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  1. Whohoo, first time in forever i can actually type something on the forums! Hello all! And @Sellt where did my town go on Spajn, server been down, forums messing up. TS Down and X-mas so couldn' t reach anyone.. Hope we can sort something out. //Cheers Spajn

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    2. Spajn


      Thanks Chiv, yea been some problems getting online, had to reinstall my computer a while ago and couldnt log on to minecraft for a while after that, while this was happening it seemed like the forums struggled aswell, first time today since the server changed adress i could actually type in it, all chatboxes were greyed out etc. 

      I just want a place on my own to wich i can retreat and feel safe when online idling =)

    3. MisChiv


      Ahh well feel safe in the hands of Selukk when you do get Andronesia back mate :)

    4. Razrivon
  2. *Jumping up & down out of joyment for the new site*

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