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  1. Bleualtair

    Sellt's Diary 09/05/2018

    I'm counting the days until release, can't wait!
  2. Bleualtair

    A'therys Horizons

    I;m sorry you find a house with a door ugly.
  3. Bleualtair

    A'therys Horizons

    when it's 10 to 1 towards pvp, we need to get our priorities straight.
  4. Bleualtair

    A'therys Horizons

    go ahead and focus on your rp and pve, but enjoy playing with a player base of ~3 people
  5. Bleualtair

    A'therys Horizons

    You're stupid. Its simple. Thats it.
  6. Bleualtair

    A'therys Horizons

    That's like saying liberals are biased towards liberal views
  7. Bleualtair

    A'therys Horizons

    Basically, stop trying to please everyone because it won't work, you'll end up not pleasing anyone and losing both the Pvpers and the builders. So appealing to the majority will be the only way to actually have anyone on the server at all.
  8. Bleualtair

    A'therys Horizons

    Very ironic.
  9. didnt you speak in v1, bloo?

  10. Bleualtair

    Loot Caches

    Thanks Barnie

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