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    Master Architect Jared
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    Likes to build even though he is relatively short. (to some people 5 foot 9 is short)
    Of dwarf decent. A warrior who is widely unaccepted by his race, and above all, his family. However, still mines when on holiday, or with friends.

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  1. Jeez I can't wait for summer vacation, because then instead of playing an hour a month during school, I can play an hour a day or more! Also my English class is a bitch to deal with and I am a week behind over break.

    1. Burnside


      Geez man, what sorta work you got in that class?

  2. Adding a bit of lore to my character I guess. I have named the peninsula in Ar-Selukk I have been mining out Molis-Liiv. Thanks @Ravyhnfor helping me find a good name!

  3. Part of the Nandar Trade Union!

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