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  1. Foe

    Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    They're just retextured bows, so no differences in load times or knock-back assumedly. But probably different damage types given that haed came up with something, though I wouldn't put so much blind faith into development power. Be wary of getting hyped for something that when is delivered is either half-baked or something completely different. Also I'm sure they were saying that mounts will be a purchasable thing. Unsure about how accurate that is.
  2. Make all the information available on an out-of-game link so you can manage your players and finances in real time. Like EVE but with blocks and child labor.
  3. I really like this! In the case of cities and frontier towns run by NPCs, will those also be habitable? What are staff plans for those areas and more incentives to PvP other than open-PvP towns?
  4. Update pls All nations have their Histories in at this point.
  5. I really want to see cities change from how they are usually handled in A'therys. I had a hand in doing this in Daggerlands, and I know @ultravioletpixie in Ithero and @redninja685 in Selluk were taking really good steps too in Evo. Generally, cities need to be player run and act as actual hubs for interaction and development. This will help a lot with retention, especially when it comes to the capitals. Capitals should be the most active player areas on the server - without a doubt. It is the best way for new players to get acquainted with the nation they eventually join. New players should begin by living in a capital, and then get phased out to player towns that match their express interest. It would be of utmost importance for nation heads or player leaders to get this to be a functional system. Leaving players to ghost around town or hope that they can make their way to /nc is not the solution for solving shitty retention rates. For a good, structured start, I know that capitals need to be fleshed / prepped for functional nation community interaction and development. TL;DR Cities need to be player run, and even developed build-wise by players that live there if need be They are meant to be the places for player interaction, merchanting, and development - therefore their activity should reflect that Capitals should be the intro areas for new players, and livable / player run like cities New players should be able to live in the capital, then get phased out to player towns Capitals depend on the nation, but there should be a good community around cities if a cap is different depending on nation Player towns I would like an update on player towns, if you can @Sellt, @Dani, @Staff Thanks for reading. - Foe
  6. Foe

    Sellt’s Diary 04/11/2017

    I want to like this because of the positive reinforcement of good Vrovonic values. I love you man you always athere to make me all feel better you know what I mean? You're a good guy, ad I respect all the hard work you have beeen doing lately. Keep up the great work you handsome young individual that I respect increadbliy.
  7. <3

    1. Foe


      baby come back

    2. _JailBr3aK_


      baby I am stuck in myriad of quick sand and misery 

      N u k e  s e l u k k

  8. low key wanna be *the* Saul Goodman of A'therys but at the same time I love my business and I love making people the stuff they deserve you know what I'm saying?

    "Need organizational and strategic communication assistance, an armed and well-trained bodyguard / hitman / escort, a talented and experienced writer, or just someone to do your slave-like work? Poke Cinderpolk! We'll get your job done, any way possible!"

    I dunno dude it just doesn't have the same jingle as "Better Call Saul!" nahmean?


    1. Logi


      Better Know Foe

  9. yeah you know i like your sand, hot stuff.

  10. whatup

    1. Aroth2000


      Hi? I'm doing swell. How're you doing today?

    2. Foe


      feelin like a pig

  11. no intestine! you get what i'm saying?

    1. _JailBr3aK_


      totally get it

      absolutely understood

      my question is where is the brain cause I seem to be missing one

  12. Save hic me from burp myself.

    1. Burnside


      You two worry me sometimes lol

    2. Foe

















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