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  1. Did the dungeon from v2 also got added in? @redninja685 or @Dannie?
  2. Phil


    Could never forget anyone who said "stealthmelon can't be your orater prince" simply amazing. Decides what nation to join yet?
  3. Setting up a Castle by the coast called Mylterius is the first step for my case. After that oh well let's get there before i plan it Merry Christmas
  4. Phil

    Sellt's Diary 07/04/2018

    A couple of buildings in the old capitals were copy-pasted in atleast 2-3 times of the same building and that's also a thing we haven't done so all the houses/buildings we have in the capitals (or in the nation) are unique which makes the capitals more special.
  5. We are from time to time in "The Tavern" channel at the a'therys discord o/
  6. More cliffs?! I rather eat tide pods!

  7. @Dannie ^^? Ain't working? Anyways just set your speed to 5 (/speed 5) and fly away and fly over a plot and do
  8. Phil

    Sellt’s Diary 02/01/2018

    And it will be 2 gold @Sellt for the drink & 1802 gold for the rest of them......
  9. I will steal your melons when u aren't watching :c

    1. StealthMelon




      thanks for listening

       -sincerely, Your king, the melon

  10. Am i the only one that realized red wrote atherys-buid-team?
  11. Phil

    A'therys Horizons

    I'm sure the staff team already though alot about RP/PVP and all the new options that came with conquest reforged soooo..... Trust them and we will wait and see! #HypeForHorizons EDIT: MY BORING STORY I started out with alot of PvP when i joined the server and i didn't realize how much RP/lore that was here. When i realized how much there was it just gave a boost to the entire server for me it added so much more to A'therys. So i guess it's up to the player to join the RP. Just saying u miss some parts of the game if u don't RP at all or even care about the lore. Of course im only speaking for myself currently i can only try to encourage people to check it out.
  12. Phil

    Grand Library

    I remember when i had to write an application to join because they had whitelist and i made one got accepted immediately and one my friends had to make 5 applications before he got accepted lol. Most of my time during v1 i ran around like a stupid kid unaware what to do i didn't really get the concept about the game so i kinda left. Then in v2 i joined back in and got picked up by @trachonos (peden22) and joined Ista Tho i loved the PvP and had some great moments with Ista. Now im more at building, drawing maps and write some lore and be a part of a bigger thing. I spent alot time at the lore and RPG because it added so much more to the game. That's what i enjoyed. So a great hall of knowledge?! Hell yea
  13. BTW if u didn't see in the Skype chat i would write here that Ista is back. We are going to be atm 2-4 online almost everyday. 

    1. Dan The Derp
    2. CarterJennings


      Excellent! I haven't been able to check skype yet while away on vacation but I'll be back tomorrow evening.  Sounds good to me!!! I'm excited.

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