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  1. Atherys Horizons OST

    SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THIS ON ATHERYS GUYS IF YOU ENJOY IT! Show them you want some tribal-y music Good news! The new Atherys Horizons Spectral Eyes Playlist has begun with what I consider to be the Unofficial Atherys Horizons Theme Song! Enjoy everyone!
  2. Good news! The new Atherys Horizons Spectral Eyes Playlist has begun with what I consider to be the Unofficial Atherys Horizons Theme Song! Enjoy everyone!


  3. Bet

    I bet Atherys Horizons will be out sometime early 2018
  4. Just a friendly reminder that you can get all the now non-playable nations OSTs from my soundcloud by following this link: 


    1. Tristan_vr
    2. Zorin


      Roreg should be in there O.o let me check

    3. Razrivon


      holy crap this is balls to the wall amazing

  5. Grand Library

    Its like youre the loremaster or something Xathas! Lol <3
  6. RIP forums. You will be missed.

    1. Sund_Wixius


      hello darkness my old friend


  7. A'therys Horizons

    Someone of equal thoughts! Love me....
  8. A'therys Horizons

    My bottom line is I want something to be glorified other than just PVP. Thats all I want. Thats the only reason I made a backside out of myself this whole thread. Thats the only reason I cause an uproar. I just want focus on something thats not PvP for a change. Everytime I hop on its PvP this or PvP that. I just wish we had a stronger RP And PVE Community.
  9. A'therys Horizons

    @Celeras exactly hence the need for an RP team. We need a set group of people who are dedicated to going out there and being like "hey dude we have super lore over on this server and tons of things to do other than just RP so why not join" and have them moderate the aspects of that part of the server. I feel that would level out the playing field. The same thing applies to PVE
  10. A'therys Horizons

    Aye you can. But im trying to make it to where we have more of every player base coming in. Stop.
  11. A'therys Horizons

    In fact I prupose a happy middle ground. I think we ought to be able to have an RP team and a PVE team. Just so we can even the board out. We get more people coming in from all grounds and everyone is happy? Does that not sound fair to you?
  12. A'therys Horizons

    But the problem is you dont want to have JUST a pvp server. Thats what this is turning into.
  13. A'therys Horizons

    But we need to cater to everybody. Not everybody wants to PVP and they know that.
  14. A'therys Horizons

    If that screenshot keeps floating around Im calling the cops for harrasment. Im dead serious. Im not gonna put up with this anymore

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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