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  1. I'm not suggesting that you're in any way related to the Faith, but how faithful are you? 😉
  2. RuddyF


    The Father left for the Halls a month ago. The Yeormen didn’t say anything. All day, every day, people asked, “Where is the Father?” The Yeormen didn’t reply. A new Father would usually be here already. The Yeormen would have collected one. Mother said that I needed to be patient. She said that the Yeormen would not disappoint. I walked through the farm the other day. I wanted to ask the Farmer what was going on. But he was out. When I went the next day, he was still nowhere to be found. The next day I went to ask the Baker. But he was gone like the Farmer. I asked Mother where they went. She said that they hadn’t gone anywhere. They were there doing their jobs like normal. When I went to ask the Librarian, he was gone as well. The Yeormen walked through the square for the first time in days. People approached them, their eyes filled with curiosity. They asked once again, “Where is the Father?” The Yeormen, once again, gave no reply. I prayed that night. I wanted Yeor to help his men. Why would he not bring a new Father? Surely there was no reason not to. After Yeor came the Greater Ones. I prayed to all of them. All night. Perhaps Yeor was too fatigued. Perhaps the Greater Ones could help him. When I looked out the window of the attic, I saw that it was already dawn. Not wanting to go to sleep, I wandered outside. There, walking around with a basket of firewood in his arms, was the Baker. I rushed over. “Baker! I was looking for you! Where were you that took so long?” The Baker replied, his usual smile filling the air with glee, “What do you mean? I was working in my shop, like I always do.” At this, I looked at him inquisitively. I was about to ask once more, but stopped once I noticed it. A scar. One that was the width of my thumb, embedded into his forehead. It was not there when I last saw him. I wandered back into the house, where mother gave me bread and water. Her smile was beautiful. She started to speak, her every word coated in glee, “ I’ve heard that the Yeormen have found one. A Father.” I expected my eyes to light up. I expected to be filled with glee just like Mother. But instead, I looked down. Fear and confusion suddenly appeared from within me. Mother continued her speech, “I heard that the Father will appear tonight, at the square.” I pressed my hands to my stomach, my pupils shrinking. I did not know why. That night, the square swelled with fanfare. The children ran around, whooping and yelling. Stalls that were filled with roasted vegetables sat at every corner. Warm, comforting lanterns filled the sky with light. I looked at the vendors. They all had the same scar as the Baker. Once again I became nauseous. But I had no time to consider it, for the crowds had began to hush. They all looked towards the church. A man who looked to be about the same age as the Farmer walked out. His eyes resembled those of the Librarian. His skin was pale like the Barber’s. And his smile was quaint like the Baker’s. He wore a pale cloak. And as he spoke, I trembled. “I am the Father. I am the Guide. Whatever I am, I am Yeor’s chosen.” All at once, everyone in the crowd but me cheered. That night, I didn’t pray. And when I woke up, there was a scar on my foot.
  3. Glorious Revolution

  4. Nation: Daidama Flag Design: The Daidamese flag is a grayish banner, with a dark rim. At its center, a green and white symbol provides the only color throughout. With a lack of smaller settlements in Daidama, the flag is highly ceremonial, almost never carries into battle. Many cities produce a single copy of the flag on the best cloth available. They hang it in their center. No other copies are needed to express the purity of the nation. Appearance In-Game: What Your Flag Represents: While many would consider Daidama to be one of the richest nations on the continent, their flag does not reflect that. Instead, coined by an ancient Imperator, the Daidamese flag lacks color or grandness. At its center sits a green and white symbol, representing the Mosaich Obelisk which sits at the center of the nation. The gray surroundings represent the purity of Mosech-Tan and Daidama. Around the flag, a darker border envelops the blank canvas, symbolically increasing the focus towards Daidama while disregarding the other nations.
  5. * Nation : Kilnholdt * Flag Design : A green top which fades into blue. Lighter gray triangles protrude from the top, and a dark emblem sits on the border between the blue and green. The flag is usually ceremonial, but legends tell of it being carried into battle on the spears of Agavres and his comrades. In more loyal Kilden settlements, the flag is dyed onto whatever cloth can be found. * In-Game Appearance : * What Your Flag Represents : While no one knows the exact origin of the flag, a common folktale is usually used to explain it. You see, when Agavres marched on the seven other kingdoms, he used the flag of Harugraun in battle. But, when he was preparing to attack Eztapaltl, his advisors pointed out to him that the nation had expanded far beyond the small kingdom of Harugraun. So, they suggested the making of a new flag. Agavres, who was considered a supreme leader, was asked to create the flag with modern Kilnholdt in mind. So, the flag was born. Green for the forests and plains. Blue for the azure seas. At the top lay triangles symbolizing the massive mountains of Rasgald. On the brink of the land and sea, a dark emblem was placed to represent the grand fortress of Korth.
  6. is it proper forums etiquette for me to use a joke that originates from the discord?

  7. RuddyF

    Cities and Player Interaction

  8. that lore train is still burning...
  9. RuddyF

    How did you find us?

    I was bored and just happened to find the server on PMC.
  10. RuddyF

    For any new community members...

    that's what i originally thought
  11. RuddyF

    For any new community members...

    I've been told otherwise
  12. I just noticed there are a few new members of this community so I thought I'd repost this

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