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    Harath Khelazar yav-Sa'arav, better known as just Khelazar; is the younger brother of the infamous later Vizier Khurfu nav-Sa'arav. A brutally charming individual, he rules along with his wife Akila rav-Tajar over his 'Divine Mandate' City State of a'Ravhar. Using his philosophical studies, he aims to bring a porspering rule of reason to a city state immerced with black trade and political dissadance.

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  1. Your cover photo is amazing. :3

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MimelingScorpion


      Did you steal them diamonds :(

    3. redninja685


      OFC NOT YOU HISSS. I am the most embezzeled steward/nation head on A'therys, how would thoust thing I would steal them. I TOOK them.

    4. MimelingScorpion


      Hahahahahah lol, I bet that mean penguin made you do it, Nexttt time don't listen to him hes one of them pirates :(

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