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  1. OlleNyman

    How did you find us?

    I found it 5 years ago when i was looking for aborter server that wasnt the prison server i was on nor another minigame hub
  2. OlleNyman

    The Discord Music Bot

    Nice addition, but please let there be an afk room that is silent.
  3. OlleNyman

    Sellt’s Diary 09/06/2017

  4. OlleNyman

    Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    foooood pls
  5. OlleNyman

    Helpers to Help

    Can i haz SAGE?
  6. OlleNyman

    Sellt’s Diary 04/11/2017

    What, removing Ar-Selukk? It's a good thing but without any notice? <3
  7. Atherys Craigslist, accesable via /ah!

  8. OlleNyman

    Staff Feedback

    Like calling out Red for being crazy?
  9. Who said they had found they had lots of time after they started University...

    1. jonathanbak


      I really hope I do when I go next year ...


    2. OlleNyman


      Some people say they have time. i don't partially because I'm bad, partially because I have to design a sauna and do calculus all at once

  10. OlleNyman

    Purge Weekends

    Red won't be safe hiding in the capitals no more
  11. OlleNyman

    First Official Day on the Job

    Wat, i only joined 9 days arter you? You're one of the people that I've always thought had been around for ever!
  12. OlleNyman

    A'therys Bot [TS]

    The swedish national anthem The Russian national anthem
  13. Ai ai ai, you just can't start uni without half the admins leaving can you :(

  14. How much did you guys pay for your first Calculus book?

  15. Firat day of Uni, made a paper sign with my name folowing precise measurements

    1. Aronbear


      ah yes, i remember when i had my firat day of uni

    2. redninja685


      ah yes, i remember when i had my firat day of uni

    3. Oricalcum

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