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  1. TIL; Combusted bugs smell worse than burnt rubber. 

    1. MisChiv


      they probably dont taste that bad though

    2. Kreaden


      I'm not desperate enough to try... yet...

  2. Ah, summer's at the door. If bugs could stop crawling ON me for a second, maybe I can enjoy it!

    I hate ants. I hate spiders. I hate mosquito's. I hate pill bugs. I hate insects!

  3. Disturbed from my movie by loud sounds coming from the apartment below me. Open door to hallway to investigate. I hear objects falling and a woman crying. I'm thinking domestic abuse. A few minutes of listening intently, I find the apartment door. Woman is indeed crying. I ring the bell; the crying stops. I ring again, nothing. I knock. Nothing. I knock louder. Still nothing.
    Neighbor behind me opens his door, explains the situation. There lives a woman there, who every so often breaks down and cries. She never opens her door to anyone. That's kind of sad tbh...

    1. Storm


      I told her to stay QUIET when I was out! Sorry about that.

  4. Eat enough chili, one could roleplay as Ulmon Paavos, the plague god. I speak from experience...

    1. Eojinn


      You put the 'carne' in chili con carne.

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