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  1. For some reason this wasn't immediately announced. There is currently a working build of EVO on the live server, and '/server live' at play.atherys.com and you can go right now and appear where you last logged off, heroes plugin, towns, and all! A'therys has a unique minecraft experience, the PvP, RP and Builds are awesome and unique. Why not capitalize on that, start making some revenue and actually pay your current / some new developers to actually make Horizons. One person coding 10 ambitious and bespoke plugins as a passion project isn't a development plan for success in my book. Either way, EVO is up again, I'm not sure why I'm the one announcing this either but have fun everyone. While you're here let me give you my elevator pitch. A'therys has been defunct for over two years now and I don't trust the conventional wisdom of "wait another year and Horizons will be here." I propose the creation of a new, temporary A'therys experience. Think back to every time A'therys has been most successful. That has repeatedly been the opening of a new version of A'therys. Each opening of a new version and the allure of a new world, with new opportunities to build, fight and explore has fomented incredible success for the server and growth for the community. A new chance for this to happen is exactly what this community needs. Therefore, with EVO up and running right now, a new vanilla EVO could be started and we could be back to having the fun we've been missing for over two years. Every time the server has faded into inactivity has been due to the stagnation of the world and each time it has succeeded has been the creation of a new experience. Therefore, lets seize this moment and maybe we could even create a way to generate resources to fund the hiring of additional coders for Horizons, or even, and this is reallyyyy a stretch, pay our current coders for all their hard work.
  2. I just wanted to say @Xathas, wow. What a fantastic world you've built and are building. I can't wait to be a part of it.

    1. Xathas


      Thanks a ton dude! :)
      Glad to see you're still looking to play here for Horizons!!!

    2. Equitem


      Well done on the Kilnholdt lore, I absolutely love the Bloodfeathers.

    3. Rynelf


      You have @Foe to thank for a lot of Kilnholdt!

  3. Thanks for the progress updates and here's to hoping there's many other people who can't wait to play too.

  4. A'therys where art thou? I can't wait to play. Keep up the good work builders.

  5. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

    1. Equitem


      Heenie Musn't Know

  6. "The best books are the ones that tell you what you already know" -George Orwell, 1984

  7. Just made my password 15 digits long!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Equitem


      128x128 Matrix encryption per digit.

    3. Daniel
    4. threesevens


      14 for me. I'm simple minded like that.

  8. Congratulations on your Independence! I know you've lived your whole life in the EU but trust me that being free is fun.

    1. MisChiv


      your country is less free than ours. Today is a day for remorse and sadness. We've closed ourselves off instead of being part of a bigger, stronger entity and told some of the most successful countries i the world to go screw themselves. 

      This is the kind of victory terrorists will be celebrating, as their campaign of insighting fear and doubt is working.

    2. Edd


      Today i am just sad for my country, not only do i personally have to suffer now but bigotry wins. When you grow up and actually learn the world Equitem, you will understand.

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