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    Douglas Holger
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    A Daggerlander hailing from the southern island of Sakrudos, a wimpy Douglas moved to the state of Harrow in the mainland to employ for work; he is currently ​laboring to clean the stables of mutant bunnies, oil the massive gears and washing blood and petrol off suits with lavender-scented lava detergent.

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  1. Foe

    where've you been you sly dog? i'm having lots of mindless, brain-dead fun without you.

  2. Back from a massive reading marathon. Re-read all of the Discworld novels, the current Mistborn series, Dune, Warhammer novels, read new ones like Malazan, Song of Ice and Fire (forgive me, only watched the show, but imo books are way better), and for fun all the Magic Treehouse. Also a crap ton of embarrassing light novels and rational/pony fanfiction.

  3. Your banner frightens me.

  4. Thank you sooo much for the double exp I give u <3's

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