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    A very old former Solemnus of Roreg Logh. Now with a body too weak to fight, but one that refuses to leave this world, he acts as a watchman to the other children of the land, and guides them along their paths.

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  1. Wish me luck the rest of this week. This is gonna be rough.

  2. Canceling the pvp event for tonight, not enough people. If anyone wishes to help plan another one, feel free to contact me via skype, skype name is denamger. I'd like to try and get some more pvp events going now the lags been removed!

  3. Skirmish event is still a go! The more the merrier!

  4. God I should use my account more.


    1. GodOfGales
    2. MisChiv


      You'd think a mod to be a community leader- over a forum stalker!

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