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  1. Here's one just to get things rolling... Nation: Kilnholdt Flag Design: Simple, torn cloth with blue painted streaks. In-Game: (I can't make the flag in-game without commands as there are more than 6 layers) Meaning: The flag is supposed to represent the conflict between settlements that are within the nation. Whilst different sides may want to stay clear of other settlements for their own various reasons, all of them are drawn towards each other for help, when necessary, and it shows their overall aim to try and make the nation prosper as a whole.
  2. _Deano

    WorldEdit Tutorial

    WorldEdit Tutorial This tutorial is going to cover most of the basic WorldEdit functions. I have seen numerous people that do not know how to use WorldEdit, at least not to its full extent. I will try to update it with more functions over time. Block ID Explanation You can use F3+H to view the details of any given block in your inventory. Block ID Example You will be able to use the Block ID and Variant to get all blocks within Vanilla Minecraft. This is done in the format <block_id>:(variant) where the variant is optional depending on what block you are trying to use. In order to use conquest blocks, you must use the unique block ID; this is the text at the bottom of the tooltip. For example, cobblestone has a unique ID of 'minecraft:cobblestone'. A few example of conquest block IDs: Block ID Examples: Stone: 1 or minecraft:stone Grass: 2 or minecraft:grass Oak Planks: 5 or minecraft:planks Spruce Planks: 5:1 or minecraft:planks:1 Birch Planks: 5:2 or minecraft:planks:2 Conquest Block ID Examples: Dark Red Brick Block: conquest:stone_full_6 Mossy Dark Red Brick Block: conquest:stone_full_6:1 WorldEdit Tools Selection Wand - //wand The selection wand, a Wooden Axe, is the tool that allows you to select a zone to perform an edit on. The most simple selection type is the cuboid (rectangle). You can left-click a block to set Position 1 and right-click a block to set Position 2. Equip the wand Select the area You can disable the WorldEdit selection and use the Wooden Axe like normal with /toggleeditwand. To clear the current selection, use //sel. WorldEdit Functions Set - //set <block_id> The command takes a required parameter of block_id. //set will fill in the selected area with the chosen block. Example: I want to set my zone to Oak Wood Planks. ( Remember, Oak Planks have an ID of 5 ) Result //set 5 <!-- Will set the selected area to oak planks --> Replace - //replace <block_id> | //replace <from_block_id> <to_block_id> The command takes a required parameter of block_id. An optional parameter can be supplied to replace a block with another block. //replace will replace blocks in the zone with the specific block ID. e.g. replacing all blocks in an area with cobblestone. The second version of the command will replace existing blocks of a certain type to another. e.g. replace all dirt in an area with sand. Example: I want to set my area to Oak Wood Planks. ( Remember, Oak Planks have an ID of 5 ) Before After //replace 5 <!-- Will replace all blocks in the area with oak planks --> //replace 3 5 <!-- Will replace all dirt in the area with oak planks --> Walls - //walls <block_id> The command takes a required parameter of block_id. //walls will create a hollowed cuboid resulting in only the surrounding edges being set to your chosen block. Example: I want to make my zone have oak planks as the walls. Result //walls 5 <!-- Will surround the selected area with oak planks --> Overlay - //overlay <block_id> The command takes a required parameter of block_id. //overlay will cover the selected area in the given block. Example: I want to make my area with stone bricks. Before After //overlay 98 <!-- Will cover the selected area with stone bricks --> Outline - //outline<block_id> The command takes a required parameter of block_id. //overlay will surround the area with the given block. This is similar to //walls except it will also fill in the floor and ceiling tiles. Example: I have a wooden cube that I want to have a glass outisde. Before After //outline 20 <!-- Will outline the area with glass blocks --> Copy - //copy The command does not take any parameters. //copy will copy your selection relative to your current position. Example: I have a message that I want to copy and paste elsewhere. Area selection Copied blocks //copy <!-- Will copy the selection into your clipboard --> Paste - //paste The command does not take any parameters. //paste will paste your clipboard. Example: We have the message 'HI' copied from the example above. Now we move into an empty area and use the //paste command. Before After //paste <!-- Will paste your clipboard into the world --> Copy and Paste Result Schematic - //schematic save <filename> | //schematic load <filename> | //schematic delete <filename> | //schematic list | //schematic formats //schematic takes a required parameter if you are saving, loading or deleting a schematic. The schematic command allows you to save, load and manage your copied blocks. Currently, the only supported file type is a .schematic (default file type) file for using in-game. Example: We have copied a selection of blocks to our clipboard that we want to save in case we need it later. Saving the clipboard 1. //copy <!-- Copy the selection to the clipboard --> 2. //schematic save MyBuild <!-- Save the schematic as "MyBuild" --> 1. //schematic load MyBuild <!-- Load the schematic created earlier --> 2. //paste <!-- Paste the schematic into the world --> 1. //schematic list <!-- List the schematics available to use --> 1. //schematic delete MyBuild <!-- Delete the schematic --> Move - //move <distance> <direction> | //move <distance> <direction> <fill> Move takes two parameters: the distance to move your selection and the direction to move it. The second version of the command will fill the previous position of the selection with a given block. Direction can be any of the following: North South Ease West Up Down Me (Moves the selection in the direction you are facing) Example: We have a small building we want to move. Before After //move 20 north <!-- Moves the selection 20 blocks north --> //move 10 south <!-- Moves the selection 10 blocks south --> //move 100 me 3 <!-- Moves the selection 100 blocks in the direction you are facing and leaves dirt where the blocks used to be --> Stack - //stack [-a] <amount> <direction> Stack takes two required parameters: the number of times to stack and the direction to stack. The optional parameter, -a, is a flag that triggers whether to stack the air blocks as well as the standard blocks. Using -a will not copy the air blocks and will only stack the standard blocks. Direction can be any of the following: North South Ease West Up Down Me (Moves the selection in the direction you are facing) Example: There is a wall that I want to stack in a certain direction. Before After //stack 3 me <!-- Stack the selection 3 times in the direction I am facing --> //stack -a 1 south <!-- Stack the selection, without the air blocks, 3 times towards the south --> Cylinder / Cyl - //cyl <block_id> <radius> <height> Cyl takes three required parameters: the block ID, the radius of the cylinder, and the height of the cylinder. It will create a cylinder. Example: I want to create a wooden plank cylinder that has a radius of 3 blocks and a height of 2. Before After //cyl 5 3 2 <!-- Create a cylinder out of wooden planks that has a radius of 3 and height of 2 --> //cyl conquest:stone_full_1 10 1 <!-- Create a cylinder out of Plastered Stone that has a radius of 10 and a height of 1 -->
  3. Just some feedback for the in-game chat. From what I've seen, it auto formats any capitals into lower case except for the start of the sentence or player names. Whilst I assume this is to prevent caps spam, it is slightly irritating when it is formatting things that should be in capitals. Perhaps it could be changed so that it only auto-lowercases messages that have more than a certain number of capitals, or a certain number in a row? Not a huge deal, just something that is a slight inconvenience. Cheers, Deano.
  4. _Deano

    Website Feedback

    I don't know whether it's just me but the website performance is pretty poor. It often takes quite a while for the website to respond to any request (Usually over 2s). Google PageSpeed Insights (A Google web performance tool) rates Atherys at a measly 16/100! A lot of the recommendations on how to improve performance can be found here. I don't know whether improving any of these will be possible, due to the limitations with your CMS, but it would be useful to try and improve the performance where you can. The website looks great, but it doesn't run great
  5. _Deano

    How did you find us?

    I found out about A'therys through word of mouth.
  6. Will the nation capitals also be player ran (I would assume admins would run them) to still encourage commerce/trading between nations or will it be NPC driven?

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