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  1. @J2BH Tha llama 

    1. GodOfGales


      you popped out of nowhere

    2. Helious


      Fashionably late*

    3. J2BH
  2. Roregs Nation meeting: The congregation of the devout... The most dedicated to the worship of our Lord Dorrod Muth... We praise the Depths and we walk path of the Urth set for us... This meeting we will discuss some projects, events/content, nation relations, and economy. As well as taking in question and concerns of the nation. Only Loghecs and Allies may attend. We will meet at the Lleryn Tywodh our NPC town on the mainland. The nation meeting will be held at 4PM ATZ Friday the 24th. Hope to see you all around.

  4. Thanks for everyone who attended todays Llan Ruth festival and Roreg Nation meeting!


  5. Loghecs Nation Meeting today! Check the calendar for the time. Look forward to seeing you all.

  6. Someone stop Dan his ice capitalism is turning him into trump.

    1. Helious


      What's next he'll run for paragon???

    2. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Buy some ice and you'll be hooked! Pixie bought a DC and now she's hooked!

    3. Oricalcum


      Dan does make the best deals... There's no better deal-maker than him.

  7. Jon has secured Valz for South Aloreh, all praise the Southern Aloreh confederation and the master general.

  8. I can tell by all these posts lately tomorrows sellt chat is gonna be fun..

  9. @Xathas  Loving the newest character to the Loghec lore. Amazing and fantastic work again!

    1. Xathas


      The red text on him is fun too ;)

  10. Jonathanbak is a legend wrapped in mystery and glory. All hail his soon return to A'therys!

    1. MisChiv


      Amen to that sistah!

    2. GodOfGales


      Did MisChiv just assume your gender??? You're going to allow that????

    3. MisChiv


      Don't worry I know Helious chooses to identify as a total pussy. #Rekt

  11. A lot of people coming out of the wood works lately, Glad to see some of our Vets out and about again.

  12. Buddy, putting that you're the assassins' guild leader in your title section cant be good for assassin business...

    1. Helious


      Well the idea is to be less Illuminati and More Free mason,  in the idea of "secrecy".  As being too secretive has been counter productive to the guild for almost all of EVO. Don't worry most of it will remain Hidden amongst ourselves though..

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