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  1. until

    T'was indeed quite lovely.
  2. until

    ;-; (Jk, no worries xD). In all seriousness though, it's all good King. We appreciate the effort you put into the picture. I think it looks lovely. Thank you very much for the post!
  3. ThatGuy_777

    Mob Event!


    All the forcible removing of AFK'ers!
  4. until

    Let it be an event to be remembered. Looking really forward to it. Jiminy Cricket! I know I'll certainly have to make use of it as well.
  5. Has your forum name always been ThaGuy777? o_o I feel like this is new, but maybe I'm just senile

  6. Hoorah! The forums are back up, and I'm still alive in the wake of the hurricane. All is well. :D

    1. GodOfGales


      Glad you're still up for assassination... er, the community! 

  7. Would cremation be considered offensive to people native to the Daggerlands, or would it be an honor?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xathas


      One should also note that the primary hatred of the soul furnaces wasn't because it burnt away the body to nothing.

      It was the facts of A) they were thrown in whilst alive, and B) their souls were consumed to act as a fuel source, leaving nothing to pass on to the afterlife.

    3. HaedHutner


      It's honorable in Vrovona.

    4. Foe


      Except that Vrovonics today are marauding, murderous cutthroats that don't possess even a scrap of honor. Come back to me when you can kill another fighter on even footing, not some unarmed merchant out in the wilds trying to make a living.


  8. Hmmm... where would one presume would have the greatest number of reoccurring shipwrecks on Athery's out of curiousity?

    1. Timbobuhler


      If you mean "shipwrecks" ;) probably Steryon. But actual ones idk

    2. GodOfGales


      I agree with Tim, there is probably quite a bit around Steryon. Probably a bit between Ithero and Vrovona as well, due to their war. In RP, of course!

    3. Galindaan Thewisy

      Galindaan Thewisy

      Between Aloreh and Roreg and along the southern coast of Ar-Selukk as well as the bay that sits between Cindervale and Ryx from Selukkite - Alor wars. Basically along all of Vrovona cause ice. In the scraggly little inlets in north Ithero, and in and around the landbridge between Ithero and Aloreh from the Eventide, as well as off the Alor coast cause of aforementioned Eventide

  9. Apologies if I seemed a tad off yesterday. Going two days with only roughly 2 hours of sleep will do that to you. :|

    1. GodOfGales


      Get some sleep bro!

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