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    MahiKesh was a lovebird, he had a crush on a girl!! She used to throw away her Ziploc bags, and MahiKesh picked it up, and licked the insides! He loved her, so much, he couldn't bear to see someone else with her! You see, his town, Nike, did not care about theses fiasco, girls were married off, and boys would go to school, and marry at 24! Anything lovey dovey was already taken care of. MahiKesh decided this would be his all-time secret. He saw someone talking to his crush! He went to him and told him to follow MahiKesh. MahiKesh led him to the back of the army camp and KILLED him with a spear. MahiKesh started stabbing him with a dagger, till blood poured all over him! Mahikesh washed up, and dragged him back to the dump, and burned him! MahiKesh saw what he had done, and grieved. He now wants to be the leader of the town, to encourage people to not take the choices he made! He decided, it was time to really get his head in the game! War came, and Mahikesh survived. He still knew he had a place in his heart for his old crush, but he never cared. He now works hard in the gennian Isles, rebuilding Nike, a better Nike, with a trading port, a navy, a dock, and even a council building!! MahiKesh looks forward to the day his town becomes an official one!

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  1. MahiKesh

    Atherys Plan Town!!

    Sure!!, I just thought it would be a cool idea!!! I am planning to have it near an ocean, if not a river!!! Nike. A town brought together only by war and devastation. Combat is essential, and players must undergo training, under the council of Nike approval. Stealing is encouraged but make sure to never get caught. Trade is encouraged/farming. Exploring new lands too. The thing is LOCK YOU DOORS!!
  2. MahiKesh

    Atherys Plan Town!!

    Hey Everyone! So I saw Atherys Horizons and I was really surprised, and I asked a few questions. So I started this topic because I really wanted to create a large town, for the gennian Isles. Because the gennian isles are greek, I was thinking of doing a Hestian village, Those of you who don't know what Hestia is, she is the Greek goddess of the hearth. So Basically you put a fire in the middle of the town and keep it lit, make sure it never goes out. I am also planning a large apartment complex. Also a marketplace, a farm, (mobs/animals/plants) we can make walls so intruders do not intrude!! Anyone who has a great Idea for the town, can come and build it. We can keep adding on. Because you need a minimum 10 ten people to make a town. We could go and pvp, get the money we need and create the town, and build altogether. If there are any build team members who want, I would love that. I will do the work and planning with you!!! If anyone is interested and who would like to be a part of this please comment the word YES in exact capS!!!
  3. MahiKesh

    A'therys Horizons

    I am planning for a town dedicated to greek goddess Hestia I made it on build. In Ancient greece, there was a legend tht if the fire was put out by any chance, sickness will spread across the town, so I made a 2 block by 2block fire, and I wanted people to join it, so I made almost everything float off the ground or water. It is in the gennian isles because it is a greek theme city!!!! I really hope people join
  4. MahiKesh

    A'therys Horizons

    Also Im not really new to the community, I played Atherys for around a year, you invited me to Ninjin, and then I go kicked out Ha! Then I went to ar-selukk, with redninja, and joined valzanttar! THANK YOU SO MUCH THO!!! Or that might have been Dannie (his mc uername!)
  5. MahiKesh

    A'therys Horizons

    So I REALLY want to create a town, so Would I have to build it, I am really unsure of this, because for every town Ive been to, it had all been built, so would it be built for me, or would I have to invite a few people to join the town, and then we could all build it!\\ Second, How do you obtain more coins in the game Third, how to the mods contribute to the game itself, like I saw extra furniture in the build server, so I'm thinking about that. And why was the build server created? Please answer them! Thanks, MrYandereKesh (MahiKesh)
  6. MahiKesh

    A'therys Horizons

    I feel like I should make a powerpoint about this
  7. MahiKesh

    A'therys Build Team... Gennaian Sneek Peek!

    How do I get a plot because /plot auto AINT WORKIN!!!! +Hey Ninja!

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