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    Master of all Yanderes
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    MahiKesh was a lovebird, he had a crush on a girl!! She used to throw away her Ziploc bags, and MahiKesh picked it up, and licked the insides! He loved her, so much, he couldn't bear to see someone else with her! You see, his town, Nike, did not care about theses fiasco, girls were married off, and boys would go to school, and marry at 24! Anything lovey dovey was already taken care of. MahiKesh decided this would be his all-time secret. He saw someone talking to his crush! He went to him and told him to follow MahiKesh. MahiKesh led him to the back of the army camp and KILLED him with a spear. MahiKesh started stabbing him with a dagger, till blood poured all over him! Mahikesh washed up, and dragged him back to the dump, and burned him! MahiKesh saw what he had done, and grieved. He now wants to be the leader of the town, to encourage people to not take the choices he made! He decided, it was time to really get his head in the game! War came, and Mahikesh survived. He still knew he had a place in his heart for his old crush, but he never cared. He now works hard in the gennian Isles, rebuilding Nike, a better Nike, with a trading port, a navy, a dock, and even a council building!! MahiKesh looks forward to the day his town becomes an official one!

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