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  1. Lol this site's dead. I'm out.

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    2. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      lol, bye, take your RP thread with you

    3. Saterra


      as long as a single soul remains the site will live on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!

    4. Storm


      I was just trying to be funny. No one loves me. Goodbye.


  2. MRW I need some sick tunes to get in the zone


  3. That one button in the elevator


  4. Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

  5. I drank the stuff in a Magic 8 ball and now I'm omniscient. Ask me anything.

    BTW; Jerry, your girlfriend's cheating on you with you sister. Sorry.

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    2. Storm


      There is one thing that can save the show. A cameo, preferably someone with these qualities:

      -must be famous.

      -must be an established dragonslayer.

      -must be instantly recognizable.

      -must be associated with a hugely popular franchise.

      The criteria above and availability of appropriate celebrities (there are several anime characters that would do but I ain't no weeb) have ultimately decided the perfect candidate. And now, a man who needs no introduction;


    3. Galindaan Thewisy
    4. Storm


      No not you you scrub you can't even kill dragons in Minecraft and they can't even talk

      D&D dragons can talk, and they're actually scary. BLACK DRAGONS CAN USE PRISMATIC SPRAY THATS THE MOST SCARY OF ALL just take Havel

  6. Who wants a plushie toy of Jontron that says 'ECH' when you press his tummy

  7. I have approached a level of dank memes perfection so incomprehensible to us mere mortals that it has obliterated my mind.


  8. I beat Hyper Light drifter just now. My hands are still shaking. If you don't have it, get it. It's hard but good.


  9. Ashes of Ariana Grande to be released October 25th.

  10. Will work for omniscience pls

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    2. Storm


      I have a sunlight medal


      Approximate value in $s:11230984_888689071166699_504025425981089

    3. Riftblade


      Good offer, but all that wealth in erebor could work as payment...(with tax of course)

    4. Storm


      You strike a hard bargain. I'll give you my banana sword too, is that good?monastery-scimitar-lg.png

      wait I can just bathe in dragon's blood for omniscience well screw this noise



    (yes, I edited this in photoshop)

  12. You never realize how much you use Reddit until it's down.

  13. Schrödinger's door. It opens both ways until you try the handle. He also invented the USB system.

  14. English is dumb. The letter combination of "ough" has seven different pronunciations.

    The letter combination of "ough" has seven different pronunciations.


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    2. Storm


      I think there's some African dialects mixed in as well. I'm learning Spanish and it's actually going pretty well. I've got a sick accent. Yo me llamo Stormyface.

    3. Dan The Derp
    4. Storm


      In thine exodus from middle school, maketh pilgrimage to the A'therys forum. When thou voteth me into office, the fate of the dum dums thou shalt know.

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