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    Prince Khelazar nav-Sa'arav
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    Harath Khelazar yav-Sa'arav, better known as just Khelazar; is the younger brother of the infamous later Vizier Khurfu nav-Sa'arav. A brutally charming individual, he rules along with his wife Akila rav-Tajar over his 'Divine Mandate' City State of a'Ravhar. Using his philosophical studies, he aims to bring a porspering rule of reason to a city state immerced with black trade and political dissadance.

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  1. The blessings of Sav-Synav be upon you. Regent Raviyna av-Kulthanz IV,  Empress of all the Patron States. Rightful and haughty ruler of Ar-Selukk. We beg unto you our dominions; your servants whom are ever unworthy to grace your eyes. You rule a great Empire who's peoples loyalty does not fault in fear like the other Selukkites; but to remain true and bare witness that you, our most beloved daughter plucked from the bosom of Sav-Synav. Have come to do judgement to a desert that was engulfed in silence. Our nations legacy stretches back before any other civilisation were conceived. Its people achieved advancement in magic and power. Art ,literature, poetry, philosophy, and savants. These are but a few gifts Ar-Selukk has given to an undeserving world! You great Empress with power and beauty rose from the position of minor Priestess to the rightful and only ruler of Ar-Selukk and the daughter of Sav-Synav set before the wisdom of our God himself. Your people call to you devotion! Ever uttering praise in your name....

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