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  1. Quayley

    Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    I completely agree with @HateGonzo Would like a little more incentive to PvP, open world and competitive. Just throwing some ideas out there you can take them or leave them may as well say something while were in such early development, yes full loot is attractive but personally I'd like to see questing tie into player progression more, if anyones ever heard of Wynncraft I think they do a really good job of this, with custom armour progression from questing levelling up ect, I love grinding for loot and the best gear in MMO's and it adds more re-playability to the end game and something to do, I'm honestly sick of logging on and just running round the town aimlessly, specific pieces of loot could drop from specific custom mobs in certain areas of the map encouraging exploration?, my suggestion for this implementation however would be you do not drop amor or weapons they are bound therefore the grind actually means something as having the best amor can make you relevant in PvP for example, set bonuses I don't know if any of this is possible but I guess since were going modded I may swell throw the idea out there, however as I mentioned full loot PvP is also an incentive therefore although amor and weapons don't drop recourses do therefore anything else in a players inventory, food, building blocks ect do this would still give that incentive, plus keeping armour and weapons on death may help with the implementation of the cosmetic appearances I think you guys are getting at, where you could buy them from the store and put them on your gear, no stat changes yeah but would look cool. Last idea is I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with the Elder Scrolls Online but I personally think that PvP system is the best out there right now, perfect mix of fun, re-playability and competitiveness, they have amazing open world PvP and Arenas and I have at least 1000 hours in that game, I believe arenas could easily be implemented but obviously their open world PvP may be stretching it a bit too far, however I would kinda like to see a somewhat actual raid-able town system put into place since we're using our own town plugin, where TNT could actually serve a purpose where you could place it in a town and for example and all blocks have hit points and are temporarily destroyable then respawn when the raid is over and chests drop loot giving town raids a whole new PvP incentive and this could even change the way towns are laid out in order to protect recourses encouraging strategical play, now I know what your thinking, Factions, but I would like to see this being hard, by hard I mean no solo raider could pull this off it would require a hell of a lot of TNT and players, the destroyable things would have a large number of hitpoints for example iron doors have more hitpoints than normal doors and chests have the most hitpoints in general, iron blocks would have more hit points than wooden planks for example, saying this I am not a fan of factions I hate that plugin, the ability to loose claimed land I hate and I believe players should have a fair chance to defend whats theirs and I hate offline raiding, therefore since were implomenting our own town system there must be some way to add some sort of conditional IF statement in the code where a certain number of players must be online before a town becomes raidable and TNT can be placed, this would cater to casual and hardcore as casual small towns wouldn't have to worry about being raided because for example before a town becomes raid-able it requires 15 people say to be online just for example and to avoid PvP logging where the 15th player logs off so the town isn't raid-able since its our own plugin there might be someway to set it up so whereas as soon as the first TNT is placed the town is classed as under siege and only 15 minutes after the last TNT is placed is the town considered no longer under siege and everything respawns, this would also add the incentive for towns to try and get as many people on as possible to defend it, this feature would be aimed at the bigger towns that want to PvP. As I said just throwing these ideas out there may seem far fetched but hey we're going modded, really feel this could mix things up as if done right this feature would be the first of its kind and give Horizons a unique selling point, but they're both just Ideas not offended if anyone dislikes them, change is scary, but I feel for A'therys to continue and evolve you have to mix things up and take some risks. Just putting these ideas out there, cheers. EDIT: I've been doing a lot of thinking about how the 2nd idea would work, I did think loosing actual loot was quite harsh and that maybe another alternative would be better like a HQ beacon had to be destroyed for example and the winning side would be given loot only obtainable via doing these raids but I though this could be easily exploited as towns could work together taking it in turns to win and loose to get the loot so I thought the only way this could work would be how I've suggested it as who wants to loose their stuff? theres not really any way to exploit that system as neither side wants to loose, also the hit points per item, I took into consideration that we are using Conquest Reforged which adds thousands of new blocks therefore I suggest all Items could have a standard hit point value of something like 2-3 testing could be done to balance all this and then other obvious stuff as mentioned iron doors, bars and blocks would have more hit points than wooden doors, fences and planks and as mentioned this would affect how the town was laid out with players creating vaults for example, also while a town is under siege no building can be done inside to ensure the attacking party actually stands a chance.
  2. Quayley

    Gennaian Islands: Prototype Download

    Been checking the forums almost daily now for weeks. Yes the screenshots look amazing and this map download is more tangible and I'm sure I'll have a blast flying around it but I was just wondering if you guys will be releasing any new info anytime soon? Anything, build styles, information about the new town system or even a Sellt's Diary? Cheers.
  3. Just so I don't forget, Happy early Birthday!

  4. Is that Quayley?

    -Cardio, your fellow builder and admirer

    1. Quayley


      It is indeed Quayley good sir

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