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  1. Fendrak Ferol

    What are your plans for when Horizons releases?

    Setup camp somewhere and hunt some ducks. Merry Christmas!
  2. Fendrak Ferol

    The Protection Update - May 19th

    There are only vanilla oak trees but you have to find their saplings in villages or mineshaft chests. There are however a bunch of trees that grow small like the vanilla trees. Some of these are orange trees, dark oak, birch Even the birch technically is a CR tree, its easy to notice because you cant stand on the leaves of CR trees. Vanilla trees grow with solid leaves. But as I mentioned you can only get oak. The tree removal works on the small CR trees that have the vanilla logs. So on small tree with beech log it won't work.
  3. https://atherys.com/canon-lore/nations/atvoria/organizations/an-overview "The Twelve Guilds are listed below, organized by Role in the Quest." They are actually listed to the left side, or on mobile, above the actual article. Also I think it may make more sense to compare the guilds to the governments of the new nations, not the old ones. The old ones are kinda irrelevant now. What I find a bit weird is how it is written "guilds are listed" yet the entries on the list only say "The Minstrel", "The Pouch" etc. I'd change it to "Minstrels Guild" or similar. (using the actual guild names could work too, perhaps a bit confusing for new people though. Including both like "Verdent Lamplighters (Ministels Guild)" proably is too long.)
  4. Fendrak Ferol

    Atherys Evo photos

  5. Fendrak Ferol

    Creature Creation Contest Winner!

    Should have linked his entry
  6. Fendrak Ferol

    A'therys Horizons

    Why is that that way tho? I'm seeing everyone say pvp is the majority, and that they want rogue raids. But if what you said is true, something there doesn't make sense.
  7. Fendrak Ferol

    A'therys Horizons

    It kinda depends on what kind of town design you want to go for, if anything it limits your choices.
  8. Fendrak Ferol

    A'therys Horizons

    I'm sorry you didnt have the time to read my post properly, I said out of a town, not out of a house. e.g. the suggested methods of building a super high wall around our town and whatnot.
  9. Fendrak Ferol

    A'therys Horizons

    TIL a genuine discussion is spamming k. Reading the ongoing discussion makes it very hard to give the pvpers who posted here the credibly they think they deserve. The way some discuss here seems a little immature. But I've seen that on both sides in the past, so nothing special I guess. The main gist im seeign here is that the pvpers want pvp on in all town, thats basically everything that's been brought up so far. But its been discussed in away as if pvp will be off on the entire server. It perplexes me a bit. There will still be towns with pvp on. And its not like pvp will be locked away in another dimension, there is a whole ruined nation where everyone has to go to get the best resources and gear. I see lots of opportunities for pvp. To me it looks way more exiting than jumping unsuspecting players in their town. And yes there are ways to keep pvp out of a town even with forced pvp, but they are ugly as hell. To me at least.
  10. Fendrak Ferol

    A'therys Horizons

    Ah the good old PvP discussion. I think Atherys is heading the right way with drawing PvP away from towns. And with that it should be for each town to decide wether they want PvP in their town or not. Also don't forget that PvP is as much of a part of A'therys than is RP, building, and PvE. But I only ever hear people say "Atherys is a PvP server!" when trying to prove their side right.
  11. Fendrak Ferol

    A'therys Horizons

    Good luck with that, you're two years late
  12. Fendrak Ferol

    My Final Post.

    Thank you for giving us AA! Will you still be involved with FEH btw? (If that is still a thing, haven't been around for a while)
  13. Fendrak Ferol

    Gazamo Time Zone.

    Why not Gazamo Main Time? Does that mean it is in sync with the server now, ie Towny, or does that still use US time?
  14. Fendrak Ferol

    Coin Sinks

    Do they all have the same stuff or does it differ per nation?

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