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  1. Atherys Craigslist, accesable via /ah!

  2. Who said they had found they had lots of time after they started University...

    1. jonathanbak


      I really hope I do when I go next year ...


    2. OlleNyman


      Some people say they have time. i don't partially because I'm bad, partially because I have to design a sauna and do calculus all at once

  3. Ai ai ai, you just can't start uni without half the admins leaving can you :(

  4. How much did you guys pay for your first Calculus book?

  5. Firat day of Uni, made a paper sign with my name folowing precise measurements

    1. Aronbear


      ah yes, i remember when i had my firat day of uni

    2. redninja685


      ah yes, i remember when i had my firat day of uni

    3. Oricalcum
  6. Math and physics test on a Saturday! Wohoo

  7. To Australian people; please send more Korean people to compete in Eurovision Song Contest, tanks. 

  8. i just wanna like everything i post all the time

    1. Timbobuhler


      You didnt like that...

    2. OlleNyman


      someone stole the like button!

  9. Someone put it on your latest post but, DO AS THAT PERSON SAID! MAKE A VIDEO! WE DO ACTUALLY HAVE 45K SUBSCRIBERS!

    1. Timbobuhler


      The higher the better!

    2. Gelmir


      Keep er going

    3. ironfire


      Now! Poor the blood on it now! Summon satan!

  10. Im a diplomat, I represent diplomacy

  11. 32 furnaces smelting cobble. Never knew cobble was that hard to collect!

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