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  1. I loved A'therys and have missed it incredibly. I sincerely hope you all can resurrect it. I appreciate the honesty and will continue watching and waiting. It will be worth it, for sure. Jay_lee
  2. Really really getting excited and can't wait to have A'therys back up and running... Loved that game. Jay_lee
  3. Jay-lee

    Llan Ruth First Festival


    Hi all! Wanted to take a moment to say "THANK YOU, RAVYHN" for hosting the First Festival / Market Days and Treasure Hunt in Llan Ruth today. I had a marvelously good time. It was fun seeing all the people running around, shopping, hunting for chest of treasures and having a good time. I know I had a wonderful time even tho I never got to find any of the treasure chests.... oh well, maybe next time !! Thank you, Rav. I hope this can become a regular event. It's good to have everyone together like this!!
  4. Happy Belated Birthday Sellt!  Hope your day was wonderful!!   xD


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