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  1. How much of this is server side and client side respectively?
  2. Since each town will be responsible for their own upkeep, would it be possible to add a feature that tracks how much each town member has deposited to the town bank in total and/or since the last tax collection? I figure this might be useful for every town, regardless of their method of tax collection. It could be connected the same way achievements (the ones posted to your profile page) would work or it could be an in-game interface, either in chat or a GUI. However it would be done, it should be viewable for mayors and co-mayors.
  4. Nation: Gennaian Isles Flag Design: In-Game Appearance: What the flag represents: The white represents the People and their freedom, the red cross represents Gennaios' bloodline which runs through and across the Kingdoms, and the yellow represents Sjilea that once more bound the people together.
  5. A) does exactly what you describe it will do on my phone, however I'd like to see it between the cursive and the lorem ipsum texts instead. The sidebars (or infoboxes) are a place for quick info and as such should be placed higher on the page. B) love it! C) even if we get a search bar, a separate site listing all entries might be good too. Thanks for making the lore pages more easily accessible.
  6. I'd be up for two conquest systems using the same mechanics (plugin). One for the shattered land where conquering a point could generate yora or some produce (ore/wheat/stone/etc) to the capturing nation. The other one would be sacking the capital or essentially making the nation your puppet. When all the conquest points outside of the capital (except the one in the capital) are captured you can take the one in the capital, allowing you to either sack it once or generate a tax on the loosing side. However, you can't capture the other nations capital if a nation has captured x amount of your own points. Further, you're not allowed to capture another nations points unless your nation has formally declared war. Dunno if either of these are plausible to do or if there even is an interest in it, but imo it'd be kewl.
  7. Compare the numbers from then and now and v2.
  8. Now I don't like the idea of constant PvP on and that's based on a lot of bad experiences with it in Exodus. We've had to build a subterranean wall, move to an island at the edge of the world and had plans to build a dome over our town. We've barely lived aboveground during our time in A'therys which has limited our interaction with the rest of the world, contrary to what we want. If it wasn't because PvP was off, we wouldn't be able to host things like the valentines fireworks festival or just invite people to come drink in our Oasis lounge. For Horizon we want to fulfil a long held dream of ours: build an Exodus market town. It would be a district at the heart of our town. If PvP is on, market goers would be at risk and we and the merchants would lose business. Exodus has always been a newb friendly town, so we get a bunch of different players. Considering that there will be a higher concentration of players due to the sudden lack of random towns popping up, we'd probably have to be a stepping stone for more pvp players logging in to A'therys for the first time. Because of this, we've thought about having a military district and have it be constant PvP. This would make it our PvP hotspot. That's my suggestion instead of forcing PvP on everywhere. Make some parts of your town constant PvP and have your pvpers settle there. Because getting ganked when you're building isn't exactly convenient let alone fun but if you're a pvper you (apparently) don't mind that at all. And even if you turn PvP off in your town, those plots will still be PvP.
  9. Ah, the ancient "PvP" discussion. The endless tug o' war of A'therys. It's funny how we're talking about past experiences, and that's a logical thing to do if only A'therys was continuing in the same steps as before. But this is a completely new server. New mechanics, plugins and map. We'll have airships, conquest points, new classes and skills and a vast pvp/pve wasteland that is as big as the other nations. This all means that pvp won't be the same as before. Want to get over a wall? Just get in your airship. Want to get currency for some sweet loot? Take over a conquest point or go kill in the wasteland. People will of course still rogue raid, go to pvp towns or arrange fights with other pvpers, just as people will continue to RP, do amazing builds or sell all their wheat for some sweet, sweet yora. It's nice of you all to learn people how to use their skills and give builders back their mats (I know I've appreciated it), but perhaps not everyone is interested in pvping. The server offers so much more that if everyone pvped, who'd build those amazing chinese towns, do massive bulk orders, or just goof around? If everyone PvP, we'd just run around trying to get the best kills and pwn the most noobs, that we'd forget to do other things and just chill. A'therys is not just a PvP server (although they are clearly in the majority) or an RP server. It's a multifaceted experience that makes it unique. Forcing anyone to commit to either side is ridiculous and counter-intuitive. If people don't want to PvP, why should we force them? As we've established, PvPers are the biggest faction. By that logic, there should be a bunch of other players that are more than happy to fight you. Why not go after them instead and leave the rest of us out of it.
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