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  1. Lugo

    Holiday Special


    We need more details
  2. Server crashed, I cri

  3. Lugo

    A'therys Launch


  4. Quick question: Will the Hero Test Server stay online after the EVo launch?

    1. pumpapa


      Yup, we'll always need a place to test things and anyone would still be welcome to join!

  5. The launch will be on monday. How do you feel about this, sir?

    1. Ivarov Dregfodt

      Ivarov Dregfodt

      The Hype Train has no brakes.

  6. Hey, how is the website coming along? I would love to read more about the strongholds. Love it so far!

  7. #WritingCharacterStory

  8. What texture pack did you use in those screenshot of Lapithos?

    1. Troguitar


      Sphax pureBD Craft

    2. Lugo


      Okay, cuz I really like it, thanks!

  9. Bread is hot.

    1. Maliard


      Except when it's cool. B|

    2. Lugo


      Even cool bread will keep you warm, trust me on that.

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