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    The current Pithkeeper of The Daggerlands, Monas Iaeon spent his time as a baby amongst various nannies. He never knew his mother, and his father, the late former Minister of Foreign Affairs Gale Iaeon, was often away on business. After he was old enough, he was sent to an Itheri Academy for many years, then proceeded to a university in Aloreh for his higher education. Upon his return to The Daggerlands, his father had fallen from the Momentum Tower, fatally. The spotlight contributed to his growth in his political career, which led up to where he is today- Steward to The Daggerlands.

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  1. why is the background photo to my profile so iconic I'm literally the same person I was well over a year ago when I made it 

  2. I wonder if I'll return to the USA before Horizons is released because that'd be neat 

    1. Dan The Derp
    2. jonathanbak


      Where are you currently?

    3. GodOfGales


      @jonathanbak been in India since July bro


  3. o/

    1. Ravyhn
    2. Daniel


      The ❄️ ? ? ⚪ on the mountain ? ?. ?? a? to ? ?. A ? of ?, and it ? like☝️️ the ?. The ? is ? like this ? ❄️ ☔️ ?. ?? keep it in, ☁️ ? ☝️️ tried. ?? let ?? in,?? let ?? ?. ? the ? ? ? always have to ?. ??, don't ?, ? let ???. Well now ?? ?. ? it ?,, ? it ?,,?? ✊ it back anymore. ? it ?,, ? it ?, turn ✈️ and ? the ?. ☝️️ ? care, what ?? going to ?, let the ☔️ ⚡ ❄️ ? on, the ❄️ ⛄️ ?? bothered ☝️️ anyway. It's ?? how some ✈️ ? makes everything ? ?. And the ? that once ? me, ?? get to☝️️ at all. It's ? to ? what☝️️ can do. To ? the ? and ? through. ? ? , ? ?, ? ? for ☝️️. ☝️️ ?. ? it ?,, ? it ?., ☝️️ am ☝️ with the ? and ?. ? it ?,, ? it ?..? ?? ? ☝️️ ? . ? ☝️️ ?, and ? ☝️️ stay. Let the⚡ ❄️ ? on. ☝️️ ? ❄️ through the ? into the ?.☝️️ ? is ? in ❄️ ⛄️ fractals all ?. And 1️⃣? ? like an ❄️ ?. ☝️️ ?? ? back, the past is in the past. ? it ?,,? it ?,. And ☝️️ ? like the ? of ?. ? it ?,, ? it ?.. That ? is ?. Here ☝️️ ?, in the ? of ☀️. Let the ⚡ ❄️ ? on, the ❄️ ⛄️ ?? bothered ☝️️ anyway.

  4. What we need? Democracy

    What we got? Oligarchy 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. _JailBr3aK_


      Olive Garden says they have unlimited breadsticks but if there is a finite amount of mass in the universe how can that be true there must be a higher being

    3. Sund_Wixius


      Or they are just using alternative facts

    4. GodOfGales
  5. throwback to the time I was upset because @redninja685 tricked me that he got demoted when he was really promoted to admin and i had a roller coaster of emotions








    from happy back to sad






    1. redninja685


      awwwweh xD hahaha

  6. rip daily event

    1. Mukhamet Ag Akrud

      Mukhamet Ag Akrud

      RED IS USELESS, SERVES NO POINT @redninja685

  7. Break the bonds of oppression and cultivate a generation of unity. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Rhykker


      Okay just saying. Your forum page background is just freaking weird. Why do you subject me to watching grandmas eat icecream!

      >.> For hours...


    3. GodOfGales
    4. Eojinn
  8. Xathas has converted to the worship of the Duck, even as it evolved into worship of the Eggplant. 

    1. HelloImWeird
    2. Mukhamet Ag Akrud

      Mukhamet Ag Akrud

      Starting to think the Umberites weren't so wrong after all...

  9. The daily challenge quote of "Hang on, wait! Red's useful at last," really hits that gray line between lore and reality

  10. literally been staring at the forums for an hour doing nothing but rereading when I have so much other to do 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Burnside


      Tru, but mostly cus no one's ever on anymore

    3. Skip Steamwhizzle

      Skip Steamwhizzle

      Things like participating in the Daggerlands Elections, perhaps!? :D

    4. Mukhamet Ag Akrud

      Mukhamet Ag Akrud

      TBH Daggerlands is all that matters.

  11. Anyone with World Download available?

    1. GodOfGales
    2. _JailBr3aK_


      Wtf why do your status updates include aspects of being productive 

      Stahhp iet arint rioght

      Just leike request deathh once and awhile

  12. Anyone notice that the alerts icon is the earth centered on north america? 

    1. Owl


      Political jokes aren't funny. That's hard right?

    2. GodOfGales
    3. Owl


      God darn British sense of humour. Too many Us in it.

  13. ya boy has kidney stones

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HaedHutner


      Oh boy, welcome to my hell from 2 weeks ago. Enjoy the tremendous amount of pain along with the various kinds of painkillers you need to get through said pain.

    3. threesevens


      They found this oil that you take straight in a little water or juice called, I think, Gold Coin Grass oil. They have been taking it for close to a week now. It is suppose to soften the kidney stones to make them less painful to pass. We are hoping that it works. According to my mom she has found testimonial after testimonial that the stuff helps out significantly. 

      I hope for their sake, and mine as well considering I'm next to cleanse, that it does its job right. 

      The only reason I haven't started yet is because I have started a new job and I need to be in peak condition whilst I get broken in. 

    4. Athyna

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