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  1. Ready for this Friday!

  2. Super Super ready for this. Been waiting a while ❤️
  3. Excited to see progress finally coming around. I havent seen much of it lately so Ive been kinda lurking in the shadows.
  4. I can give it a shot. No promises.
  5. What was that.......-gasp- the wind!

  6. @Sellt @Dani idk who to send this to so Ima just post it on my feed. Im gonna donate to Horizons a dollar everyday until Horizons release starting probably next week or so! Just to help out a tiny bit.

  7. Gonna completely change up my Minecraft character.

  8. Good news! The new Atherys Horizons Spectral Eyes Playlist has begun with what I consider to be the Unofficial Atherys Horizons Theme Song! Enjoy everyone!


  9. Just a friendly reminder that you can get all the now non-playable nations OSTs from my soundcloud by following this link: 


    1. Tristan_vr
    2. Ryzo-rin


      Roreg should be in there O.o let me check

    3. Razrivon


      holy crap this is balls to the wall amazing

  10. RIP forums. You will be missed.

    1. Sund_Wixius


      hello darkness my old friend


  11. Hey everyone and good morning! I will be live streaming later today on Twitch and I will be showing off the new layout! I hope you guys enjoy it! I will see you today at roughly 6PM EST! Spread the word and help me out a little please! If you do! Free cookies!
  12.  Steampunk House Music! YEA BOI

  13. @RedishTiger where are ya D: im building this town hall by maself :( come hop online :)

  14. Wanna see cool Atherys Horizons vids as soon as Horizon Updates and Info comes about? Come check out my channel and give it some love!



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