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  1. It’s funny because this would 100% be considered lore.
  2. Brady1233

    What are your plans for when Horizons releases?

    Celebrate the turn of the century.
  3. Brady1233

    Looking for old maps

    Interestingly enough that’s what the staff said about getting server up and running... (this is only a joke please don’t crucify me)
  4. Yeah I totally get that, when I was on the heroes team we ran into incompatibility issues all the time so I know how that goes. Even if you can’t give people significant change logs, it’s good to stay out in front of a community as an owner/dev team and maybe show them something small or large you’re working on. It’ll build up a trust and bond with your community that you can’t get otherwise.
  5. Brady1233


    George Washington approves this message.
  6. I understand where you’re coming from. Previous administration of this server often over promised and left the server population dissatisfied when the developers couldn’t hold to their promises. You don’t want to get caught in that same trap, I think that’s smart. However, I feel as if the current administration has gone to the opposite extreme. A lack of communication of plans and progress leads to a rift between the community and the administration just as much as overpromising on development does. As the administration of the server it’s up to you to find the happy medium between a lack of communication of ideas and progress and too much communication of ideas. This middle ground allows you to show the community the progress you’re making while also allowing them to understand that everything you’re doing takes hard work and dedication and doesn’t happen overnight. In this context you’ve got a silent population of people eagerly awaiting to see signs of life spring up from this server and if you want to keep that population, I think it’d be a great idea to give them a taste of your progress in order for them to see your work and react to it how they please. You can’t control everyone’s reaction and you’re always going to have people oppose you, but you can’t be so afraid of failing to deliver that you paralyze yourself as an administration into non communication with the player base. Good luck, hope you find some nuggets of helpful info here, gonna go back to sarcastically quoting the old members of the community now.
  7. Brady1233

    hi guys how's the server/life

    We all know that’s not true.
  8. Brady1233

    hi guys how's the server/life

    We’ll have to get planning quickly, the server could get released at any moment!
  9. Brady1233

    hi guys how's the server/life

    We’re still making a town together right?
  10. Brady1233

    hi guys how's the server/life

    A wild cuddles appears...
  11. Brady1233

    Sellt's Diary 09/05/2018

    Vinny may have a point.
  12. Brady1233

    Sellt's Diary 09/05/2018

    I didn't mean to cause a fuss, simply wanted to mess with chiv. My apologies. I know you guys are hard at work! Keep it up!
  13. Brady1233

    Sellt's Diary 09/05/2018

    Cmon chiv we all know that pvp has never been what brought a steady playerbase and cash flow to atherys, so there's no reason to prioritize it
  14. So as far as I know that was the last update given to the community about the project as a whole (unless I'm missing something which is completely possible) and I hate to be the guy that brings doubts into the mix, but that update was almost half a year ago so I can't be the only one questioning whether or not one of my favorite pastimes of years past is still going through developments or if the staff has just been jaded to a stop. I'm not blaming anyone either way I just think it's high time for either a progress report or to stop leading people on for something that's never going to happen. Again, hate to be the guy to fall on the sword here, but I'm sure most anyone else who follows this server's development thinking the same thing.

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