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  1. <3

    1. Foe


      baby come back

    2. _JailBr3aK_


      baby I am stuck in myriad of quick sand and misery 

      N u k e  s e l u k k

  2. low key wanna be *the* Saul Goodman of A'therys but at the same time I love my business and I love making people the stuff they deserve you know what I'm saying?

    "Need organizational and strategic communication assistance, an armed and well-trained bodyguard / hitman / escort, a talented and experienced writer, or just someone to do your slave-like work? Poke Cinderpolk! We'll get your job done, any way possible!"

    I dunno dude it just doesn't have the same jingle as "Better Call Saul!" nahmean?


    1. Logi


      Better Know Foe

  3. yeah you know i like your sand, hot stuff.

  4. whatup

    1. Aroth2000


      Hi? I'm doing swell. How're you doing today?

    2. Foe


      feelin like a pig

  5. no intestine! you get what i'm saying?

    1. _JailBr3aK_


      totally get it

      absolutely understood

      my question is where is the brain cause I seem to be missing one

  6. Save hic me from burp myself.

    1. Burnside


      You two worry me sometimes lol

    2. Foe

















  7. So sorry for my plastic taste.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. _JailBr3aK_


      The citizens in Jail's head have decided to speak up and say that they do not condone cannibalism.

    3. threesevens


      The citizens in jails head don't get a vote. They aren't in any danger of being cannibalized, so their opinion doesn't matter...

    4. _JailBr3aK_


      Haha I'd have to disagree unfortunately :P

  8. "Is it wise for me to take on this ambitious project? Absolutely not. Will I listen to you? Of course I won't! You bet your ass I'll do my hardest to get this project off the ground! Nothing, and I mean nothing, can stop me!"

    ~ @Captain Sjielt probably once upon a time

    R.I.P bb

    1. Burnside


      pretty dam often me lol


  9. "What we need is a common enemy - a scapegoat to manipulate the world powers into working together. Such a tremendous sacrifice is necessary for the greater good. A puppet master - the one to redeem this shitshow in its last act. 

    So please, continue your little infighting. Give in to your baser instincts and tear each other apart. It's truly no problem at all, in fact, I encourage it! Let go of your morality, your sense of understanding. Care not for your fellow man, for you shall soon learn...


    ...they do not care for you."

    ~ Harbinger of Limnas Von, Azezel the Punisher

    1. Foe


      My idea for Joker if he was in the world of A'therys. Generally just a glorified terrorist and worshipper of Limnas Von.

      His world view would probably be shaped in that twisted justice sort of way. His plan would be to have some all around bad guy to manipulate the world powers and ultimately show people what they're capable of once he manipulates them to tear each other apart. I considered putting him under Agraves the Poetic Justice god, but I felt that was too pure of an alignment for a Joker-esque archetype.

      Hailing from the Daggerlands, he'd be one of the very less fortunate Steam Junkies. Versed in engineering and mechanics, he'd probably take that knowledge and merge into with destructive Candles magic and create techmaturgical weapons of mass destruction! When it comes to silence and manipulation, his trusty knife works would probably do the trick.

      All in all, a rather chaotic character that's far too often played in the wrong way. While murder and villainy can be fun, it's the message behind it that truly matters - that's how Joker in A'therys should be role played.

      Hope you enjoyed this little piece!

    2. Burnside


      Hey f0e you should help me write/rewrite some of the characters in my book series

    3. charlotteXcharles


      oh come on, a true enemy of atherys would be someone trying to bring back the tyrant lord, or to bring back the horrors and superweapons of the soul forges, we could have missed one right?

      come onnnnn, tyrant lord was the reason the moral heroes in the first place, and the closest thing the daggerlanders have to a religious superstition is the fear and hatred of soul forge asthas technology
      (for good reason)

      you want twisted, go burn up some souls for ancient technology made by the most hated being ever

      bring back ancient evils, thats always a hit

      the tropes, they must be followed

      so said the media gods

  10. Listen to Stanley. Stanley knows all.

    1. Foe


      Biggles isn't dead. I think I'll listen to him instead.

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