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The Book of the Calling

The Book of Witness of the Second Calling of the Gods

The Vision of Klopon Didaskalos, Chosen Prophet of Things Hidden to Mortals

Editor's Note
    This work was first written down in ancient Gennaian by a scribe at the dictation of the Prophet. It has been lost since those times as only one manuscript survived the persecution of the Prophet's followers that came soon after his death. This one manuscript was left untouched in hidden vaults of the Atvoren Guild of Scribes until the ancient parchment was given to me to copy. I translated it into the common tongue with all my skill and art, and reading it, I have learned how truthfully reads all the Prophet wrote here. And so I was exiled from my homeland because I followed these teachings which the kings and tyrants of the world conceal from men for their own gain. Read well then, good reader, and see what has been kept hidden from men since the beginning of the age.
    - Veredeus Volens, once High Scribe of Atvoria, now called heretic and exile in the land of the Kild


    I, Klopon Didaskalos, on the 5th day of the 9th month according to the Gennaian calendar, in the year that changed all things, went out in the morning to harvest my fields of wheat. I saw the sun come up at dawn in the east and heard a voice like thunder speaking to me from that radiant star. It said, "Look well mortal, for to you is given a vision of things which kings through the ages have longed to see." 
    And I asked, "Who is this who speaks to me in a voice like the gods?"
    And it gave no reply, but I saw there coming out of the sun, a youth of immense beauty, more radiant than light itself, facing me. This being was clothed all in white, with an ivory cloth covering its eyes, wonderous to behold, and yet seemed to be wounded in every way, covered in scars and limbs deformed repulsively. And when I had taken in this sight, the being spoke. "I am the bringer of justice," it said. "See how I stand deformed before your sight. So is the world deformed in all its wretched ways. And I have come to right the wrongs of men and gods in the sight of all men. All shall see what I do here today, but they shall not know what they see. And so look well mortal, and record what you see for future generations so that you may interpret this wonder to them and prophesy to them of things to come."
    Then I seemed to be lifted up away from where I stood, and I looked down and saw clearly all the kingdoms of the world spread below me like a map, and I saw all the men within going about their daily lives. I saw princes in tall towers in lands of hills and mountains and farmers in their small houses in the midst of barren deserts and every rank of men between them going about their lives.
    And the being in white asked me, "What are these you see, mortal?"
    And I answered, "These are the kingdoms of men, my lord, and all the inhabitants in them."
    "You see rightly. But look more closely, and see the thieves who hide in darkness to steal all that a man possesses, see cruel governors taking the food of their subjects for their own feasts, see peasants who have dethroned kings and in turn become tyrants themselves." 
    And I looked and saw and all things were as the being had described, and I saw great evils all throughout the world, from the smallest theft to the betrayal of a nation. And I said, "I see clearly, my lord."
    And it said to me, "Because of all these evil things you see, I shall bring judgement on mortalkind. These men who hate peace and love war shall receive it, and for them the wars shall never end. Now, mortal, I shall show you how this will be done."
    And with these words, I heard a sound that seemed to pierce the air from one corner of the world to to other, and I saw great beings like giants appearing by that figure in white. They stood innumerable in many different shapes and forms before it. One stood tall above the others, dressed in silver armor shining like the moon with a great spear in one hand and a red plume on his helmet. Another had skin more red than blood and wore armor of the purest gold. He had a fearful mask of the same metal and carried a sword dancing with flames. There were others shadowed in darkness and black garments whom I could not see clearly. And there were many more of such awesome sight that I could not describe them in my mortal words. And then I heard the figure in white speak again.
    It asked me, "What are these you see, mortal?"
    "I do not know, my lord," I answered it.
    "Then I shall answer for you. These are all the gods who rule the lands of men and every other realm beneath the sky. These gods have misused their power over men, have concerned themselves too much with mortal things, and have neglected their duties to keep justice in their domains. Therefore, I shall strip them of their kingship and banish them from this realm. And this shall bring war upon the lands of men, for men are greedy and proud beyond measure, and they shall all strive and contend and make war to take the place of the gods they once served. And as they desire to be like gods, I shall make them so. Men shall be immortal fom this time forth. No sword or wound shall slay them utterly, but they shall return to life when they die. And so enemies shall always remain enemies, and neither shall ever find victory over the other, and the fires of war shall always burn between them.
    "But now I have for you a new sight. Look very well at this one, for you behold something that no man has ever seen and no man will see again until the end of the age. And at that time, a far more terrible judgement shall fall on mankind, and they shall all perish for their crimes unless they amend their ways and do penance. But first, answer for me one more question: How can a god do evil if he is the writer of laws for men? Answer me."
    "I do not know, my lord," I answered. "The ways of the gods are far higher than the ways of men." 
    And it replied, "Then look and see what men cannot, and speak of it to them that they may learn of the power that gives law even to gods."
    And then I saw in the sun the brilliant form of a man, shining far more brightly than any of the gods facing him. Behind him, the sky seemed to darken and I saw two beams of light. One stetched up behind him into the sky and the other seemed to encircle the whole sky. And to that figure, I saw all the gods bend their knees and kneel, even the figure in white who had spoken to me, who now seemed dim before this new god. And I, too, fell to my knees and cried out in wonder, "What is this I see, my lord?!" There was no answer, and I saw the glorious being glow even brighter such that I could see nothing. And I turned my burning eyes away from the sight. 
    When I could see again, the vision was gone, and I was kneeling by my house. I immediately rose up and went to a great immovable stone in the middle of my field, on which I set two unlit candles. And this was my altar to that unknown god to whom the other gods had bowed. And I swore that I would make no sacrifice on it until all men would amend their ways of wickedness and so be able to worthily worship this judge and lawgiver of gods.  
    So ends the testimony of the Prophet.

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