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  1. I can give it a shot. No promises.
  2. What was that.......-gasp- the wind!

  3. @Sellt @Dani idk who to send this to so Ima just post it on my feed. Im gonna donate to Horizons a dollar everyday until Horizons release starting probably next week or so! Just to help out a tiny bit.

  4. Gonna completely change up my Minecraft character.

  5. Good news! The new Atherys Horizons Spectral Eyes Playlist has begun with what I consider to be the Unofficial Atherys Horizons Theme Song! Enjoy everyone!


  6. Just a friendly reminder that you can get all the now non-playable nations OSTs from my soundcloud by following this link: 


    1. Tristan_vr
    2. Ryzo-rin


      Roreg should be in there O.o let me check

    3. Razrivon


      holy crap this is balls to the wall amazing

  7. RIP forums. You will be missed.

    1. Sund_Wixius


      hello darkness my old friend


  8. Hey everyone and good morning! I will be live streaming later today on Twitch and I will be showing off the new layout! I hope you guys enjoy it! I will see you today at roughly 6PM EST! Spread the word and help me out a little please! If you do! Free cookies!
  9.  Steampunk House Music! YEA BOI

  10. @RedishTiger where are ya D: im building this town hall by maself :( come hop online :)

  11. Wanna see cool Atherys Horizons vids as soon as Horizon Updates and Info comes about? Come check out my channel and give it some love!



  12. How do change rank. Me dumb.

  13. Recently the question of my safety and sanity has come up and I would like to make a statement about it. I AM known to have anger problems. however I have been taking medication to improve such things and have progressed tremendously. I made a violent threat towards one community memeber recently using idle threats and gestures that would give me the appearence of a madmen. And to you the community I apologize about that. However. Let me explain. The following is what I typed out as a response to a couple of staff members wanting to ban me or rather one did and the other merely replied to him...either the case, here is what I said:


    I only threatened one person. I threatened one person for making entirely horrible gestures about me and my daughter. I have a family and I know most of you do not currently have children so I dont expect you to understand. However. I said what I could to make sure someone didnt try and belittle me or my daughter. I used idle threats and insults to try and get rid of the attacker because I do not want to be insulted for my way of life or my daughters. Granted what I said may have been extreme or irrational but as I have told even the mother of my child. All I care about is the safety and reputation of my daughter and my family. If someone even remotely threatens such things I will become hostile. I was raised on the belief that a man is NOTHING if her does not stand up for his family. So yes you can give me warning points and yes you can even ban me if you want. However. I want you to stop and think about what extremes you would go to, to protect slander against your family or your children. If I insulted your beliefs, family, children, mother, father, and your way of life. What would you do? I had no idea an admin was online. I couldnt see one online. So what was I to do? I understand you all wanting to punish me for my wrong doings but I am a man who stands on my own ground and does what he can to protect his values and so forth. So go ahead Chiv. Ban me. You too Dannie. If you think im seriously such a threat, after seeing me all this time and knowing the progress Ive made with my illnesses and my problems that I could have easily taken out on any members of Atherys at any given point in time but NEVER did up until this point. Go ahead. Again though. What would you do if someone insulted your family...you had no idea an admin was on....you were in a corner and felt endangered in more ways than one. What else would anyone have done? Maybe my extremes are too extreme but I did it because I felt threatened. Not just emotionally but physically. Ignorance in the form that was displayed to me by the person who launched such an attack on me is dangerous. Its demoralizing. You cannot blame me for one bad explosion. Especially on someone who was being more abusive than I have ever been in the time ive been apart of this community. So gimme more warnings. Do what you want. But know its probably the most sickening thing youve ever done if you do it.


    Alot of you disagree with what I did. I even regret doing it. But I have more important things to protect and worry about than just a minecraft server. While this server and this community is a deep love of mine. I do not want any of you to see me as a threat because I promise you. I would not want to hurt a single one of you. You have all grown close to my heart and I wouldnt have it any other way. When a stranger comes along and insults the morals and ethics of my family and I am backed up against the wall, what else am I to do but stand up for myself. My defense mechanism is always to portray myself as absolutely nuts as possible. Because nobody wants to mess with the insane guy. I have problems my friends. I do and I admit that. But not to that extreme. I wouldnt do anything to harm anyone I know on this server or in this community. 


    That being said. Much love to everyone and I hope you can understand where I am coming from. Much love. 


    -Athena aka Zorin

    1. Bleualtair


      when someone calls me a bitch i don't kill him

    2. Daniel


      Let staff deal with attackers/ the bad people.


  14. Slow day Slow day

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