecting some long winded post, go ask redninja to make one. He does the flowery, professional language.)
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    Welcome to the A'therys resource pack development page. The A'therys resource pack started out as a medieval styled texture pack based on john smith for the A'therys server, later switching to use conquest as the foundation for the pack. Although the server has moved onto conquest reforged and is no longer using the pack, progress still continues to slowly march forward. Up until now, I haven't been releasing many packs or updates out to the community mostly because I was dissatisfied with my own additions to the pack after I took over from the previous developer. However, I have decided to change and start this thread to hopefully motivate myself to work more on it. Any thoughts and opinions are welcome, please report any problems with the pack, and give your support by showing what you've built using the pack. I will continue to update this post as more stuff is done. ~Chrisblox
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    Hear ye, hear ye! This weekend only! A once in a lifetime experience, only here on A'therys! Hello everybody, new and old. Today we have a very special announcement to make - one which offers you the unique chance to get a sneak preview of one of Horizon's upcoming cities! This weekend only, from (SELLT PUT IN A DATE HERE) to (SELLT PUT IN ANOTHER DATE HERE OTHERWISE WE WILL LOOK SILLY), we will be opening up the capital city of Seten-Nan on our servers for you to explore. Feel free to log in and walk around, take in the sights and sounds of the nation of Dalkun-Tir, and experience life as a caravan-dweller. From the towering monumentality of the bazaar to the roaring shoreline of the river, Seten-Nan will surely thrill and excite you! In addition to seeing what the build team is capable of, we will be testing out our custom built Quests plugin on you, our ever-faithful guinea pigs. Talk to the interesting citizens of the city and see what you can do for them! We will be opening up feedback forms (basically this topic) for you to provide us with bug reports and hopefully some praise too. Once this event ends, we will be deporting all stragglers and development will will resume behind closed doors, like Willy Wonka's factory after a health inspection. Until then though, we strongly recommend you come check it out. -Sellt
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    Rynelf's Dev Diary #2 Hello again. As you probably know, since HeadHunter's departure I am the lead (and only) developer now. I am not discouraged, however. This will be a brief update on what I've been working on recently. I have three primary goals/plugins: Towns, Quests, and RPG (combat). These make up the pillars of gameplay and are what I'm striving to get feature complete as soon as possible. Of course, there are various other plugins that support these that need to be maintained, but these are the most complex. Quests I consider Quests nearly production ready. It just needs a few more features and polish. What I've implemented recently: Timed quests Repeatable quests Dynamically hiding dialog options A simpler but more powerful NPC system Supporting a second scripting language (Groovy) that has better stability than the previous JavaScript version What I'm planning to implement: Better feedback for missing requirements on dialogs & quests Template quests that players can use to give tasks to other players (See https://github.com/Atherys-Horizons/AtherysQuests/issues/45) Expanding the online quest editor (See https://docs.atherys.com/plugins/AtherysQuests/Quest-Editor.html ) A better UI for displaying quests to the player (perhaps an inventory one) Towns HeadHunter left a great foundation that makes it easy to add features quickly. What I've implemented recently: Most /town commands (name, invite, join, claim, info, motd, description, leave, etc) Most /nation commands (name, ally/neutral/enemy, description, capital, etc) What I'm planning to implement: Plot "stuff" (owners, embassies, protection, etc) Resident commands (not many of them) The tax system RPG Much of the functionality in RPG is already there for the most part, but the main meat is missing: skills! What I've implemented recently: The base of how the skill tree will function (picking new skill nodes) What I'm planning to implement: More "types" of skills (toggleable skills, primarily) The skills themselves, of course Like Quests, a better UI (for upgrading your attributes and choosing new skills) Conclusion Hopefully this gives you an idea of where I am with plugin development. As always, I am always on the lookout for aspiring developers. I am Rynelf#8390 on Discord. Finally, as poll suggests I have been toying with the idea of making the test server open to the public. I've seen many people try to connect but the server is currently whitelisted. There wouldn't be much to do except see how the current systems work, and there won't be a guarantee of saving progress as I have to clear the database regularly for testing. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Hello everyone, new and old! As you may or may not have heard, we have brought back a functional build of A'therys Evo onto the server. We've noticed that a lot of people have been wanting a taste of the A'therys experience and having a place in-game to relive some of your favourite memories will go a long way towards achieving that. That being said, we want to make it clear that our priority as a staff and development team is still towards our project, A'therys Horizons, and that this build of Evo is purely for some casual fun on the side. Your towns, masteries, and items are all still there, and you are more than welcome to hop back on and explore the old continent where you left off. However, when Horizons approaches release, we will be taking down Evo once again and no progression will be saved. So call your friends, get the gang back together, and go on a good old fashioned raid! Mine away, build a new storehouse, and annoy your town members just like in the old days. All of our community and server rules still apply, and any requests for assistance can be directed towards our staff members on discord or in-game. Important things to note: - You can connect with vanilla clients from 1.8 - 1.11.2 (To connect to our Conquest servers you will need Conquest Reforged). In order to play the server, simply log onto play.atherys.com (or just join the hub we usually use) and type /server live. - The rules of the server have not changed, it will remain the same, but we will be more lenient (but not absolutely excluding) with the use of profanity, so long that it is not used with the intention of causing harm to other players. - Plots for towns will be given free of charge upon the right of merit and necessity. Finally, we want to ask a favor. Now, more than ever, we invite you to join our team and help us release the amazing project that is Horizons. Progress is being made daily, and we need your skills to help us build, code, and shape the new A'therys. Hop over to our sign up forms and put your abilities to good use! Help us out by looking at the applications below! Wish to be part of the fun? Help us in our vision to create a better RPG Minecraft experience in A’therys Horizons! BUILD TEAM Join our outstanding Build Team with an accolade of experience and a vision to achieve the unexplored world of A’therys Horizons set out by our ever expanding lore compendium. Using the Conquest Reforged mods, we aim to make this world even more immersive and detailed than the last! See our capital trailers so far in #media Apply for the Build Team today at: https://atherys.com/forums/forum/117-apply-for-build-team/ ◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◥ DEV TEAM Do you have an aptitude for programming? We are in need of your talent more than ever! Why not join our Dev Team and gain notoriety through our open source projects and the use of GitHub! https://github.com/Atherys-Horizons - We have constant updates on our programming work in #botchat GitHub A'therys Horizons A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike. - A'therys Horizons Apply for the Dev Team today by sending a private message to @Rynelf. ◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◥ LORE TEAM Our lore is what makes the A’therys experience unique. Built upon the astounding world of A’therys Ascended, A’therys Horizons embarks on a new adventure in the same world. If you have impeccable creative writing capabilities, then the Rubious Lanterns is the role for you! Join in our lore discussions in #lore-discussion Apply for the Lore Team today at: https://atherys.com/forums/forum/88-apply-to-become-a-rubious-lantern/ ◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◥ MODERATION TEAM Being a Moderator on A’therys is the steadfast role that ensures we provide our players and community with the experience we know they deserve. Upholding the dignity and values our services are built upon; they ensure that in such a complex social environment, order and fairness is kept. If you're ever in need of assistance just ask in #help Apply to join the Moderation Team today at: https://atherys.com/forums/forum/172-apply-for-moderator/ Atherys Horizons Trailers Discord https://discord.gg/eC2kDXG Click the link above to join our Official A'therys Community Discord. Discord has grown to become our latest and main form of communication medium. We highly suggest that if you want to be kept in the loop and up to date on A'therys Horizons then you should join.
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    The Omnissiah has decreed to me in my hibernation chamber that there is a need for at least 2 new tech-priests to join the ranks of the A'therian Cult Mechanicus. Introduction I'm going to be brief. The projects in the A'therys GitHub organization ( found at http://github.com/Atherys-Horizons ) are getting quite large and hard to handle for just myself and @Rynelf . As such, I'm hoping someone reading this might be the least bit inclined to help me in the madness of figuring out the rest of what needs to be written. It's also worth pointing out that there is no money involved. I don't get paid, neither does Rynelf, and chances are you won't either. The A'therys Horizons codebase is open-source. Anyone can see it, anyone can use it, anyone can help with it. But, if you prove that you are qualified enough to contribute to it, then you can earn yourself a place in the A'therys Staff Team. What you get in return will be the opportunity to rack up points on your GitHub commit history. Something like working for exposure in the graphics design or art world. And if you join and help us out, you'll have so much work to do, that you'll have racked up 500+ commits within the year! So, don't delay, join the A'therys Development Team today! Requirements There are requirements, yes. But, they're not because I want you to be able to sing and dance while balancing atop a beach ball, and contribute to an open-source project at the same time. What I put down here as "requirements" are actually things you will just need to understand in order to contribute to the project. If you don't get the things I list here, chances are you won't have a very fun time contributing, since understanding the following things is crucial to the quality of the code you write, and how easy it is for you to write it: Java ( Obviously ) No, not JavaScript Implied is the understanding of: Java Basics Java Object-Oriented Programming Java Collections API Annotations Reflection JavaDoc documentation Gradle/Maven ( for Dependency Management ) Design Patterns ( Below are listed the ones that might come in handy specifically, but if you're not aware of one, or any, of them, that's fine too. As long as you understand what a Design Pattern is, you can pick these up quite quickly ) Facade Model-View-Controller Repository Observer Dependency Injection Object-Relational Mapping We make extensive use of JPA/Hibernate in our projects so having at least a surface-level understanding of this will be of much use to you Git/GitHub ( All of our projects are hosted on GitHub ) SQL ( We use PostgreSQL in development and probably in production once we release ) We do our persistence in SQL databases. Knowing SQL is not the most important thing on this list, but it'll help you no doubt. Sponge API ( If you understand any of the above, picking up the Sponge API shouldn't be too difficult for you )\ Application Process Ok, now that you've read through all of that, let me inform you of the application process. It's quite simple, really: You go to http://github.com/Atherys-Horizons Out of the 6 pinned repositories, you select one ( any except AtherysCore and AtherysProfessions ) You go to the Issues tab You pick an Issue to your liking You fork the repository You create a new branch on your fork which is appropriately named according to the Issue you have chosen to do You do whatever is described in the Issue ( If further information is required, or none was given at all to begin with, contact me ) After you believe you've completed the task in question, you may submit a Pull Request from the branch in your fork into the master branch in the original via GitHub Once you've submitted your Pull Request to whichever repository you've chosen, I'll go through it and do a code review. Honestly, if you get as far as Step 8, chances are I'll want you to be part of the team anyway. Finally, some of you may be wondering why this is so complicated. Well, the truth of the matter is that our codebase is complicated. After 2 years of going at it, we've made a lot of decisions when it comes to the architecture, libraries and overall organization of the code. It's not easy to get into, and I wish it weren't so, but the requirements of the project are such that it can't be easy. That's not to say that if you don't meet all of the requirements we won't help you learn the rest so you can be a fully integrated part of the team. I believe that if you get as far as step 8 of the above process, then you're dedicated enough to learn what is required to help us out. I would love it if just anyone with 2 weeks of doing Java console-based practice tasks off of Codecademy can come in and contribute to our project. But that isn't the case anymore, and there's some real requirements now to understanding what you're doing, without causing havoc in the codebase. For me, it's always been a matter of quality beats quantity. Because if our code is shit, then nobody is going to want to maintain it. A quality codebase contributes heavily to the longevity of the project, and we want this to last. I would like to thank anyone who considers applying ( even if you don't ) in advance, I wish we could make this a whole lot easier for you, but such is the nature of these things.
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    Hello Atherys! Some good news for today. Atherys will join the State of Sponge today and present some new parts of Horizon! A bit more information and links to twich you can find here: https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/state-of-sponge-xviii-spongies-5th-birthday-bash/33519 See you there! Sellt
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    As a heathen ambassador from the depths of Roreg Logh. I'd just like to take this opportuntity to say... Praise be to Shol. Also, Aloreh is 10/10, would holiday again p.s. Hoot Hoot
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    True, but mistake or not, which can be left up to the vast interpretations and possibilities. Its back up for anyone to enjoy should they want it. As far as we are concerned it has bought people back together, there are people out there that still care before and after this; many of them have gone on to help our project. That's satisfaction enough. We could have allowed it to continue, but it began to embarrassingly hobble on and no one appreciated it anymore. No one can ever truly realize their appreciation for something until it is gone. After time we reflected on that, and for a group of us working on Horizons, we realized that missing A'therys was a common value with other people who had long forgotten about it. Anything on A'therys will always be assessed by whether any decision was a good decision. That's the burden of allowing something like this to even continue in the first place. But if we didn't allow it continue, the grim alternative would be no A'therys for anyone forever. I'm grateful at least, that this will hopefully never be the case.
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    TBH A'therys screwed up big time here. You could have kept this server running and kept your playerbase the whole time whilst building the new one.
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    For some reason this wasn't immediately announced. There is currently a working build of EVO on the live server, and '/server live' at play.atherys.com and you can go right now and appear where you last logged off, heroes plugin, towns, and all! A'therys has a unique minecraft experience, the PvP, RP and Builds are awesome and unique. Why not capitalize on that, start making some revenue and actually pay your current / some new developers to actually make Horizons. One person coding 10 ambitious and bespoke plugins as a passion project isn't a development plan for success in my book. Either way, EVO is up again, I'm not sure why I'm the one announcing this either but have fun everyone. While you're here let me give you my elevator pitch. A'therys has been defunct for over two years now and I don't trust the conventional wisdom of "wait another year and Horizons will be here." I propose the creation of a new, temporary A'therys experience. Think back to every time A'therys has been most successful. That has repeatedly been the opening of a new version of A'therys. Each opening of a new version and the allure of a new world, with new opportunities to build, fight and explore has fomented incredible success for the server and growth for the community. A new chance for this to happen is exactly what this community needs. Therefore, with EVO up and running right now, a new vanilla EVO could be started and we could be back to having the fun we've been missing for over two years. Every time the server has faded into inactivity has been due to the stagnation of the world and each time it has succeeded has been the creation of a new experience. Therefore, lets seize this moment and maybe we could even create a way to generate resources to fund the hiring of additional coders for Horizons, or even, and this is reallyyyy a stretch, pay our current coders for all their hard work.
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    So you are saying you are now headhunting another coder?
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    Happy I got to work on A'therys for as long as I could. Team's gonna do fine without me, A'therys ain't going nowhere.
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    On a break from college ATM so I'd be very down with the test server being made public, I miss messing around with the systems y'all had in place
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    The Noble Houses of Aloreh Paartesh, 100 Sand's Song, AU 340 House Adventis Title: Patriarch @Ares Vendencia - Ares Vendencia Property Claims: Vendencia Designation: Noble House House Blackstone Title: Patriarch @aurek - Sarren Blackstone Property Claims: Ossus Designation: Noble House House Caelistis Title: Matriarch @Altairas - Altairas Melanus Dae'Caelistis Property Claims: Caelum Designation: Noble House House Kastellon Title: Patriarch @kingjlawson24 - Leonus Kastellon Property Claims: Altharia Designation: Great House House Lanouette Title: Patriarch @jonathanbak - Aeolos Lanouette Kastellon Property Claims: Valley of Storms Designation: Noble House House Moraeos Title: Matriarch @GoddessSekhmet - Aella Moraeos Property Claims: Lake Sorden Designation: Noble House House Shadowcloak Title: Patriarch @Rhykker - Rhykker Shadowcloak Kastellon Property Claims: Trachonos, Outmaw Farms, Ardivious Estate, Emerald Isle, Ilthilien, Kongrath. Designation: Noble House House Windborne Title: Patriarch @CarterJennings - Carter Westwind Property Claims: Myr Seridan Designation: Noble House
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    any chance of a semi re-release with a wiped map, anyone can make towns, like 5x faster levelling or something? maybe not what other ppl want im not sure... gettin a lil greedy, this is already alot of nostalgia, thanks btw
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    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Its about time :3 Hooray
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    I was kinda hoping this would happen <3 <3 <3
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    It's a great way to get (all the gangs) back together in the hype for Horizons. Super excited!
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    This server always gives me a burst of inspiration, can't wait for release
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    Who even cares about trueshot... I've had a revelation: In the future sylvanite will be reset back to its prime, and it'll even have baphus' tree.
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    Hot damn. Not sure if I should brush away the cobwebs or just leave them be because in all honesty I'm not really going to come back. I will say though, A'therys has been an amazing experience for me and I'm glad I got the chance. It's a little late for an old soul like me though to pick up where I left off. Not sure what I'm doing, maybe I'll pop in every now and then. Who knows. <3
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    why is the background photo to my profile so iconic I'm literally the same person I was well over a year ago when I made it
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