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  1. redninja685

    What are your plans for when Horizons releases?

    I'm going to wear that as a medal of honor lamo.
  2. redninja685

    What are your plans for when Horizons releases?

    Bruuh, I do that with myself too lolol
  3. The Mortal Plane Awaits... v2/ Evo Monas Roth - Capital of the Daggerlands (Once named Monas Roth) To honor the past versions of our amazing server and its legacy, we are returning the world of A'therys Ascended to your pleasure once more! Thanks to the tireless work of our beloved admin @Dannie, he has managed to pull my old build server from the depths of Minecraft limbo. v1 Calastore - Capital of Ithero Whilst many of you use to use my build server, this will give you a chance to revisit your old builds on there. However beyond that, we have also restored the other worlds on there, including the A'therys v1 and v2 worlds. But to push the goal even further, we have also managed to bring back the A'therys Evo world. v2/ Evo Vrovona City - Capital of Vrovona Unfortunately you cannot play on the world as we did once before. All of our main resources are committed to delivering A'therys Horizons. However, in the mean time, why not take a trip down memory lane? Or even better, introduce our new and upcoming friends to the world you once knew. v2/ Evo Methes Avonthes - Capial of Aloreh As we look beyond the Horizon, to a world we all do not know and adventures that await, we can treasure the past and the legacy of A'therys Ascended. v1 Qhul-Rahav - Capital of Ar-Selukk You can connect to the server (play.atherys.com) via the Conquest Reforged client OR with vanilla Minecraft 1.12.2. You can get to this server by running the command /server old. To get permissions just ask any fellow staff member, as the server is running off my original A'therys Evo build server set up with PermissionsEX. You can easily visit all of the worlds via multiverse by using /mv list and /mvtp <world name>. Any issues please contact us via the #support channel on our discord: https://discord.gg/b7HdQVN /warp Atherysv1 - To get to A'therys v1 world /warp Atherys v2 - To get ot the A'therys v2 world (Note that the capitals are not in this map as they were taken out and transfered to the Evo map) /warp AtherysEvo - To get ot the A'therys Evo Map - WARNING YOU SPAWN ON MONAS' MONUMENTUM TOWER v1 Dorrod Muth - Capital of Roreg Logh We will continue to work on hard on putting together and delivering A'therys Horizons, but in the mean time we hope you enjoy this opportunity to revisit A'therys Ascended. ENJOY AND HAVE A HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, AND SAFE NEW YEAR! -A'therys Horizons Staff Team Atherys v1 Map Atherys v2 Map A'therys Evo Map
  4. redninja685

    The Protection Update - May 19th

    confusion is my spirit animal
  5. redninja685

    Some General Questions

    Would also mention we are having a tax system which encourages players to keep active, but one of the benefits we want to implement is for a pvp town to have tax deductions. (This is an automated system, so you won't have to worry about nation heads or individuals getting in the way) Keeping your pvp on will grant you a lower tax rate than a town that keeps their pvp off. As for internal nation conflict, it will depend on the nations sometimes. Ones like Kilnholdt you would expect towns to be able to raid each other due to the nature of the nation. We are also trying to implement a rebellion system as well which can gift the ability of war. However, more importantly, we encourage nation-to-nation conflict (in a mature manner) as this will be a fun aspect of the server and one that has been a historic part of A'therys. But thanks for taking an interest in A'therys Horizons!!!
  6. Hey guys! I am conscious about releasing more sneak peeks of the build teams progress to the public to keep people interested! In the future you can look foward to seeing more sneak peeks on current build projects. Below you can find a picture of the main feature of Falkynthos, the Gennaian capital. As stated in the lore, this is the great Temple of Sjilea comissioned by Theoros in the Goddess' honour. We knew when attempting Falkynthos and Gennaia that ancient Greek themed builds were going to feature prominently. However, we wanted to move it beyond its stereotype of pillars and great buildings and introduce a fantasy feature to the mix. In order to achieve just that, we decided to explore the idea of placing the temple of Sjilea upon a great cliff with cascading waterfalls all around. "Those travellers who often sought comfort in the thought of paradise or heaven often allured their dreams to images of the Temple of Sjilea and its gardens, an area of outstanding natural beauty." - Some lore person I just made up. We need you! I want to take this chance to thank everyone on the build team who has assisted in the project so far, though there is plenty still left to do. This moves me to my next point, we need you! Have you ever wanted to try your hand at building? Join with a team that encourages self-value and respect for one another? Amongst our current builders, we have an accolade of creative vision and an ambition to deliver for what the community expects of us. As such we recruit builders who are knowledgeable of Conquest Reforged, and though we may not be the best, we drive ourselves to deliver and not compromise quality with a bespoke building structure. Whether you're a new or existing community member, I encourage you to apply today!
  7. I work them out as i go, but if i say it wrong i just record it again, had super big problems in pronouncing Ma'iidzil
  8. Alright guys @Foe I managed to do the first part of Daidama. It will come in two parts since its lore is very long. I apologise for the quality of the aduio, I still do not have a decent microphone for recording stuff like this.
  9. I can do it but it wont be hq audio, it will be like the one i originally recorded. I am eager to do it, but I just cant buy a decent microphone atm.
  10. redninja685

    Hoffren's Shipyard

    That looks brilliant! I've never actually tried building a boat or ship o:
  11. Check out Noah/ Aurek's remastered professional version of the audio with his own unique music alongside it! I'll be getting a better microphone before I record anymore!
  12. Thanks bruh, and I'm sure it does, always give respect to the pro's like u. aw thanks lock I agree! haha and I'm sure it will Thanks bud! Yah same, it has always been on my mind. I really hate reading, and I will force myself to do it sometimes! I think an audiobook is a good idea. I love having music to set a scene, sort of how reece use to do his uncanonish lore. There are a few people around here who have offered and I think its well worth taking it up. So we will look into it, Tristan gave us an idea to get the nation heads to do their nation audio lores so that's gonna be the first goal, but if that's unachievable (given not all nation heads have been decideD) I'll most likely seek others to have a go and do some more myself.
  13. That would probably be helpful! I'm sure people will get tired listening to my kid voice hahaha

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