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  1. the town system was the exact same way, except this way it'll be automated instead of having an admin go out of their way. another thing to note is that nation heads have a big influence on how much you have to pay in taxes, so you could always petition for nation heads to lower the tax rate (or dip into politics yourself and run on that)
  2. for the longest time i thought your forums avatar was a blurry picture of jar jar binks

    1. HaedHutner


      The emperor is disappoint.

    2. Dan The Derp
    3. Aroth2000


      Wait I never noticed that until now. That actually looks really alike until you zoom in.

  3. knees weak arms heavy theres blood on that daggerlander, moms spaghetti

  4. heil the brown samurai cult

    1. OptimusDung


      Hey "Zoke" :P How are you doing? Glad to see you are still here on A'therys :D

  5. I need a town or Ill do something loud and obnoxious

    1. Viridia Deere

      Viridia Deere

      Cindervale would be glad to recruit you! We are a growing community at about 12 members and have some beautiful massive plans for our city.

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