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    Born and raised in Creeper County. Separated from parents at young age due to skeleton attacks; lived with grandmother in secluded mansion. Moved to Plane of A'therys at 18 to found Ninjin.

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  1. Muttgamer


    RIP Ninja Sheep
  2. Comes out of hiding just to dispute that.. Hey Ninjin was pretty good too! (remembers my first town was Mondenburg and I kinda owe everything to them for letting me join their crew otherwise I would'nt've carried on playing)......(goes back into hiding) I ran the real only good town in Ithero V1 tbh
  3. Muttgamer

    Christmas christmas woo

    Was somebody doing this in their study period? :0 You rebel
  4. Muttgamer

    My Final Post.

    I logged in (which takes effort and I'm lazy) just to say farewell and a really really well done on everything you've done for this server. Having been here since almost the beginning, I've seen some outstanding things come from you (and your various teams over the years), and you should definitely be proud of A'therys. It was and always will be a masterpiece. Sorry you had to put up with Ninjin's chaos and a few chaotic people within it over the years! I also still refuse to call you Edd because I've been calling you vorske for 5 years and am not giving that habit up.
  5. I'm ready to come back mutt :P

    1. Dannie


      ninjin is run by mostly @LogiMadZ now so ask him if u want to join

  6. Welp- that's the first surprise birthday part I've ever been thrown :D 

    1. Dannie
    2. Fin


      Oh! Happy Birthday!

    3. Muttgamer


      Sorry for the late reply, Fin, but thankyou!

  7. Poor Chris Eubank is now Chris Bank..

  8. Muttgamer

    FML 1.10 Already.

    Oh, sorry! I meant Mojang might've made the update half-arsed, not you guys! As in, it wouldn't have nearly as much content as 1.9 considering it took 2+ years.
  9. Muttgamer

    FML 1.10 Already.

    1.7 -> 1.8, 2 years 4 months. 1.8 -> 1.9, not even 4 months. Methinks this update might be a tad half-arsed.
  10. Exam #1 out the way. Did anyone else do C1 Edexcel Core maths today?

  11. Exam season again! 8 this time! :( Going inactive for a few weeks for that reason.

  12. Muttgamer

    Vorske Away Times.

    Half blind? Welcome to my world.
  13. Muttgamer

    Gazamo Time Zone.

    Reminds me of
  14. Winter ends in 5 hours 30 minutes. Fun fact.

  15. 5 year anniversary of joining Gazamo :DDDD

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