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  1. Ishaan

    How did you find us?

    Old post, but PMC, in the 5th Grade, when it first came out. I am a Sophomore in High School now, Long time I've been here.
  2. Is this the ishaan?

    Back in the old days or are you a randy

    1. Ishaan


      Yup Same Old me. Been a long time Zyrue

    2. Zyrue


      Ye lmao havent been on mc for like 3 years I think. Anyone good still play? Wont be coming back tho

    3. Ishaan


      Nah bro idek who plays I just pop in once in a while

  3. Been gone for a while and come back to see SKT take an L


  4. I like this tbh. so we wont have 50 doomsayers all spamming condemn. Every person can have their own seperate skills and patha that cool kudos Fabian now everyone can feel unique in their own way.
  5. Happy bday Senor Chen @Velkas

  6. No one is putting dumb stuff on the fourms for me to call out 0.o 

    1. Burnside


      A damned shame

    2. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      yeah, the staff deleted them all ;D

    3. Ishaan


      Yeah wtf I posted something a while back and they deleted it said "It looks like you never posted" Haha good one.

  7. Ishaan

    Sellt’s Diary 03/22/2017

    You don't need to teach me the whole entire heroes when we already know it like and trying to show that were dumb the petty comment of where do i start with you two comment litteraly can be taken any way so And taken offensive something you should know. Hell yeah that would be op an invis demi but what you write is that I'm inferring that it should be in the game and decide to tell us everything we already know. I just said its not as op as you make it out, because there always are it's imperfections. I myself dont want it in the game. Also why need an invis demi when you got vinny on your team. Also when you said "Your Idea of balanced heroes is massively beyond repair" I just like to point out you are at the head of a heroes team with "broken classes" (quotes of many people) And your here just telling me about how I view things is completely wrong and you are completely right.
  8. Ishaan

    Sellt’s Diary 03/22/2017

    Then why did energaunt have it same with monute with it's low cd ? And you can see the particles and hear the movements that's pure vanilla .. you MUST be joking if you didn't know that. You can also get out (fire particles still will be shown not ur body but it will luminate your charecter/figure (if you didn't know)) of invis if you get hit by a fire aspect which also reminds me of the idea by you I think (keep in mind I said I THINK) of "Fire aspect is to powerful we are gonna remove it as an enchant". Tbh it not as op as you proclaim it to be.
  9. Ishaan

    Sellt’s Diary 03/22/2017

    What's so bad about it?
  10. Ishaan

    The News Page!

  11. Tfw 33% of Russians believe the Sun revolves around the earth.... smh

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. GodOfGales


      33% of Atherys are easily triggered, says recent poll 

    3. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Every place is a place of learning!

    4. Henneke von Obrok

      Henneke von Obrok

      What does the grave teach you Dan?

  12. Whoever voted on more RP Events instead of more dungeons... how do you dress yourself in the morning do you need help?

  13. @ultravioletpixie I just realized I was the first raider of Salacia.

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