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  1. ThatGuy_777

    1.11 Maintenance Midway Update

    Oooo, cheating once again. You're such a gold-digger Dan. Silliness aside, glad to hear things are going smoothly. Really excited for the update!
  2. ThatGuy_777

    [Dungeon] The Crescent Depths

    After 5 hours of set determination... @[email protected]
  3. ThatGuy_777

    Calastore Karaoke


    T'was indeed quite lovely.
  4. ThatGuy_777

    December Lore Raffle Winner

    Rather late on my part, but congratulations Helious! Can't wait to see what you have in mind.
  5. ThatGuy_777

    ICYMI: Server is back up!

    No worries, really glad to hear it!
  6. ThatGuy_777

    Ithero Nation Meeting


    ;-; (Jk, no worries xD). In all seriousness though, it's all good King. We appreciate the effort you put into the picture. I think it looks lovely. Thank you very much for the post!
  7. ThatGuy_777

    Christmas Wonderland

    Fantastic! Look really forward to it.
  8. ThatGuy_777

    Mob Event!


    All the forcible removing of AFK'ers!
  9. ThatGuy_777

    Christmas christmas woo

    Lovely rovely joubly. =)
  10. ThatGuy_777

    Itheri Nation Head Inauguration and Valediction


    Let it be an event to be remembered. Looking really forward to it. Jiminy Cricket! I know I'll certainly have to make use of it as well.
  11. ThatGuy_777

    Addition of Something Exciting

    Many many thanks! It's great to now have this as an addition!
  12. ThatGuy_777

    Mushroom Kingdom - The Place to relax!

    Looking very forward to it. Splendiferous!
  13. ThatGuy_777

    Lore Raffle Winner & Christmas Bonus

    Totally going to have Chronus' mafia clash with King's harem I couldn't agree more!
  14. ThatGuy_777

    Lore Raffle Winner & Christmas Bonus

    Splendiferous! Many congratulations Chronus. Best of luck to everyone.
  15. ThatGuy_777

    Christmas Sale!

    They shall enslave us all!

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