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  1. Ryzo-rin


    Its been like 2 months. Wheres the updates man
  2. Ryzo-rin

    Clearing The Air About An Old Project

    I gotta agree pretty freaking legendary question. GG. I was a chick then I wasnt. 10/10 does montage. 👍
  3. Ryzo-rin

    Sellt's Diary 10/24/2018

    I love everything about this ❤️ So nice to see progress too
  4. Ryzo-rin

    Rynelf's Dev Diary #1

    This is pretty awesome! Im still here supporting yall. I wish I could be of more help but if I aint with my daughter im working then Im in school. Super excited to see AH though.
  5. I agree that most of it should be held in confidentiality. Even though it would be nice to hear or see some semblance of forward progression its inevitable that some things may not work out or may not be in favor of the hardware server. Having played a TON of modded minecraft recently I can tell you that alot of features dont always pan out the way they were intended to. Especially now that this server in particular is on Sponge, there are even more roadblocks to be overcome.
  6. Ryzo-rin

    Clearing The Air About An Old Project

    I am who I am. No more no less
  7. DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the rules there is no active servers mentioned in this post except for Atherys. I am merely clearing the air of some things that were brought to my attention. There is nothing in the rules against that. Some people may have heard I tried to start my own Minecraft server a while back yea? Well its true I did. I also used content from PMC for capital cities. However, this is because I was broke, didnt have a build team, so I got permission from the owners to use the content I did get. This included a copy of the Monas-Roth from Atherys EVO. However it was only going to be an easter egg and a knod towards Atherys in the final result of the server. It was never intended for use on anything major after I had sat down and planned things out. All proper accreditation was given to each creator that agreed to my offers. However, the plans for Oscillus fell through as I saw no reason to continue the project and instead I decided just to stick with Atherys and various servers I come back and forth to. I never once intended to copy anything from Atherys or use it in any kind of way, I know people have talked about this for some reason or another. I dont get why you would but hey, its your life . If anyone has any questions (cause inevitably there are rumors) then feel free to ask me about it.
  8. Ryzo-rin

    Lore Lore Lore

    I lost it at the Dragonfriend thing lol
  9. Ryzo-rin

    Lore Lore Lore

    Ok so under the lore we can clearly see the non-playable nations of what was once Atherys Ascended. Question is, can we have characters based from the Non-Playable nations? If not why is that so? Surely scattered amongst the lands of Horizons there are books and tales of these nations. Which begs a further question isnt the globe itself known as Atherys? Certainly that means people have come back and forth from across the lands. I think maybe even making the Non-Playable nations playable in Horizons would be an excellent addition for the future if not for launch. This just adds to the fun and gives people all the more to do along with keeping things in line more. By "in line" I mean when we first got the announcement for Horizons Sellt said and I quote "we are merely turning the globe". That would imply the other nations still exist and there is something to be had there yes?
  10. Ryzo-rin

    Chat Thread

    Been giid. I might try tht out when i can. just been super busy with wrk
  11. Ryzo-rin

    Chat Thread

    Can we get like some sort of general chat thread going? Im seriously tired of coming tothe forums for no updates or notifs or nothin lol. How have my friends been? Ive been working on my 3D modeling for MC. This was my first render of the WW2 Browning M1919a3. The second one was far superior but for some reason the textures would never register in game....rip.
  12. @Sellt @Dani idk who to send this to so Ima just post it on my feed. Im gonna donate to Horizons a dollar everyday until Horizons release starting probably next week or so! Just to help out a tiny bit.

  13. Ryzo-rin


    Hey everyone. So you guys used to know me as Zorin....then some of you knew me as Athena.....but that is now, peacefully, in my past. I have really made a ditch effort to turn my life around in the past few months. In the past, you probably knew me to be explosive or easy to anger, as well as a couple other really odd things. Well, to be completely honest with you all, I was not completely honest with my Doctor about my problems that I had. When I finally came clean to him about everything that I had going on I was put on different medication, I was even put into a hospital (it was just for examination purposes). Ever since February, I turned my life around, my medication was put on par. I have a very mellow attitude and deameaner now. I help out anyone and everyone I can and I found peace through my own religious beliefs as well. This does not excuse my past behavior towards you all, I do not expect you to accept my apologies though they will be given at this time. This whole server has been an escape for me since 2016 and I am proud to call this my main server that I frequent and I only want to see it succeed. It means alot to me as it does to the staff Im sure. All that being said. Hello everyone, Im now known as Ryzo-rin. I got the name from Ryzen (AMDs new line of processors, Ryzen, and the end of my old name). You can all call me Brad or Bradley though if you wish. Im a totally different person now, if you want to talk, by all means talk to me. Its nice to make all your acquaintances.
  14. Gonna completely change up my Minecraft character.

  15. Ryzo-rin

    Been Here A While

    So much has changed in the 2 years since I joined. . . . well almost 2 years. Im so excited to see what the future holds. I know the staff pretty well, I know a few people have come and gone but thats ok. I dont mind meeting new people. Im just so happy that soon I will be able to play this amazing server with my soon-to-be wife. So thanks Atherys. I love your style and what not. Youre awesome.

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