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  1. I am excited! Cautiously excited, but still excited. Pirate island when?
  2. Its hard to believe that was almost a decade ago! One of my favorite memories of this server and gaming in general
  3. It was a very nice town! Edit: Haven't done anything on any forums in a long time and have now realized I could have just multi-quoted all of that. oh well!
  4. Some fun memories. #1 is the entrance to Lumeria #2 is some RP with Vorske back in the day #3 is a Valinta-Carte (pirate guild) raid on Ithero
  5. Yes, it's especially interesting how the culture of those different towns/guilds/even nations can vary so widely from one another!
  6. You definitely should! This server got me into building as well. I am very rusty but I enjoyed doing terraforming and all that.
  7. I started playing on this server during v1 and had some of my best gaming experiences of my life during the years I spent here. Running raids in the OG Ithero/Aloreh war, joining the town Lumeria (the floating islands), starting up my own city, and of course getting to know all the great people here are some of my favorites! Share yours!
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