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  1. I drank the stuff in a Magic 8 ball and now I'm omniscient. Ask me anything.

    BTW; Jerry, your girlfriend's cheating on you with you sister. Sorry.

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    2. Storm


      You might also want to line your windowsills and doorways with ash.

    3. Foe


      thanks Storm. here you go...wphFP.jpg

      Storm? can Galin use his powers as lector general to rid the world of the dragons with Xathas by putting enough crowd funding in to make and air the last episode? or can Ravyhn snuff them out with her magical skillz and write such nice and lovely fanfiction to satisfy my desire to be rid of these infernal dragons? or maybe Gales could roll over the cancellation of the television show using his power-mover skill as the Pithkeeper and we can have an in-depth and triple-A franchise that will be remember throughout history as the year Xathas finally got rid of the dragons?

    4. Galindaan Thewisy
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