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  1. Attacking someone on the nether island is kinda douchy imo, but I do get your points. Is there any possibility that an arena could be added? Perhaps reusing the old arena in Aloreh? Not sure whether it'd be worth it seeing as finishing Horizons is of more importance but y'know.
  2. Greetings, my beautiful fellow cultists. In A'therys there is a plethora of unique classes, each of which has access to incredibly sexy and unique abilities. Being able to use said abilities on no more than chickens and mindless hostile mobs does not spark joy. How about we revive PvP (and thus raids)? Obviously not everyone likes PvP. I suggest we could turn on PvP in towns on one weekday (such as Wednesday) and one Saturday (God intended Sunday to be a day of rest). Your vote in the poll shall be anonymous. Godspeed, Alex - HelloImWeird - Karpie_
  3. ay sup b, don't mind my riots, it's a phase.


    1. GodOfGales


      It is no phase. It is a revolution. 

    2. HelloImWeird
  4. HelloImWeird

    Mob Event


    I'm kinda late with this, but here are a few pictures I took during the lag spikes http://imgur.com/a/QgITb
  5. Are you an xWar now or am I just retarded O.o

    1. StubbiestPeak75


      Nah xD 

      You are just... Weird o_o

    2. HelloImWeird


      Award for creativity 2k16 ggwp such banter wow retards immigrants?


    3. StubbiestPeak75


      Ты че бля 

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