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  1. Hello! I'd love to know what the status is for A'therys Horizons. Please and thank you!
  2. Ravyhn

    Llan Ruth First Festival


    Announcement - there will be a treasure hunt in the city of Llan Ruth starting soon. There are ten chests with a Llan Ruth named item and some extra goodies hidden throughout the city.
  3. Ravyhn

    Llan Ruth First Festival


    I apologize, but the festival is now simply going to be a market day. There will be an event join to get you to Llan Ruth free of charge. Come and do some shopping! There are great deals waiting for you!! Just follow the signs to the two market areas. And feel free to explore the city!
  4. Ravyhn

    Llan Ruth First Festival

    Llan Ruth First Festival ~ All of A'therys is Welcome ~ Merchants will be available with great deals Entertainment will be provided Explore the city in a treasure hunt for a Llan Ruth named item Fireworks to end the celebration
  5. until
    Class will be held in the Main Lecture Hall of Cyridon Spire All are welcome to attend! Instructor @ThatGuy_777
  6. Happy Birthday!!!!!  :D

  7. You got me hooked on Iron & Wine ^_^

    1. threesevens


      Haha, i'm glad you like them! They really are addicting! I will be sure to share some more with you in the future! 

      If your interested, here is a good song. I am not too familiar with the group, but the song is really popular right now on an alternative radio station where I live that is really huge on "breaking bands", as they say. And I like it. Sort of in the same vein as Iron and Wine imo, which is probably why I like it so much.


  8. Excellent character story

    1. lnShane
    2. Daniel


      Really sweet job on it indeed dude. Keep up the awesome work

  9. Ravyhn

    Intro to Alchemy


    This class will be 4:00 pm EST. All are welcome. If you are not an Arcane College student, please contact Equitem to register. Your class fee pays for the 3 class sessions over the next 3 weeks and includes an introduction to alchemy and its equipment through learning your first potion.

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