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    Centurion of the Vrovonic Legion and Warrior of Harvikir
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    Ish Folkung
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    Came from from a long line of warriors.

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  1. Hey!

    Hope everyone I encountered on this server is doing well! To you guys, thanks for the memories! I am Looking forward for how Atherys Horizon turns out!

    To anyone I know, update me on anything I would love to read them!

    - Ishaan

    Also, Vrovona will always be the greatest nation to ever exist! 

  2. Is this the ishaan?

    Back in the old days or are you a randy

    1. Ishaan


      Yup Same Old me. Been a long time Zyrue

    2. Zyrue


      Ye lmao havent been on mc for like 3 years I think. Anyone good still play? Wont be coming back tho

    3. Ishaan


      Nah bro idek who plays I just pop in once in a while

  3. Been gone for a while and come back to see SKT take an L


  4. Happy bday Senor Chen @Velkas

  5. No one is putting dumb stuff on the fourms for me to call out 0.o 

    1. Burnside


      A damned shame

    2. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      yeah, the staff deleted them all ;D

    3. Ishaan


      Yeah wtf I posted something a while back and they deleted it said "It looks like you never posted" Haha good one.

  6. Tfw 33% of Russians believe the Sun revolves around the earth.... smh

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. GodOfGales


      33% of Atherys are easily triggered, says recent poll 

    3. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Every place is a place of learning!

    4. Mukhamet Ag Akrud

      Mukhamet Ag Akrud

      What does the grave teach you Dan?

  7. Whoever voted on more RP Events instead of more dungeons... how do you dress yourself in the morning do you need help?

  8. @ultravioletpixie I just realized I was the first raider of Salacia.

  9. @Staff Wanna not take down my post? If it was in the wrong place then just move it in the right place instead of hiding the whole thing.


    1. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

       I agree! Could there please be a friendly PM sent to the OP as to why their post has been hidden?

    2. Xathas


      Staff Policy is to hide posts under guidelines, but I cannot find any recent record of hidden posts via your account.

      If you could please note which topic the post was removed from; or which subforum the post was originally in if it was a topic - I will attempt to locate the post and tell you why it was hidden.

    3. Ishaan


      @Xathas under general discussion 

      Called stand by red.

      Thanks got looking into it.

  10. "Ishaan Im 20x times better than you...."

    1 week later....

    Rex and pals come to harvikir runs away...

    they regroup

    Ishaan Out of the mountains comes out of nowhere 

    1v3 as an endergaunt and then I kills rex...

    Nice meme Rex

  11. @Sanders so you must of missed our skype msgs on the vrovonic national skype chat! Just wondering when Chad gets the solodov account since you know ;) he's NH

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ishaan


      Sattera what are you on about.


      Instead of commenting know everything then come back to this post.


      (No flame)

      And I never talked to Carter ;(

    3. Saterra


      ishaan there is clearly a reason why u sent this as a profile update on a public forum...the subject matter seems private so u couldve sent him a poke or pmed him in game if u had to find him quickly. btw its the smileys that make it seem passive aggressive lul

    4. Ishaan


      I'll tell you l8er :*)

  12. @GoddessSekhmet

    It's Rachel 

    Riddle solved ez money 


  13. All hail my Lord and Savior CHADRIAN 


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