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  1. I mean.... I would but my computer doesn't run the launcher and mods all that well. Besides, 3rd try didn't make it. And that;s supposed to be the charm.
  2. I would join, but my craptop can't run conquest very well, and I just got done building in another build contest. So worn out.
  3. Ahlethra

    Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    Wish i was sometimes ;P
  4. Ahlethra

    Sellt’s Diary 06/20/2017

    I do indeedy have an incredible pixel artist! Unfortunately, she is in art school, younger then I, (shocking), and doesn't like responsibilities. Much like me. So, this entire post was useless. Just my kind of post! =D
  5. Ahlethra

    Sellt's Diary - 2/7/2017

    All I want is for this lag to be fixed, so A'therys can be as great as it once was.
  6. Ahlethra

    The New Way Forward With Heroes

    Plx dun nerf mi warden...
  7. Ahlethra

    The New Way Forward With Heroes

    One question: Are their going to be any more ranged classes? Just me personally, I'd love to see different types of bow-based classes. I main Warden, as most of you know, but I'd love to see more then just classes with bow as an option, other then Trueshot (which honestly right now sucks), and Saboteur. And maybe new skills other then a simple slow and stun based arrow? I do love my poison arrow, but maybe something like, shoot an arrow and something spawns there, like a wolf (OP, yes.) or some cobwebs. I don't know, just make it a little more interesting I guess is what I'm saying.
  8. My life since I joined on my second account, Novara:

    Met some incredible people, get raided, get raided more, and more, get invites to PVP towns, turn them down, confused, raided more, freak out a little, be told you're actually good at something for once in you're life, freak out, freak out more, much freak, much out, TEA PARTY! More PVP town requests.

    Then: Imagine you're idol on Athery's (if you have one) returns after years. You talk, then finally, you have your final battle. To see if you have FINALLY gotten good enough to beat that person.

    You win. Multiple times.

    Freak. The heck. Out.

  9. This thing told me to write what's on my mind.


  10. OI you quit MH ._.?i missed you a lot.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. xXWindBladeXx


      I don't play that server cuz it is lag as f ._. do you have skype ? so we can keep in touch ._. cause you are my friend

      and ya i'm very rude before because exams and stress,depression and ._.

    3. Ahlethra


      You didnt answer me. How did you find me. How did you get my skype.

      Your seriously making yourself out as a stalker right now.

      You didnt answer me. How did you find me. How did you get my skype.

      Your seriously making yourself out as a stalker right now.

    4. Ahlethra


      Wow, as soon as I ask you how you got my info you stop replying.


      Great, I've got my first stalker, I never imagined it would be you.

  11. Where you at!? xD We have work to do!

  12. Ahlethra

    The Server is Back Up!

    ....... -completly ignores comment- And I want to thank everyone for their amazing support on the server. As soon as I got on, everyone was so unbeleivably supportive. I was expecting being cast out, and was afraid of never fitting in, but now it seems as if everyone knows exactly who I am, and I am thankful this thanksgiving for the incredible support.
  13. Ahlethra

    The Server is Back Up!

    I dunno... maybe because I was banned close to a year ago?
  14. Ahlethra

    The Server is Back Up!

    I dunno about that!

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