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    Hail, all! It’s been quite some time since you’ve received any substantial communication from the staff team. We’re aware that we’ve been a bit too quiet over the last year on the state of A’therys and the status of our next iteration - A’therys Horizons. Well, today comes the most significant announcement we’ve had on this subject, probably since its announcement back in May of 2017. Over the last 3 years, we’ve been working hard on producing Horizons. The one decision we took from the very start was that we would focus on quality above all else. Absolutely no shortcuts will be taken, and everything is to be done properly - just as A’therys deserves, and as you guys might expect. We’ve accrued a number of finished features over that time that we need to test. The fact of the matter is, with a scope as large as Horizons, full scale testing can be quite difficult with a small staff team. That’s where you guys come in! We want to finally get back into the habit of running an active minecraft server. Our primary goal is to introduce features one-by-one on the public test server, and have players try them out, play around with them, and find every possible issue. How Will It Work? The map that players will start on will not be the final Horizons map. We’re still keeping that one for Horizons release ( sometime in the future ). It’s a beautiful custom-designed 2kx2k map, hopefully small enough to allow for enough player interaction, but large enough to allow us to do more with it in the future. To start with, we will release the RPG system we’ve been working on, along with a feature we had in the final days of Evo - then called “Conquest”. Since then, that system has been renamed to “Battlegrounds”. Combined with this, we will have multiple zones with custom mobs spawning, along with over a hundred customly designed items to fit in with the RPG system. More on all of this in the next section. As was mentioned previously, we will be releasing extra features later on, one-by-one. We hope this will accomplish 2 things: Firstly, to allow for plenty of time for testing. The features we’ve developed are quite large in scope, and we would ideally like them to be as bug-free and balanced as possible for Horizons release. Secondly, to maintain player interest in the server over time. The map that’s attached to this post shows how it looks, along with some more points of interest. There will be 2 sides to start off with, each having their own capital. In the middle you will find the battle points. Here’s a legend of the map colors: Orange - Quest Locations Blue - Dungeon Entrances Red - Battle Points Purple - Other Points Of Interest Circle(s) - Battle Point Radius Crown - Capital What Can You Expect To See On The 17th Of April? ( Feature Preview ) Now this is the part I’m sure you’re all the most interested in. When you finally get to join the test server on the 17th of April - what will you see? The Island Of Soltair You will embark for the island of Soltair, a forgotten part of Yeor’s dream. It is a tumultuous time for A'therys. Set during the Winnowing, the public test server will explore what it’s like to exist in a world where Gods have a real effect on political events. The 2 city-states you will be able to join are called Mahkri and Lahgur. Lahgur to the north was established by refugees, running from the countless wars of the Winnowing. Their patron God, Jangur, the Spirit of Battle, holding also the portfolios of the Forge and the Mountains, led his people to build the beautiful city of Korghor. To the south, the slumbering spirit of Jangur’s rival was slept in the form of a large monument, until others who found their way to Soltair discovered it. Zafahr, spirit of Victory, the patron god of Mahkri, was awoken after people built the city of Sharra. Expect a full lore overview of Soltair island some time in the future! The Mod Pack To start with, A’therys Horizons is still planned to be a modded experience. The version we will release the public test server on is Minecraft 1.12.2. We have a modpack set and ready to go, and you can find the download link on the Forums home page, and on Twitch. (Custom Launcher coming soon) The note-worthy mods featured in this modpack are as follows: Conquest Reforged CustomNPCs Macro Mod Various other audio and visual enhancement mods The RPG System The RPG System is designed with inspiration from legendary role-playing games of past and present. Experience Earn experience by killing mobs, completing quests and participating in other server activities. With this XP, you can purchase skills and attribute upgrades. Attributes The defining stats of your character. Start off at the same point as everyone else. Give your character the attributes that fit your skill choices. Strength - Improves weapon and skill damage based on Strength. Slightly increases physical resistance. Constitution - Increases max health, health regeneration and improves skills dependent on Constitution. Dexterity - Improves weapon and skill damage based on Dexterity. Intelligence - Increases energy regeneration and improves skills dependent on Intelligence. Wisdom - Increases max energy and improves skills dependent on Wisdom. Slightly increases magical resistance. Magical Resistance - Reduces the amount of physical damage taken from attacks. Physical Resistance - Reduces the amount of magical damage taken from attacks. Some of these you can upgrade, while others are only calculated based on your equipment and buffs. Yes, that’s right, weapons and armor can also carry attributes. Your off-hand, main hand and 4 armor slots are all taken into account when calculating your final attribute total. Skills Unique abilities that are influenced by your attributes. Deal damage, heal your friends, buff your allies and curse your enemies. All of this, arranged in a graph structure which allows for maximum freedom of choice. Build your own class based on your choices, customized to fit your specific playstyle. Using skills is not free though - you use up Energy. Your total energy is determined by your attributes, as is your energy regeneration rate. There will be 18 skills in total, with 6 in tier 1, and 12 in tier 2. Tier 3 will be added in a future update. Custom Damage System Your weapon damage depends on your attributes as well. So does your total health, your passive health regeneration rate and so much more. All of this is thanks to our fully custom damage system. We completely circumvent the vanilla minecraft damage system. Battlegrounds Formerly known as “Conquest”, this is a system that we introduced in late Evo, and reinvented for Horizons. It’s an open-world PvP system based on the capturing and holding of areas out in the world. Battle Points Each battle point represents an area of the world that you can fight over, capture and hold. Awards are received from both capturing and holding. Each point has a very large radius around it, around which any PvP will be further awarded with reputation and currency. For the Public Test Server, we have chosen to go with 3 battle points, each with a radius of 250 blocks. These will be the centers of combat and player interaction in these initial stages of the server. Respawn Points Every time you die within the radius of one of these battle points, you will be given the opportunity to randomly respawn at one of 3 locations, also within the radius of the battle point. Reputation Reputation was thought up as an addition to the battlegrounds specifically for testing on the public test server. This is a concept we’ve been toying around with since late Evo, though nothing ever came of it, until now. All players are sorted in a list. When you first join the server, you will be placed at the bottom of that list. The 1st position is the most valuable, as that is what determines who is at the very top. The higher up in the list you are, the higher Tier you will achieve. You will be able to climb the list by slaying opponents which are higher ranked than you. Each PvP Tier provides you with a multiplier on currency rewards dropped from participating in PvP. Meaning, the better you are, the more rewards you’ll get. The money you earn from this can later go to purchasing better and better armor, more details on that below. Item Sets As you fight your way up the reputation tiers, you will gain access to more and more powerful items. They should allow you to progress further and faster. The approach we’ve taken for the public test server is to have several tiered armor sets. Each tier will progressively cost more than the last, so the only way to get the best equipment is to participate in PvP or grind mobs ( at least for the time being ). Items will be purchased from shops, one per capital. Mobs The public test server won’t be purely PvP, though. We’ve also created a number of different types of mobs, which we hope will add a little bit more flavor to it all. You will be able to farm these mobs for experience, which you will require to progress through your attributes and skills. And who knows, maybe every once in a while, you might get an interesting rare bit of armor or weapon. You will find these mobs scattered all around the test server. Eventually, they will play a larger role with the introduction of quests and dungeons to the test server, but more on that later. What To Expect Later? ( Future Feature Sneak Peek ) You can expect all of the below mentioned features to eventually make their way on to the Public Test Server in one form or another. We need to test everything, including how different systems interact with each other and learn how to balance them properly. Quests As shown during the Seten-Nan event, the quests plugin is essentially complete. We have planned quest lines which we will put on the public test server as soon as they are ready to be presented to you. Expect to be sent on perilous adventures, defeat unruly foes and develop deep relationships with factions through the questing system. Towns People have been able to create their own communities on the A’therys server since its very inception. The custom towns plugin we’ve been developing for Horizons is almost ready to go, but it’s just not quite there yet. Eventually you will be able to form towns, join nations and participate in international politics and conflicts, so be on the lookout for that. Dungeons Dungeons have been one of those pipe dreams we’ve had since the days of V1. We hope to finally make them come true with a comprehensive dungeoneering system for Horizons. A combination of large packs of mobs, boss fights, quests, parkour and various redstone puzzles, you and a group of your friends will be able to take part in interesting adventures to challenge your skill and your wit. Economy The server economy is of paramount importance to maintaining a rewarding gameplay experience. We’re keenly aware of this fact, after having seen the consequences of an ill-managed economy in pretty much all of our previous versions. We plan to create an economic system for Horizons which will maintain itself over a long period of time. Professions Some of you might remember the professions of V1, which were crucial to the economy back in the day. We’ve always had plans to create an in-depth profession system, and for Horizons we intend to do just that. Eventually you will be able to pick out a specific area into which you can specialize your crafting, improve your items with your newly learned skills, or create artisan goods for yourself and others. Airships We haven’t forgotten about this part. We promised this all the way back in the A’therys Horizons announcement in 2017, and we haven’t given up on integrating the Valkyrien Warfare mod (now called Valkyrien Skies) into our gameplay. Do expect to be able to create, purchase and fly around in your very own airships eventually.
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    Hello, A’therys! I welcome you to the first of our new monthly posts on the development of A’therys Horizons! I hope that it will better inform you about our active development and changes of the project! Build Team Firstly, we would like to announce that three new members have joined the build team over the past month: @Erik_2000, @Lizard and @Havald Carn. Give them a big welcome! We also have a returning build member from the Gazamo Build Team, @TheTazHD! And with this I want to encourage builders of every stripe to join our build team and help us make this beautiful world of blocks. We have a new easy way to join, you just have to log onto our build server “Horizons Build Server” where you can work on a plot of your own, show us your best work and then after you are done you can contact @skillet52 , @Altairas , or @InsanibleLector on Discord, in which they will review your build and see if you have what it takes to join our build team. Development Team We've also had a returning member to the development team: @Aoiley (Kaltiz)! He has already been doing work on the chat system. Along with the chat system, we’ve also been hard at work on the towns plugin. It underwent a massive refactor to support roles (mayors, citizens, assistants, etc) which is now reaching completion. After that, several major features will be implemented: Town protection Player town creation A town raid system (click here if you want a preview) Here are a couple examples of the town UI. Towns, nations, and residents can all be hovered over and clicked on. Finally, we’ve been working on adding sound and particle effects to the skills. All of them should have effects by the release of the first major update of the PTS. For a quick glance at what we're working on, you can look here. If you'd like to join the development team, contact @Rynelf on Discord! Community/Media Team We have also updated the layout of our Discord, please feel free to hop in and check it out! There will also be changes to the Community/Media Team and the things they will do in the future, which I’ll explain in an upcoming post! And as always be sure to follow and join us on Discord , Twitter , YouTube , Twitch , Instagram , and Planet Minecraft with more to come, so you’ll be able to see and share more about the A'therys Horizons development. Thank You for reading this post, there will be more to come in the future!
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    A'therys Public Test Server Guide Countdown To Server Release Server Address: test.atherys.com Introduction With the Public Test Server just around the corner ( see countdown above ), I've decided to whip up a quickstarter guide for you folks so you know roughly how it's gonna work. But before we jump into that, I just want to say how grateful I am to the people in the staff team who have quite literally been losing sleep on this thing, trying to get it done on time for you guys. A'therys wouldn't be possible without them. @Rynelf @cicetil @skillet52 @Owl @Eojinn @naomi210 For Starters... When you first join, you will have to pick one of the 2 sides involved in the conflict on the Isle of Soltair ( see the original post ). Once you've done that, you will be teleported to your respective side's capital city, and your adventure may begin. The way it will begin is up to you, of course, but it might be wise to pick up some gear. You'll be starting off with a bit of money, just enough hopefully to afford some starter items. From there, it's up to you. The Isle of Soltair is filled with wonders and dangers alike, and which ones you discover first is up to you. Try to stick to the road network which covers the entire island and you should be able to go anywhere, if you knew your way around of course. Exploration should probably be at the top of your priority list to begin with. Upgrading You're not expected to stay in your starter gear forever, though. As you look around and discover the Isle of Soltair, you will discover various places which will no doubt be a threat to your existence. There is much to be said of courageous acts, but most of all, they almost always result in handsome rewards. So take your risks carefully, and you may find yourself holding a shiny new sword, a tome full of ancient secrets, or a battle hardened set of armor lost by someone else much like you. It's not just the items you find out there that should draw you to these sometimes cursed places. As you engage whatever hostiles you meet, you will gain experience. Improve your stats or pick up new skills, the choice is up to you what you do with it. But one thing is certain, you will come out a better fighter than you went in. Co-operation & Competition You're not alone on the Isle of Soltair, of course. There are others much like you who seek the same rewards you do. And after all, you have sworn your allegiance to one of two sides in a heated war. Trust is valuable, so never misplace it. The friends you make along the way will be invaluable to your success in the long run, and the enemies you face will undoubtedly look to steal from you your most precious resources. As you explore further, you will discover highly disputed areas which are valuable to both sides of this conflict. Capture them for your own nation and achieve greatness. ~------------------< A >------------------~ Reporting Bugs This being a test server and all, we're definitely expecting there to be issues. It's not going to be smooth sailing, at least not to start with. You can report bugs in-game by using /report HeadHunter111 <Your bug report> . The report system is also used to report malicious players and their activities so that the moderation team can handle those. To do that, you simply replace my name with the name of the person you want to report. Command Guide Skills /skills - Display current and unlockable skills ( You can unlock new skills by clicking on them, provided you have enough experience ) /skills reset - reset skills and the the experience spent on skills /skills cast <skill-id> - cast a skill The A'therys Mod Pack* contains a Macros Mod which you can use to bind skills to keyboard keys. There is currently an issue with the macro mod button being positioned directly over the Disconnect button, and left-clicking on it will indeed disconnect you from the server. Instead, you should right-click on the button to open the macros menu. Attributes /attributes - Display your current attributes ( you can click on the plus signs to increase attributes, if you have enough experience ) /attributes reset - Reset your attributes and refund the experience spent Experience /experience - Display current experience Parties /party help - View all party commands /party - View current party /party invite - Invite player to party /party kick/remove - kick player from party ( must be party lead ) /party disband - disband party and kick all members ( must be party lead ) /party leave - leave party /party pvp <on/off> - toggle party pvp /party leader <player> - give party lead to someone else ( must be party lead ) Parties will share experience and currency dropped from any slain monsters, provided you're near the monster when it dies. Battlegrounds /rank - View your conquest points and ranks /team - View your team and which battle points it controls /team info <team> View a team and which battle points they control Killing players of the opposite team while in a battle point will earn you conquest points, as will capturing them. Battle points have a cooldown of 40 minutes before being able to be captured again. The Future To end this, I'm sure many of you are asking yourselves where this will go. As mentioned in the original post, we have plans to keep this server updated regularly. We've drafted up an internal update schedule, and even though we're not ready to share it fully, I can tell you that the next update will bring Towns functionality, and will likely be released within the first 3 months of this server's release. So, be on the lookout for future announcements!
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    It's been a good three months' coming honestly; but I'm stepping away permanently. Three years ago, when @OccidentalAnvil was transitioning out and needed someone to step up; I honestly couldn't say "yes" fast enough. A'therys was my home since 2012 years and needed help, and I was more than happy to assist. Although I've been less active in the last few months, this entire project has been an unforgettable series of meetings, calls, and discussions regarding the future of A'therys. I want to thank everyone for your support during this project. It was great to rekindle friendships and forge new ones in an effort to find what the next phase of A'therys would look like. I'll never forget the ideas you threw at me and let me jump into, or the late night conversations with last minute edits. Even though this last year was a whirlwind I'd like to take a moment to thank past and remaining members of the Lore Team; @Sellt , @Crash, @HaedHutner, and other members of the day-admin staff; and of course all of the Build Team and volunteers who made the effort to bring the world to life. Your input is invaluable in guiding the future. I really wish I could've done more. There were many parts left undone and I know I fell short on some of the expectations many of you had of me. For that, I am sorry. All I hope is that I was able to nudge our home forward just a bit more towards becoming the ideal space we all want it to be. A'therys will forever be a part of me and I look forward to crossing paths with all of you again.
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    Much though I'm sad to see you go, your time has come, as it did for me those years back. The world turns and calls us elsewhere, that's just how life works. I still remember the piece that introduced you to me, blending Fendelian ramblings with stilted Welsh; it floored me, inspired me, made me glad to see that someone had taken my world and run with it in a way I'd always hoped for. You didn't just use it, you cared for it. You wrote with a voice that was borrowed and yet all your own. When my time came, I could think of no better person to carry the torch, and now I know of no one at all. It is a choice that cannot be made lightly, for the foundations of this place are in the words we shared with the community. Without them, and the people who helped us craft them, this server could have been any other. What it may yet be, remains to be seen. Good luck in your future creative endeavors, whatever they might be. I consider myself fortunate to have been privy to some of your other efforts, so I feel I can say with certainty that you won't lose your way. Just keep that obsessive spark, it serves you well. -OA --------------- "But where will you go, Master Ironstride? What will you do now?" "My dear boy, I have no idea. And that is perhaps the most exciting thing. For so many years I've traveled, seeking answers to the questions in my dreams, the memories of a life not my own. I've climbed to the peak of the Ber Gholraggh, delved deep beneath the Sea of Glass. I've passed between worlds, seen the fraying ends of existence as they loosen from the Mesh. I've treated with dragons, waxed poetic with the First. Gods, it was I who chained the very Slumbering Isles to this earth, and strode across them like the Creator himself! Now, the phantoms are banished from my mind, and I feel as though I've been reborn. A life is a terrible thing to waste, so I think I shall go live it." "I was there! For so many of those adventures, for so much of my own life. But now, I fear nothing else I do can measure up to it all. What should I do? You have your new life, but where can I go in the one I have left?" "Olivair, adventures are made grand by those you share them with, but they are ever only yours. Our ordeals were as much yours as mine, never forget that. Treasure what has been, what we shared, but use those experiences as a lens through which to view the morrow. If there's one thing I've come to understand, it's that the best in life is always beyond the next sunrise. And for men such as us, it is in the unknown that we truly thrive."
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    Hear ye, hear ye! This weekend only! A once in a lifetime experience, only here on A'therys! Hello everybody, new and old. Today we have a very special announcement to make - one which offers you the unique chance to get a sneak preview of one of Horizon's upcoming cities! This weekend only, from (SELLT PUT IN A DATE HERE) to (SELLT PUT IN ANOTHER DATE HERE OTHERWISE WE WILL LOOK SILLY), we will be opening up the capital city of Seten-Nan on our servers for you to explore. Feel free to log in and walk around, take in the sights and sounds of the nation of Dalkun-Tir, and experience life as a caravan-dweller. From the towering monumentality of the bazaar to the roaring shoreline of the river, Seten-Nan will surely thrill and excite you! In addition to seeing what the build team is capable of, we will be testing out our custom built Quests plugin on you, our ever-faithful guinea pigs. Talk to the interesting citizens of the city and see what you can do for them! We will be opening up feedback forms (basically this topic) for you to provide us with bug reports and hopefully some praise too. Once this event ends, we will be deporting all stragglers and development will will resume behind closed doors, like Willy Wonka's factory after a health inspection. Until then though, we strongly recommend you come check it out. -Sellt
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    Rynelf's Dev Diary #2 Hello again. As you probably know, since HeadHunter's departure I am the lead (and only) developer now. I am not discouraged, however. This will be a brief update on what I've been working on recently. I have three primary goals/plugins: Towns, Quests, and RPG (combat). These make up the pillars of gameplay and are what I'm striving to get feature complete as soon as possible. Of course, there are various other plugins that support these that need to be maintained, but these are the most complex. Quests I consider Quests nearly production ready. It just needs a few more features and polish. What I've implemented recently: Timed quests Repeatable quests Dynamically hiding dialog options A simpler but more powerful NPC system Supporting a second scripting language (Groovy) that has better stability than the previous JavaScript version What I'm planning to implement: Better feedback for missing requirements on dialogs & quests Template quests that players can use to give tasks to other players (See https://github.com/Atherys-Horizons/AtherysQuests/issues/45) Expanding the online quest editor (See https://docs.atherys.com/plugins/AtherysQuests/Quest-Editor.html ) A better UI for displaying quests to the player (perhaps an inventory one) Towns HeadHunter left a great foundation that makes it easy to add features quickly. What I've implemented recently: Most /town commands (name, invite, join, claim, info, motd, description, leave, etc) Most /nation commands (name, ally/neutral/enemy, description, capital, etc) What I'm planning to implement: Plot "stuff" (owners, embassies, protection, etc) Resident commands (not many of them) The tax system RPG Much of the functionality in RPG is already there for the most part, but the main meat is missing: skills! What I've implemented recently: The base of how the skill tree will function (picking new skill nodes) What I'm planning to implement: More "types" of skills (toggleable skills, primarily) The skills themselves, of course Like Quests, a better UI (for upgrading your attributes and choosing new skills) Conclusion Hopefully this gives you an idea of where I am with plugin development. As always, I am always on the lookout for aspiring developers. I am Rynelf#8390 on Discord. Finally, as poll suggests I have been toying with the idea of making the test server open to the public. I've seen many people try to connect but the server is currently whitelisted. There wouldn't be much to do except see how the current systems work, and there won't be a guarantee of saving progress as I have to clear the database regularly for testing. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    We haven't fully decided how towns will function on the test server, or if players will be able to create them. I thought I would tease some of the UI components of the RPG system. We've imagined a few ways to represent a skill tree in game, but for now it is all textual. You can see which skills will be unlocked should you unlock a skill. Also, skill descriptions are dynamic--their values can change based on your attributes. Primary attributes can all be upgraded with experience, but resistances are only from your equipment or temporary effects. You can view where each attribute is getting its total from.
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    Hello, A’therys! This week we’ll take a look at our Development Team, and see what they’ve been up to in the code base of A’therys Horizons! Development Team Firstly, we would like to congratulate @CodeStripper, our newest addition to the development team! We are always looking for new members to join our development team, so if you think you can help please contact @Rynelf on Discord and see if your skills could be used to assist us! Here is our open source project on GitHub (https://github.com/Atherys-Horizons), if you would like to help! This past week they’ve been working on the Town Creation and Town Chats systems, which we have some pictures below showcasing what they’ve been working on. Important: Not everything is final though, so text and other things may be subject to change. (Town/Nation chat working) (Create a town via party vote) (Friends can build in your plot) (Others are blocked from building/interacting) Combat Team The combat team has come up with an idea to get people to try out the RPG Skills plugin without the need to gain experience, so that you can try out the skills and attributes systems more easily. This format will allow us to receive feedback faster than on the test server. The dev server can be accessed by using the command “/server dev2” while connected to any of the A’therys servers. The development server will be open on Fridays so that you can test with us, and see where we can fix things or balance them out. All feedback is welcome. The server will be open for eight hours starting around 4pm US Eastern Time, 8pm GMT. Build Team A good way to join our build team is to log on to our “Community Build Server” which is build.atherys.com (it's modded) and find a plot to build on, simply do /plot auto and you will be teleported to the nearest plot available. You can work on a plot of your own solo or with a group of friends and when you are done with that build trial, please contact one of our build team leaders @skillet52 or @InsanibleLector on Discord, in which they will review your build and see if you have what it takes to join our team. Community Team The community team has been hard at work, working on getting information about A’therys out to the community. If you didn't know we’ve been streaming on Twitch around 5pm US Eastern Time, 9pm GMT for about an hour so if you’d like to join the stream, I'll be there to welcome you to the stream so we can talk and showcase some of the cool stuff that you may not have seen before and just have a good time with you all. I’ve also been uploading the stream on YouTube, I've called it our A’therys Horizons Showcase Series so if you have the time please give us a look on YouTube just in case you miss out on the stream, I usually upload them on Saturday at around 5pm US Eastern Time, 9pm GMT. Here is our latest video of last Friday's stream, if you have not had the chance to see it yet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw5mk47jvW0 And as always be sure to follow and join us on Discord , Twitter , YouTube , Twitch , Instagram , and Planet Minecraft with more to come, so you’ll be able to see and share more about the A'therys Horizons development. Thank You for reading this post!
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    Hello, A’therys! This week we’ll take a look at our community build server, and what you can do to join our build team! Build Team Firstly, we would like to congratulate @Zok the Weird ( Zoktobian ), our newest addition to the build team! We are always looking for new members to join our build team, so if you think you can help please come to our community build server to show us your building skills. Join The Build Team A good way to join our build team is to log on to our “Community Build Server” which is build.atherys.com (it's modded) and find a plot to build on, simply do /plot auto and you will be teleported to the nearest plot available. You can work on a plot of your own solo or with a group of friends and when you are done with that build trial, please contact one of our build team leaders @skillet52 or @InsanibleLector on Discord, in which they will review your build and see if you have what it takes to join our team. And as always be sure to follow and join us on Discord , Twitter , YouTube , Twitch , Instagram , and Planet Minecraft with more to come, so you’ll be able to see and share more about the A'therys Horizons development. Thank You for reading this post!
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    Hello, A’therys! This week we’ll take a look at what the build team has been working on in Korth,the capital of Kilnholdt. Build Team Construction has been finalized on our newest edition to Korth. We’ve added a macabre work of art to the underground. Under the main palace of Korth lies a winding construct of catacombs, layer upon layer housing dead rulers, their families, as well as people of special import to Kilnholdts past. Tombs and tunnels both fresh and neglected, or wholly forgotten to time can be found here. You Can Help We have a new easy way to join the build team, you just have to log onto our build server “Horizons Build Server” where you can work on a plot of your own solo or with a group of friends, show us your best work and then after you are done you can contact @skillet52 or @InsanibleLector on Discord, in which they will review your build and see if you have what it takes to join our team. And as always be sure to follow and join us on Discord , Twitter , YouTube , Twitch , Instagram , and Planet Minecraft with more to come, so you’ll be able to see and share more about the A'therys Horizons development. Thank You for reading this post!
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    Hello, A’therys! I welcome you to the first of our new weekly posts on things going on with A’therys Horizons! This week I will lay out our plan for our Community Team, which we have re-organized. I will also discuss new things planned for the community! Community Team So what I've started is the monthly and weekly posts to help show updates of the work we have been upto and to give some insight as to what we have planned in the future. I have made it my job to keep the community up to date on the latest information and what we have to show you about A’therys Horizons. This is the current schedule we have planned: Monday: Monthly/ Weekly Post - Each Monday we will have updates posted for the community on the forums, as well as on social media and PMC. The first Monday of each month will be a wrap up post for all of the new information for the month prior. Wednesday: We will post on social media for Lore Wednesdays to highlight lore that is interesting and cool, hint, all of it is interesting and cool. Friday: We will stream on Twitch for about an hour and take a look at our test server, build server, and codebase followed by another media post of images/videos we have. One example above is the weekly streams for about an hour a week, that would show you what we have been working on. These plans are just a few for now, but will help me with the engagement I want with all of you! Here's an outline of what you may see on stream. Showcase of our test server Which plugins we use and how we use them Our questing system and how we make quests Showcase of some of the builds from our fantastic build team Lore chat as well as Q/A sessions You Can Help I'm usually available for most of the day on Discord, so if you have an idea or suggestion for things like Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Discord, or Planet Minecraft, I’ll be there to talk about those changes and to see if it is realistic for us to get those accomplished. I would greatly appreciate it if I could talk to the community and see what you guys feel about the current state of things and what we could do better! We will also take suggestions about how our team operates or if you think we need to add something, like events or contests that we could have for our community, our team is open to your ideas that you may have. And as always be sure to follow and join us on Discord , Twitter , YouTube , Twitch , Instagram , and Planet Minecraft with more to come, so you’ll be able to see and share more about the A'therys Horizons development. Thank You for reading this post, there will be more to come in the future!
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    Let's not get too dramatic here. 😂 There has been pretty regular conversation and activity on the discord, and last I heard they had made good progress on the world building. Slow point seems to be the coding, but we would need a dev/admin to confirm how far along they are since going open source. Nice to see all the old Daggers still lurking! 😄
  15. 2 points
    Hello Atherys! Some good news for today. Atherys will join the State of Sponge today and present some new parts of Horizon! A bit more information and links to twich you can find here: https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/state-of-sponge-xviii-spongies-5th-birthday-bash/33519 See you there! Sellt
  16. 2 points
    TBH A'therys screwed up big time here. You could have kept this server running and kept your playerbase the whole time whilst building the new one.
  17. 1 point
    The launcher doesn't work, you will have to use the Twitch App ( https://atherys.com/forums/topic/4366-atherys-modpacks/ ) or do it manually, we are working on a new update to the launcher but wont be for awhile. Where did you get the launcher from anyways, thought we removed all the links to it?
  18. 1 point
    It saddens me to return to these forums. So crazy how this used to be such a active place to post, communicate, and engage with others. I guess with the modernization of gaming, discord is now the way to go. Even though in my personal opinon it's not as organized, and makes life a whole lot harder when looking for something in particular. But that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Signed Just another OG.
  19. 1 point
    At long last! Can't wait to pop on soon and see how everything is going!
  20. 1 point
    Just glad I wasn't the only one considering it.
  21. 1 point
    Helloo Since the Custom Launcher hasn't been playing ball lately for everyone, we've added both our 'Full' and 'Lite' modpacks to the Twitch Launcher. You can download Twitch here: Unnecessarily Named Link ______________________________________________________ Make an account/sign in then navigate to the 'Minecraft' section through 'Mods' <- Like so ______________________________________________________ Click 'Browse Modpacks' and search for "A'therys Horizons" or just "A't" will probably suffice. <- Another pointless arrow ______________________________________________________ Download whichever version you believe will not make your computer suffer for all eternity. (Full contains Dynamic Surroundings, Better Foliage, Sound Physics and all that good stuff) ______________________________________________________ OptiFine has to be added manually because reasons. This can be found here: Yes, another link Make sure you run 1.12.2 in the Official Vanilla Minecraft Launcher before trying to install. I recommend OptiFine 1.12.2 HD U F5. Press '(mirror)' to get the download before you get the ads (for your own sanity). Download and open, navigate to your 1.12.2 mods folder in the vanilla launcher and click 'Extract'. (This downloads OptiFine as a mod) <- ... to navigate folders (Sorry it's a Mac) Then simply copy the mod into your Twitch Instance Mod Folder - The folder can be found by clicking the cog and pressing 'Open Folder' <- That cog ______________________________________________________ If you choose not to download OptiFine. Please be prepared to have an axe for a sword and vice-versa. We will continue to work on fixing the Custom Launcher and that won't require you to do all these extra steps. ______________________________________________________ Hope this helps and I look forwards to seeing you all on the server. Owl
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    yo everyone donate your TrumpChecks™ to atherys so they can release it in another 20 years
  23. 1 point
  24. 1 point
    yo thats actually sick yo cant wait
  25. 1 point
    No. Our damage system ignores the cooldown.
  26. 1 point
    Welp. Never would have thought to come back here, and yeah hi. only a small number of people that's been here since the old days would remember a silly old hermit that lived in Vrovona, it's been a very long time, hope to make some great new memories with you all.
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  28. 1 point
    Ya okay, I actually had in my head that the post was dated March 17th for it to come out, not april 17th lol
  29. 1 point
    god damn this got my dick hard boys leggo
  30. 1 point
    Hello! I'd love to know what the status is for A'therys Horizons. Please and thank you!
  31. 1 point
    We are very much alive. Expect an announcement this week
  32. 1 point
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    Can't have christmas without wishing people from the plane of A'therys a merry christmas! I hope you are well, hopeful and going for all those dreams you have <3
  34. 1 point
    Miss this server and all of its wonderful people. Hope you are all doing well if any of you remember me. #VrovonaForever
  35. 1 point
    On a break from college ATM so I'd be very down with the test server being made public, I miss messing around with the systems y'all had in place
  36. 1 point
    As a heathen ambassador from the depths of Roreg Logh. I'd just like to take this opportuntity to say... Praise be to Shol. Also, Aloreh is 10/10, would holiday again p.s. Hoot Hoot

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