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  1. I'm ready to come back mutt :P

    1. Daniel


      ninjin is run by mostly @LogiMadZ now so ask him if u want to join

  2. Welp- that's the first surprise birthday part I've ever been thrown :D 

    1. Daniel
    2. Fin


      Oh! Happy Birthday!

    3. Muttgamer


      Sorry for the late reply, Fin, but thankyou!

  3. Poor Chris Eubank is now Chris Bank..

  4. Exam #1 out the way. Did anyone else do C1 Edexcel Core maths today?

  5. Exam season again! 8 this time! :( Going inactive for a few weeks for that reason.

  6. Winter ends in 5 hours 30 minutes. Fun fact.

  7. 5 year anniversary of joining Gazamo :DDDD

  8. Exactly 5 years ago on this day I bought a game called Minecraft..

  9. In one month from tomorrow, I will have been with the Gazamo community for 5 years :o

  10. Feel so drained.. no energy, no motivation, no brainpower... eghhh :(

  11. Boats really need to be blocked in PvP....

    1. Edd


      Its coming next heroes patch.

    2. RecklessRogue


      Bring back Depht Strider :(

  12. Going inactive for yet another week of exams. Once again I have the most out of everyone I know :( 5 to go!

    1. Eojinn


      Godspeed. Good luck with the exams! ;)

    2. Muttgamer
    3. Muttgamer


      Aaaand i'm back!

  13. RIP Alan Rickman :( 

    1. redninja685


      Such a unique, inspiring and amazing British actor... such a shame he's no longer her to give us more =( RIP Alan!

    2. Chronus


      Can the famous British actors/musicians stop dying this week please?

    3. Storm


      By Grabthar's Hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged.

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