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  1. Wont lie the amount of taxation listed in there is incredibly terrifying and whilst I believe in the idea of taxation do you not feel that this is disincentive from actually encouraging nations to have populous and large towns? The fact the size of your town by area and population is quite terrifying. In a place like A'therys where you are trying to encourage your players to come back and attract new ones, how attractive is it for someone to see a list like that? The only ones I like on there is a base tax (everyone should pay for the privilege of having a town), no-pvp toggle tax (you want the protection? then pay for it.), and the nation heads tax (the nation head is in best position to understand thats nations finances); these are all influential or necessary. I have little sympathy for those who want to keep a dead town though, so I totally understand that aspect. I understand that this is the Alpha, but please don't strike down what you have struggled to have, a price for a town yes, but why charge for its successes? If you launch live with this, I can gaurentee you somewhere down the line this will be one of the first 'concepts' you will likely pull from the server. ----------------------------------- That aside a massive well done for the work the dev team has done to get this through to fruition!
  2. True, but mistake or not, which can be left up to the vast interpretations and possibilities. Its back up for anyone to enjoy should they want it. As far as we are concerned it has bought people back together, there are people out there that still care before and after this; many of them have gone on to help our project. That's satisfaction enough. We could have allowed it to continue, but it began to embarrassingly hobble on and no one appreciated it anymore. No one can ever truly realize their appreciation for something until it is gone. After time we reflected on that, and for a group of us working on Horizons, we realized that missing A'therys was a common value with other people who had long forgotten about it. Anything on A'therys will always be assessed by whether any decision was a good decision. That's the burden of allowing something like this to even continue in the first place. But if we didn't allow it continue, the grim alternative would be no A'therys for anyone forever. I'm grateful at least, that this will hopefully never be the case.
  3. Hello everyone, new and old! As you may or may not have heard, we have brought back a functional build of A'therys Evo onto the server. We've noticed that a lot of people have been wanting a taste of the A'therys experience and having a place in-game to relive some of your favourite memories will go a long way towards achieving that. That being said, we want to make it clear that our priority as a staff and development team is still towards our project, A'therys Horizons, and that this build of Evo is purely for some casual fun on the side. Your towns, masteries, and items are all still there, and you are more than welcome to hop back on and explore the old continent where you left off. However, when Horizons approaches release, we will be taking down Evo once again and no progression will be saved. So call your friends, get the gang back together, and go on a good old fashioned raid! Mine away, build a new storehouse, and annoy your town members just like in the old days. All of our community and server rules still apply, and any requests for assistance can be directed towards our staff members on discord or in-game. Important things to note: - You can connect with vanilla clients from 1.8 - 1.11.2 (To connect to our Conquest servers you will need Conquest Reforged). In order to play the server, simply log onto play.atherys.com (or just join the hub we usually use) and type /server live. - The rules of the server have not changed, it will remain the same, but we will be more lenient (but not absolutely excluding) with the use of profanity, so long that it is not used with the intention of causing harm to other players. - Plots for towns will be given free of charge upon the right of merit and necessity. Finally, we want to ask a favor. Now, more than ever, we invite you to join our team and help us release the amazing project that is Horizons. Progress is being made daily, and we need your skills to help us build, code, and shape the new A'therys. Hop over to our sign up forms and put your abilities to good use! Help us out by looking at the applications below! Wish to be part of the fun? Help us in our vision to create a better RPG Minecraft experience in A’therys Horizons! BUILD TEAM Join our outstanding Build Team with an accolade of experience and a vision to achieve the unexplored world of A’therys Horizons set out by our ever expanding lore compendium. Using the Conquest Reforged mods, we aim to make this world even more immersive and detailed than the last! See our capital trailers so far in #media Apply for the Build Team today at: https://atherys.com/forums/forum/117-apply-for-build-team/ ◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◥ DEV TEAM Do you have an aptitude for programming? We are in need of your talent more than ever! Why not join our Dev Team and gain notoriety through our open source projects and the use of GitHub! https://github.com/Atherys-Horizons - We have constant updates on our programming work in #botchat GitHub A'therys Horizons A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike. - A'therys Horizons Apply for the Dev Team today by sending a private message to @Rynelf. ◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◥ LORE TEAM Our lore is what makes the A’therys experience unique. Built upon the astounding world of A’therys Ascended, A’therys Horizons embarks on a new adventure in the same world. If you have impeccable creative writing capabilities, then the Rubious Lanterns is the role for you! Join in our lore discussions in #lore-discussion Apply for the Lore Team today at: https://atherys.com/forums/forum/88-apply-to-become-a-rubious-lantern/ ◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◥ MODERATION TEAM Being a Moderator on A’therys is the steadfast role that ensures we provide our players and community with the experience we know they deserve. Upholding the dignity and values our services are built upon; they ensure that in such a complex social environment, order and fairness is kept. If you're ever in need of assistance just ask in #help Apply to join the Moderation Team today at: https://atherys.com/forums/forum/172-apply-for-moderator/ Atherys Horizons Trailers Discord https://discord.gg/eC2kDXG Click the link above to join our Official A'therys Community Discord. Discord has grown to become our latest and main form of communication medium. We highly suggest that if you want to be kept in the loop and up to date on A'therys Horizons then you should join.
  4. Before reading on; please note that this server will be up and down frequently to allow us to free up resources (the server does take up a fraction of our hardware capacity). When the server is online, feel free to explore and enjoy. Thanks. The Mortal Plane Awaits... v2/ Evo Monas Roth - Capital of the Daggerlands (Once named Monas Roth) To honor the past versions of our amazing server and its legacy, we are returning the world of A'therys Ascended to your pleasure once more! Thanks to the tireless work of our beloved admin @Dannie, he has managed to pull my old build server from the depths of Minecraft limbo. v1 Calastore - Capital of Ithero Whilst many of you use to use my build server, this will give you a chance to revisit your old builds on there. However beyond that, we have also restored the other worlds on there, including the A'therys v1 and v2 worlds. But to push the goal even further, we have also managed to bring back the A'therys Evo world. v2/ Evo Vrovona City - Capital of Vrovona Unfortunately you cannot play on the world as we did once before. All of our main resources are committed to delivering A'therys Horizons. However, in the mean time, why not take a trip down memory lane? Or even better, introduce our new and upcoming friends to the world you once knew. v2/ Evo Methes Avonthes - Capial of Aloreh As we look beyond the Horizon, to a world we all do not know and adventures that await, we can treasure the past and the legacy of A'therys Ascended. v1 Qhul-Rahav - Capital of Ar-Selukk You can connect to the server (play.atherys.com) via the Conquest Reforged client OR with vanilla Minecraft 1.12.2. You can get to this server by running the command /server old. To get permissions just ask any fellow staff member, as the server is running off my original A'therys Evo build server set up with PermissionsEX. You can easily visit all of the worlds via multiverse by using /mv list and /mvtp <world name>. Any issues please contact us via the #support channel on our discord: https://discord.gg/b7HdQVN /warp Atherysv1 - To get to A'therys v1 world /warp Atherys v2 - To get ot the A'therys v2 world (Note that the capitals are not in this map as they were taken out and transfered to the Evo map) /warp AtherysEvo - To get ot the A'therys Evo Map - WARNING YOU SPAWN ON MONAS' MONUMENTUM TOWER v1 Dorrod Muth - Capital of Roreg Logh We will continue to work on hard on putting together and delivering A'therys Horizons, but in the mean time we hope you enjoy this opportunity to revisit A'therys Ascended. ENJOY AND HAVE A HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, AND SAFE NEW YEAR! -A'therys Horizons Staff Team Atherys v1 Map Atherys v2 Map A'therys Evo Map
  5. Hey guys! I am conscious about releasing more sneak peeks of the build teams progress to the public to keep people interested! In the future you can look foward to seeing more sneak peeks on current build projects. Below you can find a picture of the main feature of Falkynthos, the Gennaian capital. As stated in the lore, this is the great Temple of Sjilea comissioned by Theoros in the Goddess' honour. We knew when attempting Falkynthos and Gennaia that ancient Greek themed builds were going to feature prominently. However, we wanted to move it beyond its stereotype of pillars and great buildings and introduce a fantasy feature to the mix. In order to achieve just that, we decided to explore the idea of placing the temple of Sjilea upon a great cliff with cascading waterfalls all around. "Those travellers who often sought comfort in the thought of paradise or heaven often allured their dreams to images of the Temple of Sjilea and its gardens, an area of outstanding natural beauty." - Some lore person I just made up. We need you! I want to take this chance to thank everyone on the build team who has assisted in the project so far, though there is plenty still left to do. This moves me to my next point, we need you! Have you ever wanted to try your hand at building? Join with a team that encourages self-value and respect for one another? Amongst our current builders, we have an accolade of creative vision and an ambition to deliver for what the community expects of us. As such we recruit builders who are knowledgeable of Conquest Reforged, and though we may not be the best, we drive ourselves to deliver and not compromise quality with a bespoke building structure. Whether you're a new or existing community member, I encourage you to apply today!
  6. Sometimes when I try to understand a person's motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst.

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      Perhaps I enjoy sparking insanity, or maybe I just simply want to make conversation...

      Who knows but I?

      Image result for little finger gif

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      I, of course, assumed the worse. xD

    4. Rhykker
  7. on a scale of 1-weeb how weeb is Lockuto?
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      @lockuto he cant answer because he is locked in motion

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      chad fucking jump off a bridge

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      lockuto he cant answer because he is locked in motion

      that response made my day

  8. Any news to be had about the content team yet ol' sport?

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      Cool to hear it's still an ongoing thing, however the content team has directors, I thought you headed the department?  

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      Nah I am its administrator, I am not officiating anything, just organising it and helping where management is needed and be that link between staff and the entire team. 

    4. Eojinn


      Is it still a pick and choose system, or did that change, since you said it's different now...

  9. "Stars, hide your fires;
    Let not light see my black and deep desires."
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      The Red's secretly an emo

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      Nope, your just an emo :P

  10. I love your profile pic! Did you do that yourself, or did someone do it for you?

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      @yukicutie did it for me I am so grateful xD she is brilliant! :D 

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      Ima make her make me one now lol xD


  11. I'm loving the new gear! New tag, new profile picture... when can we expect a merch shop? 

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      Hahaha thanks buddy! :D Lets see haha... I must give credit to Yuki for the picture which is amazing <3 

  12. You are smelly and posh

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      and now an admin #banned

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      Well it's good admins can't ban themselves else instead of me you'd be banning yourself

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      lol neither could mods after we found out they could

  13. The redninja is finally red. Ravina coated his name in blood. :P

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      He can't. Admins can't ban admins or ourselves. 

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      Literally why he got admin is so he couldn't self-ban any more. He's going cold turkey on it, very brave!

  14. Anyone know an alternate way to install the A'therys mod pack? o:

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      See I don't use techinc unless its out for normal minecraft I wouldn't use it.

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      I found an alternate pack to use :D

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  15. The blessings of Sav-Synav be upon you. Regent Raviyna av-Kulthanz IV,  Empress of all the Patron States. Rightful and haughty ruler of Ar-Selukk. We beg unto you our dominions; your servants whom are ever unworthy to grace your eyes. You rule a great Empire who's peoples loyalty does not fault in fear like the other Selukkites; but to remain true and bare witness that you, our most beloved daughter plucked from the bosom of Sav-Synav. Have come to do judgement to a desert that was engulfed in silence. Our nations legacy stretches back before any other civilisation were conceived. Its people achieved advancement in magic and power. Art ,literature, poetry, philosophy, and savants. These are but a few gifts Ar-Selukk has given to an undeserving world! You great Empress with power and beauty rose from the position of minor Priestess to the rightful and only ruler of Ar-Selukk and the daughter of Sav-Synav set before the wisdom of our God himself. Your people call to you devotion! Ever uttering praise in your name....

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