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  1. Equitem

    The Boring Dev Log 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I don't know the relevancy of my following statements but I'll put it out there for consideration's sake. How will locks work in all this? Under the old system you could do some tricky stuff like even if you were a Resident of Town A with no permissions on Plot C of Town B, you could still put a lock on a chest you had no permission to access. Additionally, there was the problem of locking a chest out in the wilderness and then a town would claim out to prevent you from ever accessing it. And to top that off their was also the headache of leaving a town with your locks left in place so neither you could retrieve your items, nor could the town have an easy way to deal with said locked chests/doors. As you've explain and from what little I can glean as a layman to this stuff it seems like this is quite complicated. Additionally, I could be ignorant to some rigorous but separate work you're already doing or have done regarding this topic. On top of the possibility that the issue of locks is being intentionally ignored for good reason. However, I just thought it might be helpful to mention this on the off chance it hadn't been considered. Thanks again for doing these. It's really nice to know that Horizons is being developed and it's nice to be able to follow its progress in a small way. I also hope these blogs help you as a dev, I know personally writing problems out can be the thing that inspires the solution to a particularly difficult or complex problem.
  2. I'd really enjoy a combat plugin that performed equally well in all situations and locations. Look back at the myriad of salt videos on YouTube of team fights (#Nostalgia) and you'll see what I mean. There always seemed to be serious latency in all the earlier combat plugins, whenever you actually fought in a larger group, the server often couldn't keep up. Perhaps that was the way abilities worked and the fact that every class had ten of them or perhaps this is was hardware limitation that simply has to be lived with. Either way I'd love to see bigger fights where the server doesn't lag to 1000ms and I thought it might be relevant to bring it up. Finally, thank you to @HaedHutner and @Rynelf for coding and doing these dev logs. Also resurrect Trueshot.
  3. Equitem

    What are your plans for when Horizons releases?

    I plan to terrorize the locals, hunt some builders, search for Trueshot 2.0, and in the highly astute observations of the obviously sophisticated @AidsMonkey, most certainly complain about the lag.
  4. I just wanted to say @Xathas, wow. What a fantastic world you've built and are building. I can't wait to be a part of it.

    1. Xathas


      Thanks a ton dude! :)
      Glad to see you're still looking to play here for Horizons!!!

    2. Equitem


      Well done on the Kilnholdt lore, I absolutely love the Bloodfeathers.

    3. Rynelf


      You have @Foe to thank for a lot of Kilnholdt!

  5. Thanks for the progress updates and here's to hoping there's many other people who can't wait to play too.

  6. A'therys where art thou? I can't wait to play. Keep up the good work builders.

  7. Equitem


    Trueshot was a lot of fun, that arrow blast ability working in silence was the best.
  8. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

    1. Equitem


      Heenie Musn't Know

  9. "The best books are the ones that tell you what you already know" -George Orwell, 1984

  10. Equitem

    Update Notes.

    @Aroth2000 Where are the change logs for heroes? Would be good to have.
  11. Equitem

    Update Notes.

    Hardcore A'therys withdraw leads me to thoroughly read ever single thread
  12. Equitem

    Update Notes.

    Tool Caches
  13. Equitem

    Update Notes.

    Any class can use a potion, Acolytes can brew them. Potions can only be used before combat or after. Additionally, once consumed the potion passive is trigger and the 120 (might be 180 can't remember, A'therys withdraw) second cooldown goes into effect until you can consume your next potion.
  14. Equitem

    Update Notes.

    Those are also impossible to use in combat as they are a blacklisted item.

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