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  1. Destruct

    hi guys how's the server/life

  2. Destruct

    How will crafting work?

    I think the next major conquest update includes crafting.
  3. What about the restrictions imposed by what archetype the town(s) decide to practice? You have most (or all) of the towns having PvP on at the start, and some people might not like that - especially if there's only one town to join at the start per each nation - this turns away RPers (for some unknown reason), or, there's alternatively most (or all) of the towns in your selected nation having their PvP turned off - this turns away PvPers. What about the towns where the mayors and the leadership in the town want to restrict your building and decide that you MUST live in a pre-built house or make something absolutely glamorous enough that they give you space to build it? This imposes restrictions on builders, there were many towns like this in the past - not many with few restrictions on builders. What if the towns that are being settled are super far away from the capital? This restricts trade and merchanting. What we had in the past was great and bad for many reasons. It was bad because we had too few people - and that caused people to not be engaged enough with their town. But, the great part of the past system was that there was a town for absolutely EVERYTHING - the archetype, government, build style, ect. you wanted to play - and if it didn't exist - well, you made it. I feel like this system might be a bit restrictive if there isn't enough variety, but it might not be - lets see. Maybe some alternatives to this system might include having prospective mayors make applications to have their town in the server, outlining everything about their town, from what specific archetypes they'd like to play, if they want PvP on or not, what build palette/style they're looking for, their town government, ect. With maybe enough applications you might be able to create the right amount of towns with enough varying prospects for players to enjoy. This is just an example of an idea I thought of in a couple seconds, but, all-in-all, there needs to be a system that's not that restrictive and allows for player growth and happiness - if you think this current system would work for that, so be it.
  4. Destruct


  5. Destruct

    How did you find us?

    PMC - was on top of the list at the time.
  6. Destruct

    Hello, I'm a vegan

    I'm not even mad. That's funny af - I actually don't remember this though.
  7. TBH if you're starving of builders - I know you guys wanted a polished map and all good and all, but, if it turns out to be the only thing you're waiting after in the end, just release the server and have the Admin's slowly just paste stuff onto the capitals and stuff. Rather have things going than waiting after capital cities. OFC you will want some kind of base in terms of building at the capitals in order for people to model their towns off of and check out the build style, but it doesn't have to be amazing or huge, just improve and improve over time.
  8. Destruct

    Hoffren's Shipyard

    I like it friend!
  9. Destruct

    Classes and PvP-Interest+My Two cents

    They might still be doing this: I think the PvP team switched their ideas for PvP and wanted to move away from that and onto just individual classes like before, but I think the PvP team told me that they are still coding it like this even though the PvP team doesn't really like that system anymore. Not being on staff OR the PvP team, I have no real idea though - I'm just going off rumor.
  10. Destruct

    A'therys Horizons

    Don't you love arguing about the same topic about every month to people who clearly don't know what they're talking about and pretend they do?
  11. Destruct

    Store Credit?

    @HaedHutner is making a custom PvP plugin kinda inspired by heroes with concepts by the PvP team
  12. Destruct

    Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    back in my day we got rare items from events and shit we ain't got no admin shopss

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