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  1. I think this is a good step forward for pvp in A'therys, might actually make me pvp again.
  2. Chronus

    A'therys Horizons

    I feel like with a new continent with new nations that everyone should just be rolling a new character.
  3. Chronus

    A'therys Horizons

    I was thinking of setting up shop on the Islands actually haven't decided what i am even going to do in Horizons. (Besides manage the econ) just yet.
  4. Chronus

    A'therys Horizons

    Woooo, new version of A'therys (and conquest reforged has piles of money as an item).
  5. You are just a contributing fanatic lately! So much good content comes from you! Well done man!

  6. Check out the winning entry for the art contest I held back in Violetvale. Belongs to @Eojinn


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. GodOfGales
    3. threesevens


      @Eojinn Im no good with art, so I can hardly tell. Is this hand drawn or did you use a program to make it?

    4. Eojinn


      @threesevens Digital art, done in Photoshop if I recall. :)

  7. Chronus

    February Economic Summit

    5:30 PM ATZ February Economic Summit https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3134-atherys-economic-summits/
  8. February Economic Summit has been planned, check out the main post. 



  9. After 4 days missing and searching I got my cat back inside. Good day.

  10. You know what is fun? Not bronchitis

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    2. Galindaan Thewisy

      Galindaan Thewisy

      Ain't nobody got time fo dat

    3. GodOfGales


      my grandma gets bronchitis often and if she can handle it, you can ;) 








      also how does a skeleton have respiratory problems 

    4. HaedHutner
  11. Anyone else get into the Gwent Beta?

    1. MisChiv


      I would but I don't own a platform that supports it :(

  12. Anyone else get into the gwent beta?

    1. Ghost8797
    2. Chronus


      Gwent is a mini-game from the Witcher 3 that is being made into a full stand alone game. 


    3. Ghost8797


      Oh I never played that game

  13. Merry Christmas everyone!

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