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  1. Worked pretty hard on this, I hope Overwatch fans will enjoy. :)

    1. Foe


      lmao. put a volume warning. the triggered thing really surprised me and hurt my ears xD

      otherwise fantastic job!

  2. Super-Secret-Singleplayer-Screenshots of New Melian Hold:




    1. FantasticGuy


      Oh almost forgot the pig-pen...


    2. Foe


      That's odd. How come @GodOfGales isn't in your pig pen? GIVEN HOW FILTHY A HEATHEN HE IS I'D SAY HE COULD FIT RIGHT IN 

      (lmao jk ily Gales brah)

    3. GodOfGales
  3. So I was wondering. The case I'm using for my custom PC (as do most of the cases around this price) have one USB 2.0, and one USB 3.0. This is enough to accommodate my keyboard and mouse, but where does the monitor and wireless adaptor go? There's probably something on the back of the case or something but no one talks about the back of the case in reviews and I've even heard you can hook the monitor up to your GPU.

    Plz halp

    (The case is the Deepcool Tesseract SW (with teh sied panel) )

    1. jonathanbak


      Hey, two USB ports is totally fine because remember your motherboard has at least 2 of them and mine had 6. As for the monitor yes it does connect to the GPU. All the ports you see on computers are from the motherboard not the case itself.

  4. #TeamHeavy

    Team pyro is for little babies.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FantasticGuy


      Valve needs to reimburse us for Tough Break's phlogistonator...

    3. Joey402MC


      NO, #TeamPyro.

      Heavy is boring.

    4. FantasticGuy


      Этот переводчик неисправен , обратитесь к руководству оператора.
  5. image.thumb.jpg.0325644be52b01acbdde557b

    Now in Asolo, Italy.

    The villa is nice, it's just some sketchy lookin Ducks were watching me from behind a tree... O.o 

    1. Edd


      I love Italy, cant wait to go back. As for those ducks, rab one, hold it by the neck and slap itdownwards, it will breka its neck, de feather it, ash and prepare with some five spice, happy days roast duck.

    2. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      @Edd You eat ducks with organs, feet and eyes still intact? Don't you know how dirty a duck intestine is when unwashed?

  6. Just arrived in Vrovon--- I mean Verona, Italy. Having fun and eating tons of spaghetti and pizza n' Italian stuff, can expect to see me back in action in a little less than two weeks!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Riftblade


      Make sure you're family doesn't have some century old feud with another family there. 

    3. Aronbear


      be sure to visit the Stadio Marc'Antonio Bentegodi ;)

    4. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Or the sycamore grove..

  7. Melian Hold is back bbys!

    1. Chronus


      welcome back! You going to apply to the court this time around?

    2. FantasticGuy


      Probably, I'm leaving for a trip tomorow so maybe when I get back.

  8. Been playing too many non-minecraft games...

    I'm probably going to end up sneaking instead of sprinting. 


  9. I want to thank everyone for coming to the event at the Tavern today, it was an honor to host it. Lots of drinking, role-playing, heresy, theft, and of course, standing on tables. ;)

  10. Was looking at the the dymmap and noticed the 3D one is outdated compared to the 2D one, or is that just me?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. speedyscorpion


      It's so far behind that you might see remnants of dragons flying over the oceans west of vrovona

    3. FantasticGuy
    4. ironfire


      Oh look! it updated! It's the first calling!

  11. Missing a few recipes, the Wheel of Cheese, Coal Cookies, and maybe a few others.
  12. Is someone still answering Dominion of the Storm/Department of Defense applications? Myself and about 3 other people's applications haven't been answered yet. Just wondering.

  13. Recipe Ideas 2.0 is out!


    -Alor Apple Cider

    -Wheel of Cheese

    -Alor Oatmeal

    1. ironfire


      where can i see this plz?

  14. Is there an issue with uploading pictures? I click upload and nothing happens. :(

    1. Edd


      Nope, not that i can see.

    2. Eojinn


      If you have trouble uploading onto the website, you could try adding them by URL.

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